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Tricky hair, thick with hidden waves

March 2009

After leaving my expensive stylist (haircut over $100) in SF, I have been experimenting with stylists in Berkeley and Oakland with very little luck. I have highlighted hair, very thick with LOTS of hidden wave, which I wear 2-3 inches below my ears, usually in a modified bob of sorts. I have thick bangs which have to be cut very carefully (texturized but not cut too short) or they wing out like Farrah Fawcett circa 1976. Does anyone have a recommendation for a stylist who is good with very tricky hair with strong cowlicks and waves? It would be a plus if they are also good with color and highlighting. This person needs to be a good listener and be careful but not fearful. My last cut was OK but too conservative; I'd like to look updated but don't need to look edgy. Need a change

Mele Alberta is the hair stylist for you. She is quite talented and has been an hair stylist for many years. She has the ability to discern what works and specializes in color and highlighting as well as wavy hair. She has cut my hair and styled it and I'm very happy with her. She listens to what you want and doesn't push what she wants. She's at Jau Jou Studio at 3351 Grand Ave., Oakland. Her number is 510-208-3449 and her cell number is 510-387-5154. Good luck. Ronna
I have wavy hair that can be curly on a good day and awful otherwise unless properly cut. For 10 years I have been going to Elvia Bacuyani, who used to be at Ulee, then Topps, and now is the owner of Skye Salon on Piedmont Avenue. She has wavy/curly hair and has always known what to do with mine. She is phenomenal with color and her salon features Bumble and Bumble, yum. Skye Salon is 4385 Piedmont Ave (near Pleasant Valley) 595-7593. The salon is peaceful and relaxing and has a great back garden you can relax in while your color is working..... Elizabeth
I recommend Diana Simon . I like my hipster haircut which she figured out for me. I've got a lot of waves in my hair too. She is great at color. Diana Simon SIMON SAYS HAIR SALON 933A Central Avenue, Alameda, CA (510) 387-7815 Alameda, CA 04501
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You might like Gail at Circle Salon in North Berkeley. She has been cutting and highlighting my thick curly hair for 10 years and does a great job. Call her at 510-691-2052. Sharyn
Priscilla at Coiffure Hut (behind La Cocina Mexican & Orchid Siam restaurants, next to Orinda Vet, across from the Orinda Library) has been a great stylist for my family with thick hair. I just saw her today and she's currently offering $13 haircuts (!) in light of the economy. She's very friendly and listens to what you want. The salon is on the older side but we're there for the haircut and not for a fancy salon, hence, the great prices. I'm not sure if she does highlighting but you can ask. Priscilla's phone number is (925) 254-3373. Julie
I highly recommend the Darin David Salon on Solano in Albany. Darin, the owner, is extremely energetic and acommodating. He has many years of experience and his salon is clean and the prices are pretty reasonable. Besides this, his salon is a one stop shop for other beauty services. Marcella

Hair and color expert for thick hair

Feb 2009

I have thick hair that is going grey/white. I currently highlight it. I really need a hairdresser that is skilled at cutting/styling thick hair and applying color. I have had so many color disasters because my grey hair does not follow the rules. It is very susceptable to going red/pink even when the colorist insists they are putting a neutral color on. I am hoping to find someone in West Contra Costa who is fairly reasonably prices. Thanks! Andi

I have very thick hair and I recommend Kipp, the owner of Maru , 1400 Shattuck, at Rose St. (510) 549-3610 He has given me very easy care, shoulder length, layered cuts. Book well in advance. kl
Too bad you don't want to go to Oakland. There's a terrific color person there who really knows color. A friend of mine with the thickest hair in the world swears by her: Z at Natural Expressions Salon. Susan
I have very, very thick hair. So thick that every stylist I've ever been to has always told me it's the thickest they've ever seen and strangers on the street have commented on it. For years now I've been going to Matt Dixon at Jaujou Studio on Grand Ave. Contact info and prices are listed on the stylists page on their website:

He has also colored my greying hair and does a fantastic job. He's the first stylist I've ever had that said I could have the long hair I've always wanted (everyone else said only short styles work with thick hair). He does this cut called a ''disconnect'' where he cuts a hidden shorter layer which helps keep my just past shoulder length hair from feeling and looking heavy. anon

I highly recommend my hair stylist at Panache on College 843-3255 my stylists name is Leana. She does a wonderful job on my sort of curly/frizzy thick hair. Have tried several stylists from high end places to mid and by far have gotten the best service and results with Leana.She is very meticulous and listens to what I want. In addition I just recently took my young daughter who has very thick long hair (and dreads getting her hair trimmed b/c she has had some hairstylists that were not gentle). After her shampoo and trim she exclaimed ''I want to go there again!!'' (to the 'beauty parlor') (after having to convince her to go!)--and I didn't pay the same fee as for an adult cut. curly girl

Hairstylist for Super-Thick Wavey Hair

Jan 2007

I'm looking for a stylist who works well with Super-Thick, Course, Wavey Hair (preferably in the East Bay). I've found recommendations on BPN for sytlists who are great with thick curly hair, but they haven't worked for me. Without removing some of the thickness, the styles just look bushy. Thanks. Medusa

I would try Ruby at ''Eclipxe '' in Berkeley on MLK. She is wonderful. (510) 649-9131. K
I highly recommend Susanne (pronounced Susannah) at Moonshadow Salon on Ashby just off of College, in the Elmwood section. I also have Super Thick Wavey long hair, and she's just amazing - I've never had a cut that is this beautiful and easy to manage. She is, by far, the best stylist I've ever been to! And she's sweet, she taught me how to address some scalp issues I'd been having, and she gives delicious head massages when she's washing my hair. I found her under recommendations for Panache on the BPN but she's since moved to Moonshadow. She charges about $45. finally happy with my STW hair!
My hair is also thick and curly-I recently had a haircut at Elixir on Hopkins by Mareya-she thinned it wonderfully, and it was a great haircut. She really knows what she is doing. I think her price is $60 now. mae
I like Kiki and Regina at Keter Salon on 4th Street. If you don't mind driving over to the Grand Lake vicinity, I recommend Dawn at Weeds Salon. I have the same hair, and I have been on a similar quest for years, so I look forward to seeing the responses you get. Beware of anyone who suggests a ''lion's mane'' concept! Jeanine

Stylist for thick, curly hair

June 2005

Can anyone recommend a patient hair dresser who really knows how to work with thick curly hair? I am looking for someone who is style conscious and able to come up with suggestions that would work specifically for me. I would love to find someone who is also very good with hair color. Anon


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