Unsolicited Reviews

What is an unsolicited review?

An unsolicited review is a review that was not posted in response to another parent's query.  Most reviews on the BPN website are part of a Q&A discussion: one parent posts a question, other parents respond with advice and recommendations.  Unsolicited reviews can be posted directly to the profile page of the school or business. 

Unsolicited reviews that BPN accepts

  1. BPN accepts unsolicited reviews for schools and child-related businesses and programs that have a profile page on the BPN website.  This includes schools, preschools, daycares, camps, classes, pediatricians, pregnancy and childbirth services, and other child-related and parenting-related local businesses and organizations. 

  2. The school or business must have a profile page on our site. See Who is eligible for a profile page? 

  3. All reviews must follow BPN's Policies for Advice & Reviews. For example, reviews must reflect a parent's first-hand experience with the school or business. 

Unsolicited reviews that BPN does not accept

BPN does not accept negative unsolicited reviews, such as criticisms of a business or school.  Negative reviews are accepted only in Parent Q&A in response to a question. See BPN's negative review policy for more information.

Why BPN doesn't accept unsolicited reviews for everything

We used to allow "unsolicited" reviews in the newsletters just like Yelp does, but we stopped doing it about 10 years ago for everything except schools and childcare and other child-related businesses because 1) parents were posting about businesses that had offered them a discount in exchange for a good BPN review, 2) parents were threatening local businesses with bad reviews on BPN 3) businesses were posting reviews of themselves and not disclosing their relationship to the business.

We think that the reviews on BPN have more value for parents because reviews *can't* be posted at any time, but rather are part of a parent-to-parent conversation.