Parent Q&A: Current Questions Open for Responses

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Activities & Events & Places To Go

Mexico Trip: Are Supplements & Chinese Herbs allowed?(1 response, 2 pending)
Party Rentals (Games)?(1 response)
ISO Ski Lease Process and Information(2 responses)
Where to play with marbles mazes?(6 responses)

Childcare & Preschool Advice

Feedback about Guidepost Montessori Emeryville?(0 responses)
Review Needed on Caterpillar Kids(0 responses)
Feedback about Smiles?(0 responses)
Preschools with low child/teacher ratios?(2 responses)
Recent reviews of El Nuevo Mundo Children's Center(0 responses)
Seeking pre-school with big outdoor component(6 responses)
Small Size Big Mind: Is it Play Based?(3 responses)
Bright Future Early Learning Center(2 responses)
Significant Preschool Tuition Increase(2 responses)
Fellow KSS parents - reaction to tuition increase?(3 responses)
KSS changes in tuition?(7 responses)
Cost of home daycare?(9 responses)
Preschools enrolling now for 2023 - 2024?(5 responses)
Care for older kids during labor/delivery of 3rd(1 response)
WFH setup advice in a 1-bedroom w/ nanny(1 response)
Berkeley New School or Aquatic Park School?(5 responses)
Nanny, Daycare, Babysitting costs? (7 responses)

Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors

Lacrosse camps(0 responses)
Spanish-learning game(s) for a 5-y.o.(0 responses, 1 pending)
Tutor for neurodivergent teen(0 responses, 1 pending)
Camp - Memorial Day week?(2 responses)
Volleyball camps for 8th grader?(0 responses)
Gym/Rec Center near Temescal for Grandparents(0 responses, 1 pending)
Science Summer Camps - Galileo vs Legarza(0 responses)
exercise bootcamp over summer break?(2 responses)
Free baby music classes/story time in West Berkeley?(0 responses)
Music class for an infant(6 responses)
Cal Magic Soccer Club for U8 girl?(0 responses)
Parent Child Jujitsu Classes(2 responses)
Studio One Fine Arts Summer Camp(1 response)
How to find a book club?(7 responses)
Seeking sewing/fashion design camps for teen (2 responses)
ISO Writing Tutor for 4th grader(0 responses)
Summer coding camp options(2 responses)
Seeking music teacher for pre-school(3 responses)
Prenatal Pilates(3 responses)
Reading Activities for 4-Year-Old(3 responses)
Weekend activity for an active 3yo(4 responses)
Summer camp options for 4.5 and 10 year old(5 responses)
Math tutor for my son - 2nd grade (zoom is fine)(1 response)

Community & Housing & Work

Sacramento Suburbs for family with high schooler?(1 response)
Resume Support & Job Coach (2 responses)
St Joseph middle school for Jewish/non-Christian family?(0 responses, 1 pending)
Moving family to be close to parent with Alzheimer's?(7 responses)
Summer English program for international kids age 5-9?(0 responses)
Moving back to the Bay Area from NYC: Berkeley or SF?(18 responses)

Family & Relationships

Preparing for twins (0 responses, 5 pending)
Memory Care facilities in the area that take Medicaid(2 responses, 1 pending)
Single Mom Support Group (4 responses, 2 pending)
Looking for a therapist, neurodiversity affirming (2 responses)
Good book on ADD in adults?(2 responses)

Health & Wellness

Kaiser Gyn nonbinary-friendly(0 responses)
Physical Therapist who takes insurance(0 responses, 3 pending)
Rec for pregnancy acupuncture? (0 responses, 16 pending)
Outstanding gastroenterologist?(1 response, 1 pending)
Chiropractor during pregnancy(14 responses)
Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Support(6 responses)
Electrolysis recommendations near Lake Merritt(0 responses)
Tri Valley Plastic Surgery Experiences?(0 responses)
Therapist Recs for 8 year old with Anxiety(0 responses)
Selective Mutism Summer Camps(1 response)
Seeking recommendations for EMDR therapy in Berkeley(1 response, 2 pending)
Pediatric dentist in-network with Aetna(1 response)
equine therapy(3 responses)
Affordable ADHD Testing (11 responses)
therapist with experience w teens/preteens (2e/ADHD)(0 responses)
Doctor for Botox in East Bay(3 responses)
EMDR or hypnotherapy for travel anxiety?(3 responses)
Recs for OB not Sutter Health?(8 responses)
seeking private speech therapist for 4 year old(0 responses)
couples therapist for the conflict-averse(2 responses)
ADHD coach/therapist for adult(2 responses)
Functional Medicine Doctor(4 responses)
High risk OB-GYN (non-kaiser)(8 responses)
Therapist for Inattentive ADHD in girls(1 response)
Coach for help with my social life(4 responses)
Looking for a new GYN(2 responses)
Head tumor(2 responses)
where to buy supplements(4 responses)
Local day spa recommendation for a girls day?(6 responses)
Seeking preschool for autistic son(1 response)
Hernia surgery while kids are little? (3 responses)
Seeking Life Coach Recommendations(2 responses)
Nutritionist for 55+ female athlete(0 responses)
Therapies for high-autism-risk-flagged 12mo old?(6 responses)
Seeking Excellent Endocrinologist(1 response)
Looking for autism spectrum diagnosis(3 responses)
Seeking Primary Care Doctor Taking Medicare(0 responses)

House & Garden

Is there a place get bulk compost (0 responses, 9 pending)
Balcony repair recommendation(0 responses)
Dog-friendly AirBNB about two hours from Berkeley?(0 responses, 8 pending)
Natural playspace (1 response, 2 pending)
seeking house cleaner(0 responses, 9 pending)
New window or skylight costs(0 responses, 1 pending)
Consulting arborist for redwood tree?(0 responses, 2 pending)
ISO: Builder, contractor, etc.(1 response)
Seeking bi-weekly or monthly housecleaning(5 responses)
Artificial Grass Installation(5 responses)
Assembly Builders(0 responses)
Heat pump water heater installation(5 responses)
Disagreement with contractor(2 responses)
Area rugs: where other than Ikea(19 responses, 1 pending)
Outdoor counter build(0 responses)
Contractor for 203K Construction Loan(1 response)
Underground rainwater harvesting system(1 response)
Pigeons(0 responses)
Whole House Remodel recommendations(0 responses)
Housecleaner in Dublin(0 responses)
Payments & Raises for Housecleaner(s)(5 responses)
Irrigation Specialist(1 response)
Solar install on clay tile?(2 responses)
Tree Trimmer(6 responses)
Installation of Laminate wood flooring(2 responses)
cleaning service for major/hazardous mess(2 responses)
Looking for a full time housekeeper/cook combo(0 responses)
Cleaner for leather upholstery?(0 responses)
Concrete removal (0 responses)
Milgard windows(7 responses)
Gardener or Landscaper Recommendation?(1 response)
Architectural renderings to help decide on remodeling?(6 responses)
Housekeeper recommendations(4 responses)
Meal rotation/ recipe ideas share(12 responses)
Venetian Plastering our Fireplace(0 responses)
Landscape designer by the hour?(3 responses)
Where to buy large appliances(10 responses)
Washer/Dryer Repair(10 responses)
Bathroom remodel tips (3 responses)
Solar power installation advice (7 responses)
Bathroom Remodel Recommendations(5 responses)
Recommend gutter repair professional/company(2 responses)
Carpenter + Plumber?(4 responses)

Parenting Topics

to nyc transplants: a similar resource?(0 responses, 3 pending)
Help with Separation Anxiety and Sleep Training(0 responses)
Connecting w/parents of teens/young adults w/high-functioning ASD(6 responses, 1 pending)
11 week old only sleeps when held(54 responses)
Neighbor verbally abusing child(18 responses)
Getting dressed struggles(22 responses)
Bottle Training 4.5 month old(5 responses)
Anyone tried Tiny Tots and/or Redyper / Earth Baby?(23 responses)
Non-chit-chat parent support / therapy group(0 responses)
10-year-old can't fall asleep, has trouble waking(8 responses)
Potty Training 3 & 4(5 responses)
Seeking resources for New Widow and Children(3 responses)

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Recommendations for a Night Nanny in the East Bay?(1 response)
What does Alta Bates provide for post birth? (15 responses)
Postpartum night doula in SSF?(2 responses)
Doula recommendation for Napa?(3 responses)

Products & Services

Education Lawyer to help with negligent high school teacher(0 responses, 4 pending)
Estate Planning Attorney(7 responses)
Password manager advice(6 responses)
Seamstress to replace a zipper(3 responses)
Someone to hire re-dye a felt rug?(0 responses)
ISO: builder for loft bed(1 response)
Eco-friendly tie-dye recommendations for party(5 responses)
Veterinarian that makes house calls?(9 responses)
Financial advisor? (0 responses)
Jewelry repair?(7 responses)
Financial Advisor Recommendations (4 responses)
Financial planner/advisor for large sum of money?(5 responses)
Best mortgage lenders for current environment(4 responses)
Kitchen Designer(4 responses)
Creative Carpool(2 responses)
Fillable pdf creator - any recs?(2 responses)
Financial advisor confusion(4 responses)
Best way to keep phone contact back home from Europe(22 responses)

School Advice

Fusion and Tilden for 6th grader - social success?(0 responses)
2E school for minimally verbal third grader in the bay area(0 responses, 2 pending)
Washington Elementary(0 responses, 1 pending)
Bentley? (0 responses)
BAM vs Malcolm X elementary(0 responses, 1 pending)
How is the TK program at PAES now (2023)?(1 response)
Chabot or MLA for kinder?(2 responses)
Current opinions on Hillcrest Elementary(1 response)
Bayhill vs BHS for autistic + ADHD kid?(4 responses, 1 pending)
Details of TK at Arts Magnet?(1 response)
Aurora vs Park Day these days(8 responses)
Advice on Peralta Elementary from current parents(2 responses)
Berkeley HS, Piedmont HS, Albany HS or Alameda High(7 responses)
Current parents at Fremont basis?(0 responses)
Berkeley High School / Tilden Prep combo?(5 responses)
Possibility to transfer to Michelle Obama (1 response)
Chabot TK(3 responses)
Orinda Elementary School Comparison(0 responses)
Updated OSA Middle School Reviews Pls(1 response)
East Bay Innovation Academy for Learning Differences(0 responses)
Sylvia Mendez/BUSD admission question(3 responses)
Aclc - Alameda(1 response)
Montessori -> TK?(2 responses)
Move across the School Zone Border and Bussing - BUSD(0 responses)
middle school: Julia Morgan, Redwood Day, Head Royce(3 responses)
Spanish Immersion - Benito Juarez Elementary School(1 response)
Berkeley Unified School District Residency Question (10 responses)
Private middle school?(2 responses)
Looking for college consultant(5 responses)
Montera Middle School(1 response)
Advice on TK in the Oakland Hills(2 responses)
Feeder preschools to Head Royce or Bentley School?(3 responses)
Any "walking school bus" or "riding school bus" BUSD?(5 responses)
BUSD forcing child to go to First Grade(20 responses)

Teens & Preteens & Young Adults

Support group for 13 yr old struggling with body image(0 responses)
Connecting with other teens post treatment (0 responses)
Birthday Party Ideas for Teenager(1 response)
Curly hair coach? (3 responses)
Personal trainer for underweight teen(0 responses)
Any relief for intense periods in early adolescence?(5 responses)
Summer Trades camp/classes for 15yr. old(2 responses)
OCD teen(2 responses)
Berkeley Independent Study for 9th grader(0 responses)
Psychiatrist or therapist for young adult drinker(0 responses)
21 year old's friend with benefits ... at my house(6 responses)
Need recommendations for a an ADHD specialist(0 responses)
Seeking Guitar Lessons (0 responses)
Sports for trans masc 9th grader?(6 responses)
Pediatric headache specialist for a Teen(0 responses)
LSAT(0 responses)
Fluency/Stammer Issue with 14 Year-Old Boy(1 response)
Life coach/ career guidance(1 response)