FAQ for Classes, Camps, Groups & Teams

Subscribing to BPN

Policies for Different Types of Programs


How-To for Subscribers

 Who can subscribe as a class or camp?

  • Classes & camps for kids
  • Classes specifically for parents or parents-to-be
  • Groups for kids such as choruses, scouts, and sports teams 


  1. In-person classes only (we do not accept posts about online classes)
  2. San Francisco Bay Area only, except overnight summer camps and boarding schools

How do I subscribe?

Click 'subscribe' in the upper right corner, or if you are already a BPN subscriber, go directly to the Subscribe page.

How much does it cost?

Programs operated by a city or a public school district may subscribe to BPN for free. For all other programs, the subscription fee is $35 - $250 per year, depending on the maximum number of participants you can accommodate at once. Smaller programs pay less than larger ones. Click here to view subscription fees.

What are the benefits of subscribing? 

  1. Post Announcements and Events to the BPN website, including upcoming classes, openings in your camps or classes, tours and open houses, parent education events such as lectures, kid-friendly events such as carnivals, and job openings at your facility. Posts are public on the BPN website for 30 days, after which you can post a new announcement. You can have more than one active post if they are about different programs. All new posts are included in the weekly Announcements newsletter, which is emailed to all subscribers.   (more info about posting announcements).

  2. The ability to edit your profile page on our website to add contact information, updated descriptions about your programs, and the like.  Parents who subscribe to BPN can post reviews of you directly to your profile page. 

  3. A special 'B' icon will be displayed next to your name in listings on our website to show that you are a BPN Community Subscriber.

  4. Access to BPN's Marketplace listing, where you can seek donated items and buy and sell used items from other BPN subscribers.

See also: "Is it worth it for me to purchase a subscription?"

Policies for Different Types of Programs

Classes and camps operated by a nonprofit

If camps and classes are the primary activity of your nonprofit, you are charged the same fees as all other camps and classes; see How much does it cost? above.

If your nonprofit operates classes or camps in addition to some other activity such as a museum or performance space, you might be able to subscribe as a nonprofit rather than a camp or class. Please see "Non-profits that operate a school, camp, tutoring, or classes" for more information.


  • City-run classes and summer programs may subscribe for free (see below).
  • Public school districts that operate classes & camps may subscribe for free (see below).
  • Camps or classes that are free for all participants: please contact us to arrange a reduced or free subscription.
  • Nonprofit cultural or religious classes that meet infrequently might be eligible for a reduced fee - see this page.
  • Nonprofit sports teams staffed by volunteers might be eligible for a reduced fee - see this page.

Classes & camps operated by a city or school district 

City-run and school district programs may subscribe to BPN for free.  However, to qualify for a free subscription, the camp or class must be operated and staffed exclusively by employees of the city or school district.  This means that if you teach a class in a city park or public school, you must still purchase a subscription that is based on your capacity unless you are an employee for the city of school district. 

Foundations and other non-profits that are associated with a particular school district are not considered to be a public school because their funding does not come from state and federal taxes, so these nonprofits must subscribe at the same levels as other nonprofit camps and classes. 

Classes & camps operated by a business or clinical practice

You must subscribe as a business rather than a class or camp if you provide additional services that are not classes or camps.


  • Tutoring centers that also offer classes for multiple students must subscribe as a business.
  • Clinical therapy practices that also operate a summer camp must subscribe as a business. 

For more information see Businesses that also operate camps or classes.

Classes and camps that do not have their own site

If you operate your program at someone else's site such as a school or park or performance venue, you must still subscribe as a class/camp. Your subscription fee is based on the capacity of your class or camp, even if the site qualifies as a free non-profit.


  • After-school classes at a public school that are not operated by the school itself, must subscribe as a class/camp based on the maximum capacity for the class
  • Art classes taught at a city park but not operated by the city must subscribe as a class/camp based on the maximum capacity for the class
  • Enrichment classes at a preschool that are not operated by the preschool itself, must subscribe as a class/camp based on the maximum capacity for the class

 How to update your Profile Page

Classes, camps, groups and teams that subscribe to BPN will have a profile page on our website that contains information about your program, parents' reviews of you, and links to any current announcements or events. (view example)  Your subscription entitles you to edit your profile page to add information about your  program. Some of the fields on your page, such as your name, can only be edited by BPN administrators. If this field needs to be corrected, please contact us.

  • Type of Program: Check one or more. Choices include Class, Day camp, Group, Other summer, Overnight camp.
  • Activity Type: Check one or more activities, such as Academic, Arts & Crafts, Sports, etc.
  • Ages: Indicate the ages that you accept for your program
  • About the Program:  Type in a brief description of your program. You can include session dates, cost, or any other information you'd like to display on your profile page.
  • Phone:  This field accepts any format for phone numbers. You can enter more than one phone number, or add text such as "email preferred" or "leave a message."
  • Email: Enter a full, valid email address. Parents will be able to click on this to send you an email.
  • Website:  Enter your school's website and it will be clickable.
  • City Where Camp or Class is Located: Enter the city where your business is located. Please do not select all the cities you serve - you will be able to indicate this on your postings, but we need the city where your site is on your profile page. If you have multiple sites in more than 3 Bay Area cities, scroll to the bottom and pick a region such as "East Bay Area" or "SF Bay Area" rather than clicking multiple cities.  If you are an out-of-town overnight summer camp, choose "Out of Area."
  • Capacity: Enter the maximum number of participants that can be enrolled in your program.
  • Languages: Check any languages that are spoken at your school.  Parents can search for this.
  • Affiliation: This lets parents search for specific type of programs, such as religious affiliations.

How to post about new sessions and openings

Post to the Announcements or Events listings.  See the "How to" section on About Announcements and Events for detailed instructions. Post an Event about a one-time activity such as a performance or an open house. Post an Announcement about upcoming camps or classes, or openings in your program.