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  • Hairdresser for short hair

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    Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany areas) who charges a reasonable price for a haircut?  I need someone who knows how to cut short hair for women (as in a short bob or pixie type of short cut).

    We really love going to Vika Salon on Sacramento - Virginia is great!

    Hey, I am also on the hunt for a reasonably priced hairdresser.
    Lola saloon seems ok (60$), but they have insane waiting periods and charge you if you have to change your appointment a month ahead.  
    Others were either very bad and cost 25$ or wonderful and cost 100$. So if you learn of anything I would love to know!

    Adam Wayne! At Marquee Salon on 40th in Temescal (near Telegraph, Not cheap but definitely quality and I can usually go a couple months between cuts

    I love my hair stylist Melanie Shapiro who runs Charm School in Emeryville ( Over the past 20 years she has guided me through several hair styles from short to long.

    I go to Marianne at Cuttin' Up on College (near Trader Joe's). About 5 blocks from Rockridge BART. She shares a shop with her son. They both know what they are doing, particularly with short hair. 510 652 1889 Good luck. IIRC she charges between 60 & 80.

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Good Hair Stylist for Short Hair?

Jan 2009

Hi, We are new to the area (Piedmont) and looking for a salon with good stylists, esp. someone who can handle short, wavy, thick hair. My haircut needs some time and attention - I usually pick an Aveda salon b/c their stylists are well-trained and often talented. Can anyonne suggest a salon in the Berkeley/Oakland area? Short Hair

I recommend two great stylists that are located at the top of Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. I have known both for many years and they both are extremely talented, artistic and pay great attention to detail. At some point they were at the same salon and now each have their own. Victor has been my stylist for over 25 years. When he lived in Hawaii for a few years, I discovered Tatyana, and have known her for more than 10 years. She continues to cut the hair of my two daughters. They each listen to what you'd like and are wonderful to work with. Tatyana Ptashkina 510-531-5925 - 4315 Piedmont Ave. Victor Wu 510-428-2885 - 4283 Piedmont Ave. They are both great.

Hello I have a great stylist by the name of Pam! She is located in North Oakland off Telegraph. She isn't overly priced like other stylist. She takes the time to answer questions related to your hair. She does cuts,colors,trims,styles, and perms at a great price.She is very friendly and enjoys what she does! kay

Cut for Short Hair

May 2003

Can someone recommend a stylist in Berkeley or Oakland who does a great job cutting short hair? If they're also a good colorist, that would be a big plus. And the ultimate would be someone who is affordable. Thanks! sgallin

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