Subscription Fees for Schools, Classes, Camps, Daycares, & Other Groups

Yearly Subscription Rates

These subscription fees apply to all programs whether non-profit or for-profit that enroll multiple children or parents, with the exceptions noted below.

For most programs, the fee is based on your maximum capacity (not your enrollment). Capacity includes all programs and sites that you operate.  See How does BPN define "Capacity"? 

NOTE: Some programs pay $250 regardless of capacity, including boarding schools, overnight camps, and therapeutic/counseling programs. See Subscribing as a Class, Camp, Group or Team.

  • Licensed in-home daycares: $35 (small) or $75 (large)
  • $75/year for a capacity less than 25 (but see Exceptions below*)
  • $150/year for a capacity of 25-80 participants (but see Exceptions below*)
  • $250/year for a capacity of more than 80 participants, or one of the Exceptions below.
  • Free for public K-12 schools, city-operated programs, and some nonprofits

* Exceptions: The following types of programs are $250 per year regardless of capacity:  boarding schools, overnight camps, residency and travel programs, therapeutic, advising, and counseling programs, programs that have multiple sites or more than 8 paid staff, online programs with unlimited capacity.

What types of programs do these fees apply to?

Are there any exceptions to the fees?

  • Public schools and public charter schools, including other programs operated by school staff, such as after school programs = free
  • City-operated camps, classes, and childcare where all staff are city employees = free
  • Tax-exempt and publicly-funded agencies, organizations, and institutions that do not charge any fees or tuition for any of their programs for children or parents = free
  • Some nonprofit sports teams and groups that are staffed exclusively by volunteers may subscribe at a reduced rate. See Volunteer-run sports teams, clubs, and groups for more information.

Please contact us if you are unsure whether one of these exceptions applies to you.  We usually respond within 24 hours.​  

How does BPN define "Capacity"?

BPN's subscription fees are based on the total capacity of all activities you offer at all your sites, even if you only want to publicize some of your programs. The reason we do this is because we want to be fair about setting subscription fees so that smaller programs pay less than bigger programs. 

How to determine your capacity for the purpose of a BPN subscription fee:

  • Preschools, daycares, childcare centers:  The capacity on your state-issued facility license for all your sites and for all age groups, even if you enroll fewer children than you are licensed for.

  • Classes, camps, K-12 schools, teams, groups: The maximum number of participants that can be accommodated at your site(s) at the same time. 

  • Online programs: Since enrollment in online classes is not limited by the constraints of a physical site, BPN computes subscription fees as follows:  If your classes do not have a published maximum enrollment, your fee is $250 per year.  If you publish a maximum number of participants for each session, your fee is based on the maximum you can concurrently accommodate at any one time. See Yearly Fees above.

Please contact us if you are not sure what your subscription fee should be. We usually respond within 24 hours. 

If you have more than one site or operate more than one type of program

If you have more than one site, or you operate more than one type of program, you must subscribe all your sites and programs at the same time.*  BPN does not accept subscriptions for some sites or programs but not others.
This includes:
  • a preschool + a K-6 school on the same site or at different sites
  • a preschool that has multiple sites
  • a K-12 school during the academic year + camps in the summer
  • a museum that charges admission + offers classes (see this page for instructions)

* Exception: Regional and nation-wide organizations such as the YMCA may subscribe only the site(s) they are interested in publicizing.

Subscription fee options:

  1. Purchase one subscription for all your sites and programs, based on the total capacity. You will have one account on BPN that can be used to post about openings and events at all sites.  

  2. Subscribe each program separately, each with its own account and person in charge. This option is usually more expensive, since each program pays a fee based on its own capacity. But it is the best option if you want different people to manage the publicity for each program.  It also increases the number of posts you can have published at once since the max number of posts is account-based.

Why do you use capacity and not actual enrollment?

BPN uses capacity because we do not have the resources to track enrollment month to month or year to year for the thousands of schools, classes, camps, and preschools that subscribe to BPN.

We are a nonprofit, so we have tried to be fair setting the fees we charge -- smaller programs pay less than larger ones.  But actual enrollment varies over time for most programs due to many unpredictable factors. If we needed to adjust fees based on current enrollment, we'd have to hire additional staffing to contact each subscriber periodically to get current enrollment. Capacity on the other hand is limited by your physical site, which tends not to change very often. 

Do you confirm capacity?

In fairness to all paid subscribers, we do our best to verify the capacity for each new subscription. We ask for your capacity when you subscribe, and your capacity will be published on your profile page on the BPN website. 

  • For preschools, daycares, and after school programs, capacity is set by state law when your site is licensed, and BPN does verify your capacity in the state's database.  We periodically review existing subscriptions to check for changes in capacity.

  • For schools, classes and camps which do not have a published licensed capacity, we depend on subscribers to accurately self-report their capacity, but we also review new subscribers' websites to confirm their reported capacity, as well as announcements they post after subscribing.