Posting a Review of Your Child's Tutor

If you are a parent subscriber on BPN, there are two ways you can recommend your child's tutor:

  1. Post a review to the tutor's profile page. Not all tutors have a profile page on BPN (see below) but if your tutor does, you can post a review to their page. Go to the tutor's profile page by searching for their name in the Search box at the top of any page on our site. If you are logged in to the BPN website as a parent subscriber, you'll see a 'Post a review' link on their page. Example

  2. Post a response to a current question. You can recommend your tutor if there is a current question from another BPN subscriber asking for tutor recommendations. To look for a current question you can respond to, check the weekly Teens newsletter.  Or view Parent Q&A: Current Questions. Most tutor requests appear in the section "Classes & Camps & Groups & Tutors." Reviews will appear on a relevant page such as Math Tutors

Which tutors have a profile page?

Tutors who have purchased a business subscription have a profile page on BPN. There are also a few tutors who have been recommended so many times on BPN over the years they have their own profile page.  Tutors can purchase a low-cost subscription to BPN as an individual ($35) which lets them post to the Tutor/Teacher Listing. But they also have the option to purchase a higher-cost business subscription, which has the added benefit of a profile page on BPN. For more information see Subscribing as a Tutor or Teacher.