Jean Lusson (Berkeley, CA)

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Jan 2008

Re: Stylist for very curly hair
I have been getting terrific cuts from Jean Lusson for ten years. I also have curly hair that is tricky to style, and Jean handles it beautifully. She used to cut hair at a fancy salon in San Francisco (and has Vidal Sassoon training) but now works on her own in the Berkeley area. She's smart and knowledgeable and versatile; I've recommended her to friends with all different types of hair, and they've all been happy. You can reach her at (510) 525-0624. Elisa

Aug 2006

Re: Good Haircut for a Boy with beautiful long hair
I highly recommend my neighbor Jean Lusson, 510-525-0624. She's a Berkeley mom who cuts hair out of her home. After years of having Snippetty Crickets butcher my childrens' hair, I am thrilled to have such a talented hair cutter available to cut my kids hair. She's a bit more expensive than kids salons but her haircuts last. She also does a fabulous job on adults. Brenda

May 2006

Re: Hair stylist for long curly hair
I'm a curly headed postpartum mom, too - and after checking the recommendations here I went to Jean Lusson, 510-525-0624. I am so happy I did. She has an art background and a lot of professional experience cutting hair - worked at Architects and Heroes in SF. I found her to be very easy to be around, a great listener, and very direct about what would work best for me. I think she's talented and down to earth. She knows how to cut curly hair and you can bring your baby, too! Amie

May 2003

Re: stylist who does a great job cutting short hair
Just yesterday I got a fabulous short cut from Jean Lusson, who works from her home in North Berkeley. I'm VERY picky about my haircuts and I have always been pleased with Jean's work. Better yet, I was able to bring my 10 month old baby along and save on babysitting. Contact Jean at 510-525-0624 or jean at Martha

Feb 2003

Re: Bringing Baby to Hair Cut (Feb 2003)

Call Jean at 510.525.0624 for an awesome haircut and no hassles about bringing your baby. Jean's professionally trained (Vidal Sassoon I believe) and is quite talented. She's been cutting my hair for years and just gave my 6 month old baby a really cute first haircut the other day! rita

I have gone to Peter Thomas Salon for years and have always had great haircuts. But when my baby came I was in the same predicament. A woman in my new moms group cuts hair. She is excellent and in Berkeley. She has Vidal Sassoon training and many years experience. I also learned a lot about keeping my hair healthy without the sales pitch at the end to buy products. Babies are welcome. Her name is Jean and her number is 525-0624. Gabrielle
I have been able to bring my baby with me when I get my haircut by my friend Jean. She used to work at Architects and Heroes in San Francisco (everyone who works there is extremely well trained). So, in addition to bringing your baby, you get a GREAT cut. You can call or e-mail her for more information at (510) 882-4454 or jean at anon

May 1998
To the person looking for a good San Francisco hair stylist: I highly recommend Jean Lusson, who has always done a great job with my own hair. She has an expert eye and is able to translate her clients' ideas into terrific cuts. After spending time at an upscale SF salon, Jean recently started her own one-person business and is renting space on Market Street in downtown SF. Her space is simple and laid-back, without a lot of glossy magazines, and she does not push products. Her prices seem to be moderate by SF standards, about $50. Elisa