Research Queries on BPN

Berkeley Parents Network often publishes requests from researchers, authors, entrepreneurs and others who are seeking to interview parents or kids. Many of our parent subscribers are interested in participating in these. If your work is related to children or parenting and has interest for our parent subscribers, you can subscribe to BPN as a Community Subscriber and post an announcement on the BPN website.  Announcements are publicly available on our website for 30 days, and new announcements are sent out in the weekly newsletter mailed to all subscribers. See About Announcements and Events for details.

1. Subscribe to BPN

Some subscriptions are free and some are not, depending on the type of business or organization you represent. BPN is a nonprofit -- paid community subscriptions are our only income, so businesses seeking parents on BPN will need to purchase a subscription. But we do offer free subscriptions to nonprofits such as research universities. (For more information about subscribing, see About BPN Community Subscribers.)

  • Research at a University or Non-Profit Organization: If you are conducting research on behalf of an educational institution, such as a college or university, or other tax-exempt research-based nonprofit, you may subscribe as a "Free Non-profit" on this page.  When you subscribe, please provide the name of your institution and your department, and include a brief description of your project.
  • Industry Research: If you are a business or start-up seeking parents/kids for your research, for focus groups, surveys, or other activities, you may subscribe to BPN as a business ($250 for one year) on this page.
  • Reporter/Author/Filmmaker:  There are two options:  [1] The business or organization you work for can subscribe to BPN as a business ($250) or nonprofit (either $0 or $50).  See About BPN Community Subscribers for fees and details.  [2] You can subscribe as an Individual ($35).  Please indicate on your subscription that you are an author so we can give you access to post announcements. Subscribe here.

2. Post an Announcement

A subscription entitles you to post announcements on our website for one year. Announcements remain published for 30 days, and you may have one published post in a 30-day period.  Post in the category "Researchers & Authors Seeking Parents/Kids."  For details about posting an announcement, see About Announcements and Events.