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Dreadlocking Caucasian hair

April 2008

Hi. I'm looking for recommendations for someone with experience dreadlocking Caucasian hair. My hair is quite slippery so will probably require the backcombing method. Any other advice on how to care and maintain my dreads is appreciated! Thx!! Cindy

I had a dread perm (and extensions) with Wendy at Remedy Salon in Emeryville. I was very pleased with the results, my dreads were well formed (if a bit fuzzy) from the get go, and although it's smelly chemicals, I didn't have a problem with that. The problem with fine hair is it doesn't lock up easily, and you basically have to do tons of maintenance and live with a pretty funky look for a while. With the perm it's just managing the frizz and doing a weekly grooming after washing it.

There's some good info on the Hair Police and Dreadhead HQ Websites, as well as the Dreadlock forum on tribe.net. Some people have strong opinions on dread perms (it's not natural etc) but I loved mine and would do it again in a second after seeing some scraggly and half formed dreads on the regular method - even after 6 months! Wendy also does dread extensions on regular hair if you just want to try them out. It's not cheap, but it's totally worth it for what you'll save in trying to fix ones that half fall out. Love my hair, love my hairdresser!

Need help with my beginning dreadlocs!

Oct 2007

I have naturally curly african-american hair and need help with my beginning dreadlocs! I have been to a couple of salons but have not been getting the result I am expecting. Anyone have a new review of dreadloc salons in Oakland or Berkeley and any specific loctician? Is Olivia at Georgeous Healthy hair in Berkeley still good? Please respond to my email address below. Can I Loc?

I get my locs groomed by Olivia and am VERY satisfied with how my locks are cared for(I have gone to Olivia since my locks were started over 12 years ago and get compliments all the time). She is now working out of her home but has had professional hair salon equipment installed. Not as ''professional'' as her former shop, but its comfortable and much easier for her. Contact me and I will give you her number. Karen H.
''Nappy or Not '' in Oakland. I think his name is JT, but everyone is good. Has Locs

15-year-old wants dreads

August 2006

Hi, My 15 year old daughter (with waist-length hair --- always her crowning glory!) has decided that she wants to have dreadlocks. I am not happy about it, but am trying on the mantra: ''It's only hair.'' I'd like some info on other Caucasian teens with dreads. Did your child go to a salon to have them done? Recommendations? What was the outcome? Do you have to cut off all the hair to take them out? Thanks
Mom with issues, trying to get over it
My son wants dreads as well (he's African American, we're Caucasian.) We encouraged him to try braids first, because there's no going back without cutting the dreads completely off. Personally, I'd prefer he keep his beautiful long curls natural, but I remember all those nasty home perms my mother gave me (always just before school photo day) and am determined to let him set his own style. One other thing to be aware of is that dreads are not maintenance free. I recommend going to a salon that specializes in African American hair care. We go to Oh My Nappy Hair in Oakland. They're really good and don't mind teaching about hair care and maintenance as they're styling. Carol

Although I can't recommend a salon or stylist, I can recommend allowing your daughter to experiment with her hair. My son straightened and colored his hair extensively as a teen (much to my chagrin); I kept telling myself that I'd rather have him experiment with his hair than with tatoos. Now as a 21-year old, he's done with the experimentation, and likes having his hair look healthy and strong (instead of fried from too many chemical processes).

I made the decision to give him free reign with his hair because I knew he was interested in tatoos, and felt that the temporary experiementation of changing his hair might be an acceptable middle ground. It worked out beautifully in that regard. There may be other issues going on for other teens that would make it less of a good idea, but in my situation it was a good decision (though the bright red hair was a bit hard to take) Margie

To get dreads in caucasian hair you need to have someone else (preferably experienced but not necessarily salon, there are lots of how to websites) twist it into the desired locks, rubber band it palm roll it, wax it (dread wax). It will need to be touched up periodically to start with because it will take a while to just dread up on it's own. If she doesn't maintain it instead of looking like individual locks it will just look like a rat's nest.

If your daughter's hair is thick & curly it will dread faster but be a lot harder to take out. My husband had dreads for a five years and I combed them out painstakingly over many many days and with lots and lots of conditioner-his hair was thinner for at least a year after taking them out. He has very fine wavy hair-I don't think you could comb out thick curly hair.

Dreads need to be maintained and a not really an easy care hairstyle- it is also not a choice for someone who wants to change their hair often.

As to cleanliness-don't stress about that you can wash your hair and there is no need for it to be matted or smelly. anon

Looking for someone to lock my hair

Nov 2002

Does anyone know of any inexpensive loctician who does not use gels or grease to lock hair. My hair is long and curly and I heard that 'designer locks' are best for fine hair like mine. I am looking for someone who can do this in East Bay area. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated. Someone who can work with young children would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Recommendations received:

  • Gorgeous Healthy Hair Berkeley
  • Nzurilocks Berkeley

    More Advice

    Not sure what you mean by ''no gels or grease''. Some substance that helps the ''twists'' stay together is usually part of locking hair AND especially for African-Americans, very dry hair is a problem which is intensified with locks. BUT there are various products, all with pros and cons depending on your specific hair type. I go to Karen

    Teen wants dred locks

    March 2002

    My 19 year old wants to have his hair made into dred locks. Does anyone know of someone who does this successfully? Pete

    Recommendations received:

  • Gorgeous Healthy Hair (2) Berkeley
  • Hairanoya Piedmont Ave
  • Nappy or Not Frutivale Av

    MOre advice

    I have THE BEST Loctician!!! She only does dreds. Her name is cadijah,and she works out of her home and is a lovely person and will get your hair where it needs to be! Her tel # is 510-681-4112. I cannot tell you how rockin she is. E-mail me if you have questions.... Danielle