Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher

Subscription fees & benefits

Tutors and teachers have two subscription options:

  1. Individual tutors and teachers ($35/year) may submit one post to the Tutor & Teacher Listing where it will remain published on the BPN website as long as your subscription is current.  

  2. Tutor businesses ($250/year) have additional benefits:

See "Individual vs. Business Subscriptions for Tutors & Teachers" for pros and cons of these two subscription types.

Who can subscribe as a Tutor/Teacher?

Individuals in the community who teach or advise children one-on-one and in-person may subscribe as a tutor/teacher, including:
  • Academic subjects such as math, sciences, reading, writing, coding
  • Foreign languages
  • Academic advising and test prep
  • Art and music
  • Sports 

Requirements for subscribing as a tutor/teacher:

  • You must teach in person. BPN does not accept posts about online tutoring using Skype, webinars, email, phone, etcNOTE (March 2020): During the coronavirus outbreak BPN is accepting posts about online services !!
  • You must be located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • You must primarily target children 5-18, not adults.

How do I subscribe?

Click 'subscribe' in the upper right corner of our website, and choose either the Business or the Individual subscription.  This will take you to a page where you can pay with Paypal. If you don't already have a Paypal account you'll have the opportunity to open one with a credit card or bank account.

Note: if you are already logged in as a parent or other type of subscription, you won't see the subscribe link. In that case, go directly to the subscribe page.

 Private Tutoring/Teaching vs. Teaching Classes

  • The "Tutor/Teacher" subscription is intended for individuals who offer one-on-one instruction and guidance, usually at the student's home or a public spot such as a library or cafe. This subscription lets you submit a post to the Tutor/Teacher listing, where your post will remain for the duration of your subscription. It's $35 for one year.

  • The "Classes" subscription is for people who operate classes at a physical site for multiple kids at once. With a "Classes" subscription you can submit an announcement every 30 days in the section "Kids' Classes" which remains published for 30 days.  The fee for this subscription is scaled according to your capacity. For example, it is $35 for up to 8 students at once.  See FAQ for Classes & Camps for more information.


Private Tutors/Teachers who also operate a camp or class

If you provide one-on-one instruction and you also operate a camp or classes for multiple students, we recommend that you subscribe as a tutor business, so your can publicize both activities on BPN and parents can post reviews about both. However, if your classes are very small (never more than 8 students at a time) and your tutoring is not a full-blown business, you also have the option to subscribe classes and tutoring separately, which is usually cheaper. Here are the two options:

  1. Purchase a business subscription to promote both private teaching and group classes. You'll have a profile page on BPN's website, and have the ability to post announcements and events about both your tutoring and your camp/classes, and accept reviews about both activities from parents. For more information see Businesses that also operate camps or classes.

  2. Purchase two separate subscriptions: one for your tutor/teacher service ($35), and one for your camp or class (the fee is $35-250 depending on your maximum enrollment - see Subscription Fees.)  Note the tutor/teacher subscription does not include a profile page and cannot be used to post announcements. Therefore, if you do purchase a separate subscription for your classes/camps, you will be able to post announcements only about your camp/class, and your profile page will be for your classes/camps only, not for your tutoring. See FAQ for Classes & Camps for more information.

Tutoring vs. Tutor Business

You should subscribe as a business rather than as a tutor if any of these applies:

  • You have an office or storefront where instruction takes place
  • You have a business name or a website
  • There is more than one tutor/teacher at the business
  • You offer other services besides one-on-one tutoring, such as classes or summer camps

The business subscription is more expensive than the tutor subscription but it has more benefits. In addition to having a post in the Tutor listing you will also have a profile page for your business on the BPN website that parents can post reviews to, and you can post events and new announcements about your services every 30 days.  For more information see Individual vs. Business Subscriptions for Tutor and Teachers.