Where to get haircut for 2 yr old?

We have been trying DIY haircuts for our 2 yr old and they look terrible. Does anyone have any suggestions for places or people that can cut a 2 yr old's hair?

Thank you

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I love Snippety Crickets on Solano Avenue for kids cuts. 

We've had good experiences with Snippety Crickets on Solano--both my kids have been happy, and Lin is extra efficient!

We rec snips on college in north Oakland. Book online, we’ve always booked with Miriam, and they’ll take great care of you!

We took our son for his first haircut at the People's Barber in Oakland. They did a great job and it helped to bribe him with Humphry Slocomb right across the way 

We've been happy with Snippety Crickets on Solano for our 3 year old. 

Hi! Snips (https://www.snipskidsoakland.com/) in Rockridge is wonderful. They do a great job cutting toddlers' hair. 

Snips for Kids on College Ave in Oakland is pretty solid. We've gone to see Miriam several times. She would let my son sit in my lap in the chair if he was freaking out. And her selection of videos for kids was extremely helpful. She was always patient and fast, and had no issue just doing what I asked for.