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From: Sarah (1/99)

I highly recommend Daisy Reynado at University Hair Care, which is in the little shopping center next to the University Ave. Andronico's (at 1444 University Ave.). While I have not had my hair cut by Daisy, I have seen her cut both children and adult's hair and she does a wonderful job. She is great with both my children and she is very fast and accurate. I had taken them to both Snippety Crickets and other places and was never very happy with the outcome. She charges $12 and gives out a card and stamps it; after a certain number of haircuts, you get one free. Daisy is a native Spanish speaker, if that is a plus to anyone. The phone number is 845-6752.

From: Ann (5/98)

Re: teen's bad haircut

I would highly recommend Nancy at Peter Thomas who is very understanding as well as a great haircutter. It's pretty expensive so it wouldn't be a regular thing for a teenager but maybe one great very short cut would make her feel happier with her hair.

Date: April 1998
From: Trish

Judy Chan at Point of View Salon (456 Santa ClaraAve, Oakland - just up from Grand Lake Theater) is fabulous. I have whimpy Irish hair and she cuts it beautifully. My daughter has extremely thick Italian hair and she does wonders to cut it so it doesnt' look poofy or childish. She takes an hour to cut and it costs $40. Well worth it. Never a stray end and it always falls evenly. Telephone number is 832-3376.

From: Robin (4/98)

Let me put in another good word for Point of View Salon in Oakland near the Grand Lake Theater (456 Santa Clara Ave.). Katie has been cutting my hair for years. She is friendly, does a wonderful job and has a son the same age as my oldest (almost 5), so we have lots to talk about! Everyone there does great work and it's a very pleasant place.

Date: April 1998
From: Norma

My cutter, Jeanine Edwards, is very reasonably priced and works both in Albany (on Solano at Hair) and in El Sobrante at the Lakeridge Health Club. I switched to her after having gone to someone else for over 20 years (bec. my person wasn't available just before I had to leave on vacation!) and I never switched back. She was able to alter the style to be more flattering (and capitalize on some natural wave) without imposing a major change. And she REALLY listened to me...and asked questions. My whole family now goes to her (her prices for kids are even cheaper). She doesn't let her ego dictate how your hair should be cut, and she doesn't sell or rely on any products. She believes the cut--not gel or mousse--should give your hair its style. Her number in El Sobrante is 262-0404, and in Albany 526-3684.
(Updated Feb 2002:) In April 1998, I recommended a hair stylist, Janine Edwards, who is listed under Adult Haircuts on the Recommendations website. I still go to her and I still very much recommend her, but she's changed locations and phone number. Please correct the listing on the webpage to show that she's now located at Top Floor salon at Appian Way and San Pablo Avenue in Pinole. Her phone number is 510 741-1150. Norma

Date: April 24, 1998
From: Dawn

Let me put in another good word for Point of View Salon in Oakland near the Grand Lake Theater (456 Santa Clara Ave.). Katie has been cutting my hair for years. She is friendly, does a wonderful job and has a son the same age as my oldest (almost 5), so we have lots to talk about! Everyone there does great work and it's a very pleasant place.

Elmwood Hair Salons

From: Trisha (10/98)

My haircutter, Jhay Green, at Tique Salon works on Ashby (across the street from the little shopping center that runs alongside the Claremont Hotel. That is not in the immediate Elmwood Area but fairly close. I have been going to Jhay for six or seven years and highly recommend his skill and appreciate his personal approach to his clients. I feel he is a truly decent human being. When my family experienced a particularly horrific tragedy three years ago, Jhay sent me a condolence card with spiritual sentiments that eased a sore spot in my heart. I feel he has become a real friend and not just a haircutter. That is why I have stayed with him even though his prices have risen quite a lot since I first started going to him. I do not like paying the price, but I love the hair cuts. If you go to him, tell him you heard about him from me and I am sure he will be most grateful. Jhay is modest, meticulous, personable, funny. I can't say enough good things about him.

From: Janette (10/98)

I had a great experience at Snips on College (near where it meets Broadway). I took my three year old and ten month old at the same time and it turned out great. They have many toys which kept my active three year old happy while the younger one sat on my lap. They both moved all over the place and I marvelled at how the stylist kept up with them and did a great job. Sorry, I don't remember her name but I got the impression that everyone in there was good.

From: Alan (10/98)

For the person looking for an Elmwood hair stylist, I go to Kay Spena at Make Waves, at Manila and College in the Rockridge. She does a great job and has a good sense of humor! Her # is 653-3904.

From: Lisa (5/98)

Dean Dodge at City Salon, 2806 Octavia St/Union St, 415-928-5082. He's a great stylist, trained at Vidal Sassoon's in its early days, worked there and other top salons in SF. He only does hair cuts. He charges $35 and in between cuts, bang trims are free.

Haircutters for Long Hair

8/99 Jeanne
I am looking for an experienced hair stylist in Berkeley - Oakland (preferably N. Berkeley) who enjoys working on long hair and whose coloring/tinting is reliable. After twelve years with the same stylist, it's time to move on. Jeanne
Jeni 9/99
Though I can't say how he does with the specifics of long hair or coloring, Yosi, at Panache on Telegraph (he's a part owner, so he might also work days at the other Panache on College), has been fantastic. I am very picky about who cuts my hair, and in particular, was nervous about going from long to short hair, and he gave me a cut perfectly suited not only to my type of hair, but to what I told him about my lifestyle and hair care proclivities. I have found it best to tell him generally what I'm after, then put myself into his hands, rather than trying to micromanage the cut. He's good about asking questions before starting in cutting, so as to get a sense of what I really want.


Lee 9/99
Hi! Does anyone have a good kids' haircutter to recommend in the Lamorinda area (pref. Moraga or Orinda)? Thanks
Gail 8/99
Ponytails is a great place for kids (they have carousel ponies that the kids can sit in, or regular chairs, and have a really nice way with the children). It's on Mt. Diablo near They Grow So Fast (used kids' clothing, another great resource). They will both be moving soon (November 1st, I think) to a larger building across the street, so I don't know if there will be downtime during the transition.
Jennifer 8/99
For the person looking for a kid's hairdresser in the Lamorinda area, I recommend Once Upon a Hare Cut Children's Salon in Lafayette (925) 283-9077. Renee, the owner, gave both my one year old son and four year old daughter good haircuts. She is very patient with children. The salon is very inviting and confortable for children. The salon has special kiddy chairs to sit in for the hair cut. There is a play room with toys and a castle/playhouse. You'll find cute fairytale theme murals painted on the walls.

When my son received his first haircut I held him while he moved his head all over the place. Renee was very patient and able to distract him with a storybook that makes sounds and a lolipop. Even though my son didn't stay perfectly still, (impossible right?) she did a great job giving him the layered, traditional little boy haircut that I asked for.

WARNING: If you don't want your children's hair cut short - be sure to tell her. Although I really liked the haircuts, I think she has a tendency to cut a little short. She also likes to talk a lot and is effusive with praise about your children.

To the person looking for a hair stylist - If you don't mind driving to Walnut Creek, I would highly recommend Kristina Christianson. She has been my hair stylist for almost 10 years, and I have never been unhappy with a cut she has given me. She has a huge clientele (including me) that has followed her from one salon to another during that time. About 18 months ago, she opened her own salon, Mes Amis, on Locust Street in Walnut Creek. The phone number is 925/939-6633. (2001)

Haircutters for Very Wavy Hair

From: Lynn

This is in reply to haircutter. I have very wavy hair too. I have found a stylist I trust entirely in Laurie Cohen. She works at Opulent Hair in Orinda (next door to Safeway). The phone number is 254-2262. She will make evening and Saturday appointments if needed. The cost for shampoo, cut, blow-dry etc. is $30.

From: Karen

Response to haircutter for wavy (curly?) hair: I live in San Francisco, and go to Glenn De Mattia at Headlights, at 494 Hayes Street between Gough and Octavia. He is great with curly/wavy hair. Mine is very curly. He now charges $40 or $45 for wash, cut and style, men and women priced the same. His number is 415-252-9494

From: Molly

I go to Today's Rave on Solano (2nd block down) - Michelle cuts my wavy hair. SHe is affordable, very available, and does a great job. (Also good with kids - my son is 6 and has fast growing, thick hair - she does a great job on him.) Hope this helps

December 1996

Our 2 yr old has had haircuts at Snippity Crickets and Your Hair Your Way, both on Solano. I liked YHYW better for two reasons: the haircut was better and I preferred the haircutter (woman with brown hair, don't know her name). The haircutter at S. C. talks nonstop, and I found her annoying. My son likes the toys displayed at S.C., most of which are for sale.