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Supercuts in Elmwood

Re: Cheap Haircut (Aug 2004)
elizabeth at supercuts on college!
Re: Cheap Haircut (Aug 2004)
While my experiences with SuperCuts in general have been mixed, we love Elizabeth at SuperCuts on College at Claremont. Our whole family goes to her. She's really nice and always does a quality job. I've even had good luck bringing her a photo from a magazine of something I liked, something more expensive stylists have not always done well with. SuperCuts' standard fee is something like $12-$13. JP
Re: Haircuts for Children (May 2000)
I tend to use the Supercuts on College near Ashby ($7.00). They usually give straightforward, conservative hair cuts (although the last time I went in a woman with spikey hair cut my daughter's bangs within a quarter inch of her scalp and thinned them so they were sort of jaggedy. It looked awful and I had a really bad hair day the rest of the day). My daughter also likes going to Supercuts because they have a box of toys (a bit beat up, but she doesn't mind) to play with while waiting. And, after the cut, they let the child pick out a trinket to take home. Sometimes they forget to offer this, but if you ask they are very nice about it. My daughter also likes going her because, we go get ice cream afterwards (Dryer's or Double Rainbow) so the whole thing is a big treat. I also like Supercuts because its walk-in so I can go whenever its convenient. Cecily

Supercuts on Solano

Dec 2008

Re: Need a skilled stylist that has reasonable prices
I have fine hair and have gone to many stylists in Berkeley and Oakland over the past 10 years. After a very disappointing, layered $110 cut at a high-end salon, I went to SuperCuts on Solano Avenue. I thought that it couldn't get any worse and at least wouldn't cost me a fortune. Much to my surprise, I *loved* my new cut and have been going to Lan at SuperCuts for the past two years and have not had a bad experience. And did I mention that cuts are $16? Even with a generous tip, I'm spending a fraction of what I used to. In this case, it isn't too good to be true. I don't get my hair colored anymore so can't speak to her skills there, but she has listened to what I want and given me an amazing cut everytime. Contact: Lan, SuperCuts, 1475 Solano Ave, Albany, 510.524.9050 Happy Hair & Pocketbook

March 2008

Re: Haircut for 11 year old girl
I recommend Supercuts on Solano. My 8 year old loves them. To get the best cut pay to have your daughter's hair washed and let HER talk to them about what she wants. The two of you need to agree at home, but let her direct the interaction. My daughter and I love the results of THIS particular Supercuts. Grown Up Decisions

Re: Bringing Baby to Hair Cut (Feb 2003)
I always go to Supercuts on Solano and have always brought my daughter, since she was a tiny infant. I just parked her in her car seat in a place that was close to me but out of the haircutter's way. Only once did she start to cry, all other times she just gazed around at what was going on. When she turned one she started getting a wash and trim at the same time I did, without a problem at all. LC

Supercuts on Park in Alameda

Re: Haircut for toddler in Alameda (Nov 2004)
I take my kids to the supercuts on Park Street a few doors down from Java Rama (corner of Park and Alameda Ave). I give instructions and am not shy about asking them to cut more, etc. They are very nice and it's $10 I think. Procuts on Park Street was great too but they just moved to somewhere in Marina Village. anon