Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

Jazz Day-Time Concerts?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Airport Limo Recs(0 responses, 6 pending)
Yucatan @ Christmas time - room for 16(0 responses)
Cancun lodging recommendations(2 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

Bilingual in-home daycare near Glenview(0 responses)
Soleil Daycare(0 responses)
Preschool Experience(0 responses, 1 pending)
Comparing top preschools in Oakland for 2-year-old(3 responses, 1 pending)
Neptune Nature School experiences?(0 responses)
JCC (Berkeley) afterschool program(1 response)
Every Child Berkeley - still open? (0 responses)
Mother’s Helper Pay - How Much? (1 response)
Recent experience at Nomura Preschool - too academic?(4 responses)
Helping infant adjust to new nanny?(2 responses)
Academia Mi Abuela experiences(2 responses)
Trying to decide which preschool(4 responses)
Affordable Daycare(5 responses)
Recommended PT daycare for 1 year old?(2 responses)
Options for pre-school for 4y autistic and deaf boy(9 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

Private surfing instructor for an older teen?(0 responses)
Summer Camps for the week of Aug 15th(0 responses, 1 pending)
Parks for a Crawly 9 month old?(0 responses, 12 pending)
Basketball league for 3rd grader(0 responses)
Physical activities for timid, imaginative preschooler?(0 responses, 6 pending)
Seeking Mandarin Tutor for 6 year old(0 responses)
ISO guitar, martial arts, and tap dancing lessons(3 responses, 1 pending)
Outdoor Spanish Immersion Camp for Preschooler(2 responses)
Baseball coach to work with son?(3 responses)
Cheerleading in the middle school?(2 responses)
Soccer for 4 year olds? (13 responses)
Reading club for a 3rd grader(3 responses)
Spanish Activities for Toddler to Learn Spanish(1 response)
Boys Volleyball (1 response)
Guided family meditation classes in East Bay(2 responses)
ATDP computer science(1 response)
Etiquette Classes for middle schoolers (2 responses)
1-Year Old Activities In/Near Emeryville(0 responses, 1 pending)
Summer Teen Dance Camps(1 response)
Algebra 1 for rising 9th grader over the Summer?(7 responses)

Community & Housing & Work

Tips on Moving Out of State(0 responses, 1 pending)
Document of Recovery for travel(6 responses, 1 pending)
Recent mohel recommendations?(6 responses)
Moving to Pasadena - in search of childcare (0 responses)
Marin to Berkeley bus to finish middle school? (2 responses)
Home buyer remorse (16 responses)
Purchasing a home, what to do for a security system?(2 responses)
Buying a Multi-Family Home in Berkeley?(6 responses)

Family & Relationships

Empty Nest Ahead (0 responses)
Married a year ... husband dies(4 responses)
Another divorce question (7 responses)
Divorce Mediator (9 responses)
Considering divorce and other options … next steps(22 responses)
Toddler stress/BM issues(5 responses)

Health & Wellness

Looking for Pilates instructor(0 responses)
Best place to get an autism diagnosis?(0 responses)
In Search of a Holistic Nurse Coach(0 responses)
Seeking a Podiatrist(2 responses)
carbon health primary care(3 responses)
Estes Orthodontic review?(0 responses)
Neuropsych/ Psycho-ed evaluator for 2E 13/14 year old?(6 responses)
Seeking therapist that specializes in ADD(0 responses)
Cost for a root canal?(2 responses)
Dentists who do great crowns/TMJ/Delta Dental PPO (5 responses)
Scoliosis support in adult - new diagnosis(2 responses)
Looking for Women's Healthcare Physician or Naturopath(2 responses)
Girl Teen Acne Questions(12 responses)
Circumcision for 18 year old(2 responses)
Advice for 11 year old who stutters. (2 responses)
Primary Care Physician at UCSF(3 responses)
ADHD therapist for 9 year old boy(1 response)
Current liposuction recommendations?(3 responses)
Pediatric therapist near Alameda?(2 responses)
DENTIST in Direct Dental Net in BERK//OAK/ALB/SF (1 response)
ADHD ‘coach’(6 responses)
Costochrondritis help(5 responses)
Prolonged First Period with Heavy Flow(10 responses)
Dermatologist for Teen Acne(3 responses)
Kaiser back surgery for herniated disc(5 responses)
Seeking postpartum personal trainer(2 responses)
Seeking Family Therapist (1 response)
Ketamine addiction(6 responses)

House & Garden

Nearby Stone Yards(0 responses)
Seeking housecleaner for summer Airbnb rental(0 responses)
Electrician to remove knob and tube wiring?(7 responses)
Exterminators for ant problem? (8 responses)
See & touch a Kurapia lawn near Berkeley?(2 responses, 1 pending)
East Bay Plant Nurseries - trees and veggies(11 responses)
taco truck catering (2 responses)
Seismic retrofit recs(3 responses)
Roof replacement and new solar panels?(2 responses)
Long-Term Planning for Remodel(2 responses)
Window repair recommendation / ADU(1 response)
Broken backyard fountain(4 responses)
Dimond District: Looking for a house cleaner 1-2x/month(3 responses, 1 pending)
San Francisco Stucco Professional (2 responses)
Cleaner recommendations?(8 responses)
Carpenter/builder for small custom kitchen island?(2 responses)
Cost of being your own G.C. vs. hiring a G.C.(5 responses)


Kaiser for trans teen(0 responses)
Cloth Diaper Service(1 response)
Another 2-yr old eating question(6 responses)
In the throes of toddler parenting a 3yo(20 responses)
Tantrums & aggression in highly sensitive 4 year old(3 responses)
Outdoor RIE group for 8 month old(4 responses, 1 pending)
Executive functioning coach?(0 responses)
Sleep training while room sharing(5 responses)
22 month old very clingy and having sleep issues(10 responses)

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Night nanny recommendations?(4 responses)
Addressing birth trauma in second pregnancy(22 responses)

Products & Services

Family car advice (0 responses)
ISO Hairdresser Who Does a Dry Cut(0 responses)
Medical Malpractice attorneys?(0 responses)
Recommend a Life Insurance agent or broker?(3 responses)
Full Service Mover Recommendation(3 responses)
Nest Payroll?(0 responses)
Landscaper Sought(2 responses)
Transporting a car(5 responses)
Considering a Move - Assisted Living in Florida (1 response)
Special ed attorney(2 responses)
Financial facilitator or mediator?(5 responses)
Electrical Service Upgrade(3 responses)

School Advice

College Finance Planning and Compare Software(0 responses)
IEP Support in Piedmont Elementary Schools?(0 responses, 2 pending)
TK for 4.5 Year Old without Address(1 response, 3 pending)
Experience with Piedmont Ave Elementary (OUSD)?(1 response)
Japanese Language for High School Credit(0 responses)
Best School District for Children with IEPs(2 responses)
Questions about BIHS(1 response)
OUSD TK Waitlists?(2 responses)
Berkeley Rose for Middle School Transfers?(0 responses)
Which private school would you recommend for my child?(8 responses)
BUSD elementary afterschool programs(5 responses)
Art school portfolio classes? (4 responses)
Applying for Middle School During Summer(2 responses)
San Diego State(1 response)
Planning for an IEP of 504 plan in middle school(8 responses)
High School/Tutoring/Homeschool Options in East Bay(1 response)
Urgent Homeschooling Recs Needed(4 responses)
Consultant for private middle and high school(4 responses)
Which neighborhood to settle down (2 responses)
Private schools--Any major red flags to share? (7 responses)
13-year-old not getting school work completed.(15 responses)
Career/Major Guidance and 4-year Plan for Freshman(5 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

Where does your middle school kid buy clothes?(0 responses)
My daughter has started cutting herself.(0 responses)
Spanish for teen with busy summer schedule?(3 responses)
Ballroom dancing for teen(2 responses)
Unaccompanied Minor Overseas(0 responses)
IOP/PHP/Residential Programs(0 responses)
Alameda therapist(0 responses)
Tolerance/habituation to ADHD medication? (2 responses)
job or research opportunity for pre-college teen(0 responses)
Calculus - AP vs Peralta(0 responses)
therapist for teen girl and family on 24/680 corridor(0 responses)
Teen Therapist(1 response)
First Take Acting Program(2 responses)
Social skills for teen(1 response)
sports nutritionist for teen athlete(0 responses)
ISO Very Good Psychological Diagnostician for Teen(2 responses)
16 yo daughter defensive about risky behavior(5 responses)
Lifestyle coach for 17 year old(1 response)
Testing for autism?(4 responses)
Behavioral Program for 17 year old boy(5 responses)