Account vs. Profile


All BPN subscribers have an account. When you login to BPN, you are logging in to your user account.  Your account keeps track of all your posts and stores the basic information you provided when you subscribed, such as your user name, your email address, and which newsletters you subscribe to. Your account also specifies the type of subscription you have - parent, business, nanny, preschool, etc. - and which content you can access on BPN.

  • How to find your account page: click "my account" at the top of the BPN website when you are logged in
  • How to edit your account information: click 'Edit my account' on your account page



Schools and businesses have a "profile page" on BPN which is a permanent page on the website that contains information about the school or business, as well as reviews from BPN parents. All schools and businesses that have purchased a subscription have a profile page. Your profile is linked to your user account so you can edit it. Most local schools, camps, classes and other child-related businesses have a profile on BPN whether they subscribe or not. You'll see a little yellow 'B' next to the name of the ones that subscribe. View more information about profile pages.

  • How to find your profile page: if you subscribe, you'll see a link on your account page. Or, you can use the Search box to find it
  • How to edit your profile page: find your profile page and if you are logged in, you'll see an Edit tab