Managing a Nonprofit or Business Account

Questions about Posting on BPN FAQs

How do I post?

Once your subscription is approved, you will be able to login to the BPN website and go to your account page.  There, you will see a link to edit your profile page, as well as a 'Post a Message' button that allows you to post an event or announcement.  All postings are reviewed by a moderator before they become public on the website.  You can unpublish your post at any time, and then post a new one.

  • Announcements remain on the BPN website for 30 days. New announcements posted during the past week are included by title in the weekly Announcements newsletter, with a link to the full posting. You can post multiple announcements as long as each one is about a different topic.
  • Events remain on the BPN website until the event date has passed. The weekly Announcements newsletter contains the titles of all events for the upcoming week, with links to the full postings. Up to 3 dates can be included on a single event posting, and multiple events can be posted as long as they are different.
  • Tutor & Teacher Listing (for tutor businesses and academic counseling practices) is a listing of local tutors and teachers who subscribe to BPN, categorized by subject matter and region. Posts remain on the website for the duration of your subscription (one year.) Only one active post is accepted in the listing for each tutor/teacher. However, you can indicate multiple subjects that you tutor.  The weekly Announcements newsletter contains a link to the Tutor/Teacher listing, and parents can search the listing on the website.

For more information about posting to these listings, see About Announcements & Events and About Tutor Postings.

How is my post signed? 

All posts from businesses and organizations include your username and a link to your profile page.  BPN subscribers can click on your username to send you a message. You will also be able to include a Contact name and email/phone on all events and announcements. We recommend that you use your business name as your username, since all posts include your username. See How to Change Your Password, Username or Email if you'd like to change your username.

How do I update my profile page?

When you are logged in, go to your profile page and click the Edit tab.  Or, go to your account page, find the "My Profile Page" section,  and click 'edit' next to the profile page you want to edit.  Note that some fields such as the name of your business can only be edited by BPN administrator. Please contact us if you need to change the name of your business.

  • About Your Business or Organization: Type in a short description of your school, which will appear in a shaded box at the top of your profile page.
  • Phone:  This field accepts any format for phone numbers. You can enter more than one phone number, or add text such as "email preferred" or "leave a message."
  • Email: Enter a full, valid email address. Parents will be able to click on this to send you an email.
  • Website:  Enter your website and it will be clickable.