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Need a skilled stylist that has reasonable prices

Dec 2008

Hi, I have fairly short, fine hair and need a stylist for myself, that has reasonable prices, great skills. Would love an updated suggestion or 2. Berkeley area. Stephanie

I swear by the Twins Hair Salon on Solano Ave. in the Beauty Center shop. Sisters Mary and Margaret do wonders, and they only charge about $30 for a cut and style. 525-TWIN (8946) anon
I have fine hair and have gone to many stylists in Berkeley and Oakland over the past 10 years. After a very disappointing, layered $110 cut at a high-end salon, I went to SuperCuts on Solano Avenue . I thought that it couldn't get any worse and at least wouldn't cost me a fortune. Much to my surprise, I *loved* my new cut and have been going to Lan at SuperCuts for the past two years and have not had a bad experience. And did I mention that cuts are $16? Even with a generous tip, I'm spending a fraction of what I used to. In this case, it isn't too good to be true. I don't get my hair colored anymore so can't speak to her skills there, but she has listened to what I want and given me an amazing cut everytime. Contact: Lan, SuperCuts, 1475 Solano Ave, Albany, 510.524.9050 Happy Hair & Pocketbook
For an attractive yet reasonably priced haircut, I can recommend Lillian Siu, Sahaira , 5510 College Avenue, Oakland 94618,(between Ocean view and Lawton),(510) 595-4227,(park on Lawton). Three years ago, after a disasterous attempt at a cheap cut, and after admiring a friend's many hair style and color changes, I followed through on her recommendation to work with Lillian. Lillian's posted fees are $55 for an adult cut and blow dry and $25 for a child's cut and blow dry. For some time now, she has been pleasing me with flattering styles for my full curly hair, and my 9 year old daughter with adorable styles for her straight thin hair. karen
I didn't see the original message, but I've found a wonderful hairstylist-color tech I would like to recommend. She has had extensive hours of European training and is highly experienced and talented- she really knows her hair! In my opinion, she is more than qualified to charge top salon prices, but charges an extremely reasonable rate, I think b/c she's relatively new to the area and is trying to build her client base. Best of all, she's an excellent listener- she carefully listens to what *you* want (this is my most important criterion, after bad experiences with stylists who do what they want despite all your explanations). She's a hidden gem, her name is Sandra, located in Walnut Creek, phone 925 286 2149. happy with my stylist-finally!
I've been so impressed by haircuts I've received from Jenny at Regina Salon , (510) 232-1336. She does an outstanding job with my fine slightly curly hair--better than stylists who charge far more (she charges $25 for cut and style) The salon is in the shopping center just off 580--23rd ave exit for Marina Bay. getting compliments for my haircut
I have some gray hair that I like to color, however I had a heck of a time finding a colorist/stylist who could do a quality job and get it so my hair looked beautiful and natural and that the results were consistent, not one dimensional. I lucked out when I found Leana McShane at Panache on College in Berkeley. I have been going to her now for about 2 years and now my sister and mom do as well! She is just wonderful, she takes her time, has the experience that shows in her work, and her prices are very reasonable and she works Sundays!!!! (I work full time so this great). She does a wonderful job of stylying and cutting as well,I like to also get the conditioning treatments sometimes too, and oh did I mention her massage! Anyways, her number is 510-843-3255, she works Mondays, Sundays and (I think ) Tuesday and will be adding Saturdays starting Feb. (she's a local mom too!) No gray for me not yet!

Looking for a great, affordable colorist

Dec 2008

I have a hair stylist who is pricey, but terrific. However, the colorist in the salon consistently has produced very disappointing results. Could someone please share the name of a reasonably-priced colorist who can do great highlights/lowlights? Thanks! Going to get that gray out of my hair

Sue and Rosa at Level 5 Salon in San Leandro are the BEST! Reasonably priced, consistent results, and environmentally and community conscious (they do a number of great projects with community groups, donate their hair clippings for oil spill clean up and hair to cancer patients, etc...and so much more) 510-614-8085 check their website for pricing, address and other services... Dawn
I would like to recommend a local stylist named Susan Bailey . She has done my hair for most of my life, and I have done everything from perm, to butch cut, to color, to highlight to bleach my hair! She is fairly priced, and has a satisfaction-guaranteed attitude! (She will readjust if needed.) I am sure you would find her 30+ years of experience helpful. She works at Chic Salon on Shattuck avenue and can be reached at (510) 472-1006. pamela

Highlights for less than $75?

Nov 2008

I believe this probably falls under the ''you get what you pay for'' category...but one can always hope, right? With the downturn of the economy seriously affecting my daily spending, I'm hoping that my hair-do won't have to suffer. I can no longer afford the $150 for highlights plus $50 for cut plus tip on top of that every two months. Any hair stylists to recommend that would do partial highlights and a chic, short cut for say around $75 or less for color and $40-ish for cut? Roots showing in Oakland

You might try Sole Salon in Emeryville on Bay Street. It is an Aveda shop and the staff is partly comprised of people doing their internships/apprenticeships. So they have completed beauty school but now they are studying further in the Aveda way. In any case, my husband and I go there along with a few of our neighbors. I recently started seeing Jaz (I think her name is Jaslyn or something like that but just ask for Jaz) and she a few weeks ago she took me from shoulder length to a super short cut which I adore. She really listens and she is on the low end of their pricing spectrum--I think my last cut & gloss was $39. Can't beat it with a stick! Check it out. julie
I really like Classic Cuts on Grand Ave across from the theater in Oakland. Sisters Betty and Norma have a well run, friendly, professional and affordable hair salon. Hair cuts are $23 and I believe highlights are around $50--70. Betty has taught me about cutting my longer hair in long layers and it is now light and wavy instead of heavy and flat. Helen
Teresa Roda at Hermosa Salon at 2703 college is brilliant with hair coloring! when my color grows out now, you can't even tell! She's not cheap but she fits in your price category of less than $100 for color! (maybe around $70) Her number is (510) 932-1514 or 548-1170 good luck
I have been very pleased with Ja at Shear Perfection on 2433 Durant Ave.. Ja owns the Salon and is excellent. She is an artiste and takes a lot of pride with her work. Very reasonably priced, color and cut maybe around $100-120?

She has many hip young college girls as her clients and they seem pleased with Ja. Do give her a try. Tell her Shyamala recommended her :) She is conveniently located and validates parking at the Durant garage. Her phone number is 510 843-9581 shyamala

Looking for moderately-priced haircut

March 2008

I'm searching for a hairstylist who charges in the $30-$40 range (before tip). I usually get a shoulder-length layered cut, nothing fancy. I've had great cuts from several stylists at Elixir but they are sadly out of my price range. Any recommendations in the Berkeley area would be appreciated! Lisa

I get a great and reasonably priced hair cut from Karla at Reflections Hair Design (7000 Stockton Ave, El Cerrito) 510-527-2929. She listens, has good ideas and then gives a great cut. She's also very good at hair color and happens to be a wonderful and talented person. Give her a try! Happy with hair
I highly recommend Susan Bailey . She has done my hair since age 13, and I am now (ahem) 35...and has helped me to do everything from cuts, highlights, full-dying, bleaching, drastic boy cuts :), and perms. She is reasonably priced and also has other esthtician-type skills. Make sure you ask for a neck massage with your shampoo- she's talented!!! I hope you enjoy your experience-- She will make sure you do! She does males, and females, adults, kids and teens! (510) 472-1006 She independently contracts in the Chic Salon on Shattuck. pamela

Inexpensive & good hair stylist in or near Albany?

Jan 2007

It's been a while since I've had my hair professionally cut and I need a stylist recommendation. My hair is slightly wavy and it's shoulder length. I'm looking for a hip style that's not fussy since I have two kids under the age of four. I've looked through the archives and they are a bit dated. Thanks! -need hair help!

A friend of mine just recently took the ''plunge'' from her expensive upscale hairdresser to an inexpensive shop, and I am amazed at how fabulous her haircut looks, for only $18!!! She went to Hairmasters at the El Cerrito Plaza.

I have been a ''hair snob'' all my life, and am seriously thinking of trying Hairmasters out myself after seeing her cut. I currently spend something like $65 per cut, and if I have my natural blonde hair highlighted it costs something like $150. (plus a fat tip) Ouch! I am at least going to try out Hairmasters for a cut....and when there feel them out about what products they use for highlights. It can't hurt! cutting costs on cuts

Affordable demi-color and highlites

Sept 2006

HELP!!! I am overdue for a coloring!! I have checked the website for recommendations, but have not found an up-to-date posting for what I am looking for. I have long, wavy-kinda-curly hair, and am looking for someone in the Albany, El Cerrito, North Berkeley, Richmond Annex area who is good with color and cuts and who won't break my bank. I recently switched from doing exclusively highlights to having some demi-permanent color plus the highlights done, which I really like, but it was from my sister's stylist in Massachusetts. The people I have been to in the area for cut and highlights have charged around $175 to $200, and that is just too much for me to do it as often as I need. Any suggestions you have would be so appreciated. Mary

I recommend Danielle at Pure Beauty in the El Cerrito Plaza. She is great with color and also affordable. The phone # is 510- 524-1714 Amanda
Festoon Salon in N. Berkeley does wonderful color and they have training sessions often (weekly? monthly?) where you can be a model and get your hair colored and/or cut very cheaply. This is done by apprentices who are supervised by a regular stylist. Every stylist at Festoon starts out as an apprentice, even very experienced ones, so this is a good deal. Check their website for prices

Reasonably priced cut & color

Mar 2005

I'm in desperate need of a good cut & color (highlight). I think my expectations might be crazy but is it still possibly to get both for under $100 (plus tip)? I'm pretty sure I know what I want but would be open to helpful suggestions. Open to locations - Albany, Berkeley, Oakland. I can travel throughout most of the east bay for the right stylist. Thanks Needs an update

Recommendations received:

  • Panache Elmwood
  • Ratsamy's Beauty Salon Berkeley

    Cheap Haircut

    Aug. 2004

    I have had a string of miserable haircuts and would like to finally find a decent stylist. The catch is we are on a very limited budget so going to some of the stylists I've seen recommended here is out of the question. $15 is about what I can affort, $25 is a big splurge. So does anyone have a cheap stylist to recommend who is also really good at listening to a client and helping find a good look for her? I know I'm asking a lot but I'm hoping there's someone out there like that. Am keeping my fingers crossed. sabine

    Recommendations received:

  • The Cutaway Piedmont Ave
  • Heads Solano
  • Johnson for Hair Webster
  • Panache College Ave
  • Supercuts in Elmwood (2 reviews)
  • Vidal Sassoon SF

    Inexpensive Short style for long hair - Richmond

    Jan. 2004

    I am interested in getting my long hair into a short styled cut. Unfortunately, I am also on a very limited budget. Any recommendations for a place in Richmond, El Cerrito, El Sobrante or Pinole? Can you recommend a specific person at one of the low cost places? Thanks for any help. Patty

    Recommendations received:

  • Anna's San Pablo, Albany
  • Tommy Cuts San Pablo, Rich

    Good Cut Under $40

    June 2001

    I know there are recommendations on the website, but I still wonder if anyone knows of a cutter in Berkeley who's under $40 and good with mid-life hair, someone who can actually design a cut that has something to do with the person's face and size, and who will not blithely inform me, Why, you have dry hair! (Yes, I know that. I've lived with it for 40-odd years.) I tried Jimmy, the much-recommended person at University Hair; he's a nice enough guy and an adequate cutter, but seemingly not a stylist--not real forthcoming with ideas other than the usual, Oh, you have fine, dry hair. melanie

    Recommendations received:

  • Ah Dorno Northside
  • Beauty Center on Solano
  • Peter Thomas Berkeley
  • Shear Perfection Campus
  • Studio One Piedmont Av
  • Today's Rave Solano

    More advice

    I have been one for twenty years and I have to say that if you are looking for a good person you can rely on and who can give you good consistant cuts, you probably won't find one for under $40. The going rate is $50-$60 these days mostly because the cost of living around here is ridiculous. Two good ones: , Kristin Killian or Jennifer Archbold @ 510.527.6226 in Kensington Jennifer