Lynn Johnson, Studio One Salon (Oakland, CA)

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June 2007

Re: Colorist for natural blonde/fine hair
I have very fine light brown hair and I love my colorist: Maggie Williams at Studio One on Piedmont. I always get compliments. Maggie does high- and low-lights for me. And in 10 years of having her color my hair, on the few occasions where I didn't like how it came out, she immediately had me back in and changed it. Her prices are very reasonable, and I enjoy the experience of being in her one-person shop much more than times I've been at other fancier, more famous salons in the Bay Area. Her number: 510-923-1403. Julie

June 2006

Re: Blond highlights that look natural
I can absolutely recommend someone who is one of the best at color/highlights and cuts for that matter. Her name is Lynn Johnson, and her salon is on Piedmont Ave in Oakland (worth the drive from anywhere). She has been doing my hair for years and it looks incredibly natural and I am constantly being asked who does my hair. She is hard to get an apnt with but if you are flexible she can usually fit a new client in. She has great technique and usually weaves in a few colors to give a more natural look. Lynn Johnson, Studio One #510.428.4008

May 2006

Re: Hair stylist for long curly hair
I have to recommend Lynn Johnson again. I think she is posted on an older review in \x9203 for being great with curly/wavy hair. She has great curly hair herself and definitely knows how to cut it. SHE is great. I have very thick wavy hair and she does amazing highlights and great layered cuts on me that reduces the bulk and frizz and gives me great style with no fuss in the morning. She also has great products for curly hair she can recommend. Lynn Johnson, Studio One #510.428.4008 M.S.

Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
I found Jessica at Studio One through this newsletter and I have been extremely happy with her cuts. I also have thick, curly hair and she is very good about asking what I want and delivering. Her price is now $45. She also happens to be an intelligent, sweet individual- a pleasure to be with. Her studio is on Piedmont Ave. She can be reached at 652-1532 Hilary

Re: Stylist for wavy, frizzy hair in Oakland/Alameda (May 2004)
I also have difficult curly/frizzy hair. I highly recommend Maggie Williams at Studio One on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. She's very talented, and does wonders w/ all hair types. I even send my husband to her. here's her info: Maggie Williams. #923-1403. Studio one, 4283 Piedmont Ave, Oakland 94611 Katie

Re: Good Curly Hair Cut in East Bay (Jan. 2003)
I have been going to Lynn Johnson for years and have been quite happy. I have very wavy hair; Lynne has curly hair herself. She works independently from a salon on Piedmont Avenue. I believe she charges $50. Her phone # is (510) 428-4008 Anita

Re: Good Cut Under $40 (June 2001)
I recommend Jessica Bernstein of Studio One at 4283 Piedmont Ave 652-1532. She charges in the range of $35. She has cut my hair for the past 8 years and I have never had a bad hair cut. I have curly hair that is hard to cut and she always makes it look great. She even did a great job with my hair when it straightened out completely after having each of my children. I was a bit distraught, but she was great. It eventually curled back each time. She works part-time. Annie