Subscribing as a Small Business

The subscription fee for most businesses is $250/year (see FAQ for Businesses). BPN offers a reduced subscription rate to certain types of small businesses that would like to announce their services for kids or parents. 

  1. Artists, authors, musicians, and children's performers: $35 or $75 (see FAQ for Performers)
  2. Individuals who teach or tutor specific subjects one-on-one: $75 (see FAQ for Tutors & Teachers
  3. Individuals offering personal services one-on-one such as doulas, organizers, photographers, or chefs:  $75 (Please contact us for information about how to subscribe.)

Note: Businesses that provide one-on-one advising, coaching, or counseling or meet BPN's definition of "private professional practices" must subscribe at the full rate of $250. 

What are the benefits of subscribing as a business?

  • Ability to post every 30 days to the Announcements and Events listings on our website for one year. These posts are available to the public. New posts are included in a weekly Announcements newsletter emailed to our subscribers.

  • profile page on our website that you can edit, that contains information about your business, a link to your own website, and any of your current announcements. Parents who subscribe to BPN can post reviews of you directly to your profile page.

  • You will be included in relevant listings on our website, such as "Doulas."   

  • Tutors and teachers: your business subscription also gives you access to post in the Tutor and Teacher Listing.

For more information about subscribing to BPN, see About Community Subscriptions. For more information about how to use your business subscription see How to Publicize Your Programs & Services on BPN