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  • Haircuts for older kids

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    I'm looking for a stylist/salon that does a good job with older children's haircuts. We're ready to move on from Snippety Crickets and hoping to get a good cut before heading back to school. Thanks for any recommendations!

    I swear by Michelle at Today's Rave on Solano.  She has cut my hair since before kiddo was born, and I persuaded kiddo to go there come middle school.  Great cuts and easy to get along with and has three kids of her own. 

  • Where to get haircut for 2 yr old?

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    We have been trying DIY haircuts for our 2 yr old and they look terrible. Does anyone have any suggestions for places or people that can cut a 2 yr old's hair?

    Thank you

    I love Snippety Crickets on Solano Avenue for kids cuts. 

    We've had good experiences with Snippety Crickets on Solano--both my kids have been happy, and Lin is extra efficient!

    We rec snips on college in north Oakland. Book online, we’ve always booked with Miriam, and they’ll take great care of you!

    We took our son for his first haircut at the People's Barber in Oakland. They did a great job and it helped to bribe him with Humphry Slocomb right across the way 

    We've been happy with Snippety Crickets on Solano for our 3 year old. 

    Hi! Snips ( in Rockridge is wonderful. They do a great job cutting toddlers' hair. 

    Snips for Kids on College Ave in Oakland is pretty solid. We've gone to see Miriam several times. She would let my son sit in my lap in the chair if he was freaking out. And her selection of videos for kids was extremely helpful. She was always patient and fast, and had no issue just doing what I asked for.

  • Barber for autistic children

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    Is there anyplace in the Bay Area (preferably in the East Bay or San Francisco) that specializes in cutting autistic children's hair?

    Snip its there is one on walnut creek 

  • Curly hair cut for 3 year old

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    My three year old has very curly hair - basically ringlets. She's in need of her first haircut. Any recommendations for someone who specializes in cutting curly hair and works with kids? Thanks!

    The Shop on north Shattuck Ave in Berkeley is great.  My girls all have really curly hair and they have been cutting their hair for a few years now.

    We go to Jessica Earle in Rockridge. She's pretty reasonably priced for a curly hair professional - I believe $30 for a kid cut. But she is in high demand! You schedule a haircut online and sometimes she's booked 6+ weeks out. Good luck!

  • Hi,

    We are new to the area. Where can I take my boys (aged 1.5 and 3) for a no-frills haircut? They don't need space rockets, toys & lollipops! They just need a 10-minute haircut that isn't going to cost me $25!

    Any suggestions gratefully received! 


    You can try Supercuts. There is one on College near Claremont. We currently go to Snips (the $25 cut), and I'm contemplating taking my preschool son to Supercuts next time. I think it's $16 for a child, double check. 

    However, watching a show is a key to our success, so I might try either bringing an iPad with me with something loaded on it (though I'm worried about it falling to the floor) or proffering a small cone at Dreyers down the street for good haircut behavior.

    You can also try YouTube and do it yourself!

    Thank you!

    I hadn't seen your response but happened to try it anyway. 

    They were fantastic. They did both boys simultaneously, great haircuts and we were in and out in half an hour for less than $40 including generous tip! Speed is the key!

    We'll definitely go back!

    Go to Zip Clips on Telegraph in Berkeley. $15 children cut and you get a dum dum lolipop. They did a great job on my kids hair. Super clean and modern. 

  • I'm seeking a haircutter for my 8-year-old boy, who has stick-straight hair. It's very hard to find someone who does a good job with this and makes it actually look like a haircut, rather than just been chopped off. We're in Temescal so the place needs to be very local. Thanks!

    Go to Lisa's Beauty Center in the Emeryville mall with the Trader Joe's (5711 Christie is the address). It's a nail salon but they cut hair. Ask for Andrew-he's the only one the has always done a good job. It's cheap- $10/15 and you can get your nails done if you are into that sort of thing. 

    My son also has very straight hair (it's thick and course too) and we had the same problem with the chopped-off look.  We resorted to buzz cuts until he was old enough to object, and then suffered through some awful haircuts at various Supercuts.  Then my Asian friend suggested finding a salon that specializes in Asian hair.  My son now goes to Juni Salon in Oakland which "offers the latest cuts from Japan and Korea" - he gets a fantastic haircut every time. It's near you on Telegraph in Koreantown.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Toddler haircut

March 2012

does any one know of a reasonably priced, good place to go for a haircut for a 3 year old little girl? is there a children's salon @ berkeley area? thanx! nana

I had to respond to your post because I know of a great place - Clips and Snips in Laurel, Oakland. My son always has a hard time with haircuts and I am so glad I found Lourdes after we moved to the Bay area last summer. Gentle, patient and willing to cut my son's hair even when he is standing up and playing at the train table (yes- she has an amazingly inviting place) Her prices are very reasonable. Thanks to Lourdes, my son now looks forward to his haircuts. Here are the details: Clips N Snips 3906 Macarthur Blvd (between Patterson Ave & 38th Ave) Oakland, CA 94619 (510) 530-2300 Shilpa

Where to get haircut for 8 month old

March 2012

I've got a 8 month old boy who's got a wild head of hair. I'm trying to find a place that I can get his hair cut that will not only do a good job, but also be careful and able to work on a little one who can't sit still. We're unable to do anything with him when sleeping because he generally wakes up. Nail trimmings are a difficult task 2x a week! Pati

Snips on College Avenue near the library. They only do kids haircuts and are experts at it. dad

Curly-haired daughter's first haircut

July 2011

It's finally time for my 3.5 yo to get her first haircut. Can someone recommend a place where they know how to cut curly hair? Reviews on Yelp are very mixed for most of the kid's hair salons, and listings on the BPN website are from 2007 or earlier. Thanks! Anon

I took my curly-haired 4 year old daughter to Jessica Earle at Vero Salon, 6052 College Ave (@ intersection of Claremont). 510-459-8303. Jessica has beautiful curly hair& was SUPER friendly& patient with my somewhat scared & squirmy daughter. Jessica talks about the desired style w/you& your child, & then dry cuts each individual curl! It was a great cut. After the initial cut she recommended that I trim my daughter's hair at home& bring her in 4x/year for shaping. The cut was about $25, which I thought was super reasonable for such a time-consuming cut& given Jessica's recommendation that I only need to bring her in seasonally. Jessica is booked about a month ahead, so plan ahead. curly girl's mom

Try the Twins Hair Salon on the upper end of Solano in Berkeley. They (the twins) each have long thick wavy hair and interracial sons with hair to care for. I've seen every age, gender, race and hair type, while getting my excellent, reasonably priced, hair cuts. you can call them at 525 8946. satisfied customer of many years

Good, inexpensive haircut for a 3yo boy?

June 2011

Usually I cut my son's hair at home, and usually he comes out ok (mostly), but we're going to take a trip to go see his great-grandmother, and I'd like him to look his best. He's a good little guy, but wiggly. Where can I take him for a haircut that won't charge me an arm and a leg and will be able to deal with the wiggliness? The latest reviews on BPN and Yelp for Snippety Crickets and Cool Tops don't exactly fill me with confidence. Seriously considering a Flo-Bee

I have taken my son who is almost two to Gentle Hair Cuts at 2043 University Ave in downtown Berkeley a couple times. They do a pretty good job and it is only $14. The younger woman, Vera, seemed more confident when she cut his hair, even though my son was crying and would not hold still. I would recommend trying to go when they are less busy (week day, 11 am). The second time I told my son if he sat still and didn't cry we would get ice cream afterwards. He was much better the second time! anon

It's a bit farther away, but we totally love the Panda Room in Corte Madera. They are in the shopping mall on the western side of 101. Our son has gotten all his haircuts there. They are absolutely awesome in dealing with wiggly kids. I think it's around 20$ but so worth it. Panda Fan

There is a small kids hair cut place called clips& Snips. It is a few doors down from Kids n Dance in the Laurel on MacArthur. Only 10 dollars a cut and they do walk ins Sorry don't have their number Anon

We've been taking our 4 year old to Albany Hair Salon since he was 18 months old. Rosalva is wonderful. She is fast, efficient, patient and works with the wiggles. Good luck! scoles

I am a fan of Snips on Broadway in Rockridge for my 2 year old boy. The owner is extremely calm and could handle my little panic-stricken Samson. Amalia

We love Laura at the Grand Barber Shop on 10054 San Pablo Ave, just past the El Cerrito Plaza. The place is not as grand as the name suggests, just a neighborhood haircut shop, but they have a TV with great selection of kids videos (to watch during the haircut), some toys (for while you wait), and a choice of lollipop at the end. Laura is wonderful with little children, be sure to ask for her. Call to check the days/hours when she is working. The only downside is that you cannot make an appointment, so there might be a wait when you come in. The rate is $14.

My whole family gets our hair cut at Snips and Clips on MacArthur Blvd in the Laurel. My very squirmy 3 year old son did great in the car chair--only $10. I went from having long hair to a pixie cut and I love it! It's better than expensive salons I have been to and only $15! She also cuts my husbands wild and wavy hair and also does a great job. annette

Great, shaggy haircut for a boy needed!

April 2011

Help us out BPN! We need a someone to give a great haircut for my son. He has a a little longer, wavy hair and we intend to keep it that way. We need someone who can do a great job on his type of hair. No buzz or short & sleek please. Our previous stylist doesn't work in our area any more and I'm getting desperate. anon

Hi There, My hair stylist is wonderful and I know she does kids cuts. I'm quite sure you would not be dissappointed with her as far as a longer haircut for your son. The best part is that she will travel to you! I'm not sure how far since she lives in the Sunset district, but it would be worth giving her a call. Her name is Masha Pershay and she's personable, sweet, and extremely good at what she does. You can reach her at: 415 374 6184 Tina

Haircut for 3.5 year old with long beautiful hair

Nov 2010

I'm looking for a place to take my 3 1/2 year old daughter for her first 'real' haircut. She has beautiful long hair and so I want to ensure that the stylist is well versed (can cut layers, etc. not just a chop job) but she also hates having her hair brushed so will be very fussy and frightened, likely. Snippity Crickets gets really bad reviews on Yelp. Any other suggestions? new-do mom

I'm not sure where you live, but we took our daughter to Pony Tails in Lafayette for her early haircuts: Good luck Parent of Teens

Why does Snippity Crickets have bad reviews? I would take that with a grain of salt. Maybe those aren't parents posting to Yelp - maybe they are business competitors. We had a great experience at Snippity Crickets pretty much every time we went, starting when our son was 1 or 2. He'ss 1 now and I buzz his hair myself, but I wouldn't hesitate to take a kid there.

Stylish Children's Haircuts

Nov 2010

Looking for a great first haircut for our almost three year old girl, who has adorable blond curls, but needs something to make them fit her face a bit better. Any suggestions? North Berkeley area would be my first choice. Thanks! Arminda

Hi Arminda,I can highly recommend Gary Baldwin, he's located at Kristine's Kuts for Kids in Lafayette, he just recently relocated from Cool Tops in the Rockridge area.Gary has been cutting my kids' hair for the past few years-he's not only great with kids(and adults), but he's knowledgeable and creative with hair and with hairstyles. My kids always look forward to seeing Gary, and my family have developed a genuine trusting and fun rapport with him over the years. Gary can be reached at(925) 588-8726, for appointments,at Kristine's Kuts for Kids in Lafayette. Denise

Haircut for squirmy toddler with mixed race curls

August 2010

My 3 year-old has yet to get a hair cut. She is very physically active and hard to sit still. We're looking for someone who is good with kids and knows Afro-Latino hair (frizzy but curly) (in the Bay Area otherwise recognized as 'mixed-race' hair). Berkeley/Oakland. Thank you! Mami

Our 12 month old is bi-racial, we take him to Cool Tops Cuts for Kids on College Avenue in Oakland. They've done a great job with his hair so far. They comb out his 'fro' then cut it - while he drives a car and watches cartoons. Great job at a reasonable price. We've been taking our 3 year old there also, who has lots of energy, but he doesn't have bi-racial hair and they do well with him squirming around. Christine Z

Try Letitia Bailey at the Mane Event on Arden Way just off of Park Blvd near Montclair, 510-339-1112. She's done my hair for nearly 15 years and she's very good with curly hair. Denise

2004 - 2007 Reviews

Kids Haircut near Rockridge?

Nov 2007

I love Snippety Crickets on Solano, but I'd like to find a place closer to Temescal/Rockridge. The reviews for Cool Tops are a few years old, and since hair stylists tend to come and go, what are your experiences with this or other hair ''salons'' for kids in the area? Anon

I enthusiastically recommend Snips on College Ave. My son, who cried through his first haircut elsewhere, actually told me he had a ''good great time'' at Snips. They were fast, efficient, and the atmosphere was fun without being chaotic. And they really listened to what we wanted (not too short, no buzzing near the ears) and had us in and out in less than 20 minutes. Happy Mom

We have been to several places over the years specializing in haircuts for kids and the best we have found is Kid's Choice in Alameda. It's very popular because Bridgette (the owner and main stylist)is extremely talented and has created a magical, kid friendly environment. There are toys, little cars the kids' can sit in when they get their haircut, fish tanks, comfy couches to relax and read magazines on while you're waiting, and a beautiful colorful wall mural she painted herself. She also gives great haircuts, not only for kids but Mom and Dad too. She'll color/cut your hair at a very reasonable price. Our son is now 8 and the style now is to keep it long. Bridgette is the only one he trusts to do it right. You probably need an appointment so call first. Kid's Choice, 1504 Encinal Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501 (510) 522-5437. Ask for Bridgette. Lara

I really like Cool Tops in Rockridge. I have two boys and we go about once a month. They are very good with the kids and do a good job at judging their temperment and comfort level. It's a bit pricey for a cut - aren't they all - but they do a clean professional job, and very quickly too. I find their cuts look the best and for some reason, take the least amount of time. Go figure! Try it out! loyal customer

I went to Cool Tops for my boy's very first haircut, and it was a great decision. However, when I took him back a few months later for another haircut, they botched it terribly and I actually had to go back the next day for a repair. I won't be going back to Cool Tops, and I too look forward to recommendations for a place to cut a 2-year-old's hair. Snuggies

I have been taking my son (almost 4 years old) to Bing at Bing's Salon (658-7299) since his first haircut (when he nursed on my lap because he was so angry about the whole thing). She is on College, right across from the Hudson Bay Cafe and the Oakland Library.

Bing does not specialize in kid cuts, but does a great job, is very affordable, and has a good rapport with kids. She also provides lollipops if that works as an incentive for your kid. My son loves her.

My husband and brother-in-law have also gone to her for years and years and love her. Laurel

Check out Snips on College, near the library. Dan

For a great haircut at reasonable prices, go to Jessica at Image 88 on Piedmont Avenue, a few doors up from the Piedmont Theatre and across from St. Leo's. Phone is 654 1388. My whole family goes to her as several do several other families we know! Naomi

I recently had a horrible experience at Cool Tops . From the first moment my four year old son sat in the chair, the haircutter was curt and abrupt. When he asked about watching a movie, she barked, \x93the other boy was here first so he got to choose!\x94 Her behavior only deteriorated from there. As my son giggled and talked, she responded with statements like \x93You\x92re not very nice today, are you?\x94 and \x93You\x92re just not being nice to me.\x94 I was standing right next to him and can verify that the only thing he said that could be remotely construed as \x93not nice,\x94 was something along the lines of \x93this is taking a long time\x94 \x96 not an unusual sentiment for a young child, I\x92m sure.

Not only was she wholly unskilled in how she interacted with him (no anticipatory guidance to let him know what she was doing or was going to do, no asking politely for him to be still or move his head, no explanation of what she wanted), she was physically rough with him as she moved his head and body to suit her needs. Every time he moved (something many children do during haircuts), she responded with a heaving, loud sigh of exasperation and frustration, jerking him back to where she wanted him to be. In fact, at one point, her response escalated to the point where she actually became enraged, THREW down her scissors and comb, stomped off to the bathroom -- sputtering and huffing and puffing the whole way -- and SLAMMED the door! She gave every impression that it was all she could do to refrain from hitting him. I should have left right then, but it was so surreal and insane that I was paralyzed with shock and couldn't quite believe it was happening in the moment. My son, who had been well-behaved, cooperative, and polite, was totally bewildered and perplexed by her utter meanness and harsh words. I'm sure this isn't the norm there, but her behavior was flat out abusive and totally unacceptable and I will never go back there in spite of the fact that I live around the corner. To top it all off, I wrote a letter to the District Manager of Cool Tops describing the incident and never heard back from her.

I do not recommend Snips . They seem fun, with videos and toys and lollipops, but I question their hygiene. My daughter had her hair cut there, which necessitated wetting it with spray. Fine, she is watching Nemo and all is good. But when finished, the stylist pulled a brush out of a drawer, fired up the hairdryer, and gave her a blowout without asking first. I didn't like the noise of the blowdryer, but moreso I was concerned about the hairbrush - hair isn't washed there like at an adult salon, so who knows how many kids' hair was on that brush. My daughter's preschool had a lice scare a month ago so maybe I am sensitive to it. My daughter never got lice, but there she was getting her hair brushed, who knows how many kids would have come after her. I know combs go into that blue stuff but the brush thing freaked me out.

So if you go there make sure combs only. Otherwise the haircut was not terrible. Cool Tops was good once, bad twice. We didn't have a good experience at Snippity Crickets on Solano either but I know a lot of parents like it there.

My child is not the best client either which has probably not helped but I never knew anyone could be so picky about trimming split ends until you see it done badly. Repeatedly. Accidental Kids Haircut Snob

I don't have the original post in front of me, but I wanted to respond to an inquiry about Cool Tops in Rockridge. First, let me say that we will probably keep going back to Cool Tops because my daughter loves it and we enjoy visiting the neighborhood together. (We live in Albany, but she doesn't love Snippety Crickets.) We recently went to Cool Tops, where we go approximately every 2 months. I think cuts are $28, but you can check online. The service there has been getting worse and worse. When we walked in, the man behind the counter (whom I assume is a manager, because he rudely bosses everyone around) barely acknowledged us. He looked up and said, ''Yeah?'' When I said who we were, he just called over to the stylist. Never said hello or anything. The stylist was fine . . . polite and friendly. The cut isn't anything to get excited about. But really, the customer service at the desk is almost enough to prevent me from ever going back. When we left, the man at the desk didn't thank us (I left a 20% tip), offer a lollipop (the whole reason my daughter goes), or say goodbye. Oh, and during my daughter's cut, while she was trying to watch the movie (the other reason she goes), the manager person and another stylist loudly gossiped about other employees who apparently are not pulling their weight. The whole experience was icky. One nice thing about Cool Tops is that the space is pleasant and they have good magazines to read while you wait. I'd say find somewhere else unless things improve at Cool Tops Rockridge. Disappointed mama

I have to chime in here and agree with those who've had mixed results with Cool Tops . We've had several good cuts there but generally find the service/attitude to be curt and dismissive. My child isn't the most fearless or cooperative hair-cut client but I think a place that specializes in CHILDRENS' cuts should be versed in child development, typical and atypical. And I wonder if it's unsanitary that the plastic shoulder-covers are reused. Going Back to Our Local Barber.

Haircut for a 3-year-old screamer

Sept 2007

I hope someone here will be able to help me out. My almost three-year-old son is so afraid of cutting his hair that up to this day he has not received a single professional haircut. He screams bloody murder every time we cut his hair at home, so I have to restrain him, while my husband gives him a homemade (and far from perfect) haircut. Once we took him to watch my husband getting his haircut and he seemed to be somewhat curious about the process, so we offered him to get his. He got all the way to the chair but as soon as the stylist took out a pair of scissors, he ran back to me screaming ''No''. He has never had any accidents with scissors or any other sharp objects. And he in generally hates when people touch his hair - be it combing, shampooing or drying with a towel. So I was wondering if there is a kid-friendly place with a patient hairstylist who can take on my son. Or even better, if there is a person who can come to our home to try and give him a haircut? Thanks. anon

I would try Lynn at Snippity Crickets on Solano. She is very good, and someone told me that they saw a boy sitting on his Dad's lap while he got a hair cut. They have a train table there so the first couple of times I took my son we went a 1/2 hr early so he could play and get used to the place. It took a lot of talking to get him to go, but now he loves going there. My husband started getting his hair cut there too so now they go together. The only thing about the place is you walk through a section of toys for sale to get to the hair cutting part, but there's stuff of all price ranges so maybe that will help bribe your son to go too. anon

The people at Snippity Crickets are used to this. My son was a screamer too, and they are great at getting the kids calmed down. They cut my son's hair the first few times while he was sitting on my lap. And if all else fails, they are SUPERFAST and impervious to noise. After a few visits, my son looked forward to a particular train toy they h ad in their basket of toys, and the train in the window, and eventually the haircut became more of a treat than a trial.

Kid friendly hair salon in Alameda?

June 2007

Does anyone know of a salon in or near Alameda that ''specializes'' in kids haircuts? I say ''specialize'' only because my daughter is very active and I've heard there are salons that have toys, books, and things to distract kids long enough to get a quick cut in. This will be her first, so I don't know how she'll react to someone coming at her head with scissors! Holly

Kid's Choice 1504 Encinal Ave Alameda, CA 94501 (510) 522-5437

Happy Cuts on Central between Oak and Park has little vehicles the kids can sit in and does a good serviceable haircut. They have movies to distract the kids. Mine have always sat still. Molly G

Happy Cuts on Central Avenue is were we have taken our daughter for her first two haircuts. For the first one, they do a cute thing with a First Haircut certificate and attach a lock of hair and take a polaroid of her after her haircut. They have a ''car'' for the kids to sit in and tons of videos and other good distratctions from the scissors. whitney

Good Haircut for a Boy with beautiful long hair

Aug 2006

I'm looking to get haircuts for my boys before my sister's wedding in August. They both have beautiful shoulder length hair and I am afraid to go to a kids salon as they always butcher boys even when I say to keep it long and just layer it a bit. Anyone else out there solved this problem of getting a good style for your sons that doesn't involve a bowl, bangs or a buzz cut? Thanks amber

I highly recommend my neighbor Jean Lusson , 510-525-0624. She's a Berkeley mom who cuts hair out of her home. After years of having Snippetty Crickets butcher my childrens' hair, I am thrilled to have such a talented hair cutter available to cut my kids hair. She's a bit more expensive than kids salons but her haircuts last. She also does a fabulous job on adults Brenda

Kipp Hamilton at Maru Hair Salon in Bkly is a great stylist for kids hair. He cuts both my boys has long straight thin hair, the other has thick wavey hair. He does a great job with both. If Kipp isn't available, Becky, who works there too is also really great. Shop number is 549-3610 June

Hi, I have a wonderful stylist for your boys to see. Her name is Bing and she has just opened her own shop on College Ave. in Oakland after working for many years at Super Cuts on College. She has been cutting my son's hair for years. In fact, there was a time when all the boys we knew at Willard Park tot lot had their hair cut by her. The most wonderful thing about her is that she listens to exactly what you want and won't cut an extra centimeter (unlike even the most pricey shops that just want to chop chop long hair) My son gets welts from the hair that falls on his neck when being cut. She is so considerate and has been with all our requests through 7 years of family hair cuts. She doesn't charge an arm and a leg either! I highly recommend Bing at B salon in Rockridge. Her address is 5408 College Ave, on the same side of the street as the library, almost directly across from the Hudson Bay Cafe. Her number is : 510 658-7299. She is truely a find. blythe

Bing at B Salon is quite good and very reasonable. We have a lot of our family members' hair cut by her. She worked at SuperCuts for a long time and has now opened her own place in Rockridge on College across from the Hudson Bay Cafe. 510.658.7299 Jeannie

Long hairstyle for 2-year-old boy

May 2005

I've hit that point with him where a haircut is a must. It's never been cut. I can push the front bangs to the side but they are often in his eyes, the sides have a feathered look unless i tuck the hair behind the ears, and the longest in the back is about 2.5 inches below the shoulder. He is often mistaken for a girl but more than that, it's starting to look unkempt. His hair is straight and pretty fine though i suspect it'll grow thicker as he gets older.

i know i don't want a mullet, is that the right term to describe short in the front and sides but long in the back? i was thinking maybe short on the sides and back and letting the front bangs grow out more.

i'd love some suggestions about hairstyles to try and/or stylists i can take him to. whenever i bring up this topic, i get blank stares. i'm afraid to just take him to a cutter who'll give him a traditional boy cut, short all around. i'd love for him to have some length somewhere, if not everywhere. Helen

I know exactly what you mean. I have a fine haired 2 year old boy. He had naturally grown a mullet so we cut it once in back, but left all the hair on top. I think the hairstyle you describe, (short in back and sides) sounds adorable. I plan to let my sons hair keep growing until he expresses a preference, but will keep trimming the back and sides a little so they don't become too unkempt. We get some criticism for not making him ''look like a boy'', but we want to let him express the many aspects of his gender. Lots of dudes have long hair anyway. We also think he looks cute. Annie

I have a 2.5 year old boy with long hair too. I can tell you to most definitely NOT GO TO SNIPPETY CRICKETS ON SOLANO!! He's had the worst 2 haircuts there. They cut all the kids' bangs really short because ''they grow so fast'' one lady said. I'm thinking- does that mean they have to look bad in the meantime?Just look at the pictures of the kids on the wall. None of them have very cute hair. (sorry to all you folks with pics of your kids on the wall... the kids are darling, their hair is just ok.. my kid is up there too) I'd rather have his bangs like normal (just above his eyes, pretty long actually) and trim them when needed. That being said- we take our boy to the Grand Barber Shop on San Pablo in El Cerrito. It's just past the plaza on the right hand side, just after the Albany border. They don't take appointments so you should be prepared to wait at least for a few minutes. See Jerry. He's so good with our son and will do exactly what you want. We usually get a trim and my boy ends up with kind of long hair on the top and short in the back, but nice and trimmed, and very cute. It's the opposite of a mullet. Trust me, don't get the ''business in the front, party in the back'' cut. If anything, get the more 80's cut I just described, but can be modified to look more modern. Signed- Yes-I-like-My-Boy's-Hair-To-Look-Good-Because-They-Don't-Make-Cute-Boy- Clothes-And-I-Have-To-Start-Somewhere! anon

Our 2 year old also has long hair --we cut it the first time when it was hanging in his eyes and the babysitter was putting it up in ponytails: we really wanted to keep it long and not cut off his baby curls! Well, the curls did go, but we easily found a nice style for him that isn't a mullet, with no problem. All four hairstylists that have cut his hair at Snippity Crickets (twice in SF and twice in Berkeley) have naturally just tended to trim it all around. The result is that he has shorter hair over his eyes, the hair comes down on the side of his face to cover part of the ears, and then it is longer in back. It tapers down and doesn't look ''mullet-y'' at all. If you ask the moderator for my email I'll send you a photo, but really I think everyone at Snippity Crickets will understand what you mean! mom of a long-haired boy

Your son's hair is getting difficult to maintain. You don't like your son to be mistaken for a girl. It's bothering your son to have his hair in his eyes. And yet, you want it long. These seem to be conflicting issues. Children just don't have as many options as adults - their hair is constantly changing in texture, and may take years to even fully come in, and they don't use hair products or blow dryers. Cut it so it's simple to take care of and doesn't bug him. Figure out styles later. No Fuss Mama

I'm curious why you would want your son to have long hair? I have a 19 mo old daughter who has wavy/curly hair and it's unruly. I would love to get her a short haircut because it would be so much easier, but I wouldn't do it because she would look like a boy and I don't want that. If I had a boy it would be a no-brainer - short hair - period. I have seen parents try to live out some sort of rock-n-roll fantasy with their sons by leaving their hair long and it seems so silly to me. Just cut the kid's hair. There is no alternative hairstyle other than a mullet that would accomplish your goal and remember - it is your goal for his hair, not his. I bet he'd appreciate having less hair as the weather gets hotter. Just my .02 shorter is better for boys

Hey there, I think long hair looks fantastic on boys, and wanted to recommend my hairdressers, who rock. They aren't a kids place, per se, but they are all either mothers or expecting themselves, and the vibe there is super cool and mellow. They've put single extensions in little girls' hair, for example, which takes about thirty seconds and doesn't affect their hair at all and they are absolutely kid-friendly. They're called Barberella, and they're on San Pablo at Dwight-ish. The number is (510) 548 3552. They're always busy, which bites a bit, but I think kid's hair is quick, right? (Like I know anything about it...). As for the style itself, well, I am so far from being a style maven that I wouldn't even hazard a guess, but having HAD long hair myself I seem to remember that you're going to have to cut it all to the currently shortest length, or close to it, to avoid any hint of a mullet. Billy Ray Cyrus is your classic mullet, if you're of an age and disposition to remember him. You could scar him for life, but no pressure. Abbi

Our 3 year old boy has always had longer hair. I take him to Supercuts...yes, Supercuts...on College Ave and always wait for Miriam. She's very calm with my son (good, since our little one can be a handful) and he always sits quietly for her. She listened to me carefully when I first described what we wanted and got it. She's pretty hip to styles old and new & knows the difference between a mullet (*no* mullets for us) and a bowl cut. We always have his bangs trimmed so we don't have to go back too soon, but keep the hair over the ears and the back longer. His hair get gradually longer from front to back without the ''bowl'' look or an extreme 70's feather job. His hair is about 3 inches long in the back. What you describe sounds a little like a little skater cut & I'm sure she could do that too. The one time I went elsewhere was a day that Miriam wasn't working. I knew I'd made a mistake when the hairdresser looked confused when I said, ''No mullets,'' and insisted that boys should have short hair. Next time I called to be sure that Miriam was working and waited for her happily. She seems to be requested often.....and... Oh yeah. She always remembers that my son wants a purple ballon with a black ribbon. Very Cool. Heidi

My son had long hair at age two, and when it became too tangly for me too deal with, we had it trimmed to a long bowl/dutch boy cut. This is the style he had for several years until he cut his bangs himself and got a chopped cut to match:) It is finally growing out, to my relief. I think it is not unusual for hairstylists in the Berkeley area to get requests to keep boy's hair longer than a SBC (standard boy cut). Good luck. I felt a little nervous when my boy's hair was cut for the first time! Mama to a Dutch Boy

You sound like me a year ago. I joked that I needed a ''stylist'' for my son's hair because I didn't want the typical boy cut for him. I ended up buying a great pair of scissors and doing it myself. I thought it would be cost effective. Believe it or not, I looked up online how to cut layers and while, I am not a great hair cutter, I am learning. It is usually a multi-session to be happy with what I do -- taking my time and only taking a little off at a time.I typically don't like how I cut it until it grows out a bit but I've managed to give him a few good cuts this year-- no mullets! I figure that I would rather mess his hair up myself than pay someone else to and wind up buzzing it all off..... anon

I was just answering to the letter from the parent that hated Snippety Crickets. My child is special needs and everyone there has done what they could with him. With amazing results most of the time. I think you may have gotten the russian woman she does seem to do what she feels like doing. I haven't had that trouble with Bobbie Jo or Linh. The best advice is to be clear with whoever is cutting your childs hair. I felt that the letter was very uncalled for that all the kids haircuts were ugly. My son is not a natural beauty but the women at Snippety have always treated him as one. That is my 2 cents.....Good luck with the cut where ever you decide. Ps I love long hair on boys too! cristina

Hairstylist for an 8yo girl

May 2005

HELP! My 8yo daughter has decided she wants to have her hair cut... but, we're not talking just a basic cut here. She seems to have her heart set on a ''stylish cut'' - ie, I think we're beyond Snippity Crickets at this point. Where can I take her, and to whom (specifically, do you have a recommedation for particular stylist?)? I'm hoping for a kid- friendly place - someone who understands that, at 8, she wants to have some control over her image, but who also understands that SHE'S ONLY 8!!! Over-the-top teen do's just aren't an option, imho. The additional complication is, she has very fine, straight hair - lots of it, to be sure, but it is *very* straight. Sadly, it's like my own, so I know what she is in for, in the future.... those cute little bobs, the layered do's, shaggy styles - they don't work all that well, unless you find someone REALLY talented. So - if you have a place that you would recommend, I'd greatly appreciate it!!! Many thanks!!! Leslie

Recommended:  Rockridge Barber Shop

Cheap but good haircuts for boys

April 2003

I am looking for a good place to take my boys (3 1/2 and 7 1/2) for haircuts. I was paying $30 for both boys, and got really great basic haircuts (unfortunately,our lady moved to Vegas!). Any suggestions? Linda

Recommendations received:

  • B.L. International Berkeley
  • Snippety Crickets Albany

    Where to get kids' haircuts

    May 2000

    Any recommendations for places to get kids' hair cut?

    Recommendations received:

  • The Powder Box Albany
  • Rascals (2) El Cerrito
  • Snippety Crickets
  • Supercuts in Elmwood

    6-year-old son's hair experiments

    Nov. 2002

    My 6 1/2 yr old boy has started wanting to put gel in his hair before school. And now he likes spraying it with washable hair color spray. He seems to be experimenting with his looks and how friends at school in first grade react to him -- he's getting a positive response so he wants to do this more often. My husband and I are at odds: I think it's fine and a healthy symptom of figuring out who he is in society; my husband is totally against it and thinks it's wrong to encourage ''vanity'' which takes away from our son accepting himself for who he is on the inside. I checked the web site but couldn't find anything on this subject. I'd like to hear what other people think.

    I am responding to your message from the point of view of a first grade teacher, although I am also a mom, and know how much fun my kids have experimenting with hair styles, fashions, etc. as they strive to find their identity and place in this world.

    Having kids come to school with hair styles that are primarily chosen to elicit attention from other children can be extremely disruptive to the classroom environment. It's interesting to me how this behavior is usually limited to boys, and every time I see one of these kids on the playground with severely spiked, or outrageously colored, hair, I usually wonder what in the world his/her parents were thinking to send this child to school like this! In my mind it is the same issue as limiting certain types of clothing, shoes, and/or behavior at school. While school is, by nature, a place where children learn to define themselves socially, it is primarily a place for academic work. I think we give children very mixed messages when we don't explain to them that while there may be nothing ''wrong'' with certain types of fashion, behavior, dress, etc., it may be totally inappropriate in a school setting where our primary focus is education. I use the word ''appropriate'' a lot in my classroom. I try to explain to my students that while there is nothing ''wrong'' with certain types of behavior (yelling, running, talking with friends, playing with toys, etc.), it is ''inappropriate'' to do these things while we are in the classroom working.

    I think that experimenting with hair color, fashion, dress, etc. is fine on the weekends, in the summer, on vacation, etc., if that is what your child is interested in, and that is what you want to encourage. I do think our children look to us for guidance as to what is appropriate in specific situations, and I think we are remiss as parents if we don't provide our children with this information. In this same regard, I have always told my own children that we show respect for people, for institutions, and for situations, by our dress and our behavior. I think we show our respect for the school setting by arriving at school ready to work and learn, not ready to show off our latest hair color or style. First Grade Teacher

    I say don't sweat the small stuff like hair style and clothing style. You will have plenty of other issues down the road and hair style is minor and temporary. Besides, self-expression is a good thing to develop in a kid. But 6 1/2 does seem kinda young - maybe you might want to establish a few reasonable ground rules, while still allowing him to express himself. I think my older boys were 8 or 9 before they got interested in how they looked. They started refusing Mom's generic bowl cut, and asked to get their ear pierced (popular at the time, not sure about now!). We would allow them some leeway but set boundaries. For instance they could wear their hair how they liked but they had to be 10 before they could get an ear pierced. Both of them started experimenting with dyeing their hair in about the 4th grade. The oldest caved in to peer pressure (none of his buddies dyed theirs) and soon he was doing the very short hair with gel (a mystery to me! no hair there - what's to gel?) which he still does in college. The middle son had red or green or blue or yellow hair for 5 years or so. The only reason he stopped dyeing was because after a while I told him he had to buy his own supplies, and he cared more about not working for the money than about dyeing his hair apparently.

    We did run into a problem in 5th grade at a private school, where they really went ballistic over his orange hair and made him feel like a freak about it. I was amazed. No such problems in public school, ever. The other problem is, it's a true test of momhood to walk down the street with a green-haired kid. You really have to believe in your kid! Strangers actually came up to me a couple times and asked: Why would you let your kid do a thing like that! I'd say, Why not? It's harmless. Besides, I like it! (Actually I didn't think his green hair was very becoming, but I thought it was pretty nervy of them and none of their business.)

    I remember a couple people told me Kids that dye their hair are just looking for attention! Well, so what? Everybody wants attention. What adult hasn't worn some article of clothing they hope will elicit some sort of attention? Of course if you think your son is doing it because he really does need more attention, then that would be something you could work on too, giving him attention for things that aren't related to appearance. But maybe your son and my middle son are that type of person who love to entertain classmates and passersby with colored hair and out-of-the-ordinary clothing. Maybe that's their talent. I'm glad there are people around like that - it would be a very boring and unstimulating world otherwise! Ginger

    Just another thought on the hair issue: frankly, I don't see anything wrong with experimenting with hair colors and styles, and as a former pink-haired kid, I don't think it had much to do with vanity or acceptance. I just liked the way it looked. Six might be a bit be young, but kids today see plenty of musicians and celebrities with different hair styles, so this may be where the seeds get planted. I think it shows some adventurousness and creativity on the part of your child. Accommodating crazy hair seems much easier than dealing with requests for $180 sneakers or whatever else kids do to look cool.

    As a side note, I find it amusing that these hair styles still cause a bit of a reaction. When my husband was a punk kid with purple hair in the 70's and 80's, he got threatened and hassled by people all the time for looking like a freak. When I was 'alternative' as it was then called in the late 80's-early 90's, the response from folks was generally much milder, although some kids and adults did give me a hard time. Now I see very 'mainstream' people with piercings and hair that once would have been very outrageous. Some parents here probably remember when boys were expected to have very short hair or risk harassment. My guess is that multi-colored hair and spikey gel styles have been and continue to become more and more mainstream, and soon will get no more of a response than a boy with longer (non-crew cut) hair. Just wait folks- tattoos have entered the mainstream too, so don't be surprised if your kid wants one! (Though I would advise that they wait until 18.) a mom who still loves outrageous hair

    My 7 year old son also started to be interested in his hairstyling beginning last year. I let him do it, without focussing on it too much. We have since switched to Waldorf school, and my impression of their guidelines (which I am no expert on) are that at this age a child should be looking out to the world and not paying so much attention to themselves, that developmentally this is more appropriate beginning around age 14, when they will begin trying on different personas. I like this concept and believe that the media (tv, music) encourage our children to prematurely be interested in their appearance. jc