How to Use & Edit Your Account

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How to View Your Account information

Click "my account" in the upper right corner of any page on BPN to go to your account page.  Your account page on BPN displays:

  • My Posts - Posts you've made to Marketplace, Childcare, and any other listings you have access to. Click the title to view the post. You can unpublish

  • My Reviews & Responses - responses you've posted in Parent Q&A, and any reviews you've posted to the profile pages of schools, preschools, camps, etc. 

  • My Profile Page - (Community Subscribers only) - a link to any profile pages you have access to for your business, school, daycare, etc.  Click 'edit' to update your profile page.

  • Tabs at the top:

    • Orders -  view community subscriptions you have purchased
    • Edit my account 
      • change your password
      • change your email address
      • change your username
      • change which newsletters you receive

How to change your password, user name or email address

Go to the 'Edit my account' tab and make the changes. Scroll down to save.   Note: Your account has a unique ID number that is not affected by changes to your email address or username.