Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

Looking for teen Zelda enthusiast clubs(0 responses)
Where to go for kids to ride a bike(31 responses)
Cabins to rent for extended family this summer(3 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

What do you do if you work full time and your kid is sick?(1 response, 1 pending)
Montessori preschool near Oakland or Castro Valley for 2 year old(3 responses, 1 pending)
Keep Daycare spot or withdraw until vaccine in place?(10 responses)
Nanny Share Pay(1 response)
Transitioning boisterous two year old to preschool(2 responses)
Do preschools accept new kids now?(3 responses)
Paid maternity leave for nanny?(6 responses)
Child care tuition during shelter in place(11 responses)
Au Pair "Training" During Quarantine(9 responses)
Preschool for 2-year-old near Piedmont Av.(3 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

Summer Camp or Preschool for 3YO, not potty trained(0 responses, 1 pending)
Varsity Tutors experience?(0 responses)
Exercise equipment/accessories recommendations?(7 responses)
Summer film classes?(2 responses)
Chemical Engineering Tutor Needed(1 response)
Trumpet mute help(1 response)
Camp Concord - what's it like?(1 response)
Computer programming for young children(3 responses)

Community & Housing & Work

Living and doing home construction in Albany(0 responses, 2 pending)
Do you say someting when someone in not wearing a mask?(0 responses, 8 pending)
Looking for Place to Drop off Donation(0 responses, 3 pending)
Young adult wants to continue dating during pandemic(1 response, 4 pending)
Public outdoor spaces in Upper Rockridge? (1 response)
Outlook for elementary schools for AY 20-21? (2 responses, 2 pending)
Preschool Openings in Berkeley Given Covid(1 response)
Over-Protective Adult Child During the Pandemic(9 responses)
Online Interactive Classes for Teens this Summer?(2 responses, 1 pending)
Any suggestions for the summer?(5 responses, 1 pending)
Online Camps for Teens this Summer(0 responses)
Online college for fall?(2 responses)
Any fun online non-school related groups for teens?(0 responses)
Kindergarten at BUSD during COVID-19(3 responses, 1 pending)
Career Change(5 responses)
Distance learning at Rosa Parks and Jefferson(4 responses)
Alta Bates birth during Covid19(10 responses)
Neighbors having a backyard party during SIP(6 responses)
Harassing person--does anyone do anything?(7 responses)
Refund for Cancelled Summer Camp(5 responses)
What are you doing about summer camp this summer?(1 response)
Working with young kids while sheltering in place(22 responses)
living in el sobrante?(5 responses)
14 year old struggling with academics during COVID19(9 responses)
Advice about moving to sierra foothills area(14 responses)
Buying a home in Richmond/ surrounding areas(7 responses)
Childcare during childbirth with shelter in place?(2 responses)
Daycare Tuition during shelter in place(4 responses)
Concerned over rise in crime(15 responses)
Online/Virtual activities for kids(6 responses)
Online learning as an alternative to public school(0 responses)
Nannies allowed under new SIL restrictions?(6 responses)
COVID-19 and nanny(21 responses)

Family & Relationships

couples counseling online?(4 responses)
Can someone receive disability based upon a 30 y/o head injury?(10 responses, 2 pending)
Seeking Couples Therapist Recommendations(2 responses)
Self-sufficient kids(9 responses)

Health & Wellness

Severe Varicose Veins and Air Travel(0 responses)
Therapist for Decision Paralysis(1 response)
COVID-19 testing experience (2 responses)
Holistic, prevention-oriented pediatric dentist(5 responses)
Painful Varicose Veins(3 responses)
Eating disorder support group for parents/moms. (0 responses)
Experience with therapist Rachel Tucker?(3 responses)
Pediatric allergist(4 responses)
Seeking wise psychologist/therapist for 'unsticking'(3 responses)
Experience with Spectrum Practice of Berkeley?(0 responses)
Gay or Gay Friendly Primary Care Physician in East Bay(2 responses)
Pediatrician in Berkeley(5 responses)

House & Garden

Conflicts about gun ownership(11 responses)
Looking for landscaper recommendations(1 response)
FLIES ... so many flies(10 responses)
Looking for amazing baker, bakery for cakes(12 responses)
Landscape architect or designer(4 responses)
Seeking reasonably priced gardener(4 responses)
Architect to help plan an ADU(7 responses)
Irrigation System Repair(1 response)
Garden Sprinkler installer needed(1 response)
Veterinarian that does home visits(2 responses)


Toddler asking me to talk for stuffed animals(8 responses)
Toddler carseat 2020 update? and local place to buy?(5 responses)
Potty-training support at preschool(5 responses)
How do you get rid of a car seat?(4 responses)
Explaining pandemic to your young child(ren)(7 responses)
2.8 year old won’t poop in the potty!(11 responses)

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Recommendations for midwife through Aetna PPO(2 responses)
Doula for planned C-section(4 responses)
OBGYN (Sutter) vs Midwife (Golden Oak) experience?(6 responses)
Night / Day Nurse for Newborns(3 responses)
Lactation consultant with virtual visits?(11 responses)

Products & Services

Recommendation Immigration Lawyer(3 responses, 1 pending)
Where can I order an ice cream cake?(7 responses)
Housekeeper Recommendation?(1 response)
Photographer for Porch Session(4 responses, 1 pending)
Affordable newborn photos mini session(9 responses)
Financial counseling / couples therapy(1 response)
Kaiser's fees for services?(3 responses)
Recent Sellers Agent Reviews El Cerrito Area(4 responses)
Are driving lessons an "essential service"?(1 response)

School Advice

Looking for high school that supports kids with anxiety(0 responses, 7 pending)
Interdistrict transfer OUT of BUSD?(2 responses, 4 pending)
School alternatives for 20-21 academic year?(1 response, 3 pending)
Berkeley High Advice for incoming freshman(0 responses, 1 pending)
Increased asks by school foundations(1 response, 1 pending)
Albany School District Special Education Problems(9 responses)
Francophone experience(0 responses)
Francophone charter school advice for 2020-21(1 response)
Homeschooling a 1 and 3 year old during Covid 19(4 responses)
College guidance for 16 year old with ASD(2 responses)
Homeschooling High School Student East Bay(4 responses)
Private school under 10K a year? Homeschool?(7 responses)
College advice for transfer student, Texas and beyond(0 responses)
Montclair Elementary School (0 responses)
Yu Ming Aftercare Program(1 response)
getting off the waitlist for Francophone(5 responses)
OUSD curriculum questions 2nd grade(4 responses)
Recommendation for educational consultant(3 responses)
Accepting an OUSD school you don't want?(6 responses)
Private School Tuition During Covid-19 Closures(14 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

Therapist for anxiety(0 responses)
Searching for life coach / program for teen boy(0 responses)
Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Teen(0 responses)
2-Night Getaway w/ 3 TEENS!(3 responses)
Coach for very depressed young adult daughter(1 response)
Information on Alpine Academy in Utah(2 responses)
Online engaging summer school suggestions for 16yo boy(2 responses)
Therapist for Teen Cutting and Depression(1 response)
College student looking to work for a year (8 responses)