Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher

Subscription fees & benefits

Tutors and teachers have these subscription options:

  1. Individual Tutor ($35/year) This low-cost subscription is intended for individuals who teach or tutor specific subjects one-on-one. (Note if you offer classes, workshops, advising, or counseling, please instead see Tutor Business below.)  The Individual Tutor subscription allows you to submit a post about your offerings to BPN's Tutors & Teachers listing, where it will remain for the duration of your subscription. 

  2. Small Tutor Business ($75/year) This subscription is for solo tutors & teachers who would like more visibility on BPN. It has the same benefits as the Tutor Business described below. To be eligible, you must tutor or teach specific subjects one-on-one.  Note: if you offer advising, counseling, or any type of therapeutic services you must subscribe as a regular busimness, not a small business.  See Tutor Business in the next section.

  3. Tutor Business ($250/year)  This subscription is for: 1) tutor businesses with more than one tutor/teacher on staff, 2) tutors who offer classes, camps, or workshops in addition to one-on-one tutor services, and 3) tutors who offer counseling or advising, such as college admissions advising and educational therapy. The tutor business subscription lets you be included in the Tutors & Teachers listing, and also gives you access to post monthly announcements about one-on-one tutoring, classes or workshops you offer, and job openings at your business. Announcements are published on the BPN website in the appropriate listing such as "Kids' Classes, Groups, Teams & Tutors".  New announcements are also included in a weekly newsletter mailed to BPN subscribers.  You'll have a profile page for your business on BPN's website (view example) which displays your current announcements.  Parents can post reviews of your business to your profile page. Your profile will be included in relevant listings such as "Piano Lessons" or "Test Prep Tutors".  To subscribe, purchase a business subscription. 

  4. Full-Time Students.  If you are in school full time at a high school, middle school, or college, you can subscribe for no cost and post on BPN as an individual tutor. See Subscribing as a Full-Time Student for more information.

Who can subscribe as a Tutor/Teacher?

Individuals and businesses that teach a specific subject, often in the student's home, including math, sciences, humanities, reading, writing, coding, foreign languages, arts, music, sports coaching, homework coaching. test preparation, and study skills. You must target students age 5-18 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

See these other types of subscriptions:

How do I subscribe?

We use Paypal for all BPN subscriptions. If you don't already have a Paypal account you'll have the opportunity to create an account with your credit or debit card or your bank account. Your subscription will automatically renew at the same time every year, but you can cancel auto-renewal if you wish. For more info see Paying for a BPN Subscription.

How do I upgrade my individual subscription to a tutor business?

If you are already subscribed as an individual tutor, login to your account on BPN and purchase a business subscription as described above. When we receive your new subscription, we'll make you a profile page and send you instructions. If you have more than 6 months remaining on your existing subscription, we'll refund the balance to your Paypal account.  Contact us if you have questions.