2024 Subscription Fees for Community Subscribers

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

BPN will increase fees in 2024 for community subscribers who wish to publicize their programs on BPN. Parent subscriptions will continue to be free. New community subscribers will pay the rates below beginning in 2024. Existing subscribers will continue to pay the same rates they have been paying as long as their subscription automatically renews each year. Once their subscription ends, they must subscribe again at the higher rate.

  • FREE: public schools, city-run programs, full-time students, nonprofit venues, community service organizations
  • $40 nannies, tutors, household helpers, small home-based daycares
  • $80 large home-based daycares 
  • $100 small schools, preschools, camps, classes, and other groups with a capacity of 1-24; some small one-person businesses (*see exceptions).
  • $200 medium-sized programs with a capacity of 25-80 and businesses with up to 3 employees (*see exceptions).
  • $300 large programs with a capacity of 81 or more; businesses with more than 3 employees, private professional practices (see definition) including therapists, parenting coaches, college advisors.
  • $50 post a one-time event

* Exceptions:  The following types of programs and businesses must subscribe at the large rate regardless of capacity: private professional practices, college advisors, out-of-area or residency programs, online programs that do not have a published maximum.


BPN has not raised subscription prices since 2015. Since then, the total number of subscribers has increased more than 30% to nearly 50,000. Most of these are parents who subscribe for free. In 2015, we had fewer than 200 paying subscribers. Today we have 2,400 community subscribers, including several hundred subscribers who do not pay to subscribe (nonprofits, public schools, and students).

This growth has meant that we have needed to hire additional staff over the last 8 years to manage subscriptions. In addition, our operating costs have increased steadily over the past 8 years: we pay more now for website hosting, email services, and software development and support. To continue to offer free subscriptions to parents and others, we need to raise fees for our community subscribers.