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Jan 2007

Re: Hairstylist for Super-Thick Wavey Hair
I like Kiki and Regina at Keter Salon on 4th Street. If you don't mind driving over to the Grand Lake vicinity, I recommend Dawn at Weeds Salon. I have the same hair, and I have been on a similar quest for years, so I look forward to seeing the responses you get. Beware of anyone who suggests a ''lion's mane'' concept! Jeanine

May 2006

Looking for an updated recommendation for a good stylist at Keter Salon on 4th Street in Berkeley, in particular salon owners Diana or Regina. Any stylist there particulary good at cutting long, thick hair that is un-uniformly straight and wavy (on the same head of hair)? Not interested in hair straightening process--just want a good haircut without chemically altering my hair. Needs a haircut

i went to wayne when he was both at festoon and keter. he is very good at what he does. due to loyalty i ended up going back to a former stylists who had temporarily retired while i was going to wayne. the only caveat is that he can be a bit dramatic in conversation
For the past 10+ years I have gotten my hair cut by Regina Ollison, moving with her from the various salons where she has been employed. Obviously, given my tenure with Regina I am more than a satisfied customer. Regina is highly skilled at her craft and even weeks after I get my hair cut the shape is maintained and I'm pleased with the results. Besides being a talented woman, Regina is a good conversationalist. The only downside about relying on Regina to cut your hair is that she's not always available. She has limited hours due to the demands of her second career (she's an author and inspirational speaker) so it's often hard to get an appointment and to my knowledge she no longer works on the weekend. That said, I now have to book my appointments weeks in advance and hope that she doesn't call to reschedule due to a conflicting speaking appointment A satisfied customer
I have very, very thick hair (so thick that in the past I've had stylists look overwhelmed when they see it, or strangers stop me to say I have the thickest hair they've every seen). I also have the same issue of some parts being wavier than others. On that note, I've been very, very happy with Matthew at Keter Salon. The woman I used to go to at Keter left and recommended I try him, and I think he gives me the best cuts I've ever gotten. He's the first one that's knew how to cut my hair so I could wear it longer; everyone else said my hair was too think. His cuts grow out great and I go months between cuts. He also really takes his time to make sure it's even and takes into account how the hair will dry. He is also really good with color -- I don't get mine colored but when I've been there other stylists are always asking his advice on color mixtures. anon
Diana at Keter cut my hair while I was pregnant, a strange time when the front half of my hair was wavy and the back was straight. She gave me an excellent cut that also looked good as it grew out. I think she really understands curls. HOWEVER, we had a major mis-communication as to the length I desired -- I thought I had said clearly that I had spent a year growing it out from a pixie cut, while she seemed to hear that I wanted to return to a pixie cut. The cropped cut that resulted looked great, but set me back quite a bit as far as having long hair! So if you go to her, take a picture of what you want.

Currently Wayne at Keter cuts my hair, and I like him a lot -- but since it is no longer wavy, I can't vouch for his ability to give a good curly-haired cut Nicole

Re: Highlights & lowlights in Berkeley or WC (March 2005)
Rebecca Beardsley is the absolute best. She uses terrific products and focuses on how your hair brings out all of your natural assets. She's very comfortable to be with and will treat you like you are the center of the universe. Contact Rebecca Beardsley at Keter Salon on Fourth Street in Berkeley: 510-849- 0306 Brenda
Re: Hair stylist for cut and color (July 2003)
I really like the woman who has been cutting my hair for the past three or four years. Her name is Heather Holston and she's at Keter salon on 4th Street, 510-849-0306. It's a very groovy, New Yorky kind of place but I never feel uncomfortable in my t-shirt and shorts. I have very thick hair which I wear very short. I just love how feminine she can make my very short hair look and how artfully she maneuvers through my jillions of thick strands. I don't have a great sense of how much hair cuts cost but I'd say she's high-average. Good luck! A happy head of hair
Re: Good Curly Hair Cut in East Bay (Jan. 2003)
I have curly hair and Heather Holston at Keter Salon on 4th Street in Berkeley cuts my hair. She is excellent, very skilled, great technique. The number is 849-0306. Rebecca
Re: Top-notch East Bay hair salon (March 2002)
KETER is a new salon on 4th street in Berkeley, 2nd floor above the street level shops, (above Builder's Booksource I think). If you stand facing Hear Music, the staircase is to your right, directly across the street from the parking lot entrance that goes behind Sur La Table. Two gals-who used to be in the City- are the owners and sylists. I schlepped to the City after a good haircut for 7 years and am glad to find a promising local alternative. Good luck!