Maru Hair Salon (Berkeley, CA)

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Feb 2009

Re: Hair and color expert for thick hair
I have very thick hair and I recommend Kipp, the owner of Maru, 1400 Shattuck, at Rose St. (510) 549-3610 He has given me very easy care, shoulder length, layered cuts. Book well in advance. kl

Oct 2008

Re: Hairstylist for long hair w/ split ends
I have had several great cuts from Kipp Hamilton, owner of O Maru Salon at Shattuck and Rose. 510-549-3610. Most recently he took me from overgrown, damaged, thick hair, down to about my bra band, to a lovely, layered short bob just above my shoulders. My partner said ''Wow!'' And it actually looked just about as good after washing it! kl

May 2007

Re: Salon for hip teen haircut
You son wil get a FABULOUS haircut at Maru Hair Salon in Bkly, with Kipp Hamilton. My kids LOVE going to Kipp. Kipp is young (ish) and very stylish. He knows what looks good and what's cool but will also style hair to match the persons face and features. Salon number is 549-3610. Have fun June

March 2007

Re: Need a boost in my personal style
Kipp Hamilton at Maru Hair Salon in N. Bkly (Rose and Shattuck/Henry is a FABULOUS stylist. He will give you a cut that matches your face, physic etc. He's really amazing. Because of him my whole body image changed a few years ago (for the better). The shop number is 549-3610. He's also the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. June

Sept 2006

Re: Blondish highlights/haircolor for dark brown hair?
This message is for all the people who asked about a great cut, stylist, color, highlights. Kipp Hamilton, owner of Maru Hair Salon on Rose and Shattuck is the best ever. To the woman who wanted less expensive, I don't think Kipp is less expensive than what you mentioned. He's probably ''going rate''. Salon # is 549-3610. Good luck to all June

Aug 2006

Re: Good Haircut for a Boy with beautiful long hair
Kipp Hamilton at Maru Hair Salon in Bkly is a great stylist for kids hair. He cuts both my boys has long straight thin hair, the other has thick wavey hair. He does a great job with both. If Kipp isn't available, Becky, who works there too is also really great. Shop number is 549-3610 June

Aug 2006

Re: Hair stylist for fine long hair
I just answered the above post with this same rec. Kipp Hamilton at Maru Hair Salon in Bkly is a great hair stylist. He is skilled in styling/cutting all kinds of hair. He will know what is the best style and cut for your texture of hair and your face. The shop number is 549-3610. Good luck June

May 2006

Re: Hair stylist for long curly hair
Hi, I recently went to Becky at Maru in Berkeley. She was really great, totally worked with what I wanted and made changes as she got used to how my hair reacted, since it was a first time together. I do not think she specializes in curly hair but did an amazing job with my curls. And the cut was reasonably priced. Good luck! lb

May 2006

Re: Stylist for Asian hair in Berkeley/Albany
Try Kip Hamilton at Maru Hair Salon in Berkeley. The number is 549-3610. He's fabulous and also very popular. You might have to wait a while to get an appt. I think he's charging $50 these days. spouse of Asian-American with great hair

Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
Anyone looking for a stylist and colorist would get a great style and color from Kipp at Maru Hair Salon: 549-3610. He will listen to you but is also realistic about what will work w/ your hair. Plus he is extremely kind and fun to hang out with. You will like him. Susan
Re: Stylist who can do both cut and color (May 2004)
Kip is the guy you've been looking for! He is as artistic and talented as he is meticulous. I've always left his salon really really happy! He's been cutting hair for years. He really belongs in Hollywood as hairdresser to the stars, but fortunately for us we have him here in Berkeley. He's located at Maru Hair Salon in the island building on the second floor, between Safeway and Longs drugs on Shattuck in North Berkeley 549-3610 Tell him Zoe sent you.
Re: Highlights & lowlights in Berkeley or WC (Mar 2005)
Kipp Hamilton, owner of Maru Hair Salon on Rose and Shattuck in Berkeley is THE BEST EVER stylist/colorist. He colored my hair twice and I have loved every stage of it...ready to do it again. He also highlighted my 9 year old son's hair. VERY COOL! Kipp's specialty is color. He's really so incredibly good and loves doing it. Salon number is 549-3610. He's open Tues-Saturday. Have fun june
Re: Good Adult Bangs Haircutter/Stylist (Jan 2005)
This is in the north end of Berkeley, but Kipp Hamilton at Maru Hair Salon on Rose and Shattuck is FABULOUS with bangs, all kinds of hair, updating a style (that is apropriate for your face), color, educating you about products and how to style and take care of your hair. And he's the sweetest, nicest person. He totally changed my ''look'' by changing my hair style. He's really the best. Shop number is 549-3610. Good luck, hope you find what you want, June
Re: Post-partum Style Disaster (April 2004)
For your hair, call Kipp Hamilton at Maru Hair Salon on Rose and Shattuck, 549-3610. Kipp is great at styling, loves what he does and will make you feel fabulous. He knows about hair nutrition and also how your hair should look for your face. He recently changed my do, showed me how to take care of my hair, how to style it and I feel like a new woman. Amazing what a new haircut can do for a woman!! Then go buy yourself some NICE new clothes adn chuck the old stained ones. Good luck, June