Subscribing as a Medical, Therapy, or Consulting Practice

Subscribing to BPN as a Professional Practice

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What kinds of practices can subscribe to BPN?

You must offer services for children or parents and your business must be based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Examples of private practices that can purchase a business subscription to BPN (click a link below to view listing):

Please contact us if you aren't sure whether you should subscribe as a business. 

How do I subscribe?

Click 'subscribe' in the upper right corner. If you are already a BPN parent subscriber, log out of your parent account first, and go directly to the Subscribe page. Choose the Business subscription.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

The Business subscription is $250 per year.  

What are the benefits of subscribing?

  • profile page on our website that you can edit that contains information about your practice and a link to your own website. Your current posts will be displayed on your profile page. Clients of yours who subscribe to BPN can post reviews of you directly to your profile page.

  • You will be included in BPN's listings in the category for your business's type of activity. For example, see "Therapists."

  • Post an Announcement about your practice which will be published on the BPN website for 30 days in the listing you posted to.  You can publicize upcoming groups and workshops, availability in your practice, or general information about your programs and services. Posts are also displayed on your profile page.  New announcements are included in a weekly Announcements newsletter, which is emailed to all subscribers. Your post will also be included in the weekly newsletter for Parents of Teens if it is relevant for that age group.

 Also see How to Publicize Your Practice on BPN for community subscribers.

Can I post advice or articles on your website?

No, sorry. BPN is a forum for parents to share advice and reviews with each other. Therefore, professional advice is not accepted in the Parent Q&A listing.  As a business subscriber, you can post announcements about your services, and you can describe your approach and your services on your profile page. But you will not be able to post professional advice or articles on the BPN website. 

I am both a parent and a business owner

You may subscribe as a parent for free, and you will have access to the parent sections of the BPN website, including Parent Q&A, but you must post as a parent, not as a business, per BPN policy.  Parents are not allowed to ask for or post professional advice on BPN, only parent-to-parent advice based on their experience as a parent. If you would like to let parents know about your business, you will need to purchase a business subscription so you can post announcements -- parent subscribers don't have access to post these.

How to subscribe as both a business and a parent:

We recommend that you use two different email addresses for your business and parent accounts so you can keep your accounts separate. This way, you can still post anonymously as a parent, and have a username that does not identify you. Usernames for business accounts are either the business name or your full name. 

Nonprofit practices

Nonprofit, tax-exempt practices that do not charge any clients any fees for any of their services may subscribe as a free nonprofit here. Otherwise you must subscribe as a medical/therapy practice, paying the business rate. Please contact us if you are not sure which category to subscribe in. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Practices that also operate camps, classes, workshops or groups

If your practice operates a summer camp, classes, workshops or groups in addition to therapy for individuals, you must purchase a business subscription, not a camp/class subscription, even if you want to post only about your classes or camps.

  • A therapy practice that operates a summer camp must subscribe as a business in order to publicize the camp
  • A medical practice that offers childbirth classes must subscribe as a business in order to publicize classes