FAQ for Daycares & Preschools

Subscribing your preschool or daycare to BPN

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 Who can subscribe as a daycare or preschool?

Preschools, daycares, childcare centers, and other programs that serve children 0- 5 years and that are licensed by the State of California's Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) can subscribe to BPN and post about their programs.  BPN does not accept subscriptions for unlicensed programs except for those that are exempt from licensing, such as city-run programs and preschools operated by a school district. For more information about childcare licensing, see About Licensing for Daycares & Preschools.

New sites that haven't received their license yet

If you are opening a new childcare facility, but your license has not yet been finalized by CCLD, you can still subscribe to BPN as long as you have been assigned a license number. This will let you you to begin publicizing your program on BPN before you open.

Forest schools and other outdoor programs for ages 0-5

As of 2016, CCLD has not addressed the issue of programs for preschoolers that are entirely outdoors, often called "forest schools." These programs do not have a physical site, so CCLD will not issue them a license. As their popularity has increased, many parents have enrolled their children in forest schools despite their not being licensed, which leaves these children without basic licensing protections such as background checks, CPR training, and adult-to-child ratios.  BPN has written to CCLD asking for a determination about forest schools, and we hope that a decision will be made soon, but in the meantime we cannot accept subscriptions from these programs or accept reviews of them from parents because they are not licensed. 

How do I subscribe?

Click 'subscribe' in the upper right corner, or if you are already a BPN parent subscriber, login and click this link: Subscribe.

What is the subscription fee?

Programs operated by a city or a public school district may subscribe to BPN for free. For all other programs, the subscription fee is based on the capacity on your CCLD site license. Smaller programs pay less than larger schools. You can view the range of subscription fees here: About Community Subscribers. On that page there is also information about how we define capacity, and how to subscribe if you have multiple sites or multiple programs.

Daycares & preschools that also operate camps

If your daycare or preschool operates a camp during summer or during holidays when your preschool isn't in session, your subscription includes the ability to post about your camp as long as the capacity on your license is maintained. 

Daycares & preschools that are part of a K-12 school

Your K-12 school and preschool must each subscribe separately, and each must pay a separate subscription fee based on their own capacity, even if both accounts will be managed by the same person. You can either subscribe both your school and preschool at the same time and pay the total fee for both, or you can subscribe one first, and then visit the subscribe page again to subscribe the other.  

Preschools and daycares have different criteria and eligibility on BPN from K-12 schools, such as licensing information, hours, and additional services offered. Therefore your school and preschool will each have their own profile page customized for the type of program. Preschools and schools often have different administrators, or different sites, or different enrollment criteria. Parents may enroll their child in the preschool but not in elementary school, or vice versa.  For all of these reasons, BPN considers a preschool operated by a school to be a separate program from the school, and your total subscription fee is based on this.

Please contact us if your school only includes only one or two grades, such as a preschool with a smaller K-1 component. In some cases you may be eligible for a smaller fee.

How do I post about openings in my program?

There are two ways to let parents know about openings in your preschool or daycare:

1. Click 'Post a Message' to post to Announcements if you have openings, or to Events if you have scheduled an open house, informational session, or scheduled tours. For detailed instructions, see How to Post an Announcement and How to Post an Event.

2. Edit your facility's profile page and check the "Has Openings" box at the top. "Currently Has Openings" will then be displayed at the top of your profile page and in all search results. Your program will be automatically included in the list of facilities with openings when parents click "View Daycares & Preschools with Openings".  You can use the "About our program" box to provide details about your current openings.  When you no longer have openings, un-check the "Has Openings" box and edit "About our program" if you need to.  

To see examples of how other daycares and preschools have posted about their openings,  View Daycares & Preschools with Openings and also see Events and Announcements.

How do I update my profile page?

You can edit the profile page for your daycare or preschool when you are logged in to the BPN website. There are two way to edit it:  1)  find your profile page on the BPN website and click the 'Edit' tab. 2) Go to your account page (click 'my account' in the upper right corner of any page) and scroll down to 'My Profile Page'.  Click the 'edit' link next to your profile page.

Note: Some of the fields on your page (such as program name, owner, city, license number, capacity) can only be edited by BPN administrators because they are related to your license. If a licensing-related field needs to be corrected, please contact us.

  • Has Openings:  Check this box if you currently have openings.  Your facility will be included in the list of Daycares and Preschools with Openings. Your page will also display "Has Openings" at the top, and parents can search on that.  You can write details about your openings in "About the Program."
  • About the Program: Type in a short description of your program, which will appear in a shaded box at the top of your page. Include information about what you offer, your program's philosophy, details about ages and hours, information about openings. 
  • Phone:  This field accepts any format for phone numbers. You can enter more than one phone number, or add text such as "email preferred" or "call before 9pm."
  • Email: Enter a full, valid email address. Parents will be able to click on this to send you an email.
  • Website:  If your program has a website, enter its URL (address) and it will be clickable.
  • Neighborhood: BPN does not store your street address for privacy reasons, but if you are located in a city that has commonly-used neighborhood names, you can indicate that here.  Examples: Richmond Annex, Montclair, Berkeley Hills
  • Monthly Cost:  You can enter your monthly tuition here if you like, to give parents an idea of what their costs will be.
  • Languages Spoken: Check any languages that are spoken at your facility.  Parents can search for this.
  • Ages Served : Enter the ages you accept, in months.  Parents can search programs for this.
  • Days and Hours:  Enter the usual days and hours for your program.  If you have different programs on different days, you can indicate this in "About the Program"
  • Affiliation: This lets parents search for specific type of programs, such as religious affiliations, co-ops, or educational philosophies such as Waldorf or Montessori.
  • Additional Services: Check any services that you offer such as meals, potty training, etc.  This helps parents identify the programs that will meet their needs.