FAQ for Nannies & Sitters

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How can I find a job as a nanny or babysitter on Berkeley Parents Network?

  1. Subscribe to BPN as a nanny.  It is $35 for one year.
  2. Subscribe to BPN as a Teen if you are in middle school or high school. This subscription is free.

Once your subscription is approved, you will be able to post about your availability, and also read postings from parents who are looking for nannies and babysitters. 

What are the benefits of purchasing a subscription?

Your nanny subscription allows you to:

How do I subscribe?

Click 'subscribe' in the upper right corner of our website, or go directly to the subscribe page for nannies.  

BPN uses Paypal to pay for subscriptions, which automatically renew after one year. Please read Paying for a BPN Subscription for information about how this works. 

Do I need to subscribe if I only want to read postings from parents looking for a nanny?

Yes. You will need to subscribe if you want to view postings from parents who are looking for childcare. 

I am a parent who is offering childcare. Do I need to pay to subscribe?

Yes. If you want to use BPN to find childcare jobs, you need to subscribe as a nanny.

Can parents post reviews of me?

Yes, we accept reviews from parents that you have worked for if they are BPN subscribers. Nanny reviews are published on our website for 30 days, and they can be read by other subscribers who are looking for a nanny.

How do I post a message?

Once you are a subscriber, click 'Post a message' in the main menu on our website or go to your account page and click the Post button. Then click 'Nannies & Sitters Offering Care' and fill out the form.

Note you can also post to Marketplace. Posting to the other newsletters is restricted to parents only (for Q&A) or to schools and businesses (for Announcements.)

How often can I post?

Your post will be published for 30 days on the BPN website, and then you can post again.  Please do not post more than once in a 30 day period.

Is there a newsletter?

The weekly Childcare newsletter is mailed on Sunday and contains all new nanny postings received during the previous week. See About Childcare Postings for more info.

Is it OK to post messages for friends and family members who are also nannies?

No.  Your BPN account is for your posts alone.  It is not fair to the other nannies who have purchased subscriptions for your friends to post for free. They need to purchase their own subscription. Subscribers who violate this rule may lose their posting privileges.

Why don't nannies have a profile page with permanent reviews like daycares?

BPN permanently archives reviews only for businesses, organizations, and individuals who have a publicly available license such as a business license, daycare license, or other professional license.  If you are a business or organization that provides childcare referrals, you will have a profile page that parents can post reviews to, and also post to the Childcare listings. 

Postings from non-licensed individuals can be viewed by BPN subscribers only, and are published on the website for 30 days only.  Here is why:  1)  We want to protect the privacy of individuals who work in someone's home.  2) Licensed businesses tend to be in business for the long-term, and have more frequent openings,  so a parent searching for one of these businesses using archived reviews on the website is more likely to find a match.