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June 2008

Re: Good stylist for wavy, frizzy, fine hair
Sounds like I have similar hair; wavy hair can look different daily. I recently went to Teri Irwin at Hair Solano (Berkeley); best cut I've had in awhile. It still looks great several weeks later. wavy but fine

Jan 2008

Re: Stylist for very curly hair
Feeny (sp?) Range at Hair Solano. $70 or so for my cut but worth every penny. I have, well, challenging curls and she's the best stylist I've found. I don't go often but the cuts grow out very well. Whatever her trick/ technique is, it works. Probably helps that she has curly hair. She is very prompt at returning calls but you might have to wait a couple weeks for an appointment. If you can be patient, I bet you'll be glad.

June 2006

Re: Blond highlights that look natural
Try Feeny at Hair Solano on Colusa. 524-4800. She has colored and highlighted and cut my hair for 10 years and it always looks very natural! Plus she is a sweetheart! kathy

May 2006

Re: Hair stylist for long curly hair
Feeny Range at Hair Solano. tel 510-290-3477. She does wonders with my curly hair

March 2006

Re: Wanted - A stylist who can blow out my curly hair
I know a great hair stylist that works at Hair Solano - it is on Colusa just North of Solano - her name is Mercelle and her number is 375-0669. Jill

Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
I love Feeney Range at Hair Solano at 888 Colusa Avenue right off of Solano. She has thick curly blonde hair herself. A few years ago,I too was having trouble finding someone who could do a decent job with my wavy/curly hair, so I finally got up the nerve to ask a sales clerk who cut her(very pretty)curly hair. That's how I found Feeney. Try calling her at 510-290-3477 or at the salon directly. She's also a very, very nice person. Jeanne
Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
I love my hair person and she has curly hair so she totally gets the curly thing! Her name is Leslie Warren and she works at Hair Solano which is right off solano, actually. Her # is 697.9402. She's really great! Annie
Re: Post-partum Style Disaster (April 2004)
I know exactly how you feel. I still am a fashion disaster but I am very happy with my hair stylist. Her name is Doritt Ernst and she is at Hair Solano, 510-253-8220. She is great at looking at your face and deciding what kind of cut will work. She pays attention to the state of my hair (it seems to change each visit) and works accordingly. Most importantly she provided me with a cut that truly is wash and wear which is critical with a toddler. I am trying highlights next week. Another friend went to see her and has a very cute cut as well. Julie
Re: Need hip haircut for long, curly hair (Oct 2004)
My hairdresser, Karen Toynbee at Hair Solano, has hip, long, curly hair and she always looks like she stepped out of a magazine spread. I have been going to her for a couple years now, and I love her! She is one of those stylists who really knows the scalp and hair. I have curly hair, too and as I approach 40 (yikes!) I rely on her to keep my hair and hair color up-to- date. 685-0305 Paula
Re: Post-partum Style Disaster (April 2004)
I just wanted to second the recommendation given in the last digest for Dorit Ernst at Hair Solano. Dorit has only cut my hair twice, but both times the cut has been so great I haven't had to get it cut again for six months... which is exactly what I have needed as a busy mom. Both times the cut was easy to style on my own, wash and wear, and continued to look good as it grew in. I even had her add highlights at the second cut and they looked GREAT. She chose colors that blended in really well with my natural high lights, and the placement was so good that it didn't look streaky. The only down side is that the cut is a little expensive... well if you are used to Supercuts as I was... but since I only have to cut it twice year I am not really paying anymore than I was. last cut was Nov, but it still looks good
Re: Stylist for Fine, Straight Hair (March 2002)
I recommend my hairdresser Karen Toynbee who works out of Hair Solano at the top of Colusa at Solano Avenue in Berkeley. I have very fine, thin hair and started going to her about four-five years ago. I've loved every cut and went from longish hair to shorter (about chin length) with her. She is great and will do whatever you request. Karen's direct line is 286-7661 or the main line at the salon is 524-4800.
Re: Stylist for Fine, Straight Hair (March 2002)
I have fine, thin, straight hair and have gotten some nice haircuts from a woman named Jeanette Salinas at a salon called Hair on Solano Ave. in Berkeley. She charges $30 for a cut, $50 for color. A caveat though -- if you want to give your hair a little volume, you are probably going to need to use some styling products. My cut is short and kind of spunky. I put some foam in, spend about 5 minutes blow drying, and then use a little gel to give some texture. If you want something even more low maintenance, than maybe a short bob is your best choice. Karen
Re: Baby's First Haircut (Sept 1999)
My son has the finest, straightest hair ever seen framing the cutest, roundest...okay, okay. Anyway, he got two great haircuts from Tom at Hair (1772 Solano--across from Snippety Crickets) for $12 (15 minutes). Tom has a 3-year-old son but has been cutting kids' hair for much longer--his own father was a barber. Tom is in Tues-Sat. You generally need to make an appointment a couple of days ahead for Saturday appointments. Sojeila