Elixer Salon (Berkeley, CA)

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Jan 2009

Re: Wonderful hair dresser for curly hair
I get my curly hair cut by Shannon at Elixir Salon, on Hopkins St. in Berkeley (510) 526-1700 - she's great! She really listens and pays attention to what it is you're trying to accomplish. She also cuts your hair while it's dry, so she can see and evaluate how your specific curls behave (or misbehave). Typically, I've paid $75, but additionally, if the next day I've ever wanted a bit more done or was not yet completely satisfied, she always goes the extra mile without charging an additional fee. Two thumbs up!! Best of luck to you and your curls... Deb D.

June 2007

Re: The cut is good but she can't do color
I went through a similar situation-I had someone who cut my hair for years, and then last 3 haircuts were no good-i tried a few new people and found one I really like. Her name is Marija at Elixir on Hopkins in Berkeley-I have curly hair and she is great. For color, I see someone else, and no one seems to mind. So I wouldn't worry about it, I think hairsylists are used to people coming and going, and it's fine to have different people for cut and color. m

March 2007

Re: In Need of a new hairstyle
Your post did not specify a location. If Berkeley is doable for you, I highly recommend Alexandra Gibbs, owner of Elixir Salon and Spa (1599 Hopkins Street, Berkeley 510-526-1700). I have been a client of hers for over 10 years and trust her completely for both cuts and color. She has created many different looks for me over the years. I have even had strangers come up to me on the street asking me who does my hair! Diane M.

Jan 2007

Re: Hairstylist for Super-Thick Wavey Hair
My hair is also thick and curly-I recently had a haircut at Elixir on Hopkins by Mareya-she thinned it wonderfully, and it was a great haircut. She really knows what she is doing. I think her price is $60 now. mae

Jan 2007

Re: Hairstylist near Solano
depending where on Solano Ave. you are coming from, you could probably walk to see Shannon at Elixir located across from Monterey Market- she's a talented hair artist and her own hair is also long, wavy, trendy and gorgeous! Chris Z.

June 2006

Re: Blond highlights that look natural
Shannon at Elixer does natural blond highlights. Elixer is on Hopkins St. Good grow out. anon

Re: Stylist to apply henna (April 2004)
Susan Ferdowsali at Elixir does a great job with henna. Elixir is located at 1599 Hopkins in Berkeley: 526-1700 Leslie
Re: Hair stylist for cut and color (July 2003)
Ona Rose at Elixer salon across from the shops on Montery Ave. in North Berkeley (526-1700) is a lovely person and a superb hair cutter, careful and artistic. I enjoy her tremendously and always leave her chair looking elegant and feeling pampered. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Re: stylist who does a great job cutting short hair (May 2003)
Susan at Elixir on Hopkins is a great stylist for short hair. I'm sure you will be pleased. bh