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BPN Community Subscribers are local schools, childcare providers, camps, classes, and child-related businesses & organizations that support BPN by purchasing a yearly subscription in exchange for publicizing their programs on BPN. These fees allow BPN to remain a not-for-profit, advertising-free resource for the entire community, and to continue to offer free subscriptions to parents.  

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Who can subscribe?

BPN accepts subscriptions from schools and businesses in the community that serve parents and children. For more specific information about each category listed below, see Specific Types of Community Subscribers above.

  • Programs that enroll children or parents specifically, such as schools, daycares, camps, classes, teams, choruses, postpartum exercise classes, childbirth prep classes, and similar.

  • Businesses, medical practices & private practices including nanny agencies, child and family therapists, college advisors, and tutoring businesses.

  • Institutions and nonprofit organizations that do NOT enroll children and that serve parents, parents-to-be, families, or children. This includes public libraries, parent clubs, regional parks, churches, nonprofit performing arts centers, researchers at academic institutions.

  • Private individuals who offer one-on-one services to parents or children and are not a business as BPN defines it, including nannies, music teachers, private tutors, and party performers.

How much does it cost?

1. Programs that enroll multiple children and/or parents such as schools, classes, and camps, whether nonprofit or for-profit. The fee is based on your total capacity (see definition below) for all your sites/programs. (There are some exceptions for certain types of nonprofit classes and teams.  See FAQ for Nonprofit Organizations for details.)

  • $35/year for up to 8 participants
  • $75/year for a capacity of 9 - 30 participants
  • $150/year for a capacity of 31 - 60 participants
  • $200/year for a capacity of 61 - 130 participants
  • $250/year for a capacity of 131 or more participants
  • Free for public K-12 schools and city-operated programs

2. Businesses and organizations that offer services to parents or children but that don't enroll multiple participants

  • $250/year for businesses and private practices that serve parents or children, such as therapy practices, tutor businesses, and childcare referral services.
  • $50/year for nonprofit organizations that charge a fee for parents or kids to use their services, but do not enroll children in classes, camps, or schools, such as nonprofit performing arts venues.
  • $35/year for private individuals that are not businesses, that offer one-on-one services to parents and/or children, such as private tutors, nannies, and music teachers.
  • Free for nonprofits that do not enroll multiple participants and don't charge any parents or kids to use any of their services.  Examples: public libraries, regional parks, free childcare referral agencies.

Please contact us if you are unsure which category applies to you.  We usually respond within 24 hours.​  

What are the benefits for Community Subscribers?

  • Businesses, organizations, schools, preschools, daycares, camps, classes:
  1. Post announcements and events to the BPN website, including openings in your program, upcoming classes, camp sessions and workshops,  kid-friendly activities such as performances, informational events such as tours and open houses, parent education events such as lectures, and general announcements about the services you provide, such as therapy or tutoring. Your post will be public on the BPN website for 30 days, after which you can post a new announcement. You can have more than one active post if they are about different programs. All new posts are included in the weekly Announcements newsletter, which is emailed to all subscribers.   (more info about posting announcements)

  2. profile page on the BPN website that you can edit, with a description of your program or services, your contact info, a link to your website, and additional information such as hours and ages.  BPN parents can post new reviews of you directly to your profile page. Reviews of you that appeared in past newsletters are archived to your profile page, and any new recommendations that appear in Parent Q&A are linked to your profile page.  

  3. The name of your school or business and a link to your profile page will appear in the appropriate listings on our website such as "Preschools" or "Tutor Centers"  or "Licensed Therapists."  A special 'B' icon will be displayed next to your program's name to show that you are a BPN Community Subscriber. (more info)

  • Individual subscribers ($35/year) have access to post to either the Tutor & Teacher Listing or the Childcare Listing.  Individual subscribers do not have a profile page, nor can they post Announcements & Events.

All community subscribers also have access to the Marketplace listing, where you can view items that BPN subscribers are selling or giving away, post your own items, or request donations for your nonprofit.

Is it worth it for me to purchase a subscription?

As of May 2017,  BPN has more than 20,000 subscribers -- 90% of them are parents, and the remaining 10% are community subscribers. Most of our subscribers live in the East Bay, because we started on the UC Berkeley campus, but 120 new parents subscribe each week from all over the Bay, and our numbers are growing in San Francisco, Marin, the Peninsula and the South Bay.  Subscribers receive 5 email newsletters each week summarizing new posts, and our weekly Announcements newsletter has twice the "open" rate of similar organizations. In addition, the BPN website is widely used by parents and non-parents alike in the Bay Area and beyond, and our website averages 700,000 page views per month. See BPN by the Numbers for detailed information about where subscribers live, along with website and newsletter statistics.

BPN is the go-to resource for local parents looking for childcare, schools, classes, summer camps, and other local resources. Founded in 1993, BPN was one of the first online resources for parents, and over the years has become widely known in the community as a beloved, trusted resource. BPN's sole mission is helping local parents support each other, not making money,  or promoting businesses or a particular point of view. We've always been run by volunteer parents, and have never accepted advertising or corporate or government sponsorship. We have grown by word of mouth to tens of thousands of dedicated, actively-participating subscribers.  When you purchase a BPN subscription, you become a member of the BPN community. The message you want to share with parents has a wider, more receptive audience than almost any other venue. Best of all for our community subscribers, BPN's subscription fee is a fraction of what it costs to advertise in other venues!

How do you define "Capacity"?

BPN's subscription fees are based on your total capacity, even if you want to publicize only some of your programs. The reason for this is because we try to be fair about setting subscription fees, so that smaller programs pay less than bigger programs. 

How to determine your capacity for the purpose of a BPN subscription fee:

  • Preschools and daycares:  The capacity on your state-issued facility license, even if you enroll fewer children than you are licensed for.

  • Classes, camps, K-12 schools, teams, etc.: The maximum number of participants that can be accommodated at all your facilities at the same time. 

  • Different enrollments on different days:  For preschools and childcare, use the capacity on your site license. For other types of programs, use the maximum number of students that can be accommodated at your facilities at the same time. 

  • More than one site:  If you have more than one site, you must subscribe all your sites at the same time, and your fee is based on your total capacity -- that is, the maximum number of children that can be enrolled, at all sites combined, at any point in time.  BPN does not accept subscriptions for some of your sites but not others.  (Exception: if your program is a franchise or part of a region-wide or nation-wide organization or group, such as the YMCA, you may subscribe only the site that you are interested in publicizing, and your subscription fee is based on the capacity for your site alone.)

  • Schools that operate a preschool:  If you operate a preschool and a school with grades higher than Kindergarten, you must subscribe your school and preschool at same time and pay two fees -- one based on your school's capacity and the other based on the capacity on your preschool's license. View details here.

  • Schools that operate a summer camp or classes:  K-12 schools must purchase separate subscriptions for any programs they operate besides their K-12 school, such as summer programs and after-school classes, if the camp or classes are open to children not enrolled at your school.  View details here.

  • Businesses & organizations that offer classes/camps in addition to some other primary activity:

    • Tutor businesses: If you offer classes or camps as well as one-on-one instruction or advising, see this page for instructions.

    • Nonprofits: If you offer classes or camps in addition to your primary activity (museums, performing arts or similar),  see this page for instructions.

Please contact us if you are not sure what your subscription fee should be. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Can I subscribe to BPN for free?

These subscriptions are free:

  • Parent subscriptions
  • Public and public charter K-12 schools
  • Childcare programs operated by a school district where all staff are schools district employees.
  • City-operated camps, classes, and childcare where all staff are city employees.
  • Nonprofit tax-exempt organizations that are free for all parents and kids to access all programs and services, and that do not operate a school, camp, or classes.
  • Teenagers in middle school or high school offering babysitting or tutoring.

All other community subscribers must pay fees listed above.

Why does BPN charge a fee to subscribe?

Community subscriptions are the only revenue BPN has. For more than 20 years, BPN was free for everyone and was run entirely by parent volunteers. BPN has never accepted paid advertising or corporate sponsorship. In order to remain an advertising-free resource for the community that is free for parents, we need a way to generate revenue.  Here is a letter from BPN's founder Ginger Ogle explaining why Community Subscriptions are so important to BPN.

How do I purchase a Community Subscription?

  1. If you have never subscribed on this website, click the 'subscribe' link in the upper right corner or any page on the website or go directly to the Subscribe page. 

  2. If you have already subscribed on this website, as a parent for example, you will need to upgrade your subscription. Login to your account and go directly to the Subscribe page. 

We use Paypal to manage community subscriptions. If you don't already have a Paypal account, you will be given the opportunity to open a Paypal account when you subscribe on BPN. You can use a credit card, debit card, or a bank account to open a Paypal account. See the FAQ for Purchasing a Community Subscription for more information.

Subscriptions renew automatically every year unless you cancel automatic payment on your Paypal account before your renewal date. As long as your subscription is renewing automatically every year, your yearly subscription fee will continue at the same amount, even if BPN raises subscription fees later. However if your subscription expires for any reason, and you decide to subscribe again, you will need to subscribe at current rates. See the FAQ for Purchasing a Community Subscription for more information.