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Serving the BPN community since 2012.  Parents are happy to find me and describe me as an enthusiastic, patient, warm, and thorough teacher.  I have three decades' experience in education, both in the classroom and counseling office.    In addition to math subject matter, I teach students how to think about thinking, problem-solving, study habits, and managing anxiety. We set goals and I seek ongoing student feedback. I am scheduling summer 2021 math reviews. Please contact me about your special needs by phone or email.   I will be in touch with you within 24 hours

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Updated: May 2021.

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Math was agonizing for my 7th grade daughter but since she started working with Tralee the pain and anxiety is gone. She simplifies and demystifies math concepts in a way that dissolves fear and instills confidence. My child's beaming face after doing well on a once-dreaded math test is the greatest testimonial of all. I can't recommend Tralee highly enough.

I would like to recommend Tralee Johnson as a math tutor for elementary, middle or high school kids. Her background as a licensed therapist and school counselor is evident along with her comfort with the subject and skill as a teacher. She not only teaches math, she also builds confidence.

I highly recommend Tralee Johnson for math tutoring. My daughter has been working with her for about two years now. Originally, we came to Tralee for test preparation on the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam), as we were applying to private middle schools for my daughter. However, she worked such magic and had an instant connection with my daughter that we decided to continue on with her. As of now, my daughter sees her once a week for review, deeper explanations, clarification and quiz/test prep for sixth grade math.Tralee has such a calm, warm and patient demeanor while simultaneously approaching each math problem with such enthusiasm. She has most definitely given my daughter's confidence in math a huge boost. Another thing she has a real knack for is working with pre-teen/teen resistance and/or gripping. I've heard it first hand from my daughter during their sessions and somehow she's able to work her magic and get my daughter to keep moving forward and stay on task. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found such a dedicated and talented math tutor. Her contact information is and her phone # (415) 508-MATH.


We've been seeing Tralee Johnson all summer & plan to continue into the fall. She is terrific! Really taking the anxiety out of math for our nearly 12yo and keeping skills sharp.  We're also in the hills.  For now in the summer we've been going to her in Emeryville.  But come fall she'll come to us.  She's fine with it as long as you pay travel time. 

traleej [at]

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2015

I would like to recommend Tralee Johnson for math tutoring: (415) 508 MATH, traleej [at], One special, hard-to-find quality that defines Tralee's teaching is the ability to recognize and work with a student's particular learning style. This has produced many positive outcomes for my child, with much less frustration during the process. Tralee is experienced in math subject matter, teaching strategies, and knows how to customize an approach for each individual student. Anon

Oct 2014

RE: Math tutor for 9th grader

I strongly recommend Tralee Johnson as a math tutor. My son was enrolled in Algebra 2 last year in an East Bay private school and was not getting the type of instruction he needed. I found Tralee on BPN and took him to see her late in the school year. She provided him with the instruction he needed and made him energized and excited about math again. Rather than procrastinate about his math homework, it became the first thing he did. His test scores drastically improved and he scored an ''A'' on his final. When school started this year, my son asked if he could continue meeting with Tralee to get help as needed and begin preparation for college placement tests. I am so glad we found Tralee she is awesome. My son loves math and he looks forward to every session with Tralee. Tralee can be reached at (415)508-MATH or on her website Karrie S.

June 2014

I recommend Tralee Johnson as a tutor. My child was doing poorly in Algebra and we desperately needed to find someone to help. I found Tralee from previous BPN reviews and arranged for her to tutor my son. He went from having a D in class to an A. If you need a tutor, give her a try! Mary

Sept 2013

I highly recommend Tralee Johnson for all math tutoring! Tralee tutored our 12 year old girl moving from an arts based elementary to a public Middle school in Berkeley. Our daughter is very quick learner in math and able to work above grade level but had never taken a test as her elementary school did not use testing. We contacted Tralee to help prepare our daughter to take a math placement test given at the end of 6th grade for students interested in placing out of pre-algebra for 7th grade and right into Algebra. In sessions with Tralee she used sample STAR questions available on CA Dept of Ed website for 7th grade math competency (brilliant!). She gave my daughter much needed practice for problems she was shaky in. More importantly, Tralee also taught her new concepts that she had not been exposed to in an efficient way that was easy to remember at test time! She greatly increased my daughter's test taking confidence and her skill level in a short time. I especially appreciated her skills as a former teacher when it came to my daughter learning new math concepts! Math Whiz Mom

Aug 2013

I would strongly like to recommend Tralee Johnson as a math tutor. My seventh-grader worked consistently with Tralee since the mid-sixth grade and earned an A, even though in prior years she professed to absolutely hating math and not getting it. Tralee is gentle and patient in her approach and seems to make the material accessible, if not fun . . . I often hear them laughing during the tutoring sessions. We will definitely plan on continuing with Tralee in the eighth grade. Contact info: 415 508-MATH.