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Stylish haircut for cheap guy?

Oct 2007

My husband gets his hair cut frequently and is unwilling to go to my stylist for a $50+ cut. However, the Supercuts-type places he's rotated through have often given him very odd-looking haircuts. He has pretty wavy hair so perhaps that's why. Do any of you guys (or women) go to a more affordable salon that is a step above the walk-in places that you can recommend? For what it's worth, he hasn't had better luck with barbers. Buzzer cuts just don't work for wavy hair. wife of weird hair guy

My husband and son go to Nina's on Shattuck, in between the Cheeseboard and the hardware store. She does a pretty good job. Phone number: 841-4613. anon
Go see Jenny at the Cutaway on Piedmont Ave. (assuming she's still there). We moved out of the area over a year ago, but she was my stylist for nearly 10 years. I also have thick, wavy hair, and she did a fantastic job, way better than anyone else has ever done, including some of the $50+ places. Prices are less than $20, and even though it seems like a walk-in place, you can make appointments as well. Michael
My husband goes to Heads on solano-he sees Rosie. Haircuts are $15, and she does a great job.
My husband likes to go to Cool Tops , the kids hair place in Rockridge with our daughter. They cut his hair and hers and you get a discount for both of you. They have given him a good haircut twice and he has similar hair. Cheap too! And killing two birds with one stone. ACE
My husband has been getting his hair cut for 5 years by Rose who cuts at the Edge Salon in Berkeley (510)843-4919. She charges under $20 for a haircut. He has never been disappointed by her work. Whenever I accompany my husband to his appointments, there are at least two other men waiting to get haircuts from Rose. My husband's hair is slightly wavy and medium fine. The other clients I've seen waiting have all had varied hairstyles and hair types. She seems really experienced with cutting hair from all ethnic backgrounds. She's excellent at her craft. Wife of picky husband
My whole family has been going to Gentle Haircuts on University, just below Shattuck, for many years. It only costs $12 for a haircut and the haircuts are perfectly acceptable. I see Vera and my husband, who has curly hair, sees Vera's mom, Nancy. I have never seen a bad haircut leave the place. Barbara

Cheap Men's Haircut

Jan 2007

I'm new to the area and am looking for a place to get a cheap, simple, men's haircut. I am not looking for a salon that's going to charge $50: something more along the lines of a barber shop charging $15-$20. Todd

Try Grand Barber in El Cerrito (10054 San Pablo, across from Pastime Hardware). I've been going for over a year, and I like the old-time vibe and reasonable prices. Jeff
For a fine haircut try the ladies at Mayfair Salon on Solano at Tulare. They will meet your budget and provide a professional cut. They serve a largely female, Asian customer base but they are friendly and accommodating to all, even drop-in customers. Rich
My husband went to Berkeley Hair Salon , 1945 MLK Way (first block north of Univ.) 540-5889. The salon is run by a south asian lady who is very pleasant to talk. She did a good job on my husbands hair which is very short.She charges only $12!!! vidya

Inexpensive Haircut for a Man

November 2001

My husband hates to spend money for a haircut and it is often all too evident. Last weekend he came home 1/10th of an inch away from baldness. He has lately been going to a Supercutters, but this last cut was unforgiveable. Can anyone recommend a good but not too expensive men's haircutter? It could even be at Supercutters if you can give the name of a stylist who is reliable. Part of the problem is that my husband can't really see what's going on once his glasses are off. I have volunteered to go with him next time, but I'd prefer that we can find someone who is good enough that they don't need to be monitored. Thanks for your help!

Recommendations received:

  • Berkeley Hair Salon MLK/Univ.
  • Comb and Scissors Barber Shop Berkeley
  • Gentle Haircuts Downtown Berkeley
  • Heads Solano
  • Montclair Barber Shop Oakland
  • Nina & Dale's N. Berkeley