Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

Santa Barbara Accommodations (0 responses, 3 pending)
Christmas Carols with Baby(0 responses, 4 pending)
Old Greenwood vacation homes in Truckee(0 responses)
Nut free Bakery for birthday cakes???(2 responses)
Birthday Party - Entertainer Recommendations(4 responses)
SF Ballet Nutcracker (14 responses)
Winter Indoor Birthday Party Ideas(2 responses)
Junior Lifeguards East Bay Parks(1 response)
10 year old seeks dungeons and dragons game(7 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

Au pair agencies - which would you recommend?(0 responses, 8 pending)
TK After-School Care with Pick Up Suggestions(0 responses)
Current/recent experiences with Greenhouse(1 response)
Current Parents of Kids at Akidemia(0 responses)
Experience with Bay Super Nannies?(1 response)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

What should we do with our toddler this weekend!?(0 responses, 16 pending)
Winter Camp for Preschoolers(0 responses, 2 pending)
Reviews for Bladium Nike Sports Camp (Winter Break)?(0 responses)
Japanese language exposure for 2-3 year old(2 responses)
Japanese lessons for a 4 year old(1 response)
Roller Skating Lesson for Young Child(1 response)
Capoeira for 5 yo boy East Bay(2 responses)
Overnight (or day) Camp with Academic Focus?(2 responses)
Capoeira classes for teenagers(1 response)
Searching for exceptional math tutor(2 responses)
In-person beginning Italian class?(0 responses)
Ballet Class With Recital For Pre-Teens(3 responses)
11 year old son has a strong interest in writing(14 responses)
Looking for a Dance Class for 3.5 year old(13 responses)
Camps for kids in other countries?(7 responses)
Current In-Person Tutor Recs for Teen(2 responses)

Community & Housing & Work

Job seeking services for non-Internet user(0 responses, 4 pending)
Looking for BNP equivalent in Dallas/FW area(0 responses)
Moving to Sacramento - Childcare/Pre School Advice?(3 responses)
For Parents of Children in Progressive Schools....(2 responses)
mold + lead testing and contractor rec(3 responses)
Recent Experience with St. Paul's Towers(3 responses)
Renovating historic homes in Alameda(4 responses)
Recommendations on possible relocation to Fort Worth TX or Plano?(2 responses, 1 pending)

Family & Relationships

Local Grief Support Group (or counselor)?(1 response)
Trying to teach kids their native language(6 responses)

Health & Wellness

Pediatric sleep study at home?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Pelvic floor PT?(0 responses, 11 pending)
Therapist for postpartum anxiety for fathers/partners?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Breast Reduction Kaiser doctor referral(2 responses, 1 pending)
Looking for child psychiatrist for anxiety(2 responses, 2 pending)
Alternative to mesh for hernia surgery?(3 responses, 1 pending)
ISO Functional Medicine sliding scale, affordable or Medi-cal (1 response, 2 pending)
How to join the Decoding Dyslexia group?(2 responses)
Dermatologist for hidradenitis suppurativa?(0 responses)
OT for 10 year old's hand strength/handwriting (1 response)
Alameda therapist with ADHD experience(0 responses)
Breast Implants(3 responses)
Compounding pharmacy(2 responses)
Neuropsych evaluation at kaiser?(4 responses, 1 pending)
Looking for a pediatrician in east bay(5 responses)
Looking for therapist who can help with IVF trauma(6 responses)
Considering leaving Kaiser - what's it like out there?(15 responses, 1 pending)
Seeking ND-affirming autism assessment(6 responses, 1 pending)
More recent dentist review for Dr. Lopez?(6 responses)
Asherman surgeon?(10 responses)
Theraputic help with sad/angry 11 year old girl(3 responses)

House & Garden

Housekeeper recommendation(11 responses)
Contractor for kitchen & bath remodel(0 responses, 5 pending)
Renovation - Clé tile conundrum (0 responses)
Suggestions for where to get drapery cleaned?(2 responses)
Q on Entry Locks, double doors(0 responses)
Household & Meal Help (1 response)
Irrigation issues(0 responses)
Reliable plumber/contractor to replace shower(2 responses)
front door adjustment(4 responses)
Seeking a housekeeper 3-4 days/week(1 response)
Sidewalk and tree removal repair contractors(2 responses)
tree stump removal(1 response)
Concrete patio resurfacing(1 response)
Cost to paint a 3000sf Duplex?(4 responses)
Any reco for landscape builder that knows permaculture(3 responses)

Parenting Topics

Any cloth diaper services left?(0 responses, 4 pending)
Tips for older bedwetter(0 responses, 13 pending)
Toddler speech(1 response, 8 pending)
Transition two toddlers to beds: room prep(3 responses)
Screechy baby back then - how did it turn out?(9 responses)

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Night Nanny/Night Doula Recommendations?(2 responses)
UCSF v Alta Bates/Sutter v John Muir for childbirth(3 responses)

Products & Services

Seeking Subaru shop recommendation for Engine Rebuild(0 responses, 2 pending)
Wagon/Cart as Stroller Alternative(0 responses)
Teen needs help passing DMV written test(3 responses)
What kind of financial/tax/legal advisor do we need?(2 responses)
Auto Mechanic for a VW(5 responses)
Where to get a chair massage?(0 responses)
Help! Thermal Swimsuit Needed for Winter Swimming!(1 response)

School Advice

Kindergarten: San Leandro public vs. independent?(0 responses, 1 pending)
ADHD friendly Spanish immersion school(0 responses, 3 pending)
ISO 1:1 school aide for kindergarter(0 responses, 1 pending)
ECE program in Oakland(0 responses, 2 pending)
Interdistrict Transfer from BUSD to Albany Unified?(0 responses)
Yu Ming school locations?(0 responses)
Twins starting Kindergarten in OUSD (7 responses)
Albany after school care(2 responses)
Fairmont Elementary School in El Cerritos(0 responses, 1 pending)
Any parents of dyslexic students at Crestmont School?(2 responses, 1 pending)
Part-time and/or online high school program(2 responses)
Arts-Based Middle School Recommendations?(4 responses)
Kindergarten - alternatives to OUSD?(4 responses)
Need your help for AP Exam(2 responses)
Albany middle school - experiences of LGBTQ+ students(3 responses)
Why don't schools pay attention to my teen's IEP?(2 responses)
Microschool Middle/High Schools in East Bay for 2E?(2 responses)
Back in the (college) saddle(6 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

Bat Mitzvah DJ Advice(0 responses, 1 pending)
Hair stylist for teen boy?(5 responses)
Teens and sleepovers with BF/GF(9 responses)
Anxiety about puberty(3 responses)
College financial aid Cal culator(2 responses)
Self esteem/self confidence for my 25 yr old ADD child(2 responses)
Living options for soon to be evicted young adult?(2 responses)