FAQ for Teen Subscribers & College Students

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Teenagers in middle school or high school

BPN offers free one-year subscriptions to local teenagers in middle school and high school who want to post about their babysitting or tutoring services. This subscription allows you to:
  • Post to the Childcare listing and read posts from parents looking for a babysitter (only BPN subscribers can view these).
  • Post to the Tutor listing where your post will be on our website for one year (available to the public).
  • Optionally receive any of the BPN newsletters mailed to subscribers.

How to subscribe as a Teen

When you fill out the form to subscribe, please provide the name of your school, and use "Short Description of Program or Service" to say how old you are and/or what grade you are in.  If you are homeschooled you can add that information here.  Your subscription will not be approved if we can't tell whether you qualify for a teen subscription from the information you give us on the subscribe form. 

Privacy concerns for teen subscribers

  • Subscribing to BPN: Your name, email, and other information you provide when you subscribe is not available to anyone but the BPN administrators. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

  • Posting to the Childcare Listing: Childcare postings can only be viewed by BPN subscribers who subscribed as a parent or as a nanny. These postings are not available to the public. 

  • Posting to the Tutor Listing: Posts from tutors are public on the BPN website. This means they can be viewed by anyone on the internet.  Occasionally tutors who post on BPN have received email from scammers.  Please see our FAQ about Tutor Scams

Subscribing to BPN after graduating high school

College students and teenagers who have graduated high school are not eligible for the free subscription.  If you are no longer in high school, you will need to purchase a subscription as a nanny or tutor. 

Exception: If you are looking for babysitting jobs only during winter or summer break while you are home from college, you may subscribe as a teen (free) to post about your availability during the break.

Local college students offering both childcare and tutoring

If you attend a local college or university, and you are offering both childcare and tutoring, you do not need to purchase these two subscriptions separately.  You may purchase just one subscription, and we'll give you access to post to both the childcare and tutor listings.  Please note on the subscription form that you are offering both services.