Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher

Subscription fees & benefits

Tutors and teachers have two subscription options:

  1. Individual tutor subscription ($35/year) is intended for private individuals who teach or tutor one-on-one in the student's home. This inexpensive subscription allows you to submit a general post about your offerings to BPN's Tutors & Teachers listing, where it will remain for one year. Your post will appear in the listing under your own name, rather than under a business name. This subscription does not include a profile page on BPN's website, so you will not be included in any of BPN's listings other than the Tutor/Teacher listing. To subscribe as an individual tutor, click here.

  2. Tutor business subscription ($75 or $250/year) is intended for tutors and teachers who have a business name or website, or have an office, or who offer services such as classes and workshops in addition to one-on-one tutoring. The $75 business subscription is for individuals who teach or tutor one or more specific subjects. The $250 subscription is for businesses that provide advising and consulting, such as college admissions advisors and educational therapists, and for larger tutor businesses with more than one tutor/teacher on staff.
The business subscription allows you to:
  • Post to the Tutor & Teacher Listing 
  • Post Announcements & Events as often as every 30 days. More than one post at a time can be submitted if they're about different activities.
  • Appear in the weekly Announcements newsletter emailed to BPN subscribers. 
  • Post about all services you offer including workshops, classes, camps, and online sessions.
  • Have a profile page on BPN with information about your business (view example). Your profile page displays your current announcements, and parents can post reviews of your business to your profile page.
  • Be included in relevant listings on the BPN website such as "Math Tutors" or "Test Prep Tutors" or "Summer Camps Now Enrolling

To subscribe: Large tutor business ($250), Small tutor business ($75)

Who can subscribe as a Tutor/Teacher?

Individuals and businesses in the community that teach or advise children one-on-one and in-person may subscribe as a tutor/teacher, including:
  • Academic subjects such as math, sciences, reading, writing, coding
  • Foreign languages
  • Academic advising and test prep
  • Art and music
  • Sports 

Requirements for subscribing as a tutor/teacher:

  • You must teach in person. BPN does not accept posts about online tutoring using Skype, webinars, email, phone, etcNOTE (March 2020): During the coronavirus outbreak BPN is accepting posts from local tutors about online services.
  • You must be located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • You must primarily target children 5-18, not adults.

How do I subscribe?

Click 'subscribe' in the upper right corner of our website, and choose either the Business or the Individual subscription.  This will take you to a page where you can pay with Paypal. If you don't already have a Paypal account you'll have the opportunity to open one with a credit card or bank account.

Note: if you are already subscribed and logged in, you won't see the subscribe link. In that case,