Baby's First Haircut

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September 1999

What do folks recommend for Junior's first hair cut? He's beginning to look like a Wild Thing but it seems absurd to pay for cutting such a little head. Still, I hesitate to take the scissors to him myself. Do folks really pay for this? Is there a book I can read on how to cut hair? Is a Flowbee really the answer? McTorr Re: Baby's First Haircut (Sept 1999)

Recommendations received:

  • Hair Solano
  • The Powder Box Albany
  • University Hair Care Berkeley
    December 1996

    Recommendations received:

  • Snippety Crickets
  • Wally's Barber Shop

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    A friend gave my daughter her first haircut and did a beautiful job. My friend taught herself and said she used a book called How to Cut Your Children's Hair at Home. She said it was easy to order. I don't have the author's name. I still haven't found any salon that I've paid who has done as good a job. One other tip my hairdresser gave me was to buy a really good pair of scissors. I bought mine from Rockridge Beauty (I think that's what it's called--it was such a long time ago--on College Avenue in Berkeley) for $10 or so. They are sharp and pointy, so you have to choose your haircutting times carefully. Usually it worked for me to try it when my kids are sleepy and sort of dazed and not too fussy. Sometimes I have to cut it again over the next couple of days. It helps my kids to offer a treat for being patient and not squirmy like some of the salons do (stickers, candy, etc.). Good luck, Denise