Victor Wu Studio (Oakland, CA)

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Jan 2009

Re: Good Hair Stylist for Short Hair?
I recommend two great stylists that are located at the top of Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. I have known both for many years and they both are extremely talented, artistic and pay great attention to detail. At some point they were at the same salon and now each have their own. Victor has been my stylist for over 25 years. When he lived in Hawaii for a few years, I discovered Tatyana, and have known her for more than 10 years. She continues to cut the hair of my two daughters. They each listen to what you'd like and are wonderful to work with. Tatyana Ptashkina 510-531-5925 - 4315 Piedmont Ave. Victor Wu 510-428-2885 - 4283 Piedmont Ave. They are both great.

March 2007

Re: In Need of a new hairstyle
If you are looking for a new hair style designed specifically for you, your lifestyle and your face, I cannot recommend Victor Wu of Victor Wu Studio in Piedmont (510.428.2885) highly enough. He is an artist and very very attentive. He will examine how your hair falls naturally, ask you questions etc. He is a perfectionist so plan for a couple of hours--so worth it! he is a genius with color too. if you are tight on time let him know and monitor your watch. He is an artist and can get caught up and loose track of time. This is why you walk out of the studio looking like a million. michelle

Sept 2002

Re: good cut and color on a Saturday

I'd recommend Victor Wu, who has cut my hair only 3 times, but he's so thorough and committed to finding what you want from your hair and what your hair can be for you, it's almost a metaphysical experience. I don't know about coloring, but I can only imagine that he's great -- he's a real professional. He's on Piedmont Ave., phone number (510) 428-2885. Susan

Hi, I can second the recommendation for Victor Wu, particularly with respect to color. I think he's especially talented with color. One caveat - if you are a busy parent - he can be verrrrry verrrrry slow. That meticulousness doesn't come without a price. Tell him upfront when you make the appointment, and again when you arrive, if you have a timing constraint. He's a super nice guy, and he doesn't mean to make you crazy, but he can, if you aren't clear about your needs. Fran
March 2002

Re: Top-notch East Bay hair salon
Victor Wu at Darin David Salon on Solano is fantastic. He has a 6-8 week lead time as he's very well regarded. He has cut my hair for 15 years at various salons ( only break was the few years he lived in Maui- although that was tempting). Every client I have sent his way is a convert. There is nothing to do with hair that he can't do brilliantly (incredible color) and he is a very low key, zen like man who listens well to any questions or concerns you might have. I can't recommend him highly enough. Barbara