How to Post a Research Query

Berkeley Parents Network often publishes requests from authors, entrepreneurs, researchers and others who are seeking parents or kids for interviews, surveys, focus groups, and research projects. Many of our parent subscribers are interested in participating in these. As of Summer 2019, BPN has more than 30,000 parent subscribers who live all over the SF Bay Area, so your query will reach a wide audience.

If your work is related to children or parenting and has interest for our parent subscribers, you can subscribe to BPN as a Community Subscriber and post an announcement about your research.  Announcements are publicly available on our website for 30 days, and new announcements are sent out in the weekly Announcements newsletter mailed to all subscribers. See About Announcements and Events for details.  


How to post about your research:

1. Subscribe to BPN

Some subscriptions are free and some are not, depending on the type of business or organization you are affiliated with. BPN is a nonprofit and paid community subscriptions are our only income, so businesses seeking parents on BPN will need to purchase a subscription. But we do offer free subscriptions to nonprofits such as research universities. 

  • Research on behalf of a University or Nonprofit Organization: If you are conducting research on behalf of an educational institution, such as a college or university, or other tax-exempt nonprofit, you may subscribe for free and post your query.  When you subscribe, please provide the name of your institution as well as the name of your department, center, or lab. We will need an email address from your institution, such as "name [at]" so we can confirm you are an affiliate. Please also include a brief description of your project. SUBSCRIBE HERE as a "Free Non-profit"

  • Research for a Business or Start-Up: If you are a business or start-up seeking parents/kids for focus groups, surveys, or other research activities for your child-related or parenting-related product, you may purchase a one-year subscription, which also allows you to post announcements about your services or products.  SUBSCRIBE HERE as a Business ($250 for one year). We also offer a lower cost subscription for one-time posts and for small businesses - please contact us for more information.

  • Reporter for Public Media: If you are seeking to interview parents for an article or segment that will appear in a free, publicly-available medium, such as radio, television, or free-access print media, you may SUBSCRIBE HERE as a "Free Non-profit". Please note: if access to your published work will not be free, i.e., readers must purchase a subscription or pay a fee to access the article, please instead subscribe as an Author/Filmmaker as explained in the next section.

  • Author/Filmmaker/Director: If you are looking for parents to interview for your book, film, TV segment, or article, and access to your published work will not be free, we ask that you purchase a subscription. There are three options: 
    1. Subscribe here as an Individual ($35).
    2. Subscribe here as a business ($250) and we will make you a profile page on our website. Small one-person businesses may be eligible for a reduced fee. Contact us for more information.
    3. Subscribe here as a nonprofit ($50) if you have tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status. We will make you a profile page on our website.

2. Post an Announcement

A subscription entitles you to post announcements on our website for one year. Announcements remain published for 30 days, and are public on our website.  All new announcements (posted during the previous week) are included in the weekly Announcements newsletter we mail to subscribers. You may have one published post in a 30-day period. 

Instructions for posting:

  • Click 'Post a message' on the BPN website
  • Post an Announcement in the category "Researchers & Authors Seeking Parents/Kids."
  • Provide your Profile Page name (contact us if you don't remember it.)