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RE: First Haircut ()

We took our kid to Snips in Rockridge for his first cut around 18 months (we had doing them ourselves, badly, before that). I would recommend them lukewarmly. It’s overpriced for a mediocre haircut, but it’s a great envie for kids - lots of toys in the waiting area, tv with cartoons while they’re in the seat, and stylists who are used to freaked out/squirrely kids. That said, I’ll be interested to see what replies you get!

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Nov 2007

Re: Kids Haircut near Rockridge?
I enthusiastically recommend Snips on College Ave. My son, who cried through his first haircut elsewhere, actually told me he had a ''good great time'' at Snips. They were fast, efficient, and the atmosphere was fun without being chaotic. And they really listened to what we wanted (not too short, no buzzing near the ears) and had us in and out in less than 20 minutes. Happy Mom

Check out Snips on College, near the library. Dan
I do not recommend Snips. They seem fun, with videos and toys and lollipops, but I question their hygiene. My daughter had her hair cut there, which necessitated wetting it with spray. Fine, she is watching Nemo and all is good. But when finished, the stylist pulled a brush out of a drawer, fired up the hairdryer, and gave her a blowout without asking first. I didn't like the noise of the blowdryer, but moreso I was concerned about the hairbrush - hair isn't washed there like at an adult salon, so who knows how many kids' hair was on that brush. My daughter's preschool had a lice scare a month ago so maybe I am sensitive to it. My daughter never got lice, but there she was getting her hair brushed, who knows how many kids would have come after her. I know combs go into that blue stuff but the brush thing freaked me out.

So if you go there make sure combs only. Otherwise the haircut was not terrible. Cool Tops was good once, bad twice. We didn't have a good experience at Snippity Crickets on Solano either but I know a lot of parents like it there.

My child is not the best client either which has probably not helped but I never knew anyone could be so picky about trimming split ends until you see it done badly. Repeatedly. Accidental Kids Haircut Snob

Re: Haircut for African-American Boy's hair (Feb 2005)
We highly recommend Lee at Snips in Rockridge / 5335 College Ave / 547-7277. He's absolutely the best children's stylist we've found anywhere in the Bay area. And our son admires him - he's black, he's the owner, and he's a major character. Book ahead - Lee is usually busy on weekends, before holidays, etc.
Re: Haircut for African-American Boy's hair (Feb 2005)
Snips (haircutting place for kids) on College Ave. in the Rockridge district is a great place for getting your child's hair cut; the owner, Lee, is an Afro-Americian and is very experienced. If you get there early the Rockridge Public Library could be an extra bonus for you & your child! Get my hair cut there
Re: Hair Salon for 2yr old twin boys (May 2004)
Hi, We've had good luck at Snips on College Ave. It caters to small children, they have lots of toys to occupy curious hands and they have monitors at each station and will show Disney videos if that works for you. The stylist (Debbie) who cuts my 2yr old daughters hair is very patient (our problem isn't being too active, she is hesitant and doesn't want to get in the chair, etc.). Last time we were there, another sylist was doing cuts for 2 small boys and it seemed to go very smoothly. Worth a try I think. The cost was reasonable ($18 maybe?). Good luck! -Kristie
Re: Toddler daughter's first haircut (June 2003)
Try ''Snips''on College in Rockridge. Fast, excellent haircut for my 4 y.o. boy with a helium balloon and toy afterward. They just added small video screens at each chair which helped keep him from squirming. Sharon
Re: Haircut for squirmy toddler (Dec 2002)
Debbie at Snips (in Rockridge) did a great job on my toddler's hair (while I tried to minimize his squirming). The second time he sat perfectly still! Ben
Re: Haircut for squirmy toddler (Dec 2002)
I have taken my son (when he was between 1 and 2 years old -- he's 2 now) to two places -- Snips on College and Snippety Crickets on Solano. Both have lots of toys to try to distract a toddler. Snips was very good both times I went there. My son was squirmy and increasingly upset through both hair cuts, and they did a very good job cutting quickly and accurately, all the while trying to distract him with fun toys. They also gave him a little toy to take home and a balloon. I'd recommend Snips highly, but you need to make your appointment at least a week in advance. Susanna
Re: Haircut for squirmy toddler (Dec 2002)
We live in Oakland and had tried several places. Snips was inconsisent in the quality of haircuts--it depended on the person. We also had trouble getting appointments. [But after a bad experience at another salon] we've gone back to Snips again.