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What kinds of non-profits can subscribe to BPN?

Non-profit organizations, colleges, and government agencies that want to post announcements about services for families, kids or parents can subscribe to BPN in the non-profit category.

Note: if you operate a K-12 school, classes, camps, or childcare you should instead subscribe in the schools/classes category.

Examples of non-profits: parent clubs, groups for kids, educational and recreational venues, regional parks, city and county agencies, libraries, churches, researchers at academic institutions. 

How do I subscribe?

Click 'subscribe' in the upper right corner, or if you are already a BPN subscriber, go directly to the Subscribe page.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

  • Ability to post to BPN's Announcements and Events listings.
  • Ability to edit your profile page.
  • Parents can post new unsolicited reviews of your business directly to your profile page.
  • New reviews of you that are posted in response to a question in the Advice forums can be linked to/from your profile page

How do I post about my organization?

Once your subscription is approved, you will be able to login on the BPN website and go to your account page.  There, you will see a link to edit your profile page, as well as a 'Post a Message' button that allows you to post an event or announcement.  All postings are reviewed by a moderator before they become public on the website.  You can unpublish your post at any time, and then post a new one.

  • Announcements remain on the BPN website for 30 days. New announcements posted during the past week are included by title in the weekly Announcements newsletter, with a link to the full posting. You can post multiple announcements as long as each one is about a different topic.
  • Events remain on the BPN website until the event date has passed. The weekly Announcements newsletter contains the titles of all events for the upcoming week, with links to the full postings. Up to 3 dates can be included on a single event posting, and multiple events can be posted as long as they are different.

For more information about posting to these listings, see About Announcements & Events

How is my post signed? 

All posts from organizations include your username, which BPN subscribers can click on to send you a message, and you are also required to include a Contact name plus email or phone on events and announcements, since your post is available to all website visitors whether BPN subscribers or not. We recommend that you use your business name as your username, since all posts include your username. See How to Change Your Password, Username or Email if you'd like to change your username.

How do I update my profile page?

When you are logged in, go to your profile page and click the Edit tab.  Or, go to your account page, find the "My Profile Page" section,  and click 'edit' next to the profile page you want to edit.  Note that some fields such as the name of your business can only be edited by BPN administrator. Please contact us if you need to change the name of your business.

  • About Your Business or Organization: Type in a short description of your school, which will appear in a shaded box at the top of your profile page.
  • Phone:  This field accepts any format for phone numbers. You can enter more than one phone number, or add text such as "email preferred" or "leave a message."
  • Email: Enter a full, valid email address. Parents will be able to click on this to send you an email.
  • Website:  Enter your website and it will be clickable.

Free vs. Fee-Based subscriptions for non-profits

The subscription fee for non-profits depends on whether parents or kids pay to access the services you provide.

Your non-profit subscription is free if you don't charge anyone anything to access any of your services. Examples include libraries, churches, research institutions, city agencies, volunteer organizations, and public schools.

Your non-profit subscription is not free if:

  • You charge tuition, such as a school, camp, or classes (your must subscribe as a school/camp/class, not a non-profit)
  • You collect an admission fee, even if some admissions are free
  • You charge parents or children for services, even if some of your services are free
  • You charge a membership fee for children or parents to access your services

Contact us if you are not sure whether your organization meets BPN's "free" definition.

Why does BPN charge non-profits to subscribe?

BPN is also a 501(c)(3) and our only income is from community subscriptions.  In order to meet our operating expenses while keeping subscriptions free for parents, we ask schools, organizations and businesses to purchase a subscription in exchange for publicizing their programs on BPN.  Our view is that if you stand to increase your income flow by posting on BPN, then you should be giving a little bit back to BPN by purchasing a subscription.  We try to charge community members a fair amount -- smaller organizations pay less, bigger organizations pay more, and organizations such as public libraries that do not charge for any services do not pay to subscribe and post.  These paid subscriptions keep BPN online for everyone to use and enjoy and benefit from.

Non-profits that operate a school, camp, classes, or childcare

  • If your nonprofit's main activity is operating a school, camp, classes, tutoring, childcare or any other type of program that enrolls children and is not free, then you must subscribe as a school/class/camp (not as a non-profit) on the subscription form.  Your subscription fee will be based on the capacity of your program - see the fee amounts on the subscription form

  • If your nonprofit's main activity is performances, museum activities, or other public education/entertainment activities and you also offer classes or camps as a side activity, then your subscription is the higher of:
  • If ALL your programs are free for ALL parents and kids (no one is charged anything for any of your activities)  and you have 501(c)(3) status, you may subscribe to BPN for free.  Subscribe as a free nonprofit.

Please contact us if you have any questions about what the subscription fee is for your program.

Non-profit sports teams and groups

Sports teams and groups that are nonprofits may subscribe as a fee-based non-profit ($50) if that results in a lower rate than the fee based on your capacity. You must meet all of the following to qualify for this discount:

  1. You have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  2. All coaches, instructors, and other staff are volunteers (no paid staff)
  3. The registration fee for the session or season does not exceed $350 for any participant

All other sports teams must purchase a subscription based on their capacity in the schools/classes/camps section.

Non-profit cultural or religious classes and groups

Classes that meet only a few hours a week in order to serve children of a particular cultural or religious background may be eligible for a reduced subscription fee. Typically these programs charge tuition by the semester or the year, and operate only on weekends or after school. Please Contact us to find out whether your program qualifies for a reduced fee.

Non-profits that offer both free and paid activities

If your non-profit charges an admission or membership fee, or charges a fee for classes, camps, or other activities, or suggests a donation to participate, you must purchase a BPN subscription even if some of your offerings are free. 

Researchers seeking to interview parents or children

BPN accepts announcements from researchers who are seeking parents or children to interview for their child-related or parenting-related research. Announcements can be posted in the category "Researchers & Reporters Seeking Parents/Kids" and remain published on our website for 30 days.  New announcements (posted in the past 10 days) are also included in the weekly newsletter that is mailed to all BPN subscribers. For information about how to subscribe and post announcements, see Research Queries on BPN.