Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

How to self-publish my father's memoir(0 responses)
Road Trip for 18-y-o with Friend?(7 responses, 2 pending)
Esports game/class recommendations?(0 responses)
Gifts for distance learning teachers(5 responses)
Son doesn’t want to attend his HS graduation (8 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

Part time (affordable?) preK(0 responses)
OMS - Any recent reviews appreciated!(0 responses)
Rising Sun Montessori in Albany?(0 responses)
Berkeley/Rockridge Little School illness policy(0 responses)
Oakland Head Start system? What is it like? (1 response)
Looking for a nanny, wondering about duties(0 responses)
Current Experiences with Wildwood(0 responses)
Anyone have the contact info for Lucecitas Daycare?(2 responses)
Day Care Recommendations Near Piedmont?(2 responses)
GLM: Recent reviews for the Oakland location?(0 responses)
Seeking after hour care(1 response)
Experience with The Living Room childcare?(0 responses)
Advice for onboarding new nanny/sitter?(6 responses)
Seeking Alameda preschool for 2 year old(2 responses)
Advice for first time parents who work full time(9 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

Recommendations for tennis lessons (5 y/o)?(0 responses)
Swim Instructor for at home lessons(0 responses)
Mommy & Me Swimming Classes(0 responses)
Baseball camp for 7 year old(0 responses)
Adult. Lap Swimming (0 responses, 1 pending)
Sewing machine for 10 year old learning to sew(0 responses, 7 pending)
Mandarin lessons for 2 year old(0 responses, 2 pending)
ISO kids’ comics/graphic stories group/class/club(1 response)
Zafu recommendation?(2 responses, 1 pending)
Pickleball lessons?(0 responses)
Highlands Country Club in Hiller Highlands(2 responses)
Recent Experiences with Hidden Villa Camp?(1 response)
Python Camp for 10 year olds?(1 response)
Chinese After-school program(4 responses)
Indoor swimming pool for toddlers(5 responses)
Advanced Minecraft Camp(1 response)
Any summer camps still have openings for a 3rd grader?(4 responses)
Golf Lessons for Teen Boy(3 responses)
Beginning soccer for 17 year old girl?(0 responses)
Spanish tutor for teens(1 response)
Carpool to Echo lake for CIT this summer?(0 responses)
Private Swim Instructor for Lessons at Home(1 response)

Community & Housing & Work

How to find childcare resources in Portland, Maine(0 responses)
Immunocompromised Sophomore needs Fall Online/remote school (2 responses, 1 pending)
Year abroad during high school?(3 responses)
International Travel RT-PCR Covid test provider(0 responses, 2 pending)
Experience with owner move-in eviction for ADU?(0 responses, 6 pending)
Moving to West Contra Costa with a trans kid(2 responses, 1 pending)
Movers for a smallish job(3 responses)
Is there something like BPN in Chicago?(2 responses)
Where to live for jobs in Santa Rosa and Alameda?(5 responses)
Advice on moving to Seattle(6 responses, 1 pending)
Walkability + Safety?(16 responses)
Landlords - Renting or leave vacant or AIRBNB?(6 responses)
Working in Dublin - Commute from Walnut Creek?(2 responses)
Young adult “Job Coach”, experience with ADHD(2 responses)
BAT MITZVAH - HELP!(3 responses)
Timing move to Alameda(2 responses)

Family & Relationships

Struggling with a longtime friendship (5 responses)
Very triggering relationship with adult brother (13 responses)
Co-Parenting Therapist needed in San Francisco(0 responses)

Health & Wellness

Psychiatrist for 18 yo ASD college student Anthem(0 responses)
Skin Tag Removal(0 responses)
Private Practice OBGYN or midwife or doula?(0 responses)
Looking for therapist who accepts Optum(0 responses)
Seeking new Pediatric Dentist(4 responses)
Private swim lessons for autistic children (2 responses)
Dentist good for nursing toddlers(3 responses)
Teen Psychiatrist(4 responses)
Need therapist recs for 12 y/o daughter(2 responses)
Need recommendations for a family therapist(0 responses)
Considering Lumbar Discectomy Surgery (6 responses)
Current pediatric otoplasty recommendations?(0 responses)
ABA for 3 year old(0 responses)
ASD diagnosis for 7YO - Now What?(7 responses)
Remote counselor/therapist for elderly parent (1 response)
Family Therapist(0 responses)
Worried First Time Mom With A Speech Delayed Toddler(5 responses)
Steroid injections for back pain(2 responses)
Phimosis diagnosis teen boy(0 responses)
ABA for therapy-resisting 10-year-old girl with ASD?(5 responses)
Experience with Green Leaf in Orinda for teen phobias?(0 responses)
Therapist for teen with chronic illness(0 responses)
Vision therapy office for teenager?(1 response)
Great Psycho-Educational Evaluation (for teen girl)?(3 responses)
Activities for active 6yo ADHD kid(6 responses)
School for teen with ASD - Philips? Orion? Others? (2 responses)
Teens & Palate Expansion(0 responses)

House & Garden

Design / Build for a Deck(0 responses)
Glass awning for house(0 responses)
HELP us understand Cork flooring / Linoleum flooring(0 responses)
Housecleaning recs?(0 responses)
Seeking roofer for challenging roof (0 responses)
Student/Recent Grad Cal/Other Landscape Designer(1 response)
Rats in the car!(3 responses)
House Cleaner in Alameda(2 responses)
Dog boarding recommendation?(11 responses)
Patio Deck(2 responses)
Virginia Bakery butter cookies (2 responses)
How to address moisture in house(1 response)
Seeking house cleaner - New Baby(4 responses)
Local supplier of carriage doors?(1 response)
How to find affordable mother's helper(0 responses)
Current Gardening rates/expectations(0 responses)
Rockridge Contractor Recommendations(4 responses)
Kitchen countertops(3 responses)
Raccoons: at my wit's end(11 responses)
Dog trainer needed(1 response)


BPN equivalent for SF?(2 responses)
Alternative to Goodnites for sensitive skin?(2 responses)
Parenting Groups for Newborns Around Pleasant Hill(0 responses)
Parents network in Joshua Tree area?(0 responses)

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Swollen Nipple: Advice Wanted(0 responses, 1 pending)
Fertility Clinic Recommendations(13 responses)

Products & Services

Diesel Mercedes Mechanic Near Berkeley?(0 responses)
TV technician(0 responses)
Recommendations for deep tissue massage(0 responses)
Stylist who uses henna for coloring?(0 responses)
Laser Hair Removal after Several Failed Attempts(0 responses)
Options for Medical Billing Fraud(0 responses)
Real Estate Agent for Complicated Sale(1 response)
Inexpensive framer(0 responses)
Experience with Bio Diesel vehicle? (0 responses)
Mesh network(0 responses)
Labeling Clothes & Day Care Items(7 responses)
Bought a home, squatter help(17 responses)
Double stroller recommendations for 3mo and 5mo(5 responses)

School Advice

OUSD United Nation CDC- experience?(0 responses)
Chabot Elementary vs Joaquin Miller(0 responses)
Relocating to Kensington, figuring out schools(1 response)
Piedmont, Hillcrest, or Head Royce? (1 response)
BUSD kindergarten 2021(0 responses)
College Coach (not application coach)(2 responses)
Yuming Location(2 responses)
Any info on St. Joseph School in Pinole?(0 responses)
BUSD Elementary School Waitlist, May 2021(3 responses)
Sterne School vs Holden High for LD ?(0 responses)
Melrose Leadership & Manzanita SEED(1 response)
Experiences at Latitude(0 responses)
Seeking Hybrid Homeschool(1 response)
Late enrollment in El Cerrito elementary schools(4 responses)
Honors placement at Bishop O’Dowd(1 response)
Piedmont HS or Dougherty Valley HS?(0 responses)
Albany vs Berkeley middle and high schools? (7 responses)
School suggestions for advanced learner(0 responses)
Berkeley High vs. St. Mary's(0 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

A rising 3rd grader puberty(0 responses)
Gender Affirming MD or Provider (0 responses)
14 y/o Boy Needs Summer SOMETHING(6 responses)
Teen daughter's chronic abdominal pain and nausea(7 responses)
Summer Jobs/CIT/volunteering for 15 year olds(0 responses)
Traffic citation lookup(3 responses)