Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

How much to give for Israeli wedding(1 response)
East Bay singing group for adults(0 responses)
Year-round basketball team(0 responses)
Good Place for a Baby Shower?(7 responses)
Stuffed toy repair(1 response)
local dance performances?(14 responses)
Indoor Venue for 1st Birthday Party(7 responses)
Need a solo getaway(3 responses)
spring break camping w/kids(3 responses)
Best bike for short commutes with little one(3 responses)
Crab feed?(3 responses)
Camping groups for teens(2 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

Fair Rate for Babysitter for 2 kids?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Rockridge Montessori or Rockridge Little? (0 responses)
Workers comp for a nanny???(0 responses, 2 pending)
Paying family for childcare - Advice needed! (0 responses)
Advice on Mission Montessori in SF?(0 responses)
ISO a Montessori Elementary School in the East Bay(7 responses)
Logistics of hiring a nanny(2 responses)
My Second Home Daycare Albany(0 responses)
Ephesian Children's Center Berkeley(0 responses)
Seeking sibling doula recommendations (0 responses)
Seeking advice re nannies/daycare(2 responses)
Any recent reviews of Kids on the Path?(1 response)
Recent experience with SmallTrans Bears daycare?(0 responses)
Relocating to Berkeley, need daycare advice(3 responses)
Experiences with TCDS in Moraga?(0 responses)
Daycare Citations & how to think about them(4 responses)
Rate for occasional babysitter(5 responses)
Recent experience with Ducks Nest on 41st St?(2 responses)
Hearts leap lakeview current experiences (0 responses)
Going rate for nanny share - 3 kids?(0 responses)
preschool/daycare near Castro Valley(2 responses)
Looking for advice on how to find the right help!(1 response)
Screening recommendations for occasional babysitter?(2 responses)
Thoughts on Hybrid Nanny/Daycare Situation(2 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

Seeking homework helper for 6th grader(1 response)
Summer archery options for a 15yo? One-Off classes?(0 responses)
Trainer for middle school swimmer?(0 responses)
Bay Language Academy afterschool care(0 responses)
Writing tutor for 9th grader(0 responses)
Drawing or Art Summer Camp Programs for 7 year old(3 responses)
Camp or school for summer for two year old(2 responses)
Local Swim Teams - Intermediate Commitment?(4 responses)
Summer Drama camp for Neurodivergent 10 year old?(3 responses)
Learning Specialist for 9 year old with dyscalculia(1 response)
Beginning flute help for 9 year old(4 responses)
Soccer team for 7 year old(4 responses)
Pear Tree Preschool - Recent Reviews?(0 responses)
Ceramics Class for 14 year old (2 responses)
Tiny tots swim lessons at Cal (Strawberry Canyon)(1 response)
Which classes for a 9y.o. beginner?(1 response)
Spanish for kinder/first beginner?(0 responses)
Piano and singing lessons for 8yo(0 responses)
Late August summer camps(7 responses)
Fitness Trainer for Teen(2 responses)
Mild intellectual disability (2 responses)
Recent Experience at Echo Lake Camp(0 responses)
Pickleball for adults who are novices?(5 responses)
Piano Teacher that makes house visits?(0 responses)
Best Summer Camps for 5-7 year olds???(4 responses)
Squash lessons for teen?(0 responses)
ATDP for Kindergarten(0 responses)
ATDP classes for first grader?(1 response)
Summer 2024 Camp ideas in/near Berkeley (2 responses)
Hindi classes?(0 responses)
Geometry tutor recommendation for 9th grader?(1 response)
Seeking Recs for Academic Summer Programs(1 response)

Community & Housing & Work

Moving to Mobile, Alabama(0 responses)
First-time landlord in Berkeley(7 responses)
US Citizen Considering 2nd Citizenship - Hungarian(0 responses)
House humidity & mold issues - who to call?(7 responses)
Creative and social co-working space?(6 responses)
Renting to traveling nurses - advice?(9 responses)

Family & Relationships

Need an attorney for child custody Alameda County(4 responses)
Nursing home research(6 responses)
Resources for a parent of a trans girl?(7 responses)
Nine year old-Not making friends.(10 responses)

Health & Wellness

OBs with PMDD Experience(0 responses)
Trainer for Elderly Parents(0 responses, 1 pending)
How to start researching hearing aids(0 responses, 1 pending)
Therapist for a newbie(3 responses)
Alzheimer's Support Group for Spouses(2 responses)
Recommendation for a Pediatrician in Berkeley(1 response)
Knee replacement?(7 responses)
Therapy for sensitive preschooler?(4 responses)
Evaluation at Stanford for high-functioning autism?(4 responses)
PCD(0 responses)
intensive outpatient programs(7 responses)
SF based therapist for 3yo?(0 responses)
Seeking Kaiser-like medical group for PPO insurance(1 response)
Need new Kaiser PCP(1 response)
CPAP -- trouble with ears(1 response)
Any Gear Help & Advice for Infant w Hip Dysplasia?(2 responses)
Experience with Elder Ashram(5 responses)
Spelling help with dysgraphia?(1 response)
family doc/GP?(2 responses)
Local Teen Recovery Programs- The Camp? (3 responses)
High School Junior with ADHD, Low GPA(10 responses)
Community Building for 13 YO w/ ADHD in Berkeley?(5 responses)

House & Garden

Bathroom remodeling advice(0 responses, 2 pending)
Duct cleaning recommendation(0 responses)
Roofers(7 responses)
How to address high humidity in downstairs rooms(2 responses)
Solar Installation Time Period(2 responses)
Seeking ADHD-friendly organizer(2 responses)
Interior Design Recommendations(5 responses)
House Cleaning Rates(8 responses)
Looking for a new CSA(6 responses)
Old bathroom remodel(5 responses)
Pest Inspection(2 responses)
Metal drain cover (2 responses)
Handyman(person) rates and recs in Oakland(5 responses)
Seeking Personal Chef for 5-8 meals/week(0 responses)
Therapeutic Declutterer(3 responses)
Air Return Cover(5 responses)
Cleaner recommendation(6 responses)

Parenting Topics

First grader losing interest in physical activity(0 responses, 1 pending)
Pre-parenting class for mental and emotional prep(5 responses)
Newly diagnosed ADHD. Please share resources(4 responses)

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

East Bay Prenatal Care w/Delivery at UCSF(0 responses)
Live in East Bay & delivery baby in SF?(21 responses)

Products & Services

Conference space with Owl meeting camera to rent?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Looking for a Videographer(0 responses)
Need a PI to help find our stolen dog(0 responses)
Malpractice claim - no court?(4 responses)
Mold Sampling/Remediation(1 response)
Where to donate kids' clothes(2 responses)
Make up consultant(2 responses)
Looking for bankruptcy lawyer(0 responses)
Looking For A Marketing Expert For Small Business(1 response)
Accountant for non-profit?(1 response)
What kind of advisor do we need?(4 responses)
Teeth Whitening(0 responses)
Seeking TCM Cook to Help Prepare Family Meals(0 responses)
Coop Credit Union Merger and RMDs??(4 responses)
Seeking advice about attorneys(1 response)
Education Attorney (2 responses)
financial advisor recommendations?(1 response)
Bulk inexpensive rice noodles(0 responses)
Museum Quality Painting Repair(2 responses)
Alternatives to Buy Nothing for inexpensive baby items?(20 responses)
Newly Married With Different Tax Situations(1 response)

School Advice

Private school re-enrollment and deposit(0 responses, 1 pending)
New Community Learning Center (NEA) in Alameda(0 responses)
Housing advice for UC Santa Cruz transfer student(4 responses)
Can BUSD teach students with dyslexia?(0 responses)
St Theresa's or Corpus Christi?(0 responses)
2nd grade teachers at Cornell Elementary--Thoughts?(1 response)
Worried about Berkeley High School after Touring(11 responses)
504 Plan for Autistic Child(5 responses)
Laney Summer Jazz Program for Kids(0 responses)
Petition For AA Degree from BCC(0 responses)
Recent experience at CCJDS?(0 responses)
St. Paul's Episcopal - for artsy kid(7 responses)
Wisdom needed for IEP and Special Education(2 responses)
Are Alameda schools safer?(2 responses)
Homeschooling Transcript/ Report Card(4 responses)
Experience with CASE or other IEP advocates?(1 response)
Recent experiences at OHDS?(2 responses)
AC at Berkeley High - pros & cons(3 responses)
Best local high school for nice nerdy kids(3 responses)
Enrolling back in BUSD after a year away(5 responses)
Update on IB at BHS? (0 responses)
Urban Montessori Charter School in Oakland(1 response)
Crowden feedback? (5 responses)
Berkeley High Student/medical leave(4 responses)
Redwood Heights Elementary 2024-2025(1 response)
Resources for college and career paths (5 responses)
Advice on East Bay German International School?(11 responses)
Any Experience with camp at Golestan?(1 response)
Transferring to PUSD from OUSD for Kindergarten(1 response)
Emerson or Sylvia Mendez(3 responses)
Advice on German American International School?(2 responses)
Sylvia Mendez to Longfellow(1 response)
Mid year transfer into BUSD?(1 response)
Seeking an Engaging Neurodivergent Speaker(3 responses)
High school suggestions for an unusual kid(15 responses)
Applying to middle school with new BUSD zoning(2 responses)
Gifted differentiation at independent schools(6 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

Support groups for parents of teens(0 responses)
Primary Care Provider for Young Adults(2 responses)
Teen screen, school work & high school (0 responses)
Experience with Kaiser Teen Anxiety Group?(3 responses)
Clinically depressed recent college grad(4 responses)
Summer Spanish language camp for teens?(0 responses)
Home/ Hospital Instruction Berkeley High (1 response)
7th grader struggling at Albany Middle school(1 response)
Good Therapist for Young Adult woman(1 response)
17 yr. old engaging in risky behavior(6 responses)
flexible ADHD coach(2 responses)
Therapist or other Parenting help for teen(4 responses)
Paid summer opportunities for 15 year old?(6 responses)
22yo grad wants to work abroad(6 responses)