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  • I'm in a PhD program and my statistics course is killing me. The book, Khan Adademy, and YouTube are just not cutting it for me.  I need a tutor who understands statistics, has familiarity with SPSS software (this is a MUST), and can sit with me for about an hour each week to go through my homework and the questions I have.  I can pay $50/hour and can meet anywhere within 10 miles of Berkeley. I have a very flexible work schedule so almost any day could work. Homework is due on Tuesdays! :)


    I don't have a tutor recommendation but I did read you needed help with SPSS software. While I was doing my masters I similarly had a tough time with stats - I feel your pain. I found this website that gives step by step instruction on how to use SPSS software (also very affordable rates for students). It was such a godsend! Most of the stats tests I needed were covered in their tutorials however some of the more complicated stats I needed they did not cover (I had to use R and begged my stats prof to help me with that). Not sure if this will be helpful to you but I thought I'd send suggest it as I was in a similar spot as you. 

    Good luck!!!


    Im psychologist with a little extra time on my hands. I’d be happy to help. But you may be entitled to tutoring from your program. When I was at CSPP I saw a stats tutor an hour a week. It’s also totally normal to struggle w stats  .


  • We are looking for a Math 1 tutor for my daughter, who is 14,  a freshman at BHS, and is dyslexic (with a 504).  She has long struggled with math,  but has done quite well with one-on-one tutoring support in the past. She's very friendly and easy to work with.  Due to the fact that both parents work, we are looking for someone in the afternoons located  in the Berkeley and surrounding area - preferably bus or bike-able from Berkeley High.  Tutoring via Skype could also be an option.  

    I can recommend Oliver Miller. He was amazing for my son with learning differences when he was at BHS (he just graduated). Oliver has years of experience tutoring BHS students with several of the teachers in the math department. He is also a strong advocate for students with learning differences. His phone is 510-452-7729 and email is pinderbush [at]

    Classroom Matters on Sacramento/Dwight! We have used them this year and I've been extremely happy with the service. My child also has a 504 but for a whole host of reasons is not interested in receiving help. They are great at engaging, matching kid/tutor, seeing the person they're tutoring, and they are very thorough. Highly recommend.

    Hi there.

    My son worked with Max Friedman for two years in highschool; he was a godsend.  Leo enjoyed the sessions as Max made the concepts accessible.  I highly recommend him.  Find him at:

    Dana Tillson

  • Math Help for 7th Grader

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    Hi - We're just realizing (albeit late) that our 7th grader is falling behind in math and we'd like to strengthen his foundations before he goes to HS in a year and a half. He has a week math foundation, but for the most can study for a particular "unit" test at school and do okay. He said he often doesn't see what strategies to employ to solve a problem, so he does really poorly on tests that are not based on a particular math topic. Do you have a recommendation for a private math tutor or do you work with a tutoring center (with recommendations for a particular tutor) that you think has been effective for your child? Thanks!

    RE: Math Help for 7th Grader ()

    We have used Bay Area Tutoring Center on Rose Street in Berkeley across from CVS. They have excellent tutors! Email is the best way to contact them. Google and contact via website. Good luck and it’s never too late! 

    RE: Math Help for 7th Grader ()

    Charlie Stephen tutors my 7th grade son at our home and he is fantastic! My son respects the heck out of him, gets a lot out of each session and has improved academically. Charlie is a great math tutor but can tutor all subjects including Spanish! His email is charlie-stephen [at] We are in Oakland--not sure if he travels outside of Oakland.

    RE: Math Help for 7th Grader ()

    My junior in high school sees Betty Cui at Classroom Matters. She also had a weak foundation in math. All of the tutors there have been wonderful. Betty is very good at getting my child to look at the whole picture so she can figure out new things. We have been pleased with her weekly updates and her ability to identify where my child needs help.

  • Our son just started a statistics class, his first college-level course, and is falling behind after a few classes. Does anyone know a good tutor who is also good with young people (including other young people!)?

    My 17 year old son, who is a senior at BHS,  is receiving math tutoring through Classroom Matters. They have a range of tutors and will match your son with someone who is right for him!

    They are very responsive, helpful and conveniently located!

    Good luck! 

    My sons (7th and 9th grade) work with Corey Wade, who is absolutely amazing. Good with teenagers, calm, supportive, understanding. My older son has worked with him 4 years, I often sit in on the sessions and he explains things so well and is the best math teacher I could ask for. Coreywade [at]

    Hi - I have a recommendation for a math tutor. Tairi Nishizawa (tairi.nishizawa [at] tutors in all math topics up through calculus, as well as chemistry and physics. (Unfortunately for your question, he doesn't teach AP Statistics. But thought I'd post in case you have other tutoring needs and since others may benefit.) Tairi's been tutoring my 14 year old BHS freshman and it has been super helpful. He is an excellent tutor and a really nice guy.

  • Looking for a math tutor for 8 year old

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    i wonder if anyone can recommend a math tutor for my 8 year old daughter. 

    We would like someone who will come over once a week and help her to enjoy math and build confidence.

    thank you!

    Try Mathnasium in Albany. They are great. 

    Hi--we had a wonderful experience with Deborah Newlen.  She tutors all grade levels and is kind, patient and enthusiastic!  She builds confidence and helps the child feel secure in exploring information and gaining knowledge and mastery.  You can reach her at 510-691-6624.  Donna Eldridge

  • My daughter is in 4th grade and really struggling in math. Looking back she's always had trouble but it's coming to a head. When I think about her as a learner, I feel like she'd benefit working with someone who uses Making Math Real, or understands a bit about learning disabilities. (We are starting to wonder whether she might have a learning disability - she's far above grade level in reading, and far below in spelling as well as math. Handwriting is also a struggle. We may get her tested but for right now want to at least start the math help.) 

    I'd love any recommendations of math tutors or Ed therapists in the Berkeley/Oakland/El Cerrito area. A tutor with a good sense of humor would be ideal. Thank you!

    Hi Betty

    I am in a similar situation, but with twin daughters in 4th grade :) We just started going to a tutor/ed therapist named Amy Draizen, who works out of an office on Piedmont Ave. She is great but for now is working with my girls on reading and writing. We have not had time to address math issues and one of my daughters is struggling with math facts still. I am thinking of attending a Making Math Real 1-day workshop for parents and teachers on Saturday, April 28:

    I realize this is not the answer you were looking for but wanted to share that I am in the same boat and would potentially like to share the cost of a tutor if you find a good one. In the meantime, I plan on training myself on Making Math Real as I have heard such good things about it. Their website is full of amazing testimonials by parents similar to us!

    Sarah in North Berkeley

    We just started working with Stefan Oste for my 14 year old son who has dyscalculia and dysgraphia (and lots of anxiety about math).  Stefan is amazing!  He is trained in Making Math Real and has a fun and supportive approach with his students.  My son has already improved his math skills (in just over a month) and has much less anxiety around math.  Stefan also teaches math at Bayhill High School and comes to our home in Oakland.  I can't recommend him enough.  You can reach him at stefanoste510 [at] and contact me for more info if you'd like.

  • Experienced Calc B/C tutor wanted

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    Our daughter has done well in math, by working her tush off. But Calc b/c is hard already, and she wants a tutor, maybe one day a week and a few phone calls or messages during homework time.  Any recommendations for experienced tutors?  

    Avi - avirrr [at]

    Daniel Mayeri in Berkeley is an excellent math tutor. My daughter says he was extremely helpful while taking physics and calculus. 

    daniel [at]

    He teaches in his office at Bancroft and Fulton Streets.

    Naama Weksler is a great option for self motivated students. And affordable.

  • Looking for great math tutor

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    Hi -- I'm looking for a tutor that can come to Alameda this summer, to work with our 16 and 13 year old kids. Know anyone?

    RE: Looking for great math tutor ()

    Hi. Try Devin Schorger: 510-725-8998.  See if he has availability.  Great young man. Majoring in mechanical engineering. He's been tutoring.


  • Hello BPN,

    I have a wonderful 4th grader who is having some trouble with math. He does not have a disability but has trouble grasping concepts, has a lot of anxiety about math, and is behind grade level. I am wondering if anyone knows of a small group setting aftercare program that could help with math homework and provide some solid tutoring? It would be for next fall. We live in Albany and he attends Cornell Elementary. I would be happy to start a group as well if anyone else wanted to join and seek out someone to hire for a small group (2-3 kids) from 3-5:30 each day after school.


    Some friends of mine are happy with Mathnasium and with Albany Math Center for their kids who need help with math.

    This isn't for after-school but there is a summer camp math intensive option for kids entering 4th-7th grade using the Making Math Real program.  I'm signing up my child to this program for summer based on some pretty great recommendations, and we had also started using a math tutor using this same program which has been working really well so far.  Check them out- it runs 3 weeks 9am-12pm.  East Bay Kidz Math.

  • Experience with C2 Educate Tutoring

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    I'm looking for a math tutor for my daughter who is a high school freshman and am wondering if anyone has experience with C2 Educate at El Cerrito Plaza. There are no yelp reviews and it's a relatively new business. I am concerned that it may be too pricey, as they were cagey when I asked about hourly rates. Anyone tried them yet?

    When we spoke with C2 in the fall their rates were $75/hr. But you buy a package of either 50 or 100 hours ( so it was about $3200 I think for lower amount) they weren't willing to sell in smaller packages. Discount if you pay in full up front. But independent individual tutors were less, about $50-65/hr. 

  • Math and English tutor for 6th grader

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    Looking for a great Math and English tutor for my 6th grader. 6th grade math and reading and writing in english.

    Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

    Thank you!


    My daughter worked with Laura Palin in 7th grade. Laura is an experienced math teacher, having taught 7th and 8th grade math for 18 years. We chose her because she is passionate about teaching math, having both an undergraduate degree in math as well as a masters degree in teaching. She has helped my daughter regain confidence in her math skills and has focused on addressing the emotional aspects of learning that have impacted my daughter. Namely, Laura listens deeply and pays special attention to what my daughter already knew and worked to build up her skills in the areas where she wasn't making connections on her own. Laura was able to diagnose her strengths and struggles and helped her with topics such as sequencing, long term memory, working memory and higher order thinking. (I'm an educator too.) In addition to improving math, together, most importantly, Laura worked my daughter to develop a set of strategies that helped improve her understanding of how she approached her mathematical thinking and how her brain works, and paved the way for higher success. My daughter feels that Laura “gets her” in a way that other teachers and tutors have not. Laura's email is lspalin [at] Good luck!

  • Math and physics tutor for HS senior

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    Seeking tutor for HS senior in calculus and physics ... excellent student ... got behind due to issues beyond student's control and needs some help catching up.  Suggestions?  Thanks!

    My kids found excellent calculus tutors at Tilden Prep. Tilden Prep primarily offers one-on-one classes, but if their teachers are not full and your times work with theirs, their teachers will also tutor. We used 3 math teacher/tutors at different times and all were excellent.

    YouTube has UC Berkeley physics lectures for free.  Look for Physics 10 / Professor Muller.  MIT's physics lectures are on YouTube too.

    Kahn Academy has math and physics lectures.

    There are other only free tutorials/classes for physics and math - All free.

  • My son is having a difficult time adjusting to Algebra I in High School.  He was decent in middle school.  Looking for suggestions from Berkeley to Richmond for tutors.  Thanks! 


    St. Mary's actually has a free tutoring program called PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Support). Your son can talk to Ms. Panlilio about it. My teen is a senior at St. Mary's and was a math tutor for PALS in sophomore year.

    If, for some reason, PALS doesn't have any Algebra I tutors this year, my teen would be more than happy to tutor your son. She desperately needs to raise money for Enrichment Week. :-) She charges $15/hr. You can contact me if you'd like her email or phone number.

    My 9 year old and 13 year old son have had excellent results with Zack

    He is so well rounded,  the epitome of calm and kids are simply themselves around him.

    Couldn't recommend more highly!

    Zack AlexanderGo Bears Tutoring415-299-9112

  • tutor for Algebra 2

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    I am looking for a tutor for my almost 17 year old son who is taking Algebra 2 this (senior) year at Oakland Tech.  He needs support in order to pass the course as well as, hopefully, more confidence and engagement with math overall.  Looking for someone, probably young male, who he can connect with (he's a somewhat sensitive guy) and learn from.  Hoping to keep costs reasonable...not more than $80 per hour and preferable less.  Cal student possibly?

    Thanks for any recommendations.

    RE: tutor for Algebra 2 ()

    Check out
    Tralee offers personable attention to students needing more confidence. Her rate is in your ballpark And, she's a teacher

    RE: tutor for Algebra 2 ()

    I know Dominica Phetteplace has helped a lot of Tech students, including our daughter.

    dphetdotcom [at]

    RE: tutor for Algebra 2 ()

    Hi - I do not have a tutor recommendation, but thought I would pass along the link below where he can take a quick free course in How to learn Math for Students which is available at Online Stanford and was put together by a Stanford professor and her students.  The information provided demystfiies math, squashes myths that there are maith people and non-math people, that there is only one way to do math etc.  it is a 6 week online course you take at your leisure, no homework but to answer a few questions to ensure you understand the concepts taught.  The professor  is not teaching math, but showing how people learn math.  The concepts taught are transferable to any subject or new learning experience.

     This course helped my very anxious about math daughter understand that there are all differnet kinds of math people and even slow math brains (like hers and Alber Einpsteins) can do math. She now is more sure of herself with math and actually enjoys it.   I hope the course helps your some feel he can do math.  

    Also you may want to ensure the tutor can identify whether he is on shaky ground or missed some fundementals in Alg 1.  If so build those areas up. Also, my kids go back to their teachers to

  • Math tutor for 15-year-old shy girl

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    We are seeking a friendly, competent math tutor for our math-fearful daughter, who is smart in all other subjects. We live in the Berkeley Hills and someone who would come to the home is ideal. Otherwise willing to take her to anywhere in Berkeley or Albany. A female tutor would be preferable because she is shy, but open to any gender.

    We've been seeing Tralee Johnson all summer & plan to continue into the fall. She is terrific! Really taking the anxiety out of math for our nearly 12yo and keeping skills sharp.  We're also in the hills.  For now in the summer we've been going to her in Emeryville.  But come fall she'll come to us.  She's fine with it as long as you pay travel time. 

    traleej [at]

    My 22 yr old sweet, soft spoken daughter has extensive tutoring experience throughout Berkeley High and then through four years of college at Washington University in St Louis. Got 800 score on SATs. She doesn't drive - we live 1 1/2 blocks north Solano on Peralta.  She is doing intership in research three days a week at children's hospital but has lots of free time. Please let me know if you're interested in interviewing her. 

    cheers  Jan

    Katherine Monahan has 15 years' experience as a math tutor, along with an easygoing manner, a sense of humor, and the ability to relate well to teens, especially introverted ones. She tutored my daughter off and on throughout all four years of high school in math and science, and definitely helped boost her skills, confidence, and GPA. Katherine is also my sister -- full disclosure -- but I'm recommending her based on how well she worked with my daughter. You can reach her at speakeasy4me [at]

Parent Reviews

I also recommend Oliver. He has tutored my son in math over the last couple of years and has been invaluable to him. My son has gained self confidence in addition to great grades. Although Oliver is not my son's music teacher (my son is a pianist) I know he has a deep appreciation for it as they often discuss music, and Oliver attended one of my son's concerts.

Oliver Miller is both a math tutor and a piano teacher. He taught my son piano for several years and is a wise, kind educator and a gentle soul. Highly recommend him. Contact info for Oliver Miller: (510) 452-7729

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Math tutor near Pt. Richmond for 10 year old

Oct 2015

I am seeking a math tutor for my son. He lacks confidence in his work. Ideally , it would work best for our schedule if the tutoring was in our home in Pt. Richmond. Of course, that can be negotiable. k.r

We've been working with Marissa Meyers at the Albany Math Center for the last year and couldn't be happier with the progress my daughter has made and most importantly the confidence she now has when approaching math problems.

There were many math concepts (fractions, some multiplication tables) that my daughter never quite understood in elementary school and it just made it harder for her when she entered middle school. She is now in 7th grade. Marissa is trained in Making Math Real which is what really helped my daughter learn. Wish we had started the math tutoring in 4th or 5th grade but glad we go now. My daughter really enjoys her sessions.

Students do go to her office in Albany. You can email her at albanymathcenter [at] or go on the website happy with math tutor

Sept 2015

I would like to recommend Tralee Johnson for math tutoring: (415) 508 MATH, traleej [at], One special, hard-to-find quality that defines Tralee's teaching is the ability to recognize and work with a student's particular learning style. This has produced many positive outcomes for my child, with much less frustration during the process. Tralee is experienced in math subject matter, teaching strategies, and knows how to customize an approach for each individual student. Anon

Common Core Math Tutor needed who is experienced with Mr. Henri 

Sept 2015

My daughter is taking the new Common Core math with Mr. Henri. I hear that he is a very good but also very rigorous teacher. Also, I see that the new Common Core math is very different from the traditional math curriculum. My daughter is a pretty good math student, but she already feels lost in the class and is asking for extra help. Anyone know a good tutor that is experienced with Common Core math and with Mr. Henri's teaching style?

Yes, lots of changes to the math curriculum! At BHS, there is free tutoring after school Mon-Thurs with BHS teachers that starts pretty soon. I believe that this year all of the Math 1 teachers will be in the same room and students can get help from teachers with different styles. The Berkeley High School Development Group ( pays for this with community donations. Free tutoring is in all subjects (most are teachers in their own classrooms after school). Look for the schedule at Back to School Night on 9/24. BHS parent

Math Tutor for 9 y.o. with Dyscalculia

March 2015

My 9 year-old, third grade daughter was recently diagnosed with dyscalculia. She desperately needs help understanding basic math facts / concepts in a way that works for dyslexic children. In this regard, I have found that most graduate students do not have the skill set necessary to address this learning challenge. Notably, my daughter does not have classic dyslexia (she reads 3x beyond her grade level). She already has a 504 plan but does not qualify for an IEP (we are in an Oakland public school). Thanks in advance. Anon

Sara Hanes might be the perfect fit for your daughter. She uses Making Math Real techniques to teach math to students of all ages, and really makes learning fun. She has many years of experience, and is also a warm, lovely person. My daughter worked with Sara starting in 4th grade, and truly enjoyed her sessions. Sara was able to help her understand the concepts, and her grades and self esteem soared. You can reach Sara at Sarahanes [at] / 510-549-9349.

Need Math Tutor Experienced w/Mr. Henri's Algebra 2 Class at Berkeley High

Feb 2015

We have an immediate need for a highly skilled math tutor who has direct experience with Mr. Henri's math curricula and testing style in Algebra 2.
Thank you!
North Berkeley Mom, Parent of 10th Grader at Berkeley High
I love Jim, a retired Math teacher from Albany. he has tutored both my Sophopmore and Senior, and their grades each improved hugely (1-2 grades up). He has tutored some of my kids' friends with great results too. He has a fricken PhD in Math from UC Berkeley, but doesn't charge an arm and a leg: Jim Shilleto, Cell 510 717 3919, home 527-5102. Happy

Math Tutor for math-reluctant teen girl

Oct 2014

Hello BPN, I'm looking for more recommendations for math tutors. My daughter is failing Algebra II already, and I need to find someone to help her. As a very young child she was rather a whiz at math, but sadly I have watched her ability and, thus, her confidence slowly degrade as she has gotten older and is being more challenged. She also finds that the noisy/disruptive classroom settings at Berkeley High School make it very hard for her to learn (she becomes easily distracted/exasperated and gives up very quickly). It is also embarrassing for her when she doesn't understand things that kids around her seem to grasp more quickly. (Aaaah, high school...)

I am looking for someone who can meet with her 2-3 times per week to get her back on track (hopefully we can reduce the amount of tutoring once she is doing better). I hope to find someone who is thus affordable ($35-$50/hour) and has some availability in their schedule for a student who will need a lot of tutoring at first (which is hard at this time of year). Are you a tutor who meets the above criteria, or do you know someone who is? I'd like to hear from you! Please reply to the list or ask the mod. for my email (I'm remaining anonymous for my daughter's privacy). Many thanks! Signed, needs math help

I would contact Compass Prep [} or (415)464-8600 [Northern California office in Larkspur]. We used them for SAT tutoring AND for extra help during daughter's senior year when she was struggling in calculus. Most of the tutors are grad students; they can design an individual program for you; and I think the hourly rates are right in your budget. AboutTheSame

I was just emailing my 9th grader's math teacher this weekend (also BHS). My daughter is also having a very difficult time in math, and is following my footsteps...straight A math student until Algebra, and then ability and confidence plummets. The teacher encouraged my daughter to come to her classroom during tutoring hours (at least 3 different times per week). I think every teacher offers this. It's free, and the kids can work together, ask questions of the teacher and possibly older students who do teacher-assisting. My daughter said she wants a tutor (outside of school), but the cost is very high, so we're insisting she go to tutoring at school, at least for a couple weeks, to see if that helps. Your daughter may want to do the same. There is also a Student Learning Center (in D-221), where students can find tutors from 3:30-6:00 M-Th, and is also free. Good luck.

Sara Hanes is a gifted math tutor who brought my daughter from failing grades in math to A's; this was a boost to her self esteem and an integral part of her transformation into an engaged, eager student. She worked with Sara for several years in elementary school beginning in 5th grade, and through all four years of high school. They shared a wonderful close friendship, too! Sara uses Making Math Real techniques that make learning fun, and was always able to explain math concepts in a way my daughter could understand and retain. I could not recommend her more highly. You can reach Sara Hanes at sarahanes [at] and 510-549-9349.

Math tutor for 9th grader

Oct 2014

Hello, I am looking for a math tutor in the Oakland Berkley area for my daughter who currently attends Oakland School for the Arts. Any leads would be most helpful. Best, Rebecca

Jerry Ouyang is a superb math guy. He's a Cal student but has been tutoring for years and his math could not be more sharp. Plus, he seems to always be in a good mood, which is nice. He works for Aspire Education Project, a local nonprofit tutoring company. Their number is 510-658-7500, and their email is info [at] Charmaine

Dusty Sykes He's a lovely man who has a grandfatherly relationship with the kids. Lisa

Sara Hanes was my OSA student's math tutor; they worked together throughout her high school years at OSA, and during her elementary and middle school years, too. With Sara's help, using Making Math Real and other creative methods, my daughter was able to get A's in math after previously getting failing grades. This was wonderful for her self esteem, and therefore helped her with every aspect of life. She enjoyed working with Sara, who is very warm and endlessly patient. Sara works with students of all ages. Contact Sara at: Sarahanes [at] 510-549-9349 Satisfied parent

I would highly recommend my daughter's math tutor who is also a ACT/SAT tutor. She used him from 8th grade till her senior year. My daughter has dyslexia and scored in the top 85% on the Math ACT. Tutor: Donovan Messier (707) 328-4682 dmessiersmc [at] Parent

I strongly recommend Tralee Johnson as a math tutor. My son was enrolled in Algebra 2 last year in an East Bay private school and was not getting the type of instruction he needed. I found Tralee on BPN and took him to see her late in the school year. She provided him with the instruction he needed and made him energized and excited about math again. Rather than procrastinate about his math homework, it became the first thing he did. His test scores drastically improved and he scored an ''A'' on his final. When school started this year, my son asked if he could continue meeting with Tralee to get help as needed and begin preparation for college placement tests. I am so glad we found Tralee she is awesome. My son loves math and he looks forward to every session with Tralee. Tralee can be reached at (415)508-MATH or on her website Karrie S.

Belinda Lesser at Albany Math Center is a fantastic math tutor. You can look at the website or email at albanymathcenter [at] mom of math student also

Need math tutor for 5th grader

Sept 2014

My daughter has needed tutoring support for the past several years with math, and has never been happy with her tutor. We have generally hired retired teachers, but I think she'd be happier with someone younger who she can relate to more. She is very resistant to tutoring so it needs to have an element of fun. Would love suggestions. It's important we find someone who has strong familiarity with the new Common Core standards. We are in the Richmond/El Cerrito/Kensington area. Thank you

Sounds like your daughter would benefit from the Making Math Real approach. It was great for my 5th grader who needed extra support in math. We had a wonderful experience with Marissa Meyers who uses Making Math Real strategies in her tutoring. She works with math students at Albany Middle School (so is quite famliar with Common Core Standards) and tutors in the afternoon at the Albany Math Center. You can reach her at (510) 919-0843 or go on their website

Math Tutor incoming 9th grader

July 2014

Hello, my daughter will be starting Oakland School of the arts fall 2014 as an incoming 9th grader in the vocal department. Looking for a math tutor in the Oakland/Berkeley area who specializes in working with kiddos with learning disabilities. Any leads?????? Thanks in Advance! Rebecca

Sara (Beckman) Hanes sarahanes [at] was recommended to me by an educational therapist. She has tutored many children with learning differences for several years. She uses the Making Math Real techniques. My daughter is also starting 9th grade, and looks forward to her tutoring because Sara makes it fun. Sara is located now on Caldecott Lane, which is on the Berkeley side of the tunnel. She used to be in Rockridge, but her new location is still very close to Rockridge. If you talk to Sara, she will be able to explain just how extensive her experience is with learning differences. Mom of daughter who once struggled with learning differences

I recommend Sara Hanes, my daughter's wonderful math tutor throughout her years at OSA. She was able to make math fun, using Making Math Real techniques and games. My daughter was able to get A's in math her last two years and it really boosted her self-esteem. Sara is very warm and easy to work with, and my daughter always enjoyed working with her. Sarahanes [at] 510-549-9349 OSA parent

Excellent math tutor

July 2014

I highly recommend Daniel Mayeri as a math tutor as he is excellent. I have freshman and a senior who work with Daniel and both expressed that he is the best math tutor they have had. Daniel is thorough in explaining current class concepts but also prepares them for the upcoming lessons. Daniel reinforces their understanding of material and provides them with strategies in solving problems. He identifies my son's weaknesses, works to improve them and helps my sons gain the confidence in math and sometimes other topics if time permits. Daniel's office is conveniently located in downtown Berkeley. Daniel can be contacted at Elaine

Summer 5th grade math tutor

July 2014

I'm looking for a summer math tutor for my soon to be fifth-grade daughter. She absolutely loves math and is asking to do more over the summer. Ironically I think she is behind in grade level because her school has an alternative math program which is not up to the level of the local public schools. Ideally I am looking for someone who can come to our house one or perhaps two days per week in Berkeley. Thank you in advance. Mom of that Math loving daughter.

I just wanted to recommend It is a great math site, very reasonable too. We do it twice a day over the summer. We're going into fifth as well, so right now we are reviewing the fourth grade curriculum. It has helped us enormously with math competence and confidence. Not a tutor, I know. But if she wants more, IXL is the spot! Julie

Sara Hanes is a fantastic math tutor, and I recommend her most highly. She is trained in Making Math Real Techniques, and makes learning math FUN. My daughter, who just graduated from high school with an A in math, thanks to Sara's support, began tutoring with Sara in fourth grade. It made all the difference! She's in North Oakland, near the Caldecott Tunnel. [email protected] / 510-549-9349 Mom of formerly math-challenged student

June 2014

I recommend Tralee Johnson as a tutor. My child was doing poorly in Algebra and we desperately needed to find someone to help. I found Tralee from previous BPN reviews and arranged for her to tutor my son. He went from having a D in class to an A. If you need a tutor, give her a try! Mary

June 2014

I write to recommend Oliver Miller as a math tutor extraordinaire! Mr. Miller has tutored my son off and on through geometry, algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus. He is a patient, thorough, and conscientious tutor. He works to build confidence in those he tutors, when theirs has been weakened by difficulties with the subject matter. If there is something he is unsure of, he takes it home and figures it out before presenting the most accessible way of learning it. He is, and I can't emphasize this enough, very dedicated to his students. I could not recommend him more highly. His e-mail is: kmps186 [at] Laura

Intelligent and Fun Female Math Tutor?

June 2014

Hello BPN, I am looking to hire a female mathematics tutor for my two daughters, soon to be Sophomore in High School and 7th grader. I am looking for my daughters to get inspired by an intelligent and passionate female tutor who can convince my children to love math! Please let me know your recommendations for a local Berkeley tutor who is very intelligent in all things math and can be a fun person for my children to learn from. Thank you very much BPN! Your advice is much appreciated. Pat

I highly recommend Leba Morimoto at learning solutions. I know her through the ''Making Math Real'' grapevine - she is a highly skilled graduate of that program. She's also good at helping kids stop worrying about math and start loving it. She is at Learning Solutions at: (510) 528-8224 Pat

Hilary Yamtich is awesome. She's been doing math with my daughters for six years. She brings challenges and lets them choose a problem or puzzle that interests them. My third grader is proud to know things that they won't cover in school for several years and Hilary has been an amazing mentor to my high school junior as they have progressed through geometry proofs and calculus. Intelligent and fun is what Hilary is--she knows the math through and through. They might start off playing Blokus and then move on to figuring out how many combinations are possible or figuring out algorithms. (510) 507 - 0024 hilaryyamtich [at] Susan

Kelli Talaska is a Berkeley math tutor with a PhD in math and extensive experience in teaching and tutoring. You can check out her website here She taught math at a high school in San Francisco before getting her graduate degree. After getting her PhD, she taught at UC Berkeley from 2010-2013, where she was very popular: She is now focusing on private tutoring. Lauren

I can strongly recommend my daughter's math tutor, Sara Hanes. She has worked with my daughter for years, from elementary school through high school, and I don't know what we'd have done without her. Sara is trained in Making Math Real techniques and employs many games during the tutoring session that make math fun. While working with Sara, my daughter was able to go from failing grades to A's in math. Her self esteem improved and she became more confident in all her classes. Working with Sara was an instrumental part of all that. Sara's phone number is:510-549-9349.

I recommend that you contact Carla Hall, a credentialed, experienced math teacher who LOVES math and is currently accepting students for tutoring. Carla swept in like Mary Poppins with a box of math materials and quickly won over my math-resistant 7th grade daughter with her cheerful, encouraging and fun approach. Carla was tuned in to the way my daughter learns (including some working memory issues), and showed her new ways to approach and understand problems that actually WORKED for her learning style. Carla is smart and passionate about math, teaching and young people. Contact: Carla Hall Hall.Carla [at] math learner's mom

Middle school math tutor

Nov 2013

Dear BPN friends, I need a recommendation for middle school math tutor! I am looking for a tutor who specializes in tutoring middle school math \xc3\x82\xe2\x80\x93 pre- algebra through algebra. I have a 6th and 8th grader who both struggle with the subject and need a tutor who can explain and teach them in a way they understand. I'm looking for someone who is patient, creative, and has a unique way of working with each student. Looking in the Albany/El Cerrito/Richmond area. Thanks, Mom of frustrated math students

I recommend Marissa Meyers (510) 919-0843. As an educational therapist who specializes in language arts, I have referred numerous middle school math students to Marissa and been extraordinarily pleased with the feedback I have gotten from both parents and teachers regarding her skills and abilities as a math tutor. She has an approach of reaching and teaching students that is original, effective, and affirming to all students. She is adored and respected by the students that have been fortunate enough to have her as a tutor. In addition, parents have been thrilled with the progress and improvements their struggling children have made under Marissa's tutelage. Peggy

Need tutor for college algebra

Nov 2013

Looking for a math tutor for college level algebra. Must have patience, and some experience with ADD would be helpful although not required. At your home or the local library or other meeting place. For my grandson who lives in Mill Valley. If interested please respond with resume or summary of experience and your availability. Appreciate hearing from those who have had good experiences with local math tutors at this level. Anxious Grandmother

Dear anxious Grandmother, Best tutor we ever had Mario (liao) Quiet, Patient, nice, just great. 510 936 4534 Tracy

Making Math Real tutor for 10 year old?

Oct 2013

Hello, I looking for a math tutor for my 10 year old son. I have been reading about the Making Math Real approach, and would be interested in a tutor who is trained in this or a similar program. We live in North Oakland, so would like to find someone in South Berkeley or Oakland. Thank you! Anon

I highly recommend Leba Morimoto. Making Math Real is an excellent approach, and she is one of the practioners that works with pre-algebra and up through high school math. Her email is: lebasline [at] Pat

I highly recommend Sara Hanes who uses the Making Math Real approach. I agree it's a terrific approach. Sara has taken all the courses twice and tutors students after school at Bentley. Sara is on the Berkeley side up near Parkwoods Apartments by the Caldecott Tunnel. Used to be in Rockridge. I tried several tutors before I found Making Math Real. She has many clients but might have openings because some clients who've been with her for years are off to college. Worth every penny if your child is struggling. Contact sarahanes [at] Grateful mom, Becky

Sept 2013

I highly recommend Tralee Johnson for all math tutoring! Tralee tutored our 12 year old girl moving from an arts based elementary to a public Middle school in Berkeley. Our daughter is very quick learner in math and able to work above grade level but had never taken a test as her elementary school did not use testing. We contacted Tralee to help prepare our daughter to take a math placement test given at the end of 6th grade for students interested in placing out of pre-algebra for 7th grade and right into Algebra. In sessions with Tralee she used sample STAR questions available on CA Dept of Ed website for 7th grade math competency (brilliant!). She gave my daughter much needed practice for problems she was shaky in. More importantly, Tralee also taught her new concepts that she had not been exposed to in an efficient way that was easy to remember at test time! She greatly increased my daughter's test taking confidence and her skill level in a short time. I especially appreciated her skills as a former teacher when it came to my daughter learning new math concepts! Math Whiz Mom

Math tutor for understimulated 5th grader

Aug 2013

My 5th grader is understimulated in Math and I've come to the realization that I need to supplement his education. I am thinking of starting with a math tutor and wondered if anyone can recommend a good one who charges reasonable rates. (As an aside, what is the going rate for a math tutor?) I'd also be open to other ideas about ways to keep math interesting for a 10 yo boy. bpn grateful

Math can be very inspiring when taught in an inspiring way... Here are some ideas: - Berkeley Math Circle: options=bmc%7Cbmc_elementary%7Cbmc%20elementary has classes for kids interested in math that go all the way up to high school. They don't teach topics that are taught in school. - QuantumCamp is an innovative academic program in Downtown Berkeley with a fabulous group of teachers who have a deep understanding of their subject areas and a passion for education. - Internet: Youtube channels such as and are fun and informative - orit

I think you might be better off with something like Berkeley Math Circle than with a tutor because then your child will meet other children who are interested in math. Also, for next summer, ATDP, through CAL is a good choice -- just keep on top of the deadlines. The Julia Robinson Math Festival at Cal and the Stanford Splash are both full of interesting math activities. The new Exploratorium has some wonderful mathematical exhibits -- if you and/or your partner aren't comfortable talking about the math that goes with the ''Wow!'' one of the docents can help explain what is going on. Lawrence Hall of Science has many math enrichment books, and you (or a tutor) could work through some with your son. Sometimes LHS has classes for middle-grade children. Another option would be to start a Math Circle or organize a math fair at your child's school (other parents and I did one at Jefferson for a number of years.) The important thing is to keep math social and fun, and to remember that there are many aspects of mathematics (number theory, geometry, problem solving etc.) that tend to get short-shrift in the school curriculum, but can give your child a deeper understanding of mathematics, and hopefully lead to a life long interest in mathematics. math geek mom

Have a look at They have many math videos and they are only 10 minutes long. you could have him look at some intro videos on algebra. There may also be ones on fractions, percents, and the like which may be more appropriate for his age. I've been tutoring math for many years and charge $70 and hour but for his level of math you may be able to find someone for $30 an hour? Sean

I would enthusiastically recommend my daughter's math tutor Daniel Mayeri. His website is My fourth grade daughter started working with Daniel shortly after the start of third grade. She was doing just fine in math at the time, but we felt she could be challenged to learn a bit more advanced material for her age. Daniel has been fantastic. Although most of Daniel's students are in high school, he has shown that he can work well with younger students. My daughter genuinely looks forward to her afternoon sessions with Daniel. Her confidence has increased tremendously. The sessions are rigorous but fun and relaxed. We plan to continue for the foreseeable future. We find Daniel to be extremely professional, and at the same time, terrific with kids and young people. Prior to signing up with Daniel, we talked to a few other tutors. Daniel's rate is within the range of most tutors in the area. Jenny K

Aug 2013

I would strongly like to recommend Tralee Johnson as a math tutor. My seventh-grader worked consistently with Tralee since the mid-sixth grade and earned an A, even though in prior years she professed to absolutely hating math and not getting it. Tralee is gentle and patient in her approach and seems to make the material accessible, if not fun . . . I often hear them laughing during the tutoring sessions. We will definitely plan on continuing with Tralee in the eighth grade. Contact info: 415 508-MATH.

Aug 2013

My son, who struggles with a math disability, has made amazing progress through regular tutoring sessions with Linda VanDeWall, who works out of her home in North Berkeley. Linda is remarkably skillful and holistic. My son succeeded in Algebra I and Geometry due to her exceptional tutoring. In the past, his attitude toward math was extremely negative; but working with Linda, he has truly transformed, coming home from tutoring sessions with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Linda is experienced with learning disabilities, and most importantly, she sees and understands students as individuals, and finds a way to help them learn and succeed. I highly recommend her!!! You can contact her by email: Linda VanDeWall rivergirl2 [at] Barbara

April 2013

It was a few years ago - our son worked with Alan Kaplan,(lnkpln [at], a fantastic math tutor, down to earth person. He was very helpful, informative, and kind. Alan also tutored other kids we knew - very accommodating working with multiple levels of ability. Kids and parents all loved him. He's located near 13, off Park Blvd, in Oakland - well worth the trip. Lisa

March 2013

Re: Looking for a miracle worker ( math help)

There is a name that keeps on popping up as a recommended math tutor on BPN. I contacted him to schedule an appointment. When he returned my call he informed me that he did not have a spot available right now but he was going to have my child meet with his associate until a spot opened up with him. The rate per hour was $100. I agreed to the appointment, with the mindset that you get what you pay for and he does come highly recommended. I also did some other searching on another site for tutors. I found the same associate advertising her services for half the price. When we met - I asked her is the rate I am paying twice the ammount because eventually I will be seeing Tutor X? She informed me that Tutor X is in fact looking to retire and doesn't take on any new students. I told her that if it worked out would she mind lowering her rate to the one she advertises - she said no because it is an agreement between the two of them to split the rate. I don't doubt that Tutor X is probably an excellent tutor - but he is not being honest with parents. Duped Mom

8th Grade Algebra 1 Tutor Needed - Alameda

Feb 2013

My 8th grader has been limping along all year in Algebra 1. Up to this year was getting A's and now in the low B's. She needs immediate help in things like setting up equations, graphing etc. Don't want the year to finish without a solid background for math is cumulative. We live in Alameda and would like someone weekly though the school year and occasional refresher work this summer.The text book is McDougal Little within the Alameda Unified School District. Your recommendations and suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. carol

I highly recommend Lizette Griebje of Proper Math as a math tutor. My 8th-grader was having a similar experience of struggling in Algebra 1--after working with Lizette she feels much more confident as a mathematician and she's regularly getting A's. We're really happy our daughter is working with Lizette this year (she is too!), and I can see that the benefits will pay off for many years to come. Lizette Griebje 338-0103 Janet

Nov 2012

Daniel Mayeri ( has been our son's math tutor since 2011. Our son needs a ''boost'' where math is concerned. Daniel is great. He is very organized and professional, very practical, knows the curriculum and connects well. He has helped our son keep his head above water and better. Highly recommended. Parent of a 14 yr old

Making Math Real Tutor

Nov 2012

I am looking for a math tutor who has been trained in the Making Math Real (David Berg) method. If you are such a tutor, or if you know of one, please either post or email me directly. Please let me know which level you are trained to (elementary school, pre-algebra, and/or algebra). Thank you!

My 11 year old son goes to a great tutor who uses the Making Math Real method. Her name is Leba Morimoto. Leba has done wonders for our son's math skills and his overall confidence in math. I would highly recommend her - she is soft spoken, encouraging, and delightful! Leba Morimoto: 510-528-8224, email: lebasline [at] Kim

Math tutor for advanced 4th grader

Nov 2012

Looking for a math tutor for an advanced, although not genius, fourth grader. He's about a year ahead of his class and getting bored. The best fit would be someone with experience and knowledge of fourth and fifth grade California math curriculum and standards.

My freshman daughter has been working with Chris Bradley for a few years. He is a lovely young man finishing his AA at DVC and transfering to Cal. His math teacher is a friend of ours and she highly recommended him when we were looking for a new tutor. He is a natural at math. My daughter struggled with math concepts for years until she started working with Chris. She has had A's for 2 years now. Chris can communicate with her on a level that our pervious tutor couldn't. He is also working with my friends boys and they too are having great success. Chris's number is 925-771-4348, he comes to our home and we pay him 30.00/hour. tm

There are a number of Math Circles in the Bay Area that are perfect for a student who is advanced in his or her course and would enjoy an extra challenge. I'd be happy to talk with you about finding one that is a good fit. I also tutor for a living, and can work with your child; though I usually work with highschoolers I do have experience with younger students. I would also be happy to provide you with some ideas for resources in any case. You are right to be concerned, but there are lots of things you can do to help him through this. Susan

Oct 2012

I would like to recommend Lizette Greijbe to any family looking for a math tutor for their high schooler. Lizette is deeply knowledgeable about mathematics and has a knack for teaching the subject in a fun way. When my son finished algebra one, he had a good but shallow understanding of the subject. Lizette changed that, digging deep, showing him the underlying mechanics of the subject. Together, they went way beyond what his classroom teacher showed him and as a result his understanding of algebra is now much deeper. Lizette is conscientious, prompt and very flexible when it comes to where and when she will teach. She is also very affordable compared to some tutors. I highly recommend Lizette. Her phone number is 510/338 0103, and her website is at C. Noble

Sept 2012

I highly recommend Daniel Mayeri as a math tutor. Daniel took my daughter from a C+ to an A- in Geometry last year. She also won an award for that subject. Daniel helped her really understand the concepts and analyze problems in different ways so that she became comfortable with the material. Daniel is an excellent teacher, and he'll be helping her with Algebra II this year. Susan

Math tutor for 7 yr old - Making Math Real

Aug 2012

Our 7-yr old needs help with math. We're looking for a tutor in the Berkeley/North Oakland area. Some friends speak very highly of ''Making Math Real,'' so we're interested in pursuing that option. Our daughter is smart but a bit shy. There are a few Making Math Real tutors with notices on BPN; what we'd like to hear from are some parents re good tutors. Thanks! Kate

Our son was struggling with math for quite some time. I became concerned that he would never enjoy math at all, because of the frustration he was experiencing in school (over the course of a number of grade levels and teachers) combined with our nightly struggle with math homework.

A family therapist recommended Leba Morimoto, a tutor who specializes in the strategies of Making Match Real. Leba is kind, patient, soft spoken, and her love of math is contagious! Our son felt very comfortable from the start, and Leba's positive attitude not only helped his math skills, but it helped him gain confidence in his math knowledge. His teachers saw significant improvement in math skills, comprehension, and attitude very quickly. I highly recommend Leba: lebasline [at], 510-528- 8224. Kim

March 2012

As a lover of Math, I'd like to let everyone know about my children's math tutor extraordinaire: Abelian Group Math School Leslie Bryan 510 841-0784

Leslie is more expensive that some tutors but for the extra money you get magic! My 21 & 22 year old college students say she's one of the best teachers they ever had. And my 11 year old comes back from lessons asking if she can do the homework right away.

Leslie is very no-nonsense with her students, so they will have to work and come to class prepared. In exchange she has the ability to teach them math so that they truly love it and at least deeply understand it. She's been teaching math for over thirty years. She loves teaching and knows what works.

Leslie/Abelian Group offers both one-on-one and group lessons.

March 2012

Great Math Tutor: I highly recommend Daniel Mayeri as a math tutor. He taught one of my children in high school, and when I found out that he was doing private tutoring I asked him to work with my other child who is now in high school. Daniel is passionate about math, and his passion helps kids to get interested in math. He has all kinds of strategies and techniques for teaching difficult concepts and working through complex problems. He also makes sure that the students understand why they are doing things rather than having them merely memorize how to get the answer. He has really helped build up my child's confidence in math and has even made her more interested in the subject. His website is or Barbara A.

Feb 2012

My daughter has moved around to many states. Public, private schools and struggles with math, has always. She has major gaps in her basic math skills. She is in per algebra and lost. I found a making math meaningful specialist and she is not a homework helper. She digs deep and works with the gaps to fill in the foundation. She communicates with her teacher. She is wonderful and very positive, makes it fun and her thoroughness is just what she needed!! Been through many tutors, but she is really giving my daughter confidence by understanding how it relates to the real world. Worth the money!!!!! margret simon: simon.margaret [at] +1 (510) 333-9277 Christa

Tutor Specializing in Math and Empathy

Feb 2012

I would love for someone to share their personal experience (parents or students) that have had a really good experience with a math tutor. I want someone that can emotionally really come to where my student is at. She is quite demoralized. We have tried some tutors, including some of the ''known tutoring centers.'' I have found that a lot of tutors do not know how to reach a kid on the emotional level/or know how to really explain to a student that is finding math a very difficult proposition. I would be most grateful for advice, as my daughter is ONLY struggling with math. All the other subjects are going well. Desparate Parent

I think you might find Leba helpful. She teaches Making Math Real which is a system based on visual learning. It takes math out of the abstract numbers only realization and puts it into a visual system of ''houses''. She has many wonderful tools like a whole jar of different die's to work with. She works out of a very pleasant ''studio'' set up below her house in El Cerrito - easy to get to - right off the Arlington. And a side benefit is you can do your grocery shopping down the hill for the hour. We really liked her and friends' kids have benefited also. For us, our son was struggling with math all through elementary school. Now, he is getting A's in 8th grade pre-algebra. Call Leba Morimoto 510/528-8224 mom of visual learner

I'm a long time math tutor. I suggest you try a number of tutors since tutoring is a very personal service. Ask the tutors if they would be willing to tutor your daughter for a half hour or hour for free just to see how it goes and to see if the ''connection'' is there. You didn't mention what math she is taking, what grade she is in and what school she goes to. That's important information for a tutor to know.

Feb 2012

I highly recommend Jane Molnar at She teaches classes and does tutoring in North Berkeley. My 9 year old son, though bright, was struggling with the Everyday Math program in his Albany public school classroom. Working with Jane began to turn things around for my son right away. Confusing concepts became clear. Jane taught him ways to solve problems and do his homework that made it much easier and less stressful for him. I plan to sign him up for one of Jane Molnar's after school math classes to keep the momentum going. My son's frustration and confusion have been replaced by confidence and a willingness to do his homework which now takes much less time. Jane has helped him with basic concepts such as fractions and division and has also taught him really fun topics from algebra and logic which he loves. Jo

Sept 2011

I am writing to give a sincere recommendation for Josh Shiode, a highly qualified tutor for high school level math and science. We first learned of Josh last week through Chat Hull, a tutor who we read about on BPN. We were desperately looking for a tutor who could help our 16-year old daughter with AP Calculus and Mechanical Physics. Chat was fully booked for the semester, but suggested that we contact Josh, one of his grad-student colleagues at Cal who has a high level of success in tutoring students in need of extra help and support in science and math. Josh responded promptly to my (multiple)emails, thoughtfully answered all of my questions, and helped us to come up with a plan to help our daughter on her way towards better grades. He is efficient, generous with his time, and from our experience, an incredibly nice person! He can be reached at jhshiode [at] Monika

Chemistry, Math Tutor(s) - BHS

Sep 2011

Hi, We are looking for a Chemistry and a Math tutor for our sophomore at Berkeley High - possibly the same person, doesn't have to be. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks so much. Concerned BHS Parents

Azul Lewis is a wonderful, kind, patient and effective tutor in maths and sciences. She worked with both of my teens in chemistry and advanced maths, including statistics, and was practically a member of our family for five years. She came every week, worked quietly at the kitchen table with our kids, gave them lots of confidence. Our son began math analysis with a ''D'' and ended up with ''B''s. Her email is azullewis [at] Good luck! kathe

My daughter had a wonderful experience at Classroom Matters in Berkeley. ( Meg, worked closely with my daughter and her teachers to make sure she understood the material, kept up on assignments, and was adequately prepared for tests. Without Meg and Classroom Matters, she would have had an enormous struggle to keep up in Chemistry and Geometry. I'd highly recommend them! Tanya

Check the post in the last edition of BPN. Misha went to BHS and knows the teachers and subject matter. I highly recommend him. Experienced math and science tutor available for 2011-2012 academic year. Alumnus of University of Pennsylvania engineering school. Over 7 years tutoring and childcare experience including program director at Camp Kee Tov. Tutoring subjects include all pre-high school math, physics, AP physics, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, AP calculus AB/BC, SAT, and SAT II. Call Misha Yerlick at (510) 295-3484 or email at myerlick [at] satisfied parent

Looking for math tutor for 5th grader who is struggling

Sep 2011

I'm looking for a math tutor for my 5th grader. Any recommendations? My son is struggling, and beginning to feel dumb in class. My husband and I have tried, and we are butting heads with our son so it's time to bring in a neutral 3rd party to help out. Open to high school students, college students, anyone who is good with kids and good at explaining math. Thanks!

We have a 5th grader who was really struggling with math last year. He now has a wonderful math tutor, Leba Morimoto. Leba is great! She is kind, calm, encouraging, and has worked wonders for our son. He sees her 1x/week, and now enjoys math. His teachers and the support staff at his school have noticed his improvement since he's started going to Leba. Leba Morimoto: 510-528-8224 Kim

My daughter uses for math, science, history and literature. I like the math program because it follows the standards set by Massachusetts, which is the #1 state in the nation for math and science education. I like the science and history and literature because they have her exact textbooks on as study games and she uses them right before tests. Not sure if you have the same California Life Science textbook or World history book but you can use the math. There's a promotion right now for 5th grade math. Good luck!! Irene

July 2011

We highly recommend Oliver Miller as a superb math tutor. Oliver tutored our 16 year-old daughter who was failing pre-calculus with a very low F. While she deserves much credit for getting on A on her final exam and pulling out a B for the course, she would never have achieved this miraculous success without Oliver's patient guidance and encouragement and his wonderful ability to teach math to students who aren't enamored with the subject. Not only did he teach her math, but Oliver showed her how through hard work she can excel, even in subjects she dislikes. Oliver is such an adept tutor, because he not only assesses the student's strengths and weaknesses but quickly adapts his tutoring strategies to respond to the student's changing needs. Moreover, he took a student who did not believe she had the ability to do well in math and helped her realize the contrary. We cannot recommend Oliver highly enough! Oliver was recommended by a co-worker whose son also greatly benefited from Oliver's tutoring. His contact information is: kmps186 [at] and 510.452.7729. Very grateful parents

April 2011

I would like to highly recommend Daniel Mayeri (dpmayeri [at] as an excellent mathematics tutor. When I moved both of my teenage daughters to California last August(2010) we soon discovered that the kids where falling behind. It took me most of the first semester to find a tutor. My High School student was quickly approaching finals and she was completely lost. I called Daniel explained our situation, he not only fit my daughter into his busy schedule but was able to cover the entire semesters work in three sessions prior to finals. The outcome was more than my daughter could have hoped for, through Daniels expert command of the subject and his ability to instill confidence she was able to get an A on her geometry final. Now both my daughters meet with Daniel once a week for maintenance and a clear explanation of the prior week material. Neither daughter worries about finals anymore, in math anyway. C.A.

Math Tutor Needed for 3rd Grader

March 2011

Hi. We are looking into hiring a math tutor for our third grader. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We live in North Berkeley. Thank you. Anon

My 4th grader has a great math tutor - Leba Morimoto. Leba is a kind, patient tutor, who has done wonders with my math-phobic 10 year old. She tutors all ages and levels, and works out of her home in the El Cerrito hills. We highly recommend her! Phone: 510-528-8224, Email: lebasline [at] Kim

I can highly recommend Natalia for math tutoring. She is patient, great with kids, and is able to do math tutoring through High School level. Feel free to contact Natalia directly at 510-910-2722 or by e-mail: nataliakapa [at] Anon.

My daughter's tutor (Larissa) is wonderful and reasonable. She and her husband have day jobs, but tutor children and teens in math. I found her after using two tutoring services. Her email address is l_nabokova [at] pmog

Calculus tutor needed

Feb 2011

My son is doing well in all his classes except for calculus. He is generally a good student, but is struggling with this class. I am looking for a tutor who is very experienced and highly qualified to teach calculus. Ideally, I would like to find a tutor who specializes in teaching math and is doing it full time. Thanks in advance.

In reply to the request for a math/calculus teacher: Azul Lewis has worked with my teens for the past four years, in all maths and chemistry. She is very warm, focused and reliable. My son was able to take his Pre-Calculus grade from a D to a B with her help. We can't recommend her highly enough. Her email is azullewis [at] kathryn

I highly recommend Andrew Galpern - 527-6547 - Albany location - for any and all levels of math tutoring. Excellent rapport with kids LB

Dominica Phetteplace 666-1088. She's fantastic. She was a great help to my teenage son. anon

Both my teens have been tremendously helped by Leslie Bryan of the Abelian Group (510-841-0784). She taught math for fifteen years at SF State and has training as a systems analyst and educational psychologist as well. I consider her the gold standard for math tutoring. She is gifted at figuring out what's tripping up any particular student and how best to untangle what's confusing. Given that your son has made it to calculus, he's clearly a basically strong math student. She's wonderful for kids like that. Happy to talk more about her if you want to contact me at margitrooscollins [at] Margit

I have two children that worked with Paul Osborne for math tutoring. He's great with kids, and has a teaching style that makes challenging subject, including calculus, accessible to students in a way that's not taught in school. I highly recommend him to any student. His website is: christiane

Math tutor for 5th Grader in Walnut Creek

Jan 2011

I'm looking for a math tutor or afterschool math class for my 5th grade daughter. She's struggling this year, and really hasn't had any troubles up to now. I live in Walnut Creek, so prefer this area/Lafayette for convenience. WC mom

I would recommend Andrew Solter. He is an awesome math tutor. He was recommended to me by a math professor. My daughter really enjoyed working with him. He is great with kids K-12. He really knows how to keep kids attention. You can email him at asolter [at] or 310-849-5015 I know that you'll love what he does for your child. Sincerely, Adrian

2010 Recommendations

Math tutor for 14-y-o with low math skills

Sept 2010

I am looking for an experienced Math tutor for our 14 year old grandson. He has very low math skills (4th grade?) and needs someone patient and fun. We live in the Montclair area of Oakland and would need someone at least 2x/week after school (around 4:00 M/W or 5:30 T/TH, or early evenings) C.

I would like to recommend our daughter's exceptional math tutor, Daniel Mayeri. She has been working with Daniel for the last 3 years. She began working with Daniel her Freshman year in High School, and continues to work him as a Senior. She had worked with two other tutors in the past and never found them to be at all helpful or supportive. Her experience with Daniel has been the opposite. Daniel has really identified her weaknesses and strengths in math and found a way to strengthen her skills and self confidence. He has helped her to understand the strategies for solving math problems, and the underlying concepts.She has never felt judged or inferior when struggling with challenging math assignments. Daniel is always positive and has an amazing way of keeping a student on task without stressing or frustrating them. Our daughter avoided math in the past and saw herself as incapable of succeeding in this domain.Daniel has really allowed her to overcome her negativity and anxiety. She has done exceptionally well throughout High School in each level of math, and we attribute this to Daniel's skill and support. Daniel can be reached at dpmayeri [at] sheri

Last year, our daughter, worked with several math tutors for Geometry and Algebra. Larissa was successful in identifying how my daughter understands and learns math (weaknesses and strengths). She is lovely to work with and reasonable. We look forward to working with her (and her husband who also tutors math) this year with both girls (7th and 10th grades). Feel free to contact me at pmog42002 [at] for additional information and how to contact her. Marie

Sept 2010: Tutor for high school algebra & maybe statistics

Any recommendations for a good high school math tutor? Need someone who can help with Algebra 2 and possibly Statistics. Ilana

Our son had the pleasure of working with Alan Kaplan. 510.530.4012, off Park, in Oakland, near Highway 13. Alan's a very thoughtful and patient tutor who was able to pinpoint specific deficits and fill in the holes. Our kid truly enjoyed seeing him, never complained, in fact was motivated to go every week. He's a gifted tutor, very nice guy - highly recommend him. Everyone we know says the same. Lisa

For the parents looking for a math tutor, we've had Azul Lewis for the past three years. She's tutored both our kids in Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Chemistry. Calm, supportive, effective, Azul helped our son bring his Pre-Calculus grade up from a ''D'' to a ''B'' this last year. She can be reached at azullewis [at] or 704-8282. Kathe

Paul the Tutor (Paul Osborne) is a great math tutor. He also has a variety of tutors who work at his education center or will come to your house. He has a website and you can email him at paulthetutor [at] or call him at 510-381-2425. anonymous teacher

I can recommend a great math tutor who has just gone out on his own. Danny Botello tutored my son for his entire Junior in HS year last year. My son needed to push through a significant math phobia that had developed in geometry and Danny helped him through that. He helped him understand his homework and achieve excellent grades. Danny helped him prepare for the SATs and he did quite respectably in math which is not his strong suit. If you want to reach Danny his direct contact info is MathTutorDannyB [at]; (510)501-1927. His rates are reasonable with a reduction for payment in advance. I would gladly engage him again if my son has further math issues. Kate

I want to respond to the question about a Tutor for high school algebra & maybe statistics:

Lizette Greijbe helped our daughter with Precalculus, and her grade jumped from a C+ to an A! We always knew that she was a smart girl, yet her grades were just not showing it. We thought that she just didn't test well for some or other reason, since her homework went well. Now we know that she didn't understand the work on a deep enough level. She immediately reported ''feeling better'' about her Math the minute she started working with Lizette, and the results soon followed.

You can reach Lizette at 510-338-0103. (She also does Algebra2 and Calculus, but I don't know about Statistics.) I highly recommend her. G. Hoffmann

Jun 05 2010

Alan Kaplan is a wonderful math tutor and person. He helped our son prepare for the math SAT's, was extremely flexible, accommodating, thoughtful and effective (and responsive to us, as well). Our son did tremendously on the test (two times) - we attribute that to Alan's ability to figure out each kid he works with and inspire them. We know a few other kids who've worked with him who were all happy with their experiences, from CPS and Berkeley High. He's a great guy, and a great teacher located off Park Blvd, near CPS, 510.530.4012. We highly recommend him. Lisa

May 2010: Need math tutor for middle school girl

A friend of mine is asking about a math tutor for her daughter in middle school. She is especially interested in knowing of any female math tutors as a possible role model for her daughter. My daughter's tutor went off to college. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I highly recommend Linda Van De Wall (rivergirl2 [at] She tutored my daughter from 7th grade through high school and still occasionally assists my daughter in organizing papers for her community college classes. For math, Linda tutors through algebra 1 and geometry. She's worked as a resource teacher and does private tutoring from her home in north berkeley. She's flexible and makes herself available as needed for special projects in addition to regular tutoring times. Her rates are quite reasonable (though I'm not sure what they currently are). There were so many times when my daughter would start a session completely unfocused and uninterested and Linda was always able to engage her and get her moving in the right direction. Most important, Linda's interest in my daughter and her progress is genuine and not limited to her tutoring sessions. I guess the greatest testament to her is the fact that after more than 6 years of working together my daughter still calls Linda on her own whenever she needs help. jody

April 2010: Looking for math tutor for sophomore in College Prep School

We are looking for a math tutor for a sophomore at College Preparatory School. Someone who is familiar with CPS math curriculum and has experience in tutoring CPS student would be preferred. We're in upper rockridge area. Immediate availability is needed.

Highly recommend Compass Prep (based in Larkspur but uses a lot of UC Berkeley grad students who come to your house). (800) 620-6250 (415) 464-8600

My daughter struggled in math her four years at CPS. With Compass Prep tutoring, she not only got a 770 on the SAT math test, she aced the calculus final her senior year and got A in the class and a 5 on the AP Math exam. I wish we'd found them earlier.

The tutors (she had two or three different ones) didn't have any particular familiarity with the CPS curriculum, but each of them could look at whatever text or handouts were being used and quickly size up what was baffling my daughter and get her headed in the right direction.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. This is a class operation.

Good luck. Been there; done that

Feb 2010

My son is in his early 20's and although he is in college and doing well in a very experiental program, his math skills, which were never good, have deteriorated completely. Somewhere along the way he self-identified as ''bad at math.'' Although many people describe themselves this way, he freezes at the thought of measuring anything, figuring out 10% of a bill, the simplest and most elementary calculations that one must know to get along in life. I'm looking for someone who is not only a tutor but has some added skills to deal with the fear that's taken over his ability to conquer this situation! anon

Have you son checked for dyslexia, which can make math a total nightmare. I was well into my mid twenties before I realized that I have the condition. I could never understand why even though I clearly understood math concepts, that I always got the wrong answer. I thought that I was an idiot. Turns out that I tend to flip pairs of numbers. I'll read the number 68, and my brain will say 86, things like that. 68, wait no, 86 not 68, wait 68, yes 68

dear parent of mathphobe,

My 14 year old son has been working with a magical guy for over 6 months. While he was not a mathphobe, his rudimentary skills were completely insufficient, and we feared he would never be able to pass a high school exit exam.

David Plafker has turned his world around. He now gets As in math, can read a word problem and decode it into the math equations he needs to solve it, and is making it through 8th grade Algebra just fine. David is calm, caring and funny when needed, and my son has bonded with him such that he will work for far longer for David than he ever would for anyone else.

All that said, David will require a time commitment to make these kind of fundamental breakthroughs. He wants to see pupils twice weekly for 1.5-2 hours each session. He needs that length of time to get a student into each new competency, and it WORKS.

I can't recommend him highly enough. I would tell anyone who wanted his or her child, spouse, or anyone else to talk with him to see if he can help.

His contact info: David Plafker, 510.486.0693. His office is at 2550 9th Street in Berkeley.

No matter how inconvenient the time commitment or location may be for you, I would strongly recommend him!!!

good luck. - mom of a former math struggler

My kid did math with Leslie Bryan at Abelian Math for years. She's very gentle, very bright, and loves math. And she can communicate that love, explain why something is nifty. Do you think he'd be up for a weekly tutoring session? just something to get the concepts clear. I don't know for sure that this is something Leslie would do, but if she would I think it could really help. (You can find Abelian by googling.) laura

Feb 2010

Our Berkeley High sophomore is in need of tutoring in chemistry and geometry. We'd like her to have the support she needs in these areas as soon as possible before the semester is much further along. We're looking for tutors for each subject (unless we luck out and find one individual who can tutor in both areas). We're in North Berkeley (but can travel as needed) and she's available after school and on the weekends. Recommendations greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Two years ago my daughter used Rosie Ueng for Chemistry and Dominica Phetteplace for algebra 2 and was pleased with her results. Rosie is on Ellsworth, easily gotten to from BHS, at 510-649-3039. Dominica is on Piedmont near Julia Morgan Center, at 510-666-1088 or dominica [at] Jody

Feb 2010

To parents seeking a math tutor: I recommend Leba Morimoto, in El Cerrito. I have no incentive or reason to write this other than the wish to share a positive experience. My daughter, now 8 and in 3d grade, has been seeing Leba once a week for almost a year (started Spring 2009). Leba has shown a remarkable blend of creativity, flexibility, patience, and persistence in navigating the emotional and mental complexities which used to surround math for my daughter. Matthew

2009 Recommendations

Oct 2009: Tutor for both Physics and Calculus

My son is taking Physics and Calculus this year and is having a really hard time keeping up. He is usually a very good student, but this year has just been very difficult for him. Does anyone have recent experience with a tutor who is very ''professional'' and can teach both subjects? Concerned parent

Lizette Greybe (not sure of the spelling!) teaches both Calculus and Physics. She started helping our son with Calculus this year, but is now also doing Physics with him. She is excellent! Her number is 510-338-0103.
Had the same experience

My son, a senior in high school, loves the Bay Area Tutoring Center on Shattuck and Rose. Currently he is being tutored in physics and AP Stats. In previous years he has gone for Honors English, chemistry, and pre-calculus. He speaks highly of all of the tutors, and has referred many of his classmates there. I am a teacher myself, and have been really happy with his experience there.
Happy with Bay Area Tutoring Center

We used Connexion Tutoring last year for my son. He only needed a tutor for calculus but they also had tutors for physics. I don't know if Patrick McKenna is still available but he was excellent, patient, great at explaining, helped raised my son's grade from a C to an A. I think he could also tutor physics. The entire Connexion Tutoring operation was really efficient and we received a session report each week via email, something we had never had from a tutor before. Their website is

Chat Hull, Astronomy Department, UC Berkeley chat.hull [at]
He's amazing! He's a former high school teacher, has great rapport with teens, makes good use of the hour, and is encouraging and clear in his explanations. We used him as a physics tutor (AP Physics at BHS for my daughter after she got behind 2nd Semester and stopped understanding what was taught) -- he brought her up to speed in no time! I'm sure he can also tutor calculus. He came to our house in North Berkeley but was willing to meet at a coffee shop or wherever was convenient for us.
Mom of BHS Grad who did well on AP Exam

My child had the opportunity to work with a great tutor, Karen Street, who helped him to catch up and pass his AP Physics class. We were already into the second semester when we discovered that he had fallen behind and was receiving failing grades. She worked with him weekly to help him catch up with late homework, exams and extra credit projects. She evaluated his situation and developed a plan that helped him progress as quickly as possible with flexibility and lots of encouragement built in. My son, in turn, became motivated to catch up, learn and pass his class. I highly recommend Karen, who is also a former Berkeley High physics teacher. Her email: karen_street [at]

Oct 2009

Math tutor recommended: My sons both used a tutor named Karen Street while at Berkeley High School. As a former BHS teacher, she understands the curriculum. She is patient, kind and very methodical in her instruction. She also likes her students and often suggests math related activities they might want to check out. Her contact preference is email: karen_street [at]

April 2009

My daughter is in 11th grade at Berkeley High, taking a challenging course load, and has requested tutors in two of her classes. Not sure exactly what the issue is: content comprehension or study/test-taking skills, so someone who is able to address both would be ideal. And if there was someone who could tutor both subjects, that would be even better (but i realize probably pretty unlikely). In both cases, she hasn't made a great connection with the teacher, so outside support seems to be the answer. (i suppose the other answer is to have her back off on her schedule and take easier classes... but i think she actually DOES appreciate the rigor of each class, and also she has positive relationships with her peers in these classes, so i'd like to support her to stay at this advanced level. although i'm open to hearing feedback from parents who HAVE had their kids back off on course load) thanks in advance for your suggestions (both for tutors and on course load)! Hoping to connect with a great tutor (or two!)

I would like to recommend Lizette Greijbe, who is currently tutoring our daughter in honors Precalc (which I think is the same as Math Analysis). She relates to our daughter in an excellent way, and many laughs come out of the dining room, where they work. And in the mean time my daughter's understanding of the work has doubled. Lizette also definitely addresses both the subject content and study skills. She understands that both are necessary in order to succeed. You can reach her at (510)-338-0103. I would give her a try - I think she's worth it. PreCalc Mom

March 2009

I have a 7th grader who is struggling with math (math concepts, math facts, math everything...). She might understand the math itself, but not what she is doing or why. I am interested in math tutoring, as well as some over-the-summer help to get her ready for 8th grade. We also have a fourth grader who could use some math intervention as well. We are located in El Cerrito. ms

I would recommend Classroom Matters for your 7th grader for Math and they also have an excellent summer writing program for teens. Both my daughters have benefited trememdously from these offerings. Classroom Matters is located on Sacramento St in Berkeley-540-8646. Karen

I would love to recommend a wonderful math tutor in the East Bay (San Ramon, Danville, Alamo), who tutors students in middle school and high school. He is a high school math teacher, so he has great credentials. My daughter had him as a tutor when she was home sick, last year, for an extended period of time. He is a very nice person, easy to understand, and very thorough. I\xc2\x92m sure that your student will really like him! His name is JP Singh, and he can be reached at 925-785-2635. Kirsti

Jan 2009

I am looking for recommendations for a precalculus tutor for my 10th grader. We live in Montclair and I prefer someone who will come to our house. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Catherine

I highly recommend Lizette Greijbe! She is a wonderful tutor who helped our daughter through PreCalculus. We are so grateful to her! She will come to your house, and I even think that she lives in Montclair. Her number is (510)-338-0103. Gretha

Jan 2009

Looking for recommendations for a math tutor: someone who can help teen with fundamentals that they missed along the way. For an 8th grade girl. Thanks!

Hi, For those looking for tutoring assistance you may want to give a try. It has worked well for our family and tutoring is available from K-college ages. So far we have used their services for AP Calculus, Algebra/Trig and Chemistry, all successfully. Good luck. happy with tutor vista

Jan 2009

We are looking for a good AP Statistics tutor for our 12th grader. Noticed many math tutors posted does not seem to list AP stat. Help ! Worried Mom

I work for Aspire Education Project, a non-profit that provides tutoring, test prep services and after-school programming. We have several tutors who can tutor AP Statistics. For more information you can visit or call (510)658-7500 Noa

Our son had good experience, twice, with Tutorpedia, at - once with chemistry, during 11th grade, then with pre-calculus, at the end of 12th grade. For chemistry, he met with the tutor (an MIT graduate) once a week, for an hour or an hour+, for about 12 weeks. With that help, he was able to approach the subject calmly and confidently. He raised his grade from a C or C+ to a B.

For the pre-calculus course, he met with the same tutor three or four times in the two weeks before the final exam, and did extremely well on the final, although his grades in the course had been very up and down all during the school year. Marty

2008 Recommendations

Oct 2008

Does anyone have a recommendation for a tutor in Alameda for my 16 year old son for Algebra 2? I'm looking for some one who is not only a good tutor, but works well with a shy student. Concerned parent

If you are still looking for a tutor you should definitely try Classroom Matters on Sacramento Street. My son was very shy and adapted easily to this place. They do an awesome job of matching your child with the appropriate tutor. They are as much child advocates as they are a tutoring facility. My son is now flourishing in college, but when my daughter started to need help we called Classroom Matters again, and they did a great job of matching a tutor to her personality type, which is so much different than my son's. It is a great study environment which proved to be very motivating for my kids. Check out their website. Jan

May 2008

Re: High school math
We have recently discovered an excellent math tutor in Pleasant Hill, who has taught at our local high school. She knows the format of teaching for the current California texts and has adapted very well to teaching from our daughter's home schooling text, using the Saxon method. She has made a positive difference for our child, who is learning Algebra 1. She charges $60 per hour, and her name is Kellie Paredero. Her phone number is (925) 787-8747 , and her email is: kellieparedero [at] Vicki vichabra[at]

2007 Recommendations

Nov 2007

Can anyone recommend a good calculus tutor for a high school student. We live in the Oakland Hills near Berkeley. Thanks Doris

If you are looking for a great tutor, you should give Paul Osborne, Paul the Tutor, a call. He is expensive but excellent. He also has many contacts, so if he is not the right tutor for you, Paul can usually find the tutor who is. His number is (510) 301-5302. You can see more at where you can also send him an email. parent and teacher

Julia Clements is a wonderful tutor. You can call her at 655.2570. Best of Luck. Michelle

Nov 2007

I am looking for an experienced tutor for my 9 year old daughter. Primarily math but possibly language arts also. We are in Alameda and would prefer someone local who has experience with elementary school children. Also prefer someone who is a good listener and motivator -- my daughter has low self-esteem and does not think of herself as a good learner. Concerned Alameda parent

Sounds like my neighbor would be a perfect fit for your daughter! She is an experienced, credentialed teacher who has worked primarily with 4th and 5th graders. She's wonderful, great with kids, really talks their language and kids really seem to respond to her. She isn't teaching right now, because she has a baby so she tutors. She is also located in Alameda. Her contact info is: Phone # 510 847 0444. Email kelley.seltzer[at] Kerri

My good friend, Kelley Seltzer, lives in Alameda and has taught 4th and 5th graders for 7 years. She is currently staying home with her daughter and is tutoring students from home (she also tutored when she was teaching full time). I know all of her students love her and she does more than just go over homework with her students - she makes her sessions interesting and accommodates different learning styles. You can contact her at kelley.seltzer[at] or at 510-847-0444. Brooke

Call Suzie McLean, a recently retired 3rd-grade teacher, and Educational Therapist with lots of Making Math Real training. She's great: warm, experienced, and creative. 501-4159

Nov 2007

I'm looking for a 12th-grade Pre-Calculus tutor for my daughter. She'll need at least two hours a week from January through April/May, possibly more as she prepares for tests. I'd like the tutor to come to our home in Oakland (Lakeshore Area).

I would also recommend math and science tutor Debra Gipsman at 510-710-4781 ks

Oct 2007

Hello...We are looking for a tutor for our 11 year old (5th grade) son. Although a bright child, he seems to lack some motivation and confidence in his abilities. We, and his teacher, are concerned that he won't be ready academically for what is to come once he enters middle school next year. We would like referrals for a math and reading comprehension tutor who would come to our home. We think a male tutor would be a better fit for him; one who is sincere and warm, knows how to motivate a child (who might think he knows more than he does!), and possesses a sense of humor. Thanks in advance.

Check out The University of Learning in Walnut Creek: Active learning through hands-on activities. Small, personalized classes. Private tutoring available. Mariessa

Paul Osborne is a great, motivational tutor with quite the sense of humor. He is in Berkeley but does make home visits throughout the Bay area. He can be reached at 510-301-5302. onika

Oct 2007

I wish to highly recommend my son's math tutor, Will D'Ambruoso. He's focused, engaging and effective. He has taught high school math, specializes in SAT and ACT prep. He knows how to help your student really get math. His e-mail is dambruoso[at], home: 510-845-1274, cell:510-684-4620. Dana

Oct 2007

I am in need of finding a math tutor for my son. He is in elementary school and needs a lot of remedial assistance with number sense, basic concepts, and key operations. He has learning disabilities so the tutor needs to have a foundation in educational therapy or neuropsychology. We have tried the making math real route and at this juncture think a different approach may be more appropriate for him. Someone in or close to Berkeley is optimal, but more important is the right person who can connec with him yet be firm and disciplined. I know of some people, but interested in knowing who else is out there. Any suggestions? Anonymous

My wife and I highly recommend Pam Marquardt at Grasshopper Tutoring in Berkeley (Cedar and Shattuck) as an elementary-through middle school tutor. Our daughter (now in 5th grade) is dyslexic and has struggled in school. She has made dramatic progress in both reading and math with Pam's help. Note from my daughter: Hi my name is annie and Pam helps me with math. I have dyslexia. I met pam and I learnd how to live with it. If you go on the web site you will see me! Her website is NIck

You can't go wrong with David Freedman, who is a truly gifted teacher. Good luck. You can reach him at: derfree[at] happy with tutor

Leba Moramoto is a Learning Specialist who is not only a master at tutoring math- Making Math Real but is also very warm, friendly, calm, organized, supportive, fun, creative with learning challenges, and has a lovely studio in El Cerrito where she works with students. She was recommended by other professionals to me and I cannot say enough good things about our experience with her. In 6 months my daughter has gone from struggling to top of her class and more importantly, now has a strong sense of herself as GREAT at math... Leba's focus on self-esteem building as well as the academic skills is very evident and has made a huge difference in our family.

By the way, her gifts are not limited to tutoring math. She also tutors reading, writing, and organizational skills. She is an extraordinarily gifted tutor I recommend her most highly. Her number is 510-528-8224

I can give my child's math tuor a strong recommendation! Jon Hoffman is trained in Making Math Real techniques,and makes math FUN! My daughter really looks forward to her sessions with Jon. He tailors his approach to each child's individual needs and learning style and uses a structured, multisensory approach. It has made a huge difference for my daughter.

Sept 2007

my daughter, who is in third grade, would benefit from a math tutor who can show her that math is fun, while also teaching her the basics in a manner she can easily retain. she would prefer it be a woman who comes to our home in south berkeley. thanks. lola

I highly recommend A Perfect Match Tutoring Service! The Director has worked in education for years and truly cares about finding the best fit for your child. She will come to your home to meet you and your child in order to match your child with a compatible tutor. The tutors that work for A Perfect Match are highly qualified and go through a rigorous interview and background check process. To get started, visit or call 510-290-0208 or 650-704-6196. Kamila

Hi. Kumon is a great math/reading program that instills discipline and makes learning math simple and easy and builds tons of confidence. My sons have been in the program for three years and what a difference. Math is a positive in our household. The days of arguments and constant battles over ''numbers'' are over. Mom of Kumon Boys

I am writing to let you all know about a wonderful tutor who was instrumental in helping my daughter to understand the principals of Algebra 1, Algebra II, and Geometry. Her name is Erica Smith. She teaches math for students at all levels from Arithmetic to Math Analysis to Trigonometry. She also teaches Biology, Chemistry, English and History. Her humor, compassion and patience encouraged my daughter to want to do good in school and built her self confidence in a way that I will be forever grateful for. Erica has a way of taking a difficult subject and presenting it in a practical and enjoyable way. I Highly Recommend Erica Smith. Her e-mail address is riceandsmith[at] bonnie

I can recommend an excellent math tutor, trained in Making Math Real techniques. He truly makes math FUN by playing lots of games; he uses a multisensory approach that facilitates learning, tailored to each child's specific learning style. My daughter really enjoys her sessions and has made so much progress since she has been seeing him! His name is Jon Hoffman; his phone number is 333-4083. I realize that you are looking for a female tutor, but thought this recommendation mught be helpful. pleased parent

April 2007

I am looking for an 'inspiring' math/academics tutor for my middleschooler who has a hard time keeping up with school. Please let me know if anyone had any good experience on this. thx laura

In response to the request for a great middle school tutor, we have been working with Syretta Watkins. She graduated from Cal in December 2006 with a B.A. in Applied Mathematics and she is fantastic. She has alot of experience working with all ages. I really like her approach as she has the child do the work so she can see where the problem may be. She is really reasonable, really sweet and very comforting. I really like her approach. My 8th gradeer loves working with her. You can email her: swatkins[at] or phone: (408) 595-7865 Cindy M

Paul Osborne (Paul The Tutor) is a great tutor and works with lots of students from Piedmont. His office is actually on Piedmont Ave., though he does do some house calls as well. He is a great tutor. He charges $100/hr in his office and $125 to come to your house. He also has other tutors who work for him who are less expensive ($50-60/hr in the office and a bit more in your home) and whom he has trained. You can find out more or send him an email on his website or give him a cal at (510) 301-5302. I hope this helps, - - a Parent and a Teacher

Leba Morimoto is an outstanding math tutor - perceptive, positive, patient and a gifted teacher. She utilizes the ''Making Math Real'' technique, which is really an exceptional way of teaching math, empowering students who are struggling with retaining math facts, and giving students a deep understanding of how our number system works! Leba has over 10 years of experience as a math tutor. She may be reached at 528 8224 or lebasline[at] Anon

I can reccommend my father, who tutors math and science subjects. His name is JIm Scott and his phone is (510) 847-3948 or (510) 525-1759. He has worked with students from the Piedmont school district before. He lives in El Cerrito and tutors at his house. He has worked with several middle school math students recently. His rate is $40/hour for middle school students. His email is eurekajim[at] Sarah D

My daughter started tutoring when she went to Julia Morgan School for Girls. She is now a Freshman at Bishop O'Dowd; she primarily tutors middle and elementary school students. She works to help kids who are stuggling with Math to connect the dots... often times they are missing one important concept which makes going forward difficult. Some students find it helpful to work with someone else close to their own age. Call her if you are interested. Her fee is $15.00 per hour. Kate Drew (510 339-3787

March 2007

We are looking for a tutor for my son for AP Statistics, just until mid May(preferably in Berkeley). He has senioritis and this is the class jeopardizing his bright future! I see lots of Math teachers in the archives, but not all are comfortable with tutoring Stat.

My daughter had an excellent AP Stat tutor through Classroom Matters. Karen

Paul Osborne (Paul The Tutor) has a very wide range of subjects which he will tutor, including statistics along with all maths, sciences and some reading and writing work. His phone number is (510) 301-5302. There is more information up on his website (, and you can email him from there as well. teacher and parent

Jan 2007

Hi every one. I saw a lot of recommendation for Math tutors so I had to recommend my daughter's tutor. Her name is Melissa, very energetic and very smart. She has been tutoring my daughter since she was a freshman in high school. My daughter is a senior now. My daughter hated Math and now is loves it. Well Melissa knows all the math subjects and Statistic (the honor class) and it has been just great. I didnt have to look for a different tutor every year. If my daughter decides to go to a close by school I will still continue having Melissa tutoring her. Her rate is very reasonable and she is a UC Berkeley alumni. Her email is: radmelissa[at]

2006 Recommendations

Dec 2006

My daughter is a ''formerly'' very good math student taking Geometry in high school. She still likes math but is so disconnected from the teacher and her teaching style that she is just doing the minimum. She is open to tutoring - especially because she likes math and would like to have a better grasp and a more enjoyable experience. She prefers a youngish female tutor, our home or outside somewhere. Any recommendations?

Our son is currently taking geometry and had huge problems with the material early in the school year. His math teacher recommended a tutor named Michael Metzger who, I believe, is also a credentialed teacher. Our son started working with Michael in early October and we saw measurable improvements right away. Now, our son consistently scores in the mid 80's on tests and quizzes and is confident with the class and material. It is so nice to see our son happy again and confident in his abilities and capabilities. We highly recommend Michael. He can be reached at 510.499.5643 or metzgersf[at] Good luck
Head Royce Parent

Sept 2006

Hi, I am looking for a math tutor for my son who is currently at BHS in 11th grade. He struggles with math and is taking albegra 2B this semester.A college student or graduate in math with car would work best. once a week/hour. We live in north Berkeley. thanks for any recommedations you may have. mona

Crosby Burns, 949.584.4016. He is a very smart UCB student who helped my daughter. He will bike to your home. His rates are reasonable. Since my daughter just left for college we have not needed him this year. I hope he is still around. lyrinda

I highly recommend Paul Osborne, aka Paul the Tutor. He is tutoring my 10th grade son and also my 7th grade niece. He is great at connecting with kids, getting across the concepts so they really understand it, and even relating HS math to real life. You can check out his website at . My son thinks he's great! Lisa

Aug 23 2006 I highly, highly recommend Erika Smith. email: riceandsmith[at] My daughter is at AHS and was having severe problems with Algebra II. She has a moderate learning disability that affects her ability to read and take tests. Too late in the game I found Erika. After one quarter of tutoring, my daughter's grade went from a D to a B. She began to enjoy math. Erika not only knows math but is extremely patient and specializes in kids with learning disabilities Maria

Jul 03 2006 My daughter has been extremely happy with her algebra tutor, AARON MAZEL-GEE. With Aarons help, she has dramatically improved her math comprehension, and raised her grade from a B- to a solid A. Aaron has tutored all levels of math from 6th grade arithmetic to college level calculus. His teaching experience ranges from being a summer camp counselor, a swimming instructor, as well as being a math specialist in a private school. He is fun and dynamic, with a flare for relating to young people. My Daughter said: I was hesitant to work with a tutor, but Aaron is really cool. He makes math come alive for me. He has helped my daughter with SAT preparation as well as preparing for next years math course. We could not recommend him more highly. Aaron can be reached at amazelgee[at] Pat

July 2006

Paul Osborne, Paul The Tutor, is doing his School Readiness classes again this August. I have seen these classes do a wonderful job of getting students ready for math and science classes. Courses last one week, and he does a different course for each math level from pre- algebra to algebra 2 and for chemistry. He should have information about these classes on his website You can also reach him by email at paulthetutor[at] or by phone at 510.301.5302

June 2006

Can anyone recommend a fun, dynamic and competent math tutor for a soon-to-be 4th grader? Our son needs work on math concepts and multiple-step math problems. He very much needs to be inspired, so the personality of the tutor is key. He loves young adults and high school students, but he also loves older adults who are fun and have an easy repoire with kids. We couldn't find many postings on BPN for tutors at the elementary-school level. We live in Albany. Thanks very much

Hi, I would like to recommend my friend David Freedman. He is a great person and really good with kids. He has been teaching elementary school-age kids for years. Here is his website: His phone number is (510) 549-3506 and email is derfree[at] Good luck! nadja

If you're willing to drive your son to Alameda, I can recommend a GREAT math tutor: Michelle Liotsakis (510)769-6842. A former classroom teacher, Michelle has been working with my soon-to-be 5th grader since last August and my daughter loves working with her. I don't think my daughter will ever be a math major, but she no longer defines herself as someone who ''can't do'' math. Michelle tutors individually or in shared tutoring sessions if the students are at the same level. Plus, this August she's having Power Math Camp. Give her a call. As my daughter told a friend, ''Math is fun with Michelle!''

Jan 30 2006 Hello fellow parent I would like to recommend my daughter's tutor Melissa. She is very kind and understanding. She knows the subject well, and helped my daughter understands all the ''whys'' in Math. Now my daughter can solve math problems with very little difficulty. Melissa even spends time communicating with my daughter via email anytime she has a problem, which I think is super. Melissa lives in Albany and can meet you even on the weekends. Her email address is radmelissa[at] and her rate is $30 hr. Paulina

Jan 03 2006

I would like to enthusiastically recommend our math tutor, Leslie Bryan.

In eighth grade our kids were getting good grades in math but clearly did not understand math concepts. By teaching our kids to UNDERSTAND math concepts instead of just memorizing them, Leslie enabled one son to test into Geometry at one of the best high schools in the Bay Area and the other (already in High School) to be able to transfer math concepts to other subjects.

Leslie assesses learning styles, holds students to their highest standard, and is very helpful in coordinating with school teachers and helping us (the parents) assess what is working at school and what is not. She teaches study skills that apply to all subjects.

Her number at the Abelian Group Math School is 510 841- 0784


Earlier Recommendations

Dec 2005

Looking for a inspiring math tutor who can also help with general study skills and motivation for a bright, underachieving 16 y o boy.

Paul Osborne, Paul the Tutor, is a wonderfully inspiring tutor who specializes in students who need more than simple academic refreshing. He can connect with the most unmotivated and obstinate students, both as a hip young guy, and by teaching students how to approach school as a means for learning to think better. In the process Paul gives students a thorough understanding of their subject matter, and can turn around the most challenging student. As a teacher, I am privy to much of the work he does and successes he has. I recommend him to many parents, and hear similar praise from them. He has a website, You can reach him by phone at 510.301.5302. He specifically asked me not to post his e- mail address, but you can send him an e-mail from his website's contact page at Good Luck, Marta

Nov 09 2005

Leslie at Abelian math has been tutoring my daughter for two years now, and it has been a wonderful and productive experience, literally zero to trig. My kid has gone from math phobic to thinking of herself as a math geek. (''Maybe I'll major in math.'') Leslie is very good at finding a child's strengths and going from there. She is very clear on what needs to be learned, and doesn't ask for busywork. I couldn't recommend her more highly. She has an office down by Strawberry Creek -- you can hang out and have a yummy Zeste Cafe snack while you wait. Her number is 841-0784. laura

Sep 18 2005

If you need a math tutor, call Avi Shragai at 524-6454. He's an experienced and kind tutor, available for algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics. Avi is an advanced math student and senior at El Cerrito HS. $20/hour. Merry S.

Jun 15 2005

Aaron Mazel Gee has tutored my son Pablo, a freshman at Berkeley High since September 2004.

The whole experience has been very pleasant. Once a week Aaron would call to reconfirm the time and place and make sure it worked for everyone. Then when he would get together with Pablo, he would explain the math and help Pablo with his homework. Pablo was always happy to go and liked the way Aaron worked with him. The result has been very satisfying. Pablo has good grades and seems to understand what math is all about.

I recommend Aaron wholeheartedly. He is patient, fun, accommodating and knows how to talk to younger kids. Needless to say, he has a very advanced understanding of math as well as good teaching skills.

Sincerely, Catherine

Jun 10 2005

I would like to recommend an excellent math tutor, Aaron Mazel-Gee. He has helped my son a great deal to catch up and cope with his high school math analysis class. I feel that my son feels as ease with him because they are so close in age and Aaron never talks down to his students; Aaron is young enough to easily connect with the high school students he works with. Aside from being a great role model, he is very conscientious and dedicated. He is prepared to assist with students in high school math, advanced math and SAT. Contact Aaron at aaronmazelgee AT

May 27 2005

May 2005 - I'd like to recommend a wonderful math and physics tutor, Ankur Rupani. My daughter is a junior at ECHS and was at her wit's end last semester with both pre- calculus and physics. Ankur started with her in November and by the end of January, both her grades and her confidence had significantly improved. She's continued to work with him this semester in preparation for the SAT and feels well prepared for the test next weekend. In addition to private tutoring, Ankur plans to offer SAT courses as well beginning this summer. He's very patient and gentle - wonderful for the math phobic!. See his website or email him at ankur_rupani2000 AT Good Luck! Lori

Dec 2004 I am inspired to recommend Nick Baughman (510-548-9322)as a math tutor. He has mastered the science of tutoring students enrolled in Berkeley High Math classes. He prefers to work with small groups of 2-3 students rather than with individuals which means his hour and a half sessions are more reasonably priced. My son's grade in math analysis with Mr. Henri has improved markedly, so he is doing something right! Virginia

Sept 2004

I would like to recommend Jennifer Dillon as a very competent Math tutor. She worked with my Berkeley High student last year in Geometry, and she will be working with her again this year in Algebra II. Jen is able to tutor in all areas of Math, at multiple levels. My daughter enjoys working with her, and is now understanding almost everything in her homework. Jennifer Dillon can be reached at 845-6348. She lives within walking distance of Berkeley High. shelley

June 2004

I would like to update contact information for a fantastic math tutor. Brian has tutored my children in middle school Algebra and will be continuing to do so for Algebra in BHS. He is very engaging and manages to make math really cool. Brian Tucker has an MBA and has taught for a number of years, most recently teaching college level business and mathematics. He may be reached at 510-923-1078 and briantucker94612 AT Thank you. Karen

March 2004

If you are seeking a math tutor for your Middle School or High School student - look no further! Our son's wonderful tutor, Aaron Mazel-Gee is currently accepting new clients. Aaron, a Berkeley High School student (and former Camp Kee Tov counselor) who takes advanced math classes at CAL, has been tutoring our 7th grader for the past several months with great success - semester grade went from a C- to an A! To quote our son, ''He knows how to talk to kids and how to explain math concepts in ways that are, you know, not just numbers. Before I met him I was afraid that he would be this nerdy math guy, but he's not. He's a really cool guy and I like hanging out with him.'' Hey - can't get any better than that! You can contact Aaron at aaronmazelgee AT Tell him Susan sent you! susan