Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

Private chess coach for 5yr old(0 responses, 1 pending)
Best Family tent reccs (10 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

Where do you find (very) part-time or occasional babysitters?(0 responses, 3 pending)
Recent feedback on smiles?(0 responses)
Affordable Preschool or Daycare in greater Richmond area(0 responses, 11 pending)
Seeking contact & feedback!(0 responses)
Preschool in Albany/Berkeley with current opening(0 responses, 2 pending)
East Oakland preschool recommendations (0 responses, 5 pending)
Hearts Leap North recent experience(0 responses)
Experience with Duck Pond Preschool or Les Petites Francophones?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Advice for first time parents who work full time(0 responses, 8 pending)
Childcare recommendations for 8m/o(0 responses, 3 pending)
Experience with Rockridge Little School(0 responses, 2 pending)
Experience with Bright Horizons Back up care? (13 responses)
Recent experience with The Lake School?(1 response)
Oakland Daycare or Preschool for Toddler(1 response)
Inch by Inch preschool? (0 responses)
Nanny meal/food prep responsibilities(6 responses)
Compensation for live-in part-time nanny?(1 response)
Pumpkin Seed Childcare(0 responses)
Is this nanny-share rate reasonable?(11 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

Seeking in person piano lessons for 5 year old son - Piedmont(0 responses, 1 pending)
Berkeley toddler swim at Strawberry Canyon Recreational Area?(1 response, 1 pending)
Social skill summer camp for a would be 5 year old(0 responses)
Executive function at classroom matters(0 responses)
Music Classes for Queer or Trans Teens(1 response)
Baby/ toddler swim lessons (6 responses)
Egyptian Arabic for a 9 year old, outdoors?(0 responses)
Pilates classes for a 12 year old(0 responses)
Activities for 1.5 year old(3 responses)
Summer camp program for 4 year-old(0 responses)
Online Mandarin tutor for teen?(0 responses)
Kids' swimming time, lessons, or camps this year?(5 responses)
Anywhere open for beginner swim lessons?(2 responses)
Outdoor summer camp recommendations(3 responses)

Community & Housing & Work

Renting Home(0 responses)
Preschool / daycare hours(2 responses, 2 pending)
Neighbors Complaining About our Children's Noise(13 responses)
West LA move - day care recommendations(0 responses)
Bay Area Home Remodeling/Design Buyers Guide?(0 responses)
New Construction Home in Dublin - advice needed!(0 responses)
Stone Valley Middle School in Alamo versus private (1 response)
Landlord wants to show our rental during a pandemic.(6 responses)

Family & Relationships

Seeking Foster Children Benefits/Resources(4 responses)
Black biracial child's racial identity(12 responses)

Health & Wellness

Need therapist for gifted 13 year old boy with depression and anx(0 responses, 1 pending)
Private practice pediatrician and OB recommendations?(0 responses)
Homebirth friendly OB at Sutter Berkeley (1 response)
Seeking Healthcare professional speaking Hebrew(0 responses)
OBGYN reccs at Kaiser Oakland for prenatal care?(3 responses)
Seeking new primary care doctor in East Bay(1 response, 1 pending)
Occupational Therapist (fine motor skills)(0 responses)
Poor posture for my 11 year old(1 response)
Beacon Child Therapist Recommendation? (0 responses)
Recommendations for a divorce & life coach(6 responses)
Almost 10 year old very selective eating(17 responses)
Seeking therapist for 10yo(0 responses)
Therapist for 5yo — Art + DBT/CBT(0 responses)
Orthodontists David Johnson & Loren Jolley(2 responses)
Reading Specialist for 7 year old(2 responses)
Camps for tweens and teens with autism(3 responses)
Adult ASD diagnosis—neuropsych recs?(2 responses)
String players: Fiddler's neck(0 responses)
Pediatrician recommendation near Walnut Creek(1 response)
Any reviews for Miriam Gross LCSW or David Green LCSW?(5 responses)
Gynecologist (female) for young adult(3 responses)
Child with Syndactyly(0 responses)
OB/Gyn at Richmond/Oakland Kaiser(1 response)
Pediatric ENT at Kaiser for 4 year old tonsillectomy(4 responses)
Therapist to help tween with phobia(3 responses)
Orthodontia question(2 responses)

House & Garden

Looking for window installer(0 responses)
Vet for Feral Cat(0 responses)
Housecleaner recommendation(0 responses)
Seeking ideas for a small bathroom(0 responses)
Small concrete pond removal?(1 response)
Cabinet Refinish recommendations(1 response)
Seeking Soil Testing (for heavy metal, lead, etc)(2 responses)
Recommendation for indoor painter(3 responses)
Tree work on massive oak(6 responses)
Architect recommendation(4 responses)
Water filter/filtration(6 responses)
"Grass" Ideas for a small backyard area(9 responses)
light fixtures... in working order to donate?(9 responses)
Lowbrow landscape consultation?(3 responses)
Friendly Family seeks housekeeper (0 responses)
Foundation work - Need a Contractor (2 responses)
Washlets: should we get one?(9 responses)
Exterior House Painting(8 responses)
Recommendations for Removing Backyard Putting Greens(1 response)


Car seat recommendations 16 month old - 5 yrs?(0 responses)
Sleep consultant?(7 responses)

Products & Services

What do kids do for dentist when they go to college?(0 responses, 3 pending)
Seeking Consultants for Black Toddler Hair Care(0 responses)
Looking for Real Estate Attorney (and tax law)(0 responses)
Estate Jewelry - advice on assessing and selling (0 responses)
Fabulous website designer needed(1 response)
Primary Care Doctor(1 response)

School Advice

Anna Yates Middle School ? (0 responses)
Updated reviews of Connecting Waters? (0 responses, 1 pending)
Waitlist at Oakland Unified School District (1 response, 2 pending)
Public or Private School for Middle School?(7 responses)
Accepted offer for Kindergarten (2 responses)
Updated reviews of Hickman?(1 response)
Seeking college admissions counselor...for the parent(3 responses)
Did you leave Latitude?(0 responses)
Private Elementary School Worth it?(14 responses)
Park Day Recomedantion(9 responses)
Year round school or summer school?(2 responses)
Question on Thousand Oaks elementary and BUSD waitlist(2 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

How do teens get THC edibles?(0 responses, 7 pending)
Alternative treatments/practitioners for teen anxiety(3 responses)
Summer activities for teen(0 responses)
Naturalist teen camp w/ at least some Black kids?(9 responses)
ISO John Muir Network Dr. and ob/gyn for 18yo(0 responses)