FAQ for Performers & Artists

Subscribing to BPN as a Performer

What kinds of performers can subscribe to BPN?

Musicians, artists, and others who perform specifically for children and families * can subscribe to BPN and post announcements about their events and programs for one year. 

Examples: children's musicians, children's theater and dance groups, and individual perfomrers such as character actors, storytellers, clowns, magicians, face painters, balloon artists, comedians.

* Other performance groups that want to announce a one-time family-friendly event may purchase a 30 day subscription - see below.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

There are a number of options:

  1. Free performances ($0):  If all of your performances, and all other programs, are free for all parents and children, including any classes or summer camps that you offer for children, you may subscribe as a free nonprofit. This one-year subscription allows you to have a profile page and post about events on BPN. Subscribe here.

  2. One-time performance ($35): Theater, dance and other performance groups that don't normally target families or kids can purchase a 30-day subscription for $35 in order to post about an upcoming family-friendly performance. This subscription does not include a profile page. Subscribe here under "Tutors, Teachers & Performers."

  3. Individual subscription ($35): Individual performers and artists who don't want a permanent profile page on the BPN website may purchase this subscription, which lets you post announcements and events for one year. Subscribe here under "Tutors, Teachers & Performers".

  4. Nonprofit subscription ($50): Performance groups that are 501(c)(3) nonprofits, and do not operate summer camps or classes, may purchase the subscription for nonprofits that charge admission or membership fees. This subscription lets you post announcements and events for one year, and also have a profile page on BPN, which will be included in the relevant listing on BPN.  Subscribe here.

  5. Small business subscription ($75): This subscription lets you post announcements and events for one year, and also have a profile page on BPN, which will be included in the relevant listing on BPN (examples: Story Tellers and Musicians.)  Subscribe here under "Classes, Camps, Schools" for 9-30 children.

  6. Classes and summer camps ($75-$250): If, in addition to performances, you also operate classes or camps for more than 8 children at a time, you must subscribe as a class instead of as a performer, and the fee is based on the maximum capacity for your classes. (Nonprofits with 8 or fewer children on site at a time can subscribe at the nonprofit rate.) See the FAQ for Camps, Classes, Teams & Groups.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

  • Ability to post every 30 days to the Announcements and Events listings on our website for one year. Posts are available to the public, and new posts are included in the weekly Announcements newsletter (as of January 2019 the newsletter's circulation is 19,900 local parents.)

  • (For nonprofits and $75 small business subscribers) A profile page on our website that you can edit, that contains information about your business and a link to your own website.  Parents who subscribe to BPN can post reviews of you directly to your profile page. Your profile page will be included in BPN's listings, in the category for your business's type of activity, such as "Story Tellers." 

For information about BPN's demographics and reach, see "Is it worth it for me to purchase a subscription?"