Math tutor for 15-year-old shy girl

We are seeking a friendly, competent math tutor for our math-fearful daughter, who is smart in all other subjects. We live in the Berkeley Hills and someone who would come to the home is ideal. Otherwise willing to take her to anywhere in Berkeley or Albany. A female tutor would be preferable because she is shy, but open to any gender.

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We've been seeing Tralee Johnson all summer & plan to continue into the fall. She is terrific! Really taking the anxiety out of math for our nearly 12yo and keeping skills sharp.  We're also in the hills.  For now in the summer we've been going to her in Emeryville.  But come fall she'll come to us.  She's fine with it as long as you pay travel time. 

traleej [at]

My 22 yr old sweet, soft spoken daughter has extensive tutoring experience throughout Berkeley High and then through four years of college at Washington University in St Louis. Got 800 score on SATs. She doesn't drive - we live 1 1/2 blocks north Solano on Peralta.  She is doing intership in research three days a week at children's hospital but has lots of free time. Please let me know if you're interested in interviewing her. 

cheers  Jan

Katherine Monahan has 15 years' experience as a math tutor, along with an easygoing manner, a sense of humor, and the ability to relate well to teens, especially introverted ones. She tutored my daughter off and on throughout all four years of high school in math and science, and definitely helped boost her skills, confidence, and GPA. Katherine is also my sister -- full disclosure -- but I'm recommending her based on how well she worked with my daughter. You can reach her at speakeasy4me [at]