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Subscribing to BPN as a Business

Business Subscriptions

Information for Specific Types of Businesses


What kinds businesses can subscribe to BPN?

Businesses that meet both of these conditions are eligible to subscribe to BPN as a Community Subscriber

  1. You must be based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. You must be offering services that are specifically for parents, parents-to-be, families, or children up to age 18.  
  • Online Services: BPN does not accept posts about online tutoring, coaching or advising. If you offer this, you will only be able to post about the in-person services you offer. However, we do accept posts about parenting-related online referral services such as summer camp databases and childcare referral services.
  • Classes & Camps: If your services are for multiple children/parents at a time, such in a classroom setting, you should instead subscribe as a school/class/camp.

Examples of businesses that subscribe to BPN:

therapists, tutoring centers, college advisors, midwife and doula practices, pediatric medical and dental practices, nanny agencies, performance venues, prenatal and postnatal exercise classes

How do I subscribe?

Click 'subscribe' in the upper right corner, or if you are already a BPN subscriber, go directly to the Subscribe page.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

The Business subscription is $250 per year.  BPN is a nonprofit and these subscriptions keep BPN online as a resource for the entire community.

BPN offers reduced fees for some types of very small one-person businesses such as doulas, artists and musicians. Contact us for more information.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

  • Ability to post regularly to the Announcements and Events listings on our website for one year. They are available to the public. Current posts are also mailed to subscribers in a weekly Announcements newsletter.
  • A profile page on our website that you can edit, that contains information about your business and a link to your own website.  Parents who subscribe to BPN can post reviews of you directly to your profile page. Your profile page will be included in BPN's listings, in the category for your business's type of activity, such as "Pediatric Dentists." 

For information about BPN's demographics and reach, see "Is it worth it for me to purchase a subscription?"

Businesses that rent space to or from other groups

Individuals and groups that use classroom or performance space belonging to another non-profit or business or must subscribe separately as their own business, non-profit, or individual in order to publicize their events and services.


1. A college advisor who reserves a meeting room at a public library to give a free lecture must subscribe as a business in order to post an announcement about this event.

2. A piano teacher who rents studio space for one-on-one lessons from a music business should subscribe as a tutor/teacher.  The music business can subscribe separately as a business.

3. A performer who rents a non-profit concert hall can subscribe separately to post an announcement about the event, or the concert hall can itself subscribe and post about all events at its venue.

I am both a parent and a business owner

You may subscribe as a parent for free, and you will have access to the parent sections of the BPN website, including Parent Q&A (but you must post as a parent, not as a business, per BPN policy.)  However, if you would like to publicize your business, you will need to purchase a business subscription so you can post announcements and events -- parent subscribers don't have access to post these.

How to subscribe as both a business and a parent:

  1. Are you already subscribed as a parent? If you want to combine your business and parent subscriptions under one account using the same email address, go to the Subscribe Page when you are logged in to your parent account, and choose the business account. If you'd prefer to create a separate business account under a different email address, log out of the BPN website first, and then go to the Subscribe Page and subscribe as a business.

  2. Are you already subscribed as a business? Please contact us and tell us the ages of your children and we'll add parent access to your account. Or, if you'd prefer to have a separate parent account under a different email address, log out of the BPN website and then go to the Subscribe Page and subscribe as a parent.

  3. If you've never subscribed to BPN, create your parent account first on the Subscribe Page. Then follow the instructions in #1 above to create your business account.

Businesses that also operate camps, classes, or groups

If your business or private practice operates camps, classes, or groups in addition to your parenting-related or child-related business activities, you must purchase a business subscription, not a camp/class subscription based on your capacity, even if you want to post only about your camps or classes. Our subscription fees for classes and camps are scaled according to the size of the program, so that bigger programs pay more than smaller ones.  Your programs are benefitting from publicity and name recognition on BPN via your posts and profile page, even those programs that you aren't posting about specifically.  Therefore all of your activities need to be included in the fee calculation, in fairness to other BPN community subscribers.

Examples that should subscribe as a business, not as a class/camp:
  • A tutoring business that also offers classes for multiple students
  • A therapy practice that also operates a summer camp
  • A performance center that offers classes in addition to performances