Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

Recommendations for Covid-safe experiences for older babies(1 response, 2 pending)
Halloween 2020(8 responses)
Is there a Carousel open anywhere near the Bay Area?(6 responses)
Wellness Retreat (or analog) during Covid?(2 responses)
Running for girls(6 responses)
Online Dungeons & Dragons or Kids Theater? (0 responses)
Toddler Passport Photos - where to go during COVID(9 responses)
Allergy friendly restaurants?(2 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

Pursuing a career with RIE certification (0 responses)
Updated reviews of Chairez Montessori Preschool?(0 responses)
Experience with Pixar CDC after aps took over(1 response)
Background check recommendations(0 responses)
Nanny Share Pay and OT(4 responses)
Questioning choice of mostly white preschool(10 responses)
Daycare/preschool for ages 2-6(17 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

Beginner Trumpet Lessons (0 responses)
Forest School, Trackers Micro School or similar for 2nd grader(0 responses, 7 pending)
Looking for a reading tutor(0 responses, 2 pending)
Soccer in Berkeley/Albany for 3 & 6 yo(2 responses, 1 pending)
Outdoor story time or toddler group activities?(2 responses)
Dyslexia specialist tutor for a 9 year old?(3 responses)
Music teacher for babies on Friday mornings(2 responses)
seeking AP Chemistry tutor(2 responses)

Community & Housing & Work

Need help!!(0 responses, 2 pending)
Distance Learning Resources for Advanced Learners(2 responses, 2 pending)
Breast pump donation?(0 responses, 5 pending)
Private schools offering online-only options?(2 responses)
Private elementary school parents -- How is it going?(6 responses)
How to Help My Elderly Aunt from Smokey Neighbors(7 responses)
Moving to a small town with a special needs child(2 responses)
Chromebooks, internet connection and online learning(3 responses)
Living Just South of University(4 responses)
Renting out Rooms in Hercules(3 responses)
"Berkeley Parents Network" or "BANANAS" for Portland(2 responses)
socially distant activities for teen(6 responses)
Is it time to relocate?(14 responses)

Family & Relationships

Single Mom Seeking Excellent Family Law Attorney(3 responses)
Teen wants to live with mom only(2 responses)
Compelling 18 year old to do chores(1 response)

Health & Wellness

Great East Bay obgyn/obstetrician at UCSF or John Muir (0 responses, 1 pending)
Seeking OT for 4yo, who is taking new patients during Covid(0 responses, 3 pending)
Ortho for adult invisalign(0 responses, 2 pending)
Doctor who prescribes Armour Thyroid(0 responses, 2 pending)
Leave or stay with verbally abusive husband (0 responses, 21 pending)
Kaiser Oakland Doctors(0 responses, 3 pending)
Seeking WOC Pediatrician in East Bay(1 response, 4 pending)
Pediatrician in Alameda (0 responses)
Pediatric Gastroenterologist for Teen(4 responses)
Pediatric OT?(6 responses, 1 pending)
ALS diagnosis -- support, advice needed(8 responses, 1 pending)
Doctor for Inattentive ADD & Sensory Seeking Issues(3 responses)
Recent Oakland L&D Experience?(2 responses)
Physical Therapist Recommendation for Tennis Elbow(1 response)
ADHD- Experiences with Amen Clinic in Walnut Creek?(1 response)
Looking for chiropractor or physical therapist for two month old(7 responses, 1 pending)
Gynecologist sensitive to post-menopause issues(0 responses)
Allergist Recommendation/Advice on OIT(4 responses)
Seeking Advice on Pediatric Allergies(4 responses)

House & Garden

Dog trainer in Berkeley area?(0 responses, 3 pending)
Experience with heat pump for heating & cooling(0 responses, 5 pending)
Carpet cleaner needed(0 responses, 1 pending)
Refinish and re-roof deck(0 responses)
Installing rooftop garden?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Recommendation for excellent contractors?(4 responses)
Seeking Excellent (house) painters(5 responses)
Looking for advice on how to find non-toxic flooring(6 responses)
Used appliance store(3 responses, 1 pending)
Reviews for East Bay Hydronics?(0 responses)
Reduce take-out plastic?(14 responses, 1 pending)
Attack dogs in neighborhood(4 responses)
Contractor for porch awning/repair(1 response)
Cracks in interior plaster and exterior stucco(1 response)
Recessed Lighting(4 responses)
Handiperson/contractor for backyard play area?(0 responses)
Window Cleaner Needed(1 response)
Playset for sloped yard(2 responses)
Heating contractor referral please(0 responses)
Cost to Build a Deck Three Stories High(1 response)
Recommended interior designers(2 responses)
Moving vs. Improving/Adding a Second Story (9 responses)


YA misinformed and fast tracked on hormones(13 responses)

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Night nanny referrals and recommendations? (2 responses, 1 pending)
Freezing eggs for a future IVF(5 responses)

Products & Services

Tax accountant for income earned abroad?(0 responses)
Where is fire insurance headed(0 responses, 1 pending)
A service-oriented bank in berkeley?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Driving instructor for 19yo(3 responses)
Outdoor Massage(5 responses)
Looking for an experienced immigration lawyer(4 responses)
How to have baby at desk height?(6 responses)
Keeping health insurance when we really need it!(3 responses)
United Health Care in CCSF(0 responses)

School Advice

ADHD at Head-Royce? (0 responses, 1 pending)
Applying to Kindergarten during Covid(1 response, 3 pending)
Public or private middle school as pandemic continues?(6 responses)
Skyline & Oakland Tech HS for kid with ADHD & anxiety(3 responses)
Applying to Yu Ming for 1st grade(1 response)
PE at Berkeley High(2 responses)
Getting ready for pre-K next year in Richmond(1 response, 1 pending)
homeschooling options(0 responses)
Saint Joseph's High School?(0 responses)
Holy Names High School?(3 responses)
2E 7 year old girl - help us pls on school choice!(10 responses)
Private College Counselor(0 responses)
Financial aid for high school(0 responses)
Mira Vista 2020-21 Impressions. New Principal, Etc?(1 response)
Colleges for LD Kids (3 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

Kaiser MD for young adult (2 responses)
Risk-taking by teen boy(3 responses)
Zoom school and screen limits, help!(3 responses)