Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

Toddler Playgroup or Playdates near Downtown Berkeley (0 responses)
Drop in classes (0 responses)
Vacation in the redwoods? (0 responses, 4 pending)
Looking for recent reviews on Tots Around Town program (0 responses)
Camping/fishing with teens at Rio Vista (0 responses)
Bringing a baby to Camp Tuolomne? (4 responses)
Bike riding help: 6 year old (13 responses, 1 pending)
Venue for 60th Birthday Party? (2 responses)
Homeless Encampment - Willard Park (6 responses)
Private Swim Instructor Berkeley? (3 responses)
Seeking a retreat rental for about 10 people (4 responses)
Extended Stay Southern Europe with 10 year old (3 responses)
Where can we hold chicks? (0 responses)
Low-key bar mitzvah celebration venue (8 responses)
Costa Rica w. Teen w/o Car (4 responses)
Frisbee Golf in public parks? (6 responses)
Pizza [Catering] near Berkeley for 4 year old birthday! (5 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

childcare & preschool options (0 responses)
Recent Experience (0 responses)
Unfair preschool deposit policy (1 response)
GMIS? (0 responses)
Preschool with farm animals ? (4 responses)
Nanny salary question (1 response)
Looking for a day care for my 15 month old daughter (2 responses)
Aftercare recommendations for Glenview Elementary (2 responses)
Recent experience with Leigh's House in Piedmont? (1 response)
Berkeley preschool for food allergies (3 responses)
Question about preschool applications/waitlists (1 response)
Recent thoughts on Chatham School? (0 responses)
Contact Boulevard Academy? (0 responses)
Thoughts on JCC Preschool? (2 responses)
Nanny raise with preschool transition (2 responses)
Affordable pre-school? (4 responses)
Drop-in Childcare recommendations in Oakland? (1 response)
Childcare for a 4/5 year old for a week in May? (0 responses)
Toddler preschool (1 response)
Preschool/daycare with openings near Lake Merritt (6 responses)
Rockridge Montessori or Rockridge Little? (2 responses)
Paying family for childcare - Advice needed! (4 responses)
ISO a Montessori Elementary School in the East Bay (8 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

High school English tutor needed (0 responses)
German Classes or Saturday school for a 12-year-old (0 responses)
Berkeley Youth Gymnastics Summer Camp (4 responses)
Summer Writing Programs/Camps for middle schoolers (2 responses)
Basketball classes for a 3 year old (3 responses)
Drum lessons for a 3 year old (2 responses)
Local Youth Choir for Child Who Likes to Sing? (8 responses)
Private Volleyball lessons for 12 year old (1 response)
Summer Swim Intensive/Sprints for Beginner (0 responses)
Korean Language Classes for 6 Year Old (1 response)
Gymnastics teacher to come to preschool (1 response)
Basketball Camp for 15 yr old? (0 responses)
Embracing Autism Collaborative Services? (0 responses)
Looking for a Spanish speaking learning specialist (0 responses)
Piano teacher for competition? (1 response)
Swimming lessons for 7 year old (0 responses)
Midday social activities for my middle schooler (0 responses)
After School Options for Hillcrest Elemantary (2 responses)
Respectful Parenting / RIE Groups (1 response)
Private swim teacher for 6 yr old? (0 responses)
More advanced theater programs/classes for 4th grader (2 responses)
Summer camp week of Memorial Day (2 responses)
Tutor for K girl with ADHD/Dsylexia - Walnut Creek area (2 responses)
Infant music classes near Danville? (1 response)
Infant swim school near Danville? (1 response)
modern Hebrew for HS credit? (3 responses)
Summer Programs for Rising 9th Grader (4 responses)
Toddler swim lessons near Richmond (4 responses)
After School tutoring in BUSD (1 response)
Mild intellectual disability (2 responses)

Community & Housing & Work

Housing swap or housesitting? (0 responses)
Seeking a person to do laundry at my house for my 4 year old an I (0 responses, 6 pending)
Laws around homeless encampments (0 responses, 2 pending)
Summer Internships (0 responses)
Looking for a great cleaning person (3 responses)
At-Home Tailor (2 responses)
Moving pets and plants to NYC (6 responses)
Moving in for Sabbatical (5 responses)
Coach to help with major career pivot planning? (6 responses)
SF to East bay Mover Recs (3 responses, 1 pending)
Best Place to Move for Autistic 3 year old daughter (1 response)
Do you love where you live? (9 responses)

Family & Relationships

Seeking Parenting Coordinator Recommendation (0 responses)
Tween Meets My Girlfriend - Tween Unhappy (3 responses)
Ummm.... (7 responses)
Parenting groups for second baby (4 responses)
Neighborhood in the east bay with a community feeling (17 responses)
Something unique to do for adult's bday (7 responses)
Neurologist/Speech therapist with dementia specialty (1 response)

Health & Wellness

2 year old with ARFID (4 responses, 1 pending)
Lyme disease specialist recommendation (1 response)
Optometrist & Audiologist for elder with dementia (0 responses)
Mouth breathing in teen (7 responses)
Pilates instructor near El Cerrito/Berkeley? (1 response)
ABA therapy - east of Caldecott (Moraga) (4 responses)
ARFID Support With and Without Kaiser (4 responses)
Does Center Strength on Solano still exist? (1 response)
Acupuncturist for PMDD (7 responses)
Sutter pelvic PT recommendations? (3 responses)
recommended speech therapist? (0 responses)
Pediatrician - MediCal - Oakland/Berkeley (6 responses)
Somatic therapist or somatic bodywork specialist? (2 responses)
Therapist for anxiety recommendation (2 responses)
Looking for a health/wellness coach/personal trainer (3 responses)
EMDR Therapist recommendation (4 responses)
Primary care doctor who accepts Blue Shield insurance (2 responses)
Seeking HAES-aligned, LGBTQ-allied pediatrician (1 response)
Cigna Personal Nurse Advocate (4 responses)
OBs with PMDD Experience (3 responses)

House & Garden

Raccoons in crawl space (8 responses)
Recommendation for wood flooring repair (0 responses)
Where to find baby-proof covers for 2-gang outlets? (0 responses)
Contractor needed to replace siding on house (0 responses)
Oakland Planning Appeals Board (1 response)
Foundation + home remodel recommendations/referrals? (2 responses)
ADU roundup for 2024 (1 response)
Gravel driveway cost and contractors? (0 responses)
Roofer recommendations please? (3 responses)
Lawn mowing (1 response)
HVAC Maintenance (4 responses)
Looking for housekeeper (8 responses)
insurance for home in Berkeley Hills (6 responses)
Buy half of neighbor’s lot (2 responses)
Looking for solid, non-flaky architect (8 responses)
Fruit Tree Expert Needed (3 responses)
Modular/pre-fab primary home (2 responses)
Earthquake Retrofitting (4 responses)
Need a new deck/fence work (2 responses)
Solar Lease Opinions (4 responses)
Stuck on backyard ground cover project (2 responses)
Re-sod small patch of lawn? (3 responses)
Something is wrong with our PGE bill (12 responses)
seeking housekeeper/home assistant (2 responses)
How to address high humidity in downstairs rooms (3 responses)

Parenting Topics

Elimination communication resources (0 responses)
DIR/Floortime instead of ABA for Autism (2 responses)
Lost my child (7 responses)
Tween doesn’t go to sleep or wake up on their own (4 responses)
Emotion regulation coaching for 7yo on the spectrum (5 responses)
Figuring out social media access for 13YO (6 responses)
Parenting coach for new parents (1 response)

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Postpartum midwife to care for the mom? (3 responses)
Birth Doula Recs for Alta Bates (11 responses)
Oakland/Berkeley obgyn recommendation (5 responses)
Childbirth Classes Referals (15 responses)
Need an OB in San Francisco (9 responses)

Products & Services

Laser hair removal recommendations (3 responses)
Housecleaning recommendations (4 responses)
Tutor Rates (3 responses)
Seeking accountant for new business advice (0 responses)
Contractor for retaining wall and deck (1 response)
Seeking Easement/Land Use Attorney (0 responses)
Seeking Recommendations for Bridge Driveway Fix (0 responses)
Alteration to hem ski pants (4 responses)
American Canyon Real Estate Agent (0 responses)
Food recommendations for Bat mitzvah (3 responses)
Can anyone recommend a children's book designer? (0 responses)
What kind of professional do we need? (0 responses)
Mightier app for building emotion regulation? (0 responses)
Long distance storage/moving suggestions? (New York) (3 responses)
Creating a Living Trust: DYI Project? (10 responses)
How to hire driving help (2 responses)
Homeowner's Insurance Woes (7 responses)
where does one get a baby's hair cut? (2 responses)

School Advice

Oxford afterschool programs? (0 responses)
Interdistrict Transfer from Contra Costa to Emeryville (3 responses)
Albany High or El Cerrito High (1 response)
UC admissions (0 responses)
Peralta Kindergarten Aftercare options (1 response)
Transferring from one Spanish Immersion to another (2 responses)
Thornhill Elementary School after care options? (2 responses)
Fairmont Elementary El Cerrito TK? (0 responses)
Mckinley Elementary School San Leandro (0 responses)
Miramonte High School Review Requested (0 responses)
High school consultant (mostly public)? (2 responses)
Corpus Christi vs St Theresa (0 responses)
Incoming Nea TK play date? (2 responses)
tax forms financial aid for schools (2 responses)
BHS AHA recent experiences (4 responses)
Oakland Unified School District vs Berkeley USD (3 responses)
Play based kindergartens in Berk/Oak with openings? (5 responses)
Fafsa and Scholarship Advisor (2 responses)
ADHD Support at Hillcrest vs. Thornhill Elementary (4 responses)
Supporting 4 year old with ASD (0 responses)
Performing Arts High Schools (0 responses)
Where is Yu Ming’s local school attendance area? (0 responses)
Special needs Elementary School SRVUSD (1 response)
Star Academy reviews from east bay families? (1 response)
After School Program for Emerson TK Student (6 responses)
Thoughts on Kids in Motion for young students? (1 response)
Navigating the OUSD Lottery (6 responses)
BHS Home Hospital Instruction (0 responses)
Arts-focused Public Elementary School recommendations (2 responses)
Housing/School between Berkeley & Mountain View (3 responses)
How competitive are Park Day and Aurora School? (5 responses)
Berkeley schools vs Piedmont schools (5 responses)
How to understand what a "good school" actually is (1 response)
Can Crestmont School accommodate gifted kids? (4 responses)
Crazy to give up TK spot in desirable OUSD school? (4 responses)
Piedmont Middle School vs Park Day vs St. Paul’s (4 responses)
ADHD Kid in OUSD, Should we consider moving? (7 responses)
Alameda TK advice: Love or Nea (1 response)
Reviews of Redwood Day, Park Day, BPC, Aurora, TBS (15 responses)
Wisdom needed for IEP and Special Education (2 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

Athletic scholarships (0 responses)
Financial literacy / counseling (0 responses)
Seeking new psychiatrist for my 18 year old (0 responses)
Family Photographer for Teens (1 response)
Personal trainer/teen mentor? (3 responses)
Loving camp for 2e girl (10)? (3 responses)
Summer Advice for mom of 16.5 year old (13 responses)
Registering for ACT test (0 responses)
Teen Camp Counselors Needed for Private Kid Event (0 responses)
Gerontology Support Suggestions (2 responses)
12 year old seeking summer volunteer opportunity (3 responses)
Autistic student in Berkeley City College (0 responses)
Speech therapy/coaching for senior in high school (0 responses)
Summer Internship for High School Students (0 responses)
Summer sculpture classes in east bay for young adult (1 response)
Teen Babysitting Advice (0 responses)
Parking Recommendations for 16 Year Old (1 response)
College counselor (7 responses)
Spanish tutor recommendations for 7th grader (1 response)
High school French 3 over the summer (1 response)
Any thoughts about UC Merced? (5 responses)
Career Coach for recent college grad? (0 responses)
Psychiatrist recommendation (ADHD, depression) (0 responses)
College choice (3 responses)