FAQ for Childcare Referral Agencies & Consultants

Childcare referral programs that serve Bay Area parents may subscribe under one of two categories:

  1. Free Nonprofit: Tax-exempt nonprofits that provide childcare referral services at no cost to parents and childcare providers. Examples: Bananas in Oakland, CocoKids in Contra Costa County.  Subscribe here (free).

  2. Business: This includes nanny placement agencies, au pair consultants, and similar services, whether online on in-person.  Subscribe here ($250)

Benefits of a childcare referral subscription:

  • Post monthly announcements under "for one year
  • Post family-friendly events such as open houses or carnivals 
  • Post to the Childcare listing under "Childcare referral services" 
  • Profile page on BPN's website for your business or organization

See "FAQ for Businesses" for information about how to subscribe, what the benefits are, and whether it is worth it for you to purchase a BPN subscription.  See also: How to Publicize your Business on BPN.