Community Subscribers

Classes, Schools, Daycares, Camps, Teams, and Other Groups

Programs (including non-profits) that enroll kids or parents such as schools, childcare centers, daycares, preschools, classes, camps, sports teams, choruses. More info: Daycares & Preschools ... K-12 Schools ... Classes, Camps, Groups & Teams.  Also: Small one-person businesses (more info).

Small Home Daycares: capacity up to 8 - $35

  • Licensed in-home daycares with a capacity up to 8.

Home Daycares up to 14; Small Schools & Preschools; Small Camps & Classes; Some Small Businesses - $75

  • Licensed in-home daycares with a capacity up to 14
  • Preschools & schools with a capacity of 24 or fewer
  • Classes, camps, & other groups with a capacity of 24 or fewer (but see exceptions below)
  • Some small one-person businesses that are not therapeutic or counseling programs (more info)

Medium-Sized Schools, Camps and Classes - $150

  • Schools & preschools with a capacity of 25 to 80 (except boarding schools)
  • Classes, camps, & other groups with a capacity of 25 to 80 (but see exceptions below)

(special subscription by prior arrangement)


K-12 public schools & city-operated programs - Free

  • Public and public charter K-12 schools
  • Preschools, TK, and childcare programs operated by a school district
  • Classes, camps & other groups operated and staffed by a city, county, school district or the state

Individuals: Nannies, Babysitters, Tutors, Teachers, & Students

Nanny or Sitter

Individuals who offer child care at the home of the child. This one-year subscription lets you post to the Nanny or Sitter Offering Care list, and lets you view posts in Parents Seeking Childcare.  More Info: Subscribing as a Nanny or Babysitter


Tutors & Teachers

Individual tutors & teachers who meet with students one-on-one to teach one or more specific subjects. This one-year subscription lets you appear in the Tutors & Teachers Listing. More info: Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher

Full-Time Student

Full-time students in middle school, high school, or college.  College students: you must subscribe with a school email address. This one-year subscription lets you post to the Nanny or Sitter Offering Care list and the Tutor and Teacher Listing. More Info: Subscribing as a Full-Time Student


Nonprofit Organizations (except schools, classes, camps)


Non-profit organizations and institutions that target parents, families, and children may subscribe for free *, including:
  • Public libraries
  • Religious congregations (Exception*: subscribe here if posting about a school or preschool)
  • Regional parks
  • Nonprofit museums, orchestras, and other cultural and civic groups (Exception*: subscribe here if posting about classes or camps
  • Tax-exempt nonprofit & charitable organizations that offer free services
  • Groups for parents or kids that are run by volunteers, and are free or have very low fees, such as scouting and parent meet-ups
  • Universities, nonprofits or public media looking to post a research query on BPN (more info)

* Exception: If you operate a K-12 school, preschool, classes, or summer camp please instead subscribe above in the category for this.  Contact us or see FAQ for Nonprofit Organizations for more information.


    (special subscription by prior arrangement)


    Businesses, Medical & Therapy Practices, Advisors & Consultants

    Local Businesses and Professional Practices

    Who: Local businesses, medical & therapy practices, college advisors, and other counseling, coaching or therapeutic services for parents, parents-to-be, families, or children, including nonprofits that charge fees.
    What: Annual subscription gives you access to your profile page on our site, which you can update as often as needed. You can post Events and Announcements. Tutor and Teacher businesses can also post to the Tutor & Teacher Listing.

    More Info: See FAQ for Businesses