Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher

Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher Posting & Reviews on BPN

Subscription fees & benefits

Tutors and teachers have these subscription options:

  1. Full-Time Students.  If you are in school full time at a high school, middle school, or college, you can subscribe for no cost and post on BPN as an individual tutor. See Subscribing as a Full-Time Student for more information.

  2. Individual Tutor ($35/year) This low-cost subscription is intended for individuals who teach or tutor specific subjects one-on-one. It allows you to be included in the Tutors & Teachers listing for the duration of your subscription. Note! The individual tutor subscription cannot be used by tutor businesses with multiple tutors, or to offer classes, workshops, advising, or counseling.  Please instead see the business subscriptions below.

  3. Small Business ($75/year) This subscription is for solo tutors & teachers who would like more visibility on BPN than what the individual tutor subscription offers. It has the same benefits as the Tutor Business described below. To be eligible, you must be an individual who tutors or teaches a specific subject(s) either one-on-one or in small groups with fewer than 20 kids.  Note: if you offer college advising, counseling, or any type of therapeutic services, you must subscribe as a regular business, not a small business.  See the next section.

  4. Tutor Business ($250/year)  This subscription is for: 1) Tutor businesses with more than one tutor/teacher on staff, and 2) Tutors who offer counseling or advising, such as college admissions advising and educational therapy. The tutor business subscription lets you be included in the Tutors & Teachers listing, and also gives you access to post monthly announcements about one-on-one tutoring, classes or workshops you offer, and job openings at your business. Announcements are published on the BPN website in the appropriate listing such as "Kids' Classes, Groups, Teams & Tutors".  New announcements are also included in a weekly newsletter mailed to BPN subscribers.  You'll have a profile page for your business on BPN's website (view example) which displays your current announcements.  Parents can post reviews of your business to your profile page. Your profile will be included in relevant listings such as "Piano Lessons" or "Test Prep Tutors".  To subscribe, purchase a business subscription. 

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How do I subscribe?

We use Paypal for all BPN subscriptions. If you don't already have a Paypal account you'll have the opportunity to create an account with your credit or debit card or your bank account. Your subscription will automatically renew at the same time every year, but you can cancel auto-renewal if you wish. For more info see Paying for a BPN Subscription.

How do I upgrade my individual subscription to a tutor business?

If you are already subscribed as an individual tutor, login to your account on BPN and purchase a business subscription as described above. When we receive your new subscription, we'll make you a profile page and send you instructions. If you have more than 6 months remaining on your existing subscription, we'll refund the balance to your Paypal account.  Contact us if you have questions.

About the Tutors & Teachers Listing

The Tutor & Teacher Listing lets parents browse tutors and teachers by the subject they tutor, age of student, or Bay Area region. When you post to the listing, you will be able to indicate all of the subjects that you tutor, the age groups you tutor, and the areas that you can travel to. Your post will remain published in the listing for the duration of your subscription.  The listing is available to the general public on the BPN website.

Individual posts on a page such as "Chemistry Tutors" are displayed in random order. Each new view of the page reshuffles the order of the posts on the page, so that every post has the chance to appear closer to the top of the list.  All posts are displayed on a single page so they can all be viewed without needing to click through several pages of posts.

You can remove your post from the listing at any time by going to your account page (click "my account" at the top of any page) . Click your post to change the Status to "Unpublished."   If you need to edit or update your post, unpublish it first, and then submit a new post. Only one post can be submitted per tutor.

How do I post?

Once you have subscribed, login to your account and click Post a Message in the top menu.  Click the button for "Tutors & Teachers" to post to the Tutor Listing.  If you have subscribed as a tutoring business, you can also post an "Announcement" or an "Event."  

How long will my post stay active?

  • Tutor & Teacher Listing (both individuals and businesses): Your tutor post will remain on the BPN website as long as your subscription is current.  You can unpublish your post at any time if you do not have current openings, or if you want to revise your original post.  BPN doesn't accept more than one active post per tutor.

  • Announcements (businesses only):  Post an announcement under "Kids' Classes, Groups, Teams & Tutors." Your post remains active on the BPN website for 30 days unless you unpublish it sooner. Recent posts (received during the past week) are included in the weekly newsletter that is mailed to all subscribers.

  • Events (businesses only): Post an event such as an open house or a kid-friendly outing. Your post remains active on the BPN website until the event date has passed. Upcoming events are included in the weekly newsletter that is mailed to all subscribers.

See "Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher" for details about individual vs. business subscriptions.

How often can I post?

  • Tutor & Teacher Listing (both individuals and businesses):  You can have one active post in the Tutor & Teacher Listing, and it remains on the website as long as you are subscribed. You can remove your post at any time by unpublishing it on your account page. If you want to revise your post, unpublish it first and then post a new one.

  • Announcements & Events (businesses only): You can post every 30 days.  For details, see About Announcements & Events.

See "Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher" for details about individual vs. business subscriptions.

How can I edit or update my post in the Listing?

First unpublish your old post, and then post a new one. See How to Edit or Unpublish a Post.

Posts are displayed in random order. Each new view (reload) of a page such as "Chemistry Tutors"  reshuffles the order of the posts on the page, so that, over time, every tutor gets a chance to appear at the top of the page.   

Will my post be included in the newsletter?

  • Tutor & Teacher Listing (both individuals and businesses):  Tutor posts are not included in a newsletter, but there is a link to the Tutor & Teacher listing in the weekly Announcements newsletter as well as the weekly Parents of Teens. 

  • Announcements & Events (businesses only): The weekly Announcements newsletter includes recent announcements (received during the past week), as well as events for the upcoming week.

See "Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher" for details about individual vs. business subscriptions.

How can parents recommend me?

BPN subscribers can post reviews of tutors in two ways (see How to Post a Review of Your Child's Tutor for information for parents):

  1. When another parent asks for tutor recommendations in Parent Q&A, parents can respond with a review.  These reviews will then be publicly available on a relevant page such as "Math Tutors."

  2. If a tutor has a profile page, parents can post reviews directly to the tutor's profile page.  Here is an example:

In order to have a profile page, you must be subscribed as a business, not as an individual.  See "Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher" for details about individual vs. business subscriptions.

A caution about posting to the BPN website

Please keep in mind that when your announcement goes on to our website, it will be available to anyone on the Internet, including scam artists who might contact you. Please read about the Tutor Scam before posting a tutor announcement to the BPN website.