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African Traditions

Re: Braiding for long, straight, thin hair (Jan. 2002)
I get my hair braided at African Traditions in Berkeley. It's right across the street from the BART station on Ashby/King (?). In order for the hair to stay for longer periods of time, she will need to add hair. I'm not sure how long it will stay, but she can call and inquire. The number is 848-5662. Lena

Albany Hair Salon

Re: Toddler daughter's first haircut (June 2003)
We love Rosalva at the Albany Hair Salon. 1174 Solano Ave in Albany. 525-5153. She's kind, patient and does a great job. She has cut my almost three year old son's hair several times and quite a few of our friends go to her, too. I got her name from this newsletter about five months ago. Maybe the haircut discussion isn't archived yet? Karen

Re: Toddler daughter's first haircut (June 2003)
Try Albany Hair Salon at the bottom of Solano, not far from Sweet Potatoes. Rosalva is wonderful with little ones, very kind and gentle. She does a great job too. Jackie

Re: Haircut for squirmy toddler (Dec 2002)
[After a bad experience at a kids' salon] I either take my son with me to get my hair cut, at Albany Hair Salon which is near Zari's on Solano, or I cut it myself with a set of clippers. Rose

Re: Haircut for squirmy toddler (Dec 2002)
I highly recommend Rosa at the Albany Hair Salon at the bottom of Solano Avenue across from the Albany Post Office. We have taken our son to her since he was a year old. She has two children of her own and she is very sweet and loving to the children in her shop. My Mom is a retired hair stylist and she says that Rosa gives her the best hair cut she has ever had in her life! You can contact Rosa for an appointment at 525-5153. Jeffrey

Amethyst Salon

Re: Stylist for wavy, frizzy hair in Oakland/Alameda (May 2004)
My husband has wavy hair - and he's especially particular about how it's cut. After much searching, he found Dee, the owner of Amethyst Salon, 2327 Blanding Ave. in Alameda. He won't go to anyone else. Dee has much experience; I believe she used to teach styling, and she does quite a bit of wedding business. Her number is 510-865-3090. --- Joyce


Re: Inexpensive Short style for long hair - Richmond (Jan. 2004)
I really like Anna, the proprieter of Anna's, located on the West side of San Pablo Avenue one block north of Solano in Albany. She is very careful and experienced, and inexpensive. She charges me $15-$16 for my short hair, and seems really good at syling short hair. I have short fine hair. My daughter, who has long, thick and curly hair, really liked a shorter layered haircut Anna gave her. Kay

Jennifer Archbold

Feb 2008 update: Florescence Hair Design 1700 Solano Ave. Suite C (entrance on Tulare) Berkeley, ca 94707

Re: Good Curly Hair Cut in East Bay (Jan. 2003)
I want to pass along information about a great hairdresser, Jennifer, who has been cutting and coloring my hair for a year now. She really understands the different textures of hair on one's head, working with that aspect, as well as your facial features, to design a cut that really works. What is also admirable is her exclusive use of non-toxic hair treatment products. For anyone environmentally sensitive, this may be a good place to check out. Her studio is located at 6th and Cedar in Berkeley. The phone message number is 527-6226. Nori

Re: Hair Stylist for Environmental Sensitivities (June 2002)
Jennifer Archbold is an excellent hair stylist who herself has chosen to work away from the conventional salons due to her own health concerns. I highly recommend her for your friend. She is located in West Berkeley at Cedar and 6th and her number is 510-527-6226. This is a cell phone so any message will be returned in a few days. Nori

B Salon

Beauty Center on Solano

Re: Good Cut Under $40 (June 2001)
I go to the Twins in back of the Beauty Center at the top of Solano. Margaret and Mary Craig. They are identical twins and are really a kick, and they do good hair too. Margaret's been cutting my hair for at least 5 or 6 years. She styles how I like it, talks to me about possibilities, tells me about new classes she's taken to learn different ways to style. I've never left there unhappy. (I'm 48, have straight, short, starting to grey hair and 2 cowlicks). Their number is 525-8946(TWIN). They take their twin-ness very seriously...they dress alike, down to hair ornaments , drive the same kind of car, etc. June

B.L. International

Re: Cheap but good haircuts for boys (April 2003)
I have been going to B.L. International for 20 years. My haircuts are around $13, I always give a small tip. B.L. does a really good job. He is independent and does children hair. He is located on the north side of University Avenue, below Sacramento across from Andronico's. He has 4 grade school sons himself and loves to talk about his son's tennis tournaments. B.L. is a super nice guy, family man and independent shop owner, so your business would support a worthy person. My sisters send their kids there, and my mom goes there as well. He can pretty much take care of the entire family. Tele 510 845 4631, no credit card. Appointments are best but he takes walk-ins as well. It's usually just him working but sometimes his wife helps out as well. Joe G

Boziki's Salon

Re: Thick Wavy Hair (Dec 2003)
Regarding your posting of 'difficult hair'. I have been seeing Mele at Boziki's salon in oakland and she is wonderful! I have very, very curly hair that loves to get tangled and Mele has been 'working her magic' on me for 5 years. Her number there is: (510) 601-8384 Jenny

Calm, A Salon

June 2005

I just found out that the person who has been cutting my hair, Eryn Harrison, has left the salon but they would not give me a forwarding number. This irks me somewhat as my husband would continue to be a client at the same salon with another stylist, but I am very attached to Eryn and feel somewhat strongarmed into a new ''recommended'' stylist. (Isn't this true of many people and their stylist relationship?) If anyone has Eryn's new number (on Piedmont Ave), please share! Many thanks... Anonymous

The new contact information for Eryn Harrison is as follows: Calm, A Salon 4315 Piedmont Avenue, suite 103-105 Oakland, CA 9461 (510) 601-5225 shop # as of 5/23/05 (510) 604-6042 cell# I believe her new salon does not open unti mid June or something like that. I am another person who is following her- she is really great! Andrea

The wonderful and talented Eryn Harrison can be found at:
Calm, A Salon 4315 Piedmont Avenue, suite 103-105 Oakland, CA 9461 (510) 601-5225 shop # opening June 15, 2005
Eryn is, as ever, a gifted stylist and incredibly nice. She's done my hair in the past, and I couldn't stand the idea of someone running into a dead end looking for her! Carrie

Comb and Scissors Barber Shop

Re: Inexpensive Haircut for a Man (Nov 2001)
I go to the little hole-in-the-wall barber shop on Bancroft called Comb and Scissors. It's in the passage by the Wells Fargo, down a set a basement stairs. Costs about 14 dollars. There's just one guy who works there and he always gives good cuts--just tell him not to cut it too short, since most of his business is the short hair frat-boy set. Good luck! -Mike (whose wife once told him--when we were living elsewhere--the person who cut your hair was an idiot--and boy was that comforting.) Michael

Scott Conover

Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
You could call my (and my mom's) stylist--his name is Scott Conover, and he has a salon in his own home, just off Park Boulevard in Oakland. He does good cuts, and the highlights are the best--ever. It is not cheap, so I don't go often enough--I think it is about $135 or so for both cut and color, depending on your hair & needs. He works on Saturdays, too, and evenings sometimes. His number is (510) 530-4559. Tell him Elizabeth B. recommended him, if he asks. Good luck!! Elizabeth

David Oliver Salon

Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
I too have very thick curly hair so I understand how hard it is to find someone good to cut your hair. I LOVE Sheryl at David Oliver salon in San Francisco. I live in the East Bay so it's not the most convenient but totally worth it. The cuts are expensive, $75 each, but I've been all over and haven't found anyone that handles my hair nearly as well. She also does a fantastic job with highlights. Rachel

Freda Dawana

Re: Where to Get a Good Layered Haircut for Straight Hair (Nov 2002)
For a great haircut (great layering job plus the works), try Freda Dawana at 510-652-5422, 5224 San Pablo Ave, Oakland. She is wonderful. camille


Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
I HIGHLY recommend my hairdresser Cindy Viola. She works at Elevations Salon on Bush St in San Francisco, and is WELL worth the trip into the city. I also have thick, curly, unruly hair that I fought against my entire life - until I met Cindy. She also has curly hair, and is just wonderful at cutting curly hair (my curly haired sister also goes to her.) One of the rare hairdressers who you can just sit in the chair and tell her to have a go at you - she will tell you if the style you're thinking of won't work with your hair and recommend something that will. Gives everyone the perfect haircut for THEM. She's about to go on maternity leave for eight weeks (will be back at the end of Sept or start of October,) and you might not be able to get in before she goes, but hold out! It is only with Cindy's help that I have finally come to accept and LOVE my curly hair. She's also fairly reasonably priced (esp for being in such a high end salon) I pay $62 a haircut, but would pay much much more to see her if I had to. -Elizabeth

Re: Haircut for Curly-haired teen (July 2003)
I have very curly hair myself and can empathsize with your daughter! I believe that it is very important to have some one cut this type of textured hair with some expertise. I found my stylist through a web site - naturally curly and from other curly girl recommendations. My stylist is Ron Lee and he cuts hair in SF at a salon called Elevation. He is pretty expensive (90 bucks) and booked up well in advance. Here's the web site for other recommendations curly girl


Escape Salon

Re: Hair stylist for cut and color (July 2003)
I highly recommend Inca Arechiga at Escape Salon in El Cerrito (easy to find on San Pablo Avenue) Inca has cut my hair for the past 5 years and I feel so lucky to have found her. I just sit down and let her do whatever she thinks, even a new style, and I am always happy with the result, get lots of compliments and the cut looks sharp and is managable for at least 4-6 weeks. She was recommended to me by a coworker and I know several people who see Inca regularly and are very happy. That coworker by the way told me that her husband sees Inca as well and loves it. Inca just opened her own salon in El Cerrito on 10835 San Pablo Avenue, which is easy to find with parking in the back. Her phone number is 234-7800 and you can tell her that Martina recommendet her. By the way, Inca is also one of those wonderful, warm, down to earth people who becomes your friend over the years and you always feel good leaving her salon. Finally, I've had to cancel a couple of times without the 24 hours notice and she never charged me for the lost time, because she is a mom herself and knows how things with your kids sometimes can get in the way of appointments. Her fees are around $40 for a cut. Best wishes, Martina

Allison Gardner Lafayette

Re: Hair colorist/stylist in WC/Lamorinda
I go to Allison Gardner in Lafayette. She does my blond highlights but am certain you would be pleased with any haircolor. She is really good. Allison Gardner TR Co 925 408-6481 mrsb

Gorgeous Healthy Hair

Re: Looking for someone to lock my hair (Nov 2002)
I go to Gorgeous Healthy Hair on Sacramento @ about Dwight Way in Berkeley. The owner Olivia (Cookie) Hunter started my locks almost 8 years ago and I still go for ''tune ups'' about every 2-3 months. She has beautiful locks herself and is a great loctician (she got my then 11 year old son's hair started after ''cheaper'' locticians failed twice). She usually charges about $75 to start locks (depends upon your head). Her phone mumber is 548-9429. Karen

Re: Teen wants dred locks (March 2002)
My 17 y. o. bi-racial son has been going to Olivia Hunter's shop, Gorgeous Healthy Hair, on Sacramento @ Dwight for several years now. She started his dreds and maintains them. His father has been going to her for several years for his dreds as well. Her clientele, as far as I can see, is African American. She does a nice job and charges about $60.00, more for trimming them, when it's needed.

Re: Teen wants dred locks (March 2002)
I go to Olivia Hunter, owner of Georgeous Healthy Hair - she started my locks for me almost 7 years ago and I continue to go to her to keep them well groomed. Her tiny shop is located on Sacramento @ Dwight in Berkeley (between the Homemade Cafe and Kuk Sool Won Karate). Her phone number is 548-9429. Olivia wears locks herself and has a dedicated following (she's better than Oh My Nappy Hair which also does locks and other natural African American styles). She also is amazing with other types of hairstyles worn by African-Americans (she can DO some hair!) - from braids to press and curl and perms - she does color too. She does ALOT of prom nights. I know she has done locks for all ethnicities - but of course it is MUCH harder for folks with straight hair to successfully lock their hair and it takes patience for anyone. Karen

Great Lengths

Re: Bringing Baby to Hair Cut (Feb 2003)
I go to a nice salon on College Ave in the Elmwood, called Great Lengths. I see a woman there named Alex who owns the place, does great hair, and loves kids. She's always happy to see my kids when I have to bring them along, and tries to make them confortable. She usually has pleasant music going, and rarely is there more than one other customer there at the same time. She's very tolerant and welcoming, and the salon is homey and comfortable. Not at all expensive, as these things go, either. Call Alex at 548-1588. A Mom

Hair Play

Re: Post-partum Style Disaster (April 2004)
I just got my hair cut at Hair Play, in SF, they have 2 locations there, by Erin. She was great! i gave a little idea of what i wanted and she just went to work. I have coworkers who went there as well and who have good clean, hip hair cuts. First timers get 20% off.

Hair Solano


Re: Teen wants dred locks (March 2002)
I see Danyale at Hairanoya on Piedmont Avenue. She's EXTREMELY reasonable and ONLY does natural hair (locks, twists, extensions, etc.) Her number is 547-5422, press 2 for her box... Rachael

Hairlines Pleasant Hill

March 2006

Re: Hair colorist/stylist in WC/Lamorinda
If you are not absoltuely set on staying in Walnut Creek,I have a great Hair Lady named Tammy who works at a place called Hairlines in Pleasant Hill on Gregory Lane. She is FABULOUS!!! I went to her for highlights in my mutli-colored blonde hair, as well as a new style of cut. The end result was amazing. She was able to take my 'idea' of how I wanted my hair and made it SO much better. This girl really knows her stuff. Plus, she is really sweet and friendly and I always walk out of there feeling like I've had a special day to myself. My mom (late 40's) and I (late 20's) both use her for cuts and highlights. I trust her completely with my hair. The phone number for Hairlines is (925) 280-1021- she's got her own line there, but I don't know it. The receptionist will forward your call on to her. Give her a try- you will not be disappointed! Jessica

Henry Alexander

Re: Hair stylist for cut and color (July 2003)
Shimako is a fabulous! stylist. She is located at the Henry Alexander Salon in Walnut Creed. Her number is 925-280-1651. I consider myself to have unideal hair--thick, coarse, much like tree bark. Shimako, however, gives me a stunning, manageable cut for which I always!! receive multiple compliments. As well, she cuts my husband's, daughter's, and son's hair, all of whom do not have tree bark hair. (I should issue the caveat that she doesn't usually cut children's or clients' childrens hair). But, she does a beautiful job on their hair. My husband is especially fussy about his lovely hair and feels that Shimako gives him the nicest cut he has ever had. Regarding Shimako's prices, I am not entirely sure of a price of a cut because I always have multiple processes--cut, color, conditioning, etc. I would guess that a cut from her is somewhere around $60. The salon can give you a better idea. One more item of note. Shimako cuts her own hair, which is just stunning; this, I think, is indicative of her talents. I have sent many friends to her, who have been thrilled with their cuts and color, and have seen her endorsed by other people on this website. She is also lovely to deal with. Tell her Danna sent you if us Hair Happy

Re: Good Curly Hair Cut in East Bay (Jan. 2003)
I go to Shimako at Henry Alexander in Walnut Creek--925-280-1651. I have wavy, thick hair with texture varying from smoothe to coarse. Shimako does a gorgeous job with my hair. She also does a friend of mine who has ''brillo pad'' hair, and her hair looks gorgeous from one of Shimako's cuts. As far as price, I imagine a cut is somewher between 50 and 60 dollars--I don't know exactly because I combine my cut with other procedures. She does amazing hair--cut, color, up-does, etc., and she is lovely to work with. She cuts her own hair, which is stunning, which I consider an endorsement as well. She is definitely worth any price and Walnut Creek is really just 7 minutes farther than Lafayette (where Shimako used to be). G Used to know many a bad hair day

Shelly Huey

Re: Where to Get a Good Layered Haircut for Straight Hair (Nov 2002)
I tried a bunch of haircutters in Berkeley in the last 3 years, and the first one which really managed to cut my hair well was Shelly Huey on 6208 Claremont Ave. (at College, close to Saveway), phone (510) 547 5519. She did layers and managed to give volume to my thin postpartum hair. She is very friendly accepted me dropping in 15 minutes before her shop closed. Price $17. Monday-Saturday closes at 7. Julia

Image Excellence Salon

March 2006

Re: Hair colorist/stylist in WC/Lamorinda
Highly recommend Image Excellence Salon in Lafayette, on Brown Ave. between Mt. Diablo Blvd and Hwy. 24. 925-284-8383 ann

Images Hair Salon

Re: Haircut for toddler in Alameda (Nov 2004)
Hi there - My hair stylist cuts my toddlers's hair and does a GREAT job. She gave him his very first haircut a few months ago (he's almost 3) and he loved it - so did we. She is patient, kind and loves kids. Her name is Lavon and she can be reached at (510) 749-4199. She is located at Images Hair Salon on Santa Clara, near Broadway, next to Kamakura. Give her a call for prices. Good Luck. Edna

Re: Stylist for wavy, frizzy hair in Oakland/Alameda (May 2004)
Lavon at Images Hair Salon on Santa Clara & Broadway (next to Kamakura Japanese Restaurant) cuts my hair. I have very thick, wavy Asian hair and she does a great job. Great personality as well. Call her for an appt - 510.749.4199 EA

Jaboh Hair Studio

Re: Good colorist who works Saturdays (Jan. 2004)
If you're willing to go into San Francisco, I highly recommend Tracie Thompson at Jaboh Hair Studio in Noe Valley. She works Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 7 and I rarely have trouble getting an appointment, even with very short notice. Her number is (415) 867-5750 and the address is 1515 Church, between 27th and Duncan. Tell her Lauren sent you! Lauren

Japan Center Beauty Clinic

Re: Japanese hair straightening? (Apr 2005)
I am definitely a convert to straightening. I started years ago with the regular process and it was okay....but then thermal reconditioning (the Japanese process) came along and my life changed. I paid $600 the first time at an upscale salon in SF....then discovered a wonderful person - Junya (pronounced Joonya) at the Japan Center Beauty Clinic. Yes, it's in SF again.....but worth the drive for the process which costs $280 and includes a haircut! It's a 6-hour process so be prepared for that, and call about 3 weeks to a month before you want to go. He is just as good as the $600 person. I go about every 8 months or so but could stretch it out even farther.....I kind of like the half and half look of curly roots and straight ends for a little while. The address is 1825 Post St, No. 109 and the phone number is 415.921.0135. Be sure to ask for the 6- hour straightening - I'm Japanese-language-challenged so can only be sure they're understanding which process I want by saying that. laurie

Johnson for Hair

Re: Cheap Haircut (Aug 2004)
Johnson for Hair - Johnson Fang, stylist 343 15th street (Webster, cross street) Oakland (510) 832-8848 $17 for a cut - spends alot of time and does a great job. Not a fancy place, a bit of a dive, but he is good. One chair, one guy operation. I have always paid alot for my haircuts, so I was skeptical when he was recommended to me, but I have loved both my cuts. Know four women who go to him and think he is great. Don't be put off by the decor. the2nibs

Lynn Johnson

Joseph Cozza Salon

Re: Post-partum Style Disaster (April 2004)
On the higher end, I see Christian at the Joseph Cozza Salon in SF (on the 5th floor of Gump's) about every 10 weeks or so for a FANTASTIC haircut that grows out wonderfully - the hallmark of an excellent haircut (and cutter!). The down side is that he charges $80 (yes, you read that right) for a cut, but one doesn't need to go every 6 weeks since the cuts grow out beautifully and look well-maintained long after the initial cut. (I got the most compliments on my cut almost 2 months after I saw him last!) So if you're willing to spend - and put up with what can be a somewhat snobby, diva- ish stylist - you will be very pleased and don't need to go all that often. A SAHM will not feel intmidated at that salon - it has all kinds of clients and all the staff are quite friendly. My colorist, Russel Thompson, is a wizard with color - if you're interested - and incredibly friendly to boot. My mother even travels from Sacramento to see both these guys every 8 weeks, they're that good! Worth the dough, even if you only go once...

Mika Salon

Re: Need hip haircut for long, curly hair (Oct 2004)
I have long curly hair that I sometimes blow dry straight and sometimes wear curly. I have found a great stylist who has mastered the art of the straight blow dry and also does excellent cuts and color. I think you intend to wear your hair curly. If you tell him that, he will cut it so that you have a manageable, stylish cut that enhances the curls. He just dyed my hair very dark brown. I was almost platinum blonde. I am SOOO happy with his work. I highly recommend him because in addition to being very talented, he also really listens to clients. He will not try to get you to do your hair how he wants but rather really wants to listen to your ideas and makes sure to do what YOU want. His name is John Robert and is at Mika Salon in Walnut Creek. 925-939-6452. If you'd like, you can tell him that Jackie referred you. jackie

Miller and Company

Re: Good colorist who works Saturdays (Jan. 2004)
Jeanne Miller - a hair colorist at Miller and Company in Montclair - is wonderful and works on Saturdays. Carol

Montclair Barber Shop

Re: Haircut for a 10-year-old boy (Feb 2005)
We are very happy with the boy's cut that our son gets from Anthony at the Montclair Barber Shop on Mountain Blvd. Anthony works on Saturdays and Mondays only, and his chair is the one closest to the door.

Re: Inexpensive Haircut for a Man (Nov 2001)
Montclair Barber Shop on Mountain Blvd. is about $15. They are open Tuesday through Saturday, and don't make appointments. The barbers and shop are out of an earlier period--they do a reasonable, standard hair-cut. Cynthia

Re: Inexpensive Haircut for a Man (Nov 2001)
Montclair Barber Shop gave my husband the worst haircut he's ever had in the 10 years we've been together. It was uneven, probably because the terse barber spent less than 10 minutes on him and failed to do a thorough job.

Moonshadow Salon

Mr. Pinkwhistle

Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
I have very very thick curly hair (Welsh / Irish type) and I go to Simon at Mr. Pinkwhistle in San Francisco on Bush street near Union Square. He is not cheap (I think he's up to $110 now for a haircut) but he's very good and I only have to go in every 8 months or so. They have a new colorist there as well who is supposed to be wonderful.

Re: Good colorist who works Saturdays (Jan. 2004)
Try Mr. Pinkwhistle in SF. They're open all day Saturday and are excellent. The people there all left Di Pietro Todd and started their own place. Robert is supposed to be a very good colorist and very conservative. Yotis is also very good. 415 989-PINK. Located at 580 Bush, S.F. across the st from the Sutter Stockton Garage.


Re: Looking for someone to lock my hair (Nov 2002)
I know just the person to lock your hair Moraa Mogucha, who has just done mine and my very active 9 year old daughter's hair. She has a very gentle way and works with well with children. She is extremely patient. We had a number of scheduling constraints but needed my daughter's hair done before her school picture and Moraa was quite flexible. Her prices are competitive and lower than many of the salons I had used in the past. Her method does not use grease and works well on dyed or gray hair (mine) When our hair was finished it looked really neat and stylish. Her business is called Nzurilocks. She can be reached at 798-8692 or emailed at nzurilocks AT yahoo DOT com. Deborah

On Salon-O

Re: Hair stylist for cut and color (July 2003)
I highly recommend Minoo Zabihi, owner of ''On Salon-O'' (lower Solano Ave., in Albany). We have been going to her for many years as do many of our friends. She is a wiz with all kinds of hair (we have one very curly and two very fine straight-haired heads in our family). Emily


Piedmont Hairport

Re: Haircutter for men near Piedmont Av (Aug 2003)
I recommend Amy at Piedmont Hairport (on Piedmont @ 41st). She's good, reasonably priced, and easy to book. The number is 923-9300. Janet

Oh My Nappy Hair

Re: 15-year-old wants dreads (August 2006)
My son wants dreads as well (he's African American, we're Caucasian.) We encouraged him to try braids first, because there's no going back without cutting the dreads completely off. Personally, I'd prefer he keep his beautiful long curls natural, but I remember all those nasty home perms my mother gave me (always just before school photo day) and am determined to let him set his own style. One other thing to be aware of is that dreads are not maintenance free. I recommend going to a salon that specializes in African American hair care. We go to Oh My Nappy Hair in Oakland. They're really good and don't mind teaching about hair care and maintenance as they're styling. Carol

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Salon & Day Spa

Re: Hair stylist for cut and color (July 2003)
Hi. I just got my hair cut and highlighted last week at a place my sister recommended to me in Walnut Creek. They're really good! Here's the info if you're interested.
Phoenix Salon & Day Spa 1613 N. Main Walnut Creek, Ca 94596 Phone: 925-943-4944 Tony-Cut ($55) Elizabeth-Color ($75-$85 full highlights)


Re: Toddler daughter's first haircut (June 2003)
We've taken our 2 toddlers to Ponytails in Lafayette for many haircuts (on Mt. Diablo Blvd.) and have been really happy with the results. angela

Re: Haircut for squirmy toddler (Dec 2002)
We love Pony Tails in Lafayette. They not only have the traditional chairs, but they have ponies that your child can sit on while they have their hair cut. They were great with my fussy son. Patty


Re: children's haircuts (May 2000)
I'd like to recommend a new place for children's haircuts. It is called Rascals and is located in El Cerrito on Stockton across from the 7-11 (a block east of Richmond), next to Laurel Brody's clinic. I've taken my daughter to several of the local haircutting places and I would defintely say Rascals is heads and shoulders above the rest (way, way better then Snippity Crickets!). They just opened a few months back so are still working out their schedule. For the most part they are open afternoons and all day Saturday. Call ahead to make an appointment or you can walk-in. Rachel, the owner, is very meticulous, quick and patient. Cost is $15 for kids. They do a special thing for first hair cuts (photo and hair wrapped all nice). And as a special treat she put my five year old daughter's hair up in a fancy do complete with cool butterfly clips. Allison

Re: children's haircuts (May 2000)
I want to second the recommendation for Rascals. Our son had been getting his hair cut at another kid's salon by a woman named D.J. When she went to work for Rascals, we followed her there. She's wonderful, and Rascals is great. Cbgord

Ratsamy's Beauty Salon

Re: Reasonably priced cut & color (Mar 2005)
I just gave the same recommendation earlier in this newsletter, but you might want to try Ratsamy of Ratsamy's Beauty Salon on University in Berkeley. I really like her cuts and color. I pay $15 for the cut and $40 for all over color. She really does a great job. anon

Re: Highlights & lowlights in Berkeley or WC (Mar 2005)
I can highly recommend Ratsamy of Ratsamy's Beauty Salon on University in Berkeley. She does great work and is very reasonably priced. I pay $40 for all over color. anon

Re: Partial highlights Rockridge/Elmwood (Sept. 2004
I would like to recomment Ratsamy for hair color and highlights. She has been doing my hair for a year and I am very happy with it and get many compliments. She has her own salon, Ratsamy at 1964 University near Milvia. Phone: 510-548- 8917. Ann

Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
Theere's a very good hair stylist on University near Milvia - her name is Ratsamy, and she has a tiny, one-woman shop called Ratsamy's Beauty Salon. She's cut my hair, my daughter's, my husband's (he's the real regular among us), my friend's (who's very particular about her hair), my friend's teenage son (who got a somewhat punky cut and color), and my 70+ year old mom's (who got a soft, flattering cut and color). Ratsamy is soft-spoken and friendly, will cut just an inch if you say ''just an inch'', and will try out new things if you ask. She's a real find. And at $15 a cut, a bargain as well. Color is more, of course, but still quite reasonable. The best bet for appointments on Saturday is to call in the morning and see what's free, and make your appointment then. 1964 University Avenue,Berkeley, 548-8917 We love her and want her to stay in business forever! Rachel

Riccar Salon

Re: Hair Stylist in La Morinda/WC (Mar 2005)
Rebecca Armstrong in Walnut Creek. She has very flexible hours and is very resonable. I have been going to her for over 5 years. She is great with color too.
Salon Riccar 1513 N. Main Street Walnut Creek,
(925) 899-6470 - Rebecca's direct number

Rebecca Armstrong is the most fabulous hairdresser in the East Bay! I've been following her from shop to shop for years, because you don't let go of a good thing. Her energy is amazing, prices are reasonable, her eye for making plumb faces look thin and the extra time she'll spend with you to educate you on how to do great, easy hairstyles for work/play make her invaluable. Also, she works nights, too, which makes life more convenient for me to find someone to do my hair at 7:00 pm when I get off work. I can't recommend her enough! carin

Robert Jensen Salon

Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
This is in response to the person who wanted a good hairdresser. I cannot rave enough about Shimako at the Robert Jensen salon in Lafayette. Everyone I know who goes to her seems to have ''difficult'' hair; I include my own hair in the difficult bunch. To that end, she is hugely talented with thin, thick, fine, coarse, etc. kind of hair, and, she does the most beautiful color/highlights that I have ever seen--very natural. That she cuts and colors her own hair, and the result is stunning, is a testament to her talent. Her number in Lafayette is: 925-284-2860. I love Transformed Hair

Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
Shimako at the Robert Jensen Salon in Lafayette is marvelous. She does beautiful and natural color as well as great haircuts. I have what I consider difficult hair as well and have sent no less than 6 friends to Shimako, all of whom gripe about their hair in one way or another, and who agree that Shimako does wonders with their hair. Shimako even cuts and colors her own hair which is fashion magazine perfect and is a testimony to her talents. She's really nice, too. The phone number is: 925-284-2860, and I believe the salon might be closed on weekends. Digging My Hair

Re: Nervous about getting color for the first time (May 2002)
I travel from No. Berkeley to Lafayette to go to Shimako at the Robert Jenson Salon (on Oak Hill Rd.) She is superlative--does fabulous cuts, color, etc. She also keeps a notebook of hairstyles and color should you need visual aids/input. I find her instincts about cut and color to be right on. While I have very little gray--a strand, here and there--she has been great about giving my medium brown hair some lighter brown highlights. Everywhere else I went I was given blonde highlights--I DID NOT WANT TO BE A BLONDE! She also uses excellent haircare products and gives a nice scalp massage when shampooing, rinsing, etc. She lovely to deal with as well. She does a stunning cut on her own hair which should speak to her skills, no? Good luck--if you go to her, tell her Danna recommended her. marquezfan

Re: Nervous about getting color for the first time (May 2002)
I highly recommend Martha Casteneda, at the Robert Jenson Salon in Lafayette. 999 Oak Hill Road, 925-284-2860. I have used her for several years. She also does several of my co-workers and friends hair. She is great in all aspects, cut, color, highlighting, straightening, etc. Ali

Rockridge Barber Shop

Re: Hairstylist for an 8yo girl (May 2005)
I highly recommend Marty at the Rockridge Barber Shop. My 6 y.o. daughter has been having her hair cut by him since she was 4, and he's been able to adapt to her changing needs, taking hair manageability and her requested style into account. Like your daughter, mine has lots of fine hair. Marty's shop has an ''old-fashioned'' barber look, and most of his customers seem to be adult men . . . but he is great with kids and clearly enjoys them! We come with hair already washed and his prices are very reasonable. We started taking our daughter to Marty after my husband's also wonderful experience with him, and now he's the family hair stylist. (Just be careful that if your kid asks about the history of the barber pole, she and you are prepared to hear the whole gory story . . . ). cld

Salon Marcello

Re: Hair color and style in Alameda or Oakland (Aug 2005)
I can strongly recommend Erica Ferreira at Salon Marcello in Alameda. (510) 523-7710. I have been seeing her for several years and she does a great job with both cuts and hilights. Her prices are quite reasonable. Monica

Sandra's Mane Affair

Re: Hair color and style in Alameda or Oakland (Aug 2005)
I have a wonderful hairstylist in Alameda who is absolutely fantastic and reasonable to boot! Her name is Sandra Roque, she is the proprietor of Sandra's Mane Affair located at 1906 Encinal Ave and her phone is 521-4552. Sandy has been in the business for more than 20 years and does a variety of services including precision hair cuts, perming and coloring. Her haircuts include shampoo and blowdry for one low price. She is very good about consulting with you about the style you want and will tell you if she thinks the style is not right for you if you ask for her opinion but she doesn't give unsolicited advice. She is very talented and works on men, women and children young and old. I personally don't have my hair colored so I can't give you advice about that but will go to her when the time comes. If you go, tell her you saw a recomendation for her on BPN and that Laura sent you! Laura

Shear Delight

Re: Make-up artist for wedding photos (June 2003)
I would like to recommend Sonia Rodriguez. She's in Alameda at the Shear Delight Salon (510) 814-3940. She does it all, hair, nails, pedicures and make-up. She's worked on many professional ball players as well the Raiderettes (for their calendar shoots). She's VERY reasonable and does make house calls. Give her a call. Silvia

Shine Forth Hair Salon

Re: Stylist for wavy, frizzy hair in Oakland/Alameda (May 2004)
Rebecca Beardsley has a hair salon (Shine Forth Hair Salon, 841-8573) in Oakland near the Alameda tube. She recently gave me a new and fabulous cut after I damaged my hair with coloring. She takes into consideration the quality of hair and the needs of her client in making the best fit. I've gone to her for years and always get complimentts on my cuts. (And I'm told this new cut makes me look younger, too) And she is lovely to work with. Lynn

Solano Hair Design

Re: stylist who does a great job cutting short hair (May 2003)
I highly recommend Vicki Tam at Solano Hair Design. I have been going to her for many years. In my opinion, she meets all of your criteria: good cutter, good colorist, reasonably priced. Burr

Re: stylist who does a great job cutting short hair (May 2003)
I (and my parents) have been very happy with Timmy Tam, of Solano Hair Designs, in Berkeley. Phone:(510)525-7070 Sarah

Spank Salon

Re: Hair color and style in Alameda or Oakland (Aug 2005)
My haircutter is amazing and I am stunned that he isn't in some hot salon in SF. His name is Robert and he works at Spank salon in Alameda. It's a small salon on Encinal next door to Jay's Cafe. I can go 8-10 weeks between haircuts and I get compliments on my hair constantly. I have to say that he is super fabulous and has a BIG personality and since I don't know you, you have to figure out if that works with your own vibe. Sometimes a big part of finding the right stylist is finding someone that fits with your personality. His phone number is: 521-5946

Studio One

Suburbia Hair Studio Walnut Creek

May 2006

Re: Hair colorist/stylist in WC/Lamorinda
I have an excellent colorist in Walnut Creek named Nancy Reavis. She is with Suburia Hair Studio on North Main Street. She is fabulous, quick, fun to talk to, and most importantly, great at color and highlights. For styling and haircuts I would recommend Stacey Lewis, also with Suburbia. The number is 925- 939-4782. Prices are at the going rate, slightly cheaper than what I paid in SF. Happy with Hair

Suite 102

Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
I've been going to Dora of Suite 102 for several years. She specializes in curly hair, and everyone else I've referred to her also loves her. She works at 5044 Woodminster Lane in Oakland (off of the Joaquin Miller Rd. exit from Hwy. 13). Her phone number is 482-8181. Please tell her Lee referred you. Lee

Re: Good Curly Hair Cut in East Bay (Jan. 2003)
I've been going to Dora at Suite 102 in Montclair for a little over a year as she was recommended to me as a ''specialist'' for curly hair. I've been very pleased and the prices are reasonable. The address is 6201 Antioch (above the frame store) and the phone number is 339-8181. Please tell her that Lee sent you! Lee

Susanna's Hair & Beauty

Re: Middle-aged guy with a ponytail (Dec 2003)
Susanna's Hair & Beauty (510) 644-0649 1935 Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA $11 for basic haircut She does good styles that grow out nicely. She is the best. Jenne

Tommy Cuts

Re: Inexpensive Short style for long hair - Richmond (Jan. 2004)
You didn't say whether your hair is straight or curly. I have a truely fabulous and unbelievably cheap recommendation IF your hair is straight. For curly hair I'd say they are good for the price. TOMMY CUTS on San Pablo Ave. at Barrett. They sort of take people more as walk-ins than appt. sometimes no wait, sometimes a long wait. When there is a wait it seems Tommy (the owner) prefers to take the men and his wife and the other women tend to take the women, but I think you should politely INSIST on seeing Tommy (you may have to insist.) He is artistic and has a great eye for style. He utterly refused to give my 5 y.o. ''salad bowl'' bangs, and did a sort of trendy but very tasteful for her age haircut for $10, and everyone thought I had brought her along with me to Festoon or somewhere high-end. He looks at the shape of your hair on head, etc. I was pleased with my $13 haircut there but much more pleased at Festoon (much more $)with the styling of my difficult baby-fine yet curly hair. My husband also goes to Tommy (strait hair again)and it is his favorite. The women there are good stylists also but in my opinion Tommy is better. Chris

Topps Salon

Re: Top-notch East Bay hair salon (March 2002)
I've gone to Topps Salon in Jack London Square in Oakland for years. The owner, Suzanne Van Houten does a particularly good job on hair, but I've also had my hair cut, permed, colored, etc. from the other stylists. Topps has a great friendly, yet professional feel. Their number is: 893-2587 Lydia


Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
Hi. I'd like to recommend my friend's salon, Ultimo on College Avenue in Rockridge. Kim has cut my hair for almost 7 years now and she does an excellent job. Her skills as a colorist are quite wonderful. I always get compliments on my hair and lots of ''Who cuts/colors your hair?'' The price for a wash and a haircut is $40.00. She works with men and women. She's available Tues-Saturday. She's quite flexible on scheduling. I've been able to walk in and get a haircut without an appointment fairly easily. The phone number for Kim at Ultimo is 655-6441. If you go, tell her that Beth sent you. Beth

Re: Nervous about getting color for the first time (May 2002)
Hi. I highly recommend my friend Kim Acala at Ultimo Salon on College Ave. She's great! Excellent colorist and stylist. She's very open to your suggestions and makes suggestions if you ask her. S he's great with all types of hair and has saved me from a bad self induced dye job. You couldn't tell anything bad had been done to my hair when she finished. That is a sign of a great colorist my friends. Her prices and the salon's prices are quite reasonable. Her hours are great and you should give her a call. 655-6441. Tell her Beth sent you. You won't be disappointed Beth

University Hair Care

Re: Baby's First Haircut (Sept 1999)
For children's haircuts, I recommend Daisy Reynado at University Hair Care (in the Andronico's shopping center on University Ave. in Berkeley). I think she charges about $10-$12. She is wonderful with children. The phone number there is 845-6752. I have tried numerous places, and overall, she has done the best job with my children's haircuts. Sarah

Utopia Salon

Re: Thermal Reconditioning (Feb. 2003)
I don't know about the east bay, but I do know that someone at Utopia Salon in San Francisco either knows thermal reconditioning or is about to learn. I don't think there are many stylists around yet who can do this, so it might be worth a phone call to get more info. The stylist who told me about this is named Michael; he's not the one who can do the reconditioning, but he told me that someone at the salon was learning it.
Utopia Salon 415-392-3311 33 Grant Ave, 2nd Floor San Francisco

Vidal Sassoon

Re: Cheap Haircut (Aug 2004)
Vidal Sassoon offers cheap cuts $16/color $15-$25/highlights $25-$30 (perms free) at their school (359 Sutter near Stockton in SF). Free consultations every Thursday at 6pm. They'll ask you what you're looking for and make an appointment for you to return for the service (usually during weekday mornings, sometimes on the weekends). If you're open to something new, chances are you'll get the instructor--who's excellent. If you know what you want, they'll probably assign you to one of the students who are certified stylists completing their advanced training. My friends and I have always gotten excellent cuts there, and many compliments. shedragon

Wally's Barber Shop

Re: Baby's First Haircut (Dec 1996)
My son's first haircut was done at a classic barbershop in El Cerrito on San Pablo at Potrero called Wally's. Wally (complete with a tattoo on big forearms) will give your child the latest in the Beaver Cleaver genre of haircuts and REALLY FAST! then he gives your newly scalped child a certificate stating that he has graduated from babydom, he gives you locks of hair in an envelope and of course he allows you to take pictures during the 95 second haircut (which is how i managed to let Wally cut so much of baby's hair, he really is fast with that comb and scissors). Then he won't allow you to pay, if it truly is the first haircut, but i'm sure a tip is appreciated. Dorothy\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t

We Are Hair

Re: Highlights & lowlights in Berkeley or WC (Mar 2005)
I can recommend anyone at We Are Hair, 3319 Lakeshore Avenue near Lake Merritt in Oakland, (510) 893-5255. I last saw JaeMe in early March, and she was great (also ask her about her children's book she just had published). Everyone there is prompt, efficient, and friendly. They don't have a receptionist there all the time, so if you get an answering machine, leave a message and someone will call you back. Lori

Yoko's Hair Classics

Re: Haircut for a 10-year-old boy (Feb 2005)
If you're willing to go through the *other* tunnel :), try Yoko at Yoko's Hair Classics in Alameda (in the Marina Village Shopping center, near the Webster Tube). She's just a few doors down from Albertson's, and gives great 'classic boy' cuts. I think it's only about $12 these days, too. Jennie

Re: Haircut for toddler in Alameda (Nov 2004)
I have taken my son to Yoko at Yoko's Hair Classics in Marina Village since his first haircut 2 1/2 years ago (at age 2). She is very, very good. She does a phenomenal job getting the hair cut with a child, who's attention is, of course, everywhere. She even did a lovely job with the ''Mommy Crying at Kid's First Haircut'' thing--gave me some locks in an envelope to keep. I recently needed to get my son's hair cut fairly quickly, and Yoko couldn't fit us in, so I went across to the new Hair Masters--and was terrified that my son was going to get his ear cut! Big difference, and made me appreciate Yoko even more. Jennie

Your Hair

Re: Hairdresser for Asian hair (May 2004)
After years of the same, old straight hair I decided to let my hairdresser, Julia come up with a new style for me. I\\222ve been happy with my new layered cut because I can just \\221get up and go\\222 without putting any hair product on it. Or, I can quickly add hair gel to it if I am going somewhere special. Julia used to own a hair salon in Albany but has now set up a salon out of her house. Her salon is called Your Hair and she can be reached at (510) 525-2585. Her price is very reasonable - $15.

Z and S studio

Re: Good Curly Hair Cut in East Bay (Jan. 2003)
I am have gone for years to Susan Bailey at Z and S studio (Shattuck and Univerisity, phone: #548-0707). She does a great job with my curly hair and also sees many of my friends and family members (several of whom are curly). Another big plus: the price is very reasonable ($25 I think). Peggy
Editor Note: as of Jan 2006 Susan Bailey now works independently in 2 different salons in Berkeley. She can be reached for appts at 472-1006.

Zippy's Hair Salon

Re: Hairdresser for Asian hair (May 2004)
I have been going to Naomi who owns Zippy's Hair Salon in SF. She has two assistants, one male assistant who also cuts hair and does a fine job as well. I don't know his name though. They are Japanese and I think do a wonerful job providing up to date hairstyles. I have been going to her for the past 4 years. I moved out of state for two years and have since returned and she still does a great job. Most, if not all of her clientele is Asian. Her shop is located on Sacramento Street in the Laurel Heights district. I live in Alameda and do not mind making the effort to drive to San Francisco to get a hair cut. She charges $50.00 for a cut. Since she is the only one there, it is often difficult to get an appointment. Sometimes, it takes about a month or so before I can get in, unless I make an appointment after a haircut. Good luck. Mai