About the Teens Newsletter

The Teens newsletter is one of five weekly newsletters mailed to BPN subscribers and contains information of interest to parents of teens, preteens, and young adults. 


What is included in the Teens newsletter?

The weekly Teens newsletter is a summary of new posts from the past week that have these characteristics:

  1. Announcements and Events where the author checked "teens" or "preteens" or "young adults" in the Ages category on their post.
  2. Questions from Parent Q&A where the author checked "Include in Parents of Teens Newsletter?" on the post
  3. Responses to questions that were included in a previous Teens newsletter.

Who can subscribe to the Teens newsletter?

All BPN subscribers can elect to receive the Teens newsletter. Instructions are on this page: How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from the newsletters?

How can I post to the Teens newsletter?

  • Parent subscribers:  Post a new question by clicking 'Post a message' on your account page or in the main menu of the website. When you post, check "Include in Parents of Teens Newsletter?"  to include your question in the next Teens newsletter.   You can respond to questions either directly from the newsletter, or on the Parent Q&A page, which is found under "Listings" in the main menu.  Parents can't post announcements or events (here's why.)

  • Community subscribers:  Post new announcements and events by clicking 'Post a message' on your account page or in the main menu of the website. When you post, check "teens" or "preteens" or "young adults" in the Ages category to include your post in the next Teens newsletter. Community subscribers can't respond to questions (here's why.)

Guidelines for posting Q&A about teenagers

We ask that you not give advice about teens or preteens or young adults unless you have parented a child that age.  When parents are asking for advice from peers, they are looking for responses from people who have been in a comparable situation. Advice from parents who do not have first-hand experience is less helpful.