where does one get a baby's hair cut?

We have a 1.5yo with beautiful curly hair. It's starting to get into his eyes a little bit, but it's his best feature. How can we get it cut while keeping it long and good-looking? Is there a fancy salon that does kids' hair?

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Stylists at fancy salons aren’t usually experienced in cutting the hair of a person who won’t sit still. And unless they have kids themselves they have no idea what might scare a kid and how to get them to cooperate.

Take your child to a salon that specializes in kid’s haircuts. The stylists will be used to cutting while the kid wiggles and still will get a decent cut. They will also know how to keep the kid entertained and know how to introduce tools without scaring the kid.

We have used Panda Room in Corte Madera and love it.

Snippety Crickets on Solano! It isn't fancy, but the woman who runs the salon is basically magical: she is fast, accurate, and competent. I used to cut my kids' hair until my boys grew their hair longer. Now we go to Snippety Crickets and the kids actually ask to get their haircut!