Bellissimo Salon (Oakland, CA)

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March 2008

Re: Hairstylist/colorist in Emeryville?
I'm not sure if my stylist/colorist is in Emeryville proper but if not, its right on the border. Freda Dawana works a couple days at Bellisimo in Rockridge and other days at her home salon on San Pablo. She has been doing my hair for many years and is a wonderful person with and a great colorist/stylist always taking the time and attention to update my look. I always get great comments on my color. Freda Dawana - 510-652-5422 at 5224 San Pablo Ave, Oakland Eva

Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
Mary Anne Fahey at Bellisima in Rockridge, on the corner of College and something (it's past the BART station and before the Hudson Bay Cafe) does a great job, especially if you are very specific about what you want. Her number is 658-1091. robbie
Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
I've been going to Sharice at Bellisima on College Ave for a few years. She gives a good haircut. She takes appointments on Saturdays and as early as 7:15 on weekday mornings! It can be difficult to get an appointment with her, and she is slow. A haircut can take well over an hour... Ellen
Re: short hair (2001)
I recommend Mary Anne Fahey of Bellissimo Salon at 5427 College Ave in Rockridge. Mary Anne does short hair very well, although you have to be very specific about what you want and how long you want it. She's a single mom with 6-yr-old twins and an 8th grader and she has been known to volunteer at Bananas - a good person to support. Robbie