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We are seeking teens who are currently undergoing teeth straightening to participate in a market research study. Participants will earn a $75 Amazon gift card, plus whoever drives the teen will earn a $25 card! 90-minute small group workshops will be held in San Jose on July 24 & 25. Participants will also be asked to complete a brief (and fun...

UC Berkeley Department of Psychology: Adult Volunteers Needed for Brain Wave Study on ADHD

Researchers & Authors Seeking Parents/Kids
Ages: Young Adults, Adults
Purpose: To examine attention control dynamics in adults with ADHD using electroencephalography (EEG). Requirements: (1) Aged 18-40, (2) Suspicion of ADHD or prior diagnosis of ADHD. Involves: (1) Up to 3 visits (2-3 hours each, roughly 6-7 hours total) to UC Berkeley, (2) Cognitive/ educational assessments, interviews & brain wave (EEG) exams...

UCSF REST Study: Pregnant women needed for UCSF research study

Researchers & Authors Seeking Parents/Kids
Ages: Adults
Over 75% of pregnant women have problems sleeping. The REST study wants to change that. Eligible participants receive an evidence-based program to improve sleep and up to $60 in gift cards. No medication or in-person study visits required. If you’re interested in participating in this study, please visit our online survey to find out if you are ...
Wits’ End Parenting is looking for 3-4 families with strong-willed, “spirited” kids to serve as models for several parent education materials (video, audio, and written) we are developing. These materials will be featured in owner Rebecah Freeling's forthcoming book, Your Rules Are Dumb: How to Maintain Your Parental Authority While Creating a...