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  • Hair salon for toddler

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    We used to get my daughter’s hair cut at Clips n Snips with Lourdes, but just found out she’s retiring in June. I know Snips for Kids is another option but we didn't get a good haircut there 18mo ago when she was younger. Other suggestions in the archives are pretty old and few and far between. Would love any recommendations for where to take my daughter who has fine, straight hair. Open to an adult salon as long as prices are around $25. Thanks!

    Go see Lin at Snippety Crickets on Solano. She gives really great hair cuts. We've tried other people but are never as happy as when we see Lin.

    Snippety Crickets on Solano Ave between Albany and Berkeley

    Snippety Crickets in Albany is a place that specializes in kids haircuts.  We have taken our daughter their several times.  Kids love getting their haircut there and you can purchase small toys there as well.  Here are their Yelp reviews  Linh is the best hairdresser there.  The other hairdressers are just ok.

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Haircut for toddler in Alameda

Nov 2004

I am looking for a good, moderately priced haircutter for my toddler in Alameda Jes


  • Images Hair Salon
  • Supercuts on Park
  • Yoko's Hair Classics

    Hair Salon for 2yr old twin boys

    May 2004

    I am looking for a recommendation for a children's hair salon. I have read through the archives and found some pretty old recommendations/ reviews many of them very mixed. I have 2yr old twin boys who do not like haircuts (at least from mom) and have a very hard time sitting still. I don't want to pay a fortune but I want it to be GOOD with someone patient, gentle and fun! Too much to ask? We live in Piedmont Ave part of Oakland. Thanks


  • Snippety Crickets
  • Snips

    Toddler daughter's first haircut

    June 2003

    Any good recommendations for getting our toddler daughter's first haircut. I've trimmed her hair myself, but it's soooo long now that I want to get her one good cut that I can touch up myself. Much Thanks!!! I prefer on Solano, Albany, or El Cerrito.

    Recommendations received:

  • Albany Hair Salon (2) Albany
  • Ponytails Lafayette
  • Snippety Crickets (5) Albany
  • Snips Rockridge

    Haircut for squirmy toddler

    Dec 2002

    Anyone had a good recent haircut for their toddler? Especially ones who are good with squirmy or fearful kids? thanks!
    mom of a 20 month old

    Recommendations received:

  • Albany Hair Salon (2) Albany
  • Cool Tops (3) Lafayette
  • Ponytails Lafayette
  • Snippity Crickets (3) Albany
  • Snips (3) Rockridge