About Community Subscriptions

It is free for parents to subscribe to BPN, but the free parent subscriptions cannot be used to publicize schools, classes, childcare, or other paid services. BPN offers "community subscriptions" to schools, childcare providers, camps, classes, and child-related businesses & organizations that want to publicize their programs on BPN. These fees allow BPN to remain a not-for-profit, advertising-free resource for the entire community, and to continue to offer free subscriptions to parents.  ​View BPN's community subscribers.

• Who can purchase a community subscription? . • How much does it cost?   •  What are the benefits?  •  Is it worth it for me to purchase a subscription?  •  Why does BPN charge a fee to subscribe?  •  How do I purchase a Community Subscription?  •  Paying for your BPN subscription • How to Publicize Your School or Business

Who can purchase a community subscription?

Schools, camps, classes and other child-related businesses and organizations that (1) are local to the SF Bay Area and (2) serve either children or parents specifically, may subscribe to BPN. 

Click one of the links below to view information about that subscription type

How much does it cost?

Subscriptions are for one year.  Public schools, city-operated programs, and some nonprofits are free. Click a category above for details.

  • Businesses: $250
  • Individuals: $35 (tutors, music teachers, babysitters, small daycares)
  • Schools, preschools, large daycares, classes, camps, and other groups: $75 - $250 based on capacity (see this page)
  • Nonprofit organizations that charge a fee but do not operate a school, class, camp, etc:  $50

What are the benefits for Community Subscribers?

For more detailed information, see How to Publicize Your Programs & Services on BPN

  • Businesses, organizations, schools, preschools, daycares, camps, classes:
  1. profile page on the BPN website that you can update, which displays a description of your programs & services, your contact info, a link to your website, your current announcements, and additional information such as your hours and the ages you accept.  BPN parents can post a review directly to your profile page, and new recommendations that appear in Parent Q&A will be linked to your profile page.  

  2. Post announcements and events on the BPN website, such as openings, upcoming classes, admissions events such as tours and open houses, and general announcements about the services you provide to parents, families or kids. Your post will be published on your profile page and on the BPN website for 30 days.  New posts are included in the weekly Announcements email newsletter sent to all BPN subscribers.  You can have up to 3 posts at the same time if they are about different activities.

  3. Appear in listings on the BPN website. Your current posts will included in relevant listings such as "Preschools with Current Openings" or "Open Houses & Tours."  Your school or business will also appear in one or more relevant listings on the BPN website such   Examples: Psychotherapists ... Sleepaway Camps ... Nanny Referral Services ...Tutoring Centers  In all listings, a special 'B' icon will be displayed next to your program's name to show that you are a Community Subscriber. 

  • Individual subscribers ($35/year) such as private tutors and babysitters may post to either the Tutor & Teacher Listing or the Childcare Listing.  Individual subscribers do not have a profile page, nor can they post Announcements & Events.

All community subscribers also have access to the Marketplace listing, where you can view items that BPN subscribers are selling or giving away, post your own items, or request donations for your nonprofit. You can also post job and volunteer opportunities.

Is it worth it for me to purchase a subscription?

BPN is the go-to resource for local parents looking for childcare, schools, classes, summer camps, and other local resources.  As of Fall 2020, BPN has more than 38,000 active subscribers in the SF Bay Area -- 92% are parents, and 8% are community subscribers. New announcements and upcoming events are included in a weekly email newsletter sent to our subscribers. The BPN website averages 250,000 visits per month. See BPN by the Numbers for detailed information about where subscribers live, along with website and newsletter statistics.

When you purchase a BPN subscription, you are not just purchasing advertising, you become a member of the BPN community. Founded in 1993, BPN was one of the first online resources for parents, and has continued its not-for-profit focus on helping local parents support each other.  BPN has become widely known in the community as a beloved, trusted resource, and we have grown by word-of-mouth to tens of thousands of dedicated, actively-participating subscribers.  The message you want to share with parents has a wider, more receptive audience than almost any other local source. Best of all for our community subscribers, BPN's subscription fee is a fraction of what it costs to advertise in other venues!

Why does BPN charge a fee to subscribe?

Community subscriptions are the only revenue BPN has to support our 30,000 parent subscribers, who subscribe to BPN for free.  We do not accept paid advertising or corporate sponsorship. For more than 20 years, BPN was free for everyone including businesses in the community, and was run entirely by parent volunteers.  In order to remain an advertising-free resource for the community that is free for parents, we needed a way to generate revenue, so in 2015 we began charging schools and businesses in the community a fee to publicize their programs.  Here is a letter from BPN's founder Ginger Ogle explaining why these subscriptions are so important to BPN.

How do I purchase a Community Subscription?

  1. If you have never subscribed to BPN, click the 'subscribe' link in the upper right corner of any page on the website or go directly to the Subscribe page. 

  2. If you are already subscribed, as a parent for example:

    • Want to create a new account for your school/business with a different email? (this is recommended): Log out of your parent account first and then click the 'subscribe' link in the upper right corner of any page on the website.
    • Want to add your school/business to your parent account?  Upgrade your subscription. Login to your account and go directly to the Subscribe page. 

We use Paypal to manage community subscriptions. If you don't already have a Paypal account, you will have the opportunity to open a Paypal account when you subscribe, using your credit card, debit card, or a bank account. See the FAQ for Purchasing a Community Subscription for more information.

All subscriptions except nannies renew automatically every year unless you cancel automatic payment on your Paypal account before your renewal date. As long as your subscription is renewing automatically every year, your yearly subscription fee will continue at the same amount, even if BPN raises subscription fees later. However if your subscription expires for any reason, and you decide to subscribe again, you will need to subscribe at current rates. See the FAQ for Purchasing a Community Subscription for more information.