Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

Camper van in Europe(2 responses)
Looking for wholesome preschooler toy ideas(8 responses)
Six Flags Halloween(1 response)
Selling a Coin Collection(2 responses)
2-year old birthday venue(14 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

Seeking a daycare for a baby January(0 responses)
When is there high demand for a nanny? (0 responses, 1 pending)
Experience with Little Elephant Montessori in Oakland?(0 responses)
Is Adams Point Little People's Place still open? (1 response)
Calculating Withholdings and Payments for Nannyshare(3 responses)
Nanny share rate in Emeryville & min wage(2 responses)
Keep in contact w/departed nanny or no?(7 responses)
Thoughts on Montessori for busy kids(4 responses)
Montessori Schools of Fremont?(0 responses)
Preschool recommendations for special needs 4yr old(3 responses)
How to find occasional babysitting for an infant?(3 responses)
Son having a hard time in Pre-K(4 responses)
Programs/Care for Pre-K boys who like to play!(4 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

Exercise for out-of-shape mom? (0 responses, 5 pending)
Swimming Instructors at The Club at Claremont (0 responses)
Swimming lessons for 10yo during winter?(2 responses)
Martial Arts Recommendations for ADHD Kids?(0 responses, 5 pending)
Tennis coach for teen(0 responses)
Looking for teen rock band program around Berkeley (4 responses)
Exercise Class near Berkeley or Oakland BART(5 responses)
Horseback riding lessons (0 responses)
Looking for an affordable tutor for my second grader(0 responses)
recommendations for independent reading specialist (1 response)
Doing test prep for ISEE exam?(0 responses)
Need Weekly Tutor for PhD-level Statistics Course (2 responses)
Seeking Math Tutor for BHS Freshman (9th grade)(4 responses)
Things to do with 3 yo on Friday afternoons?(3 responses)

Community & Housing & Work

Summer 2020 Housing for Visiting Faculty(0 responses, 1 pending)
I left my heart in San Francisco(0 responses, 1 pending)
How to deal with neighbour whose trees obstruct our view(0 responses, 1 pending)
How to ship 1 piece of furniture from Seattle(3 responses)
Petaluma - diversity(0 responses)
How to recruit employees with physical challenges(11 responses)

Family & Relationships

Parenting Coordinators (1 response)
Can you recommend a great adoption agency?(5 responses)
Divorced for 3 years, missing something ...(7 responses)

Health & Wellness

Lichen sclerosus(0 responses, 2 pending)
Feldenkrais and Alexander Practitioners?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Pediatrician at UCSF(0 responses)
Child Therapist for a 9 year old girl with self-esteem issues?(0 responses, 5 pending)
Teeth Bone Loss Treatment(2 responses)
Pediatric dentist(5 responses)
African american pediatrician recommendation(11 responses)
Need doctor rec. for CIRS, Lyme and mold toxicity(3 responses)
Where do I get flu vaccine nasal spray(1 response)
speech and language assessor for IEE (1 response)
Parkinson’s resources in East Bay(7 responses)
15 year old with Keratoconus-- advice(5 responses)
Teen drug addiction treatment(1 response)
Teen, Spouse and Substances (7 responses)
DeltaCare USA dentist for 7 year old? (5 responses)

House & Garden

Seeking a housekeeper in the El Cerrito Area(0 responses)
Recommendations for high efficiency heat pump installation?(0 responses, 2 pending)
Experience with pre-fab ADU(0 responses, 1 pending)
Contractor for mold abatement and bathroom remodel(2 responses)
Mow and Blow Gardener?(1 response)
Handyman / woman; small, random, fixit issues. Small jobs(1 response, 1 pending)
Cat sitter recommendation for El Cerrito?(4 responses)
Re-tile fireplace(1 response)
Gardener to address browning juniper bush(0 responses)
Advice about rehoming a dog(12 responses)
need a handy man(1 response)
Looking for a gardener(0 responses)
Seeking a Housekeeper in Oakland(1 response)
Any suggestions for a garage organizer?(4 responses)


East Bay Moms / Parent Facebook Groups?(0 responses, 3 pending)
Hevea brand pacifier- where to buy in East Bay(0 responses)
Toddlers biting and not sharing(1 response)
Sleep Regression is REAL!(9 responses)

Pregnancy & Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Midwife for VBAC at Alta Bates(5 responses)
When is a doula NOT the right choice? (23 responses)
Midwife/Doula recommendations for VBAC(9 responses)

Products & Services

Realtor to sell family home in North Berkeley hills(0 responses, 4 pending)
Phone Plan Recommendations?(0 responses, 2 pending)
Laser Hair Removal-Has your insurance covered it?(0 responses)
Buyer’s Agent specializing in duplexes? (4 responses)
Family/baby photographer in Berkeley for November(9 responses)
Driving Coach for Adult(1 response)
Health care stipend for nanny?(0 responses)
Need recommendation for bicycle injury attorney(0 responses)
Kaiser or Cigna for struggling teen?(5 responses)
jeans tailor for unusual body shape(3 responses)
Minor In Possession(6 responses)

School Advice

OUSD elementary shout-outs!(0 responses, 2 pending)
Curious about elementary schools in Central Berkeley(0 responses)
Scholarship Screening(0 responses)
Preschool IEP advice (0 responses)
Concurrent enrollment question(2 responses)
IEP Advocate for Albany student(4 responses)
Skills Needed for Spanish 3 at BHS?(0 responses)
Concerned about placement at Thousand Oaks(5 responses)
BUSD elementary zones: Central vs NW?(0 responses)
Special Needs Elementary School (1st Grade)(3 responses)
Recent feedback on Alameda West End schools(1 response)
BUSD SpEd Inclusion Programs: what's the real story?(3 responses)
College Selection Counseling for HS Senior on IEP(3 responses)
Berkeley High Universal Ninth Grade?(1 response)
Advice on Middle School after Montclair Elementary(7 responses)
St Marys College HS or Bishop O'Dowd HS(8 responses)
Sixth grader sad about school(5 responses)
Educational therapist for 7th grader(1 response)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

Small School Prom(0 responses)
WaitUntil8th(5 responses)
Therapist for teen with anxiety(7 responses)
Family dinner with teen?(9 responses)
Therapist for Teen w Depression and Anxiety(0 responses)
Acupuncture/herbs for a teen with anxiety?(3 responses)
Evicting adult child(7 responses)
Anxiety Support for a Teen(5 responses)
IEP helping pay for therapeutic boarding school(10 responses)