Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

Looking for a Venue for a large party(0 responses)
Spa Party for 9 year olds(2 responses)
Balloon Arch for 1st Birthday? (4 responses)
Venue for kid's winter birthday party?(5 responses)
Parent-Baby Classes and Groups near Albany(2 responses)
Trick or treat in Alameda?(1 response)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

Play-based daycare/preschool in North Oakland or South Berkeley?(1 response, 3 pending)
Current Nanny share rates?(4 responses, 1 pending)
Daycare for Albany/Berkeley area(1 response)
The Seedling Child Montessori School(0 responses)
Outdoor East Bay Pre School for 3 year old(0 responses)
Going rate for 'baby sitting'?(2 responses, 1 pending)
Preschool Spanish Immersion in Oakland (3 responses)
Drop in care for 6 month old + (3 responses)
Nanny agreement about frequent medical appointments (12 responses)
Nanny expenses(6 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

Post-C Section Friendly Yoga Classes (In-Person)(0 responses)
Feedback on Mathnasium(1 response)
Qi Gong practice(2 responses)
Dance class for 10 years old with 5 year experience(3 responses)
Italian classes / lessons for the family(1 response)
Piano teacher for 6yo near Berkeley(4 responses)
Piano/drum teacher(2 responses)
Mommy & me after school activities for 3yo?(1 response)
Looking for a choir!(1 response)
Japanese Tutor-college level(0 responses)
Climbing lessons for kids(5 responses)
Activities in Spanish for 3 year old girl(2 responses)
4th grade beginner sports for girls?(20 responses)
Feedback on Eden Village West sleepaway camp?(2 responses)
Piano Teacher with Certificate of Merit testing(3 responses)

Community & Housing & Work

Family friendly Church near Berkeley(10 responses)
Raising a family in Pleasanton(1 response)
Living near train crossing?(6 responses)
Husband wants "City Life" with Kids(33 responses)
Earthquake plan for babysitters(2 responses)
Neighborhood recommendations for Lafayette? (2 responses)
Moving to Castro Valley(3 responses)
Wilder Orinda(3 responses)
Moving to Texas or Georgia(2 responses)
Need to leave the Bay Area. Advice on where to go....(8 responses)

Family & Relationships

Sibling room sharing: different bedtimes(4 responses)
Alameda County family court child custody mediator (3 responses)
How to separate as a stay at home mom(2 responses)
Attorney for Divorce - ARAG (1 response)
Considering Divorce(22 responses)

Health & Wellness

Need a therapist to help me worry more(2 responses)
Kaiser GI Recommendation Needed(6 responses)
Primary care for elderly parents UCSF- affiliated(2 responses)
13-year-old diagnosed with ASD, now what?(5 responses)
Autism testing for an adult(0 responses)
Diablo Laser(4 responses)
Weight loss specialty Primary Care Physician Aetna (2 responses)
Sleep Apnea specialist--- recommendation ?(0 responses)
Dentist in East Bay(8 responses)
Seeking men support group(0 responses)
Therapist for non-binary 13 year old(1 response)
Postpartum Dietician Recommendations?(1 response)
ISO (cognitive behavorial) psychologist for 6y old(3 responses)
Do you have a Blue Shield Doctor that you love?(3 responses)
Other parents of kids with alopecia?(1 response)
Pediatric Dentist @ Guardian Recommendation needed!(8 responses)
Dentist that accepts Delta Dental?(4 responses)
Academic/Emotional Help for 8th Grader(1 response)
Iron infusion for teen's low ferritin?(2 responses)

House & Garden

Systems for handling family finances(1 response)
Converting garage and adding a bathroom cost(4 responses)
Dog sitter for 5yr old yellow lab (sweetest dog ever)(6 responses)
Need maintenance gardener(0 responses)
Looking for house cleaner(10 responses)
Looking for Window Specialist / Leak Repairs(0 responses)
Window installation(1 response)
Wallpaper!(1 response)
Dogsitting during hospital stay(4 responses)
Help with picking up house(0 responses)
Looking for a landscaper for a slope garden(2 responses)
Handyman to Build Compact Play Structure(3 responses)
Retaining wall repair(2 responses)
Architect for Albany Project(3 responses)
Stainless Steel countertop recommendations(1 response)
Seeking Recommendations for house cleaner(5 responses)
Home remodel in Berkeley(7 responses)


Second baby adjustment advice (4 responses, 1 pending)
Introverted 4th grader (2 responses)

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Pregnancy Induction(11 responses)
Cost for Alta Bates delivery with Blue Shield/PPO(7 responses)
UCSF or Alta Bates for planned c-section?(11 responses)

Products & Services

Retirement Advice(0 responses)
ARAG estate planning attorney in San Francisco?(2 responses)
dog farm stay/camp(1 response)
Wheelchair-accessible ADU(1 response)
Seeking Tax Preparer - US - UK income issues(1 response)
Advice on Easement or Buying Lot in Oakland(5 responses)
Estate planning without spouse? (4 responses)
Got Special Ed Attorney?! We NEED one!(3 responses)
Geology Question: Mystery Rock!(1 response)
Covid cautious haircut(9 responses)
Very very thick teen boy haircut(4 responses)
East Bay (WC/Orinda/Lafayette) real estate agent(5 responses)

School Advice

Updated feedback on Black Pine Circle?(0 responses, 1 pending)
School of the Madeline Preschool? (1 response)
Laura Klimton Education Advocate(0 responses)
Experience at Head-Royce(0 responses)
Middle School Options in Berkeley, CA(0 responses)
Valley View Elementary(0 responses)
Updates on Melrose Leadership Academy(0 responses)
BayHill High School - current experiences?(0 responses)
Raskob Learning Institute recent experiences(2 responses)
Update on EBGIS?(4 responses)
Berkeley public kindergartens info sessions(4 responses)
How to Homeschool from OUSD(2 responses)
Seeking a College Counselor Recommendation(3 responses)
Admission at Escuela Bilingue Internacional(6 responses)
High school season! St Marys, ECHS, AHS, ???(2 responses)
Teacher Recommendations(6 responses)
College Finance Advisor Desperately Needed(3 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

14 year old son and sex. Help!(15 responses)
Therapist for Teen Boy(4 responses)
Gap year kid seeking activities with others(0 responses)
9th grader not interested in joining anything (7 responses)
Independent living coach(1 response)
Recommendations for Parenting Coach wanted(6 responses)
Support and resources for teen girl who is cutting?(8 responses)
So few little community(4 responses)